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Ancestors - The Kemps IndependentChapel in Skinner Street,where they sat in adjoining pews and had known each other all their lives. Her mother was aged40 when she married Jane's father. Their home which was called "Creekmoor" still stands in Poole, in wonderful condition. It was built in Upton Road by Thomas Crew about 1750, when he married Jane Crew (neeMiller). The name of Crew is closely connectedwith Abbotsbury, a town near Poole. Thomas Crew's father, also called Thomas,died there in L714. He had been a long time member of the British Navy, and was mentioned in many battle reports. He had owned a ship called "Amazon" which was registeredin Poole. Henry and Janeraised six children, Emily b.1814, Jane Sarah,Ellen Mary, Caroline Janeb.1817,Henryb.1820andFrancisb.1830. It was this Caroline Janewho married JosephNotting in lB50 and beganthe sagaof the Nottings in Australia, for it was in 1854,when they had two children, Fred aged 2 years and Ellen aged3 months,that they set sail from their homelandfor a new life in a new land. oo o O o o o Left in Poole to the memory of the Kemp family are the Poole Mansion. Creekmoor House and the Kemp.Welsh School as well as a fine monument in Poole cemeter;'to many of the Kemp family.

of Poole& Dorset" from "Mansions& Merchants lnformation (FooleHistorical Trust1976)andPageFamilyHistory collected including notesby BettyPage. by lvanSchindler,



Theship"Union atPoole" entering harbour. Thisis thetype of shiptheKemps owned andbuiltfortheNeMoundland trade


lnformationfrom "Mansions& Merchantsof Poole& Dorset" (FooleHistoricalTrust1976)andPageFamilyHistorycollected by lvanSchindler,inclu...

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