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Often, when people enter an office room, the person sitting inside the cabin is aware of the visitors, but the visitors cannot the person sitting inside. This is possible because special reflective glass and mirrors is used on the upper section of the partition, or the entire partition is made with this material. Apart from adding to the beauty, the hand rails help people while using the staircase. Inside a house where the handrails are used, young children and elders can use the support to walk safely. The handrail experts specializing the production, supply and fixing of handrails make the best and customize the stuff as the customer needs.

How Does This Happen? The glass on side is covered with a thin coat of a reflecting chemical. The layer is very thin, spread all over the glass panels. Fifty percent of brightness is reflected, rest of the brightness passes through the glass panels. The reason for this is the light fittings in the area on both sides of the partition. The lighting in both rooms is adjusted in a way that in one section where the brightness are reflected. On the other side the brightness is less.

If the lights in the mirrored room are switched off or the brightness in the other room is increased, then the partition works as a window. Thus, the use of the special glass works both way as a mirror and window. Just as the use of reflective glass and mirrors is a safety arrangement, the use of handrails to is a safety measure.

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