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Customize Your Home And Your Work Space With Splashbacks Melbourne! Tiles, paint, and the usual wooden panels just get so boring! Aren't you dying to stand of your crowd? Don't you finally want to make your neighbors jealous of the amazing decor in your house? Throw aside conventional methods and get yourself some splash backs from Splashbacks Melbourne! This custom glass is meant to fool the eye into making tiny spaces look huge and make the simplest of designs leap out!

Glass Splashbacks They're durable and you can customize them to your requirements! The best aspect of these splash backs is that you don't have to worry about what gets on them. They're easy to clean and their surface is meant to be utilized. With Splashbacks Melbourne, you get an infinite range of colors and designs. Need something for your kitchen? Got it! Maybe a little flavor splash for your bathroom? Got it, perhaps, just a little something for your laundry space? Well you've got that too! The more innovative

clients even prefer to incorporate the designs into more complex settings. Some like using the custom glass to add personality to their cabinets and table tops. The different colors even work perfectly in elevators!

The Types of Glass The kind of glass you choose for your splashbacks is completely depends on your taste, but to give you more variety, there are four options for you to choose from.

1. Clear glass – This is the basic building block for your splashback. With a natural green tint it's the preferred choice of dark, cool and strong colors. 2. Starphire glass – This is a type of low iron glass that eliminated the natural green tint which is present in its counterpart. It's ideal for warmer and brighter colors. 3. High gloss colors – You can choose any color from the spectrum of the rainbow. From the lightest shades there are in the darkest hues. You should keep in mind that light will be a major influence no matter whether you choose to place your splashback. 4. High gloss satin – What makes a satin finish different from the rest is that it has a non-reflective surface. It's new and it's completely revolutionized the industry. It adds flair to any architectural setting. Consisting of every benefit that you'd get from regular glass, it has a way of adding elegance and setting you apart from the crowd. 5. Printed finish – This is a perfect way to showcase your individuality. The glass can capture any design that you desire, whether from an archive or of your own invention, and put it up on display. It's a popular option for custom shower screens and kitchen displays.

Shower Screens They give you custom shower screens that will meet the highest of all technical requirements. Their team can accommodate usage for the contemporary bathroom as well as the classic layout. It will not only look amazing, but optimize the space utilization of any bathroom.

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Custom Glass Services For Your Home  

Add your style and touch to all your glass surfaces with the Splashback custom glass services. Make your own designer glass surface with the...

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