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What Outshines Other Glass Splash backs? The tale of two cities was never made in a day. However, the history of man’s ability to procure the latest, the best and the finest in quality and quantity is meant to be made with each passing minute, with each monosyllable that someone utters. Do you love to romance with time? Get high quality glass splash backs for all purposeful and timely uses. These hi standard products are marketable, residential, and best for retailing and hospitality purposes. What sets them apart from the rest is the innovativeness, novelty, modernity in their make. Melbourne glass splashbacks are meant for every user who loves toying with the idea of putting the best quality coloured glassware to its most appropriate use.

What You See Is What You Get: The Shower Screens You don’t mean getting ‘low quality at a random price’ when you say that you need the best showerscreens for your designer office or for that Small Office Home Office where your dreams rush skywards. Do you love gaming with all the odds and even working for you, when even tossing for heads or tails comes out to be in your favour? Sigh, it’s not a dream. What’s the winner’s creed for a buyer? A buyer has the best in the industry to his side, he wants only the latest, and he knows the rules and experts like Melbourne colour glass specialists, who act for him.

Advantage, Melbourne Shower Screens Do you know what sells like hot cakes, brandy and rum balls? Products; whether sold online or at the retail outlets; at Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) or Multiple Brand Outlets (MBOs) ought to be the best. Whether you need: kitchen splashbacks, bench tops surfaces, laundry places, bathroom’s internal areas that are set wet, underneath the shower, the furniture, cabinet doors make, elevator designs and complete table tops, settle for nothing less than the unsurpassed.

Going by an example, Melbourne shower screens, if compared with other similar products from any local company would not only appear to be the best, they would stand the test of time and prove out to be more durable as well. Enjoy the luxury of getting nothing less than the finest; and you shall rein superior, as a customer.

TheSplashbackCo. is among those world class companies that design and manufacture only high quality coloured glass surfaces and glass splashbacks for residential, commercial, retail & hospitality clients.

Contact Us : 37 Boundary Road Mordialloc, VIC Australia, 3195 Phone +613 9587 0822

Melbourne Coloured Glass Specialists  

The Splashback Co. are your coloured glass specialists, supplying a huge range of coloured glass panels, windows, mirrors and glass solution...

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