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What Makes R4 Card Unique from Otrhers? R4 cards can be described as the best example of evolving technology. The power of multimedia such as music, videos and games can be stored with much ease in mass sizes on this card.

The best thing about this special piece of hardware is that it allows you to operate with larger memory, whilst creating numerous features for you to use namely web browser, MP3 player and also allows you to store videos and pictures. For instance, Nintendo allows you to make use of this chip and allows their respective consoles to gain an easy access with these devices.

A good thing about this hardware is that it is compatible with different brands and languages, so there does not arise any form of barrier between customers with different tastes. Even though, it is small in size, but data-wise it is much larger than one can expect.

When taken off from production, the market went full crazy over it. In no time, folks saw the emergence of similar type of duplicate cards unworthy of customer's trust entering into the market. They are now back in production with some additional noteworthy features, which have made them much more attractive to a gaming console player.

It's Unique Features • It is very compact and can easily accommodate micro SD card in it. • The R4 card now comes in a complete package with useful accessory that ensures Nintendo gaming console working smoothly. • R4 slot card and Black Cartridge Shell • USB Micro SD and Card reader • One mini-disk • The process of setting up R4 card is very easy and simple. One can initiate the process by formatting micro SD card. After then you can transfer all the files to the mini installation disk provided to you and can start operating the card. • It comes along with a Micro SD card reader and works well with the Windows XP. No additional software is required to operate it. • It has a great battery life, when compared to similar clone cards.

Thus, you can visit R4 cards at to take a look at the collection of different types of R4 cards.

What makes r4 card unique from others  

The R4 card package comes with very imaginable accessory. There are some new features added to make it more attractive to a gaming console p...

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