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Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier

The Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier system is certified True HEPA standard meaning that it actually removes 99.97% of pollutants in the air within a room using a unique HEPA true filter. To ensure that this filter does not get choked with large particles such as cigarette ash and large dust particles, a pre-filter fitted with activated carbon screens any air flowing into the system. Any microscopic elements in the air left afterwards is removed by the interior HEPA filter to release clean cool air from behind. The powerful fan draws in air and exudes it with force thus cleaning a room size of 225 sq. feet in just less than 12 minutes at the highest settings thanks to its CADR rating of 150. The HEPA filters need no cleaning every month as they are certified to last at least 6 months after every thorough cleaning. Breathing in polluted air outdoors is one thing but the same air inside a room is irritating and harmful to health. While one can do nothing about pollutants in the external environment, one can certainly control the air quality within a room by using the Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier. Furthermore, the Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier system ensures that no bacteria, germs, fungal spores remain suspended in the air which is a boon for those with extreme allergic conditions. This coupled with no cold exhaust draft system of the filter system ensures that the air one breathes in is at room temperature and free of pollutants of all kinds. The purifier is capable of removing odor and smell from the air as strong as stale cigarette smell and cooking odors as well.

Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier Features and Specifications  Ideal for small rooms of size 197 square feet and below.  HEPA filter removes 100% of pathogenic germs and microbes in the air.  Easily cleanable with a vacuum cleaner.  Electronic indicator alerts when it is time to clean the filters which is twice a year.

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Quite function and no cold exhaust draft of air. Weighs 21 pounds and dimensions are 19.3×19.3×18.9 inches.

Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier Reviews The Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier was a popular product amongst reviewers. Each new product in a market that is dominated by older models is always tough on new entrants. Air purifiers have been around for some time now and any new model to come out has to go through the gauntlet of criticism before it is accepted as a successful model. Almost all reviewers agreed on the fact that as far as its filtration was concerned it was doing it right because once the 18155 from Honeywell was switched on, allergic reactions suddenly stopped within an hour. The next major point of criticism with air purifiers is the noise emanating from the fan and motor. As the name suggests the does not create too much of a ruckus even at the highest settings of fan speeds because of which a lot of reviewers gave it an extra star rating as they loved the fact that they could sleep with the purifier running right next to them. Out of 172 reviews for the Honeywell 18155 air purifier, the average reviews have been given at least 4 stars while the ones with poor feedback gave it 2 stars or 3 stars because they felt that the life of the device was too short. However, considering how just a minority faced this problem and how the majority of reviewers loved its powerful purification and silent mechanism, the Honeywell 18155 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier is a purchase decision that one should make with no worries. The author, Justin H Carter, has air purifier experience dating back to 1987. He offers fact, opinion, and the most detailed Air Purifier Reviews. On the web at:

Honeywell 18155 silentcomfort permanent true hepa air purifier