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There are a few options to choose from for solar power. You can buy solar panels, which can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on the size of the panels, or alternatively, you can set up solar panels in your home, which will decrease your out-of-pocket expenses to just a few hundred dollars. Solar Power is Free All the solar power you use is free after the initial installation of your solar system. Ten years from now, the solar energy will still be free. And with rising fuel costs, the growing demand for electricity and a bottoming out economy, let's face it, we are all looking for ways to save money now and in the future. Additionally, homeowners receive a tax rebate of up to $1.10 per watt and there is a 30 percent Federal Tax Credit available to homeowners going solar. Solar increases property value; for every $1 of energy savings, your property increases by $20. Green Energy Solar power is green; it causes no pollution, has no by-products, and is extremely clean. This renewable source of energy does not exhaust the natural resources of the earth and helps to build a sustained eco-system. Additionally, using solar panels to power your home will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power does not harm the ozone layer in the atmosphere and is a renewable alternative to power plants the use fossil fuels that lead to global warming. Even though you cannot change the world all by yourself, it is good to be one to initiate change. Soon everyone will follow, and with solar energy and its benefits, the earth will be a healthier and greener place to live in. Generate Electricity to Distribute Every minute the earth receives enough sunlight to meet the world's energy demands for one whole year. Just think about how little your one house would need. You can produce solar electricity in your house by installing solar panels to collect and convert the sunlight into electricity. This clean electricity produced from the photovoltaic panels can replace power produced by oil, coal or nuclear power plants. And if you generate an excess of solar energy, you can actually sell the excess electricity you produce to the state electricity board. So instead of being their customers, you can make them your customer. They are always looking to buy electricity and will pay you for whatever you sell them. You can also charge up solar cells and sell them on your own.

Cut Costs on Your Electricity Bills Solar power systems can be wired directly into your current utility connection, using sunlight to power your electrical appliances. Even though solar panels may require a lot of space when you want to install them, you can see the results immediately once you install the units. If you install a number of panels, you can totally go off the grid and may never need to use any electricity from the state electricity board. This will enable you to enjoy uninterrupted and free electricity, saving you up to 90 percent of the money you are spending on your bills now. Economic Benefits A solar industry that is growing can provide local jobs and economic development opportunities for cities, states and countries. For every million dollars that are invested in solar electricity, between five and 15 jobs will be created. This is in comparison to oil and gas, which only creates 1.5 jobs for every million dollars invested. This is important for growing our nations and economically bouncing back from the depressions they have landed in. Additionally, solar energy can be effective at being an economic development driver. The U.S. Photovoltaic market increased by 57 percent by 2007 and the Energy Information Administration forecasts the long-term growth to reach nearly 3,000 MW by 2030. The Photovoltaic industry generated over $17 billion in global revenues in 2007, driving a large percentage of the economic rise.

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Benefits of a solar power for your home  
Benefits of a solar power for your home  

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