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Best Tips to Improve Golf Game If you are serious about your passion of golf & want to increase up your game to the next level, the following simple & effective tips The Farms San Diego Country Clubs Is sharing with you:

Tip 1 Should you reach 'fat shots', meaning hitting the ground before the ball, you might be crouching way too low on your handle place.

Tip 2 If you are topping the ball, you may be looking up to soon - focus on keeping your head down, until after impact with the ball.

Tip 3 A common cause of a slice shot, is having you and shoulder area placed too far to the left of the target (right-handed players). Focus on setting up directly with shoulder area and you, to remove your slice.

Tip 4 Try the 'G.A.S.P' method, for a rock-solid pre-shot routine: a) Grip, b) Aim, c) Stance, d) Posture.

Tip 5 Forcing a taken out to the right, is usually due to the body swaying left on the forward swing - to remove a force taken, concentrate on launching your hands onto the golf ball faster.

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Best Tips to Improve Golf Game