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Fighting the Funk

Ever feel like you’re in a funk . . . you know, those times when nothing seems to be working right . . . when everything you do breaks . . . when you feel like crying a river of tears? For those who are usually exuberant and positive and joyful, when the funk hits, it’s like the moment a kite falls to the ground. One minute you’re soaring high above the clouds and the next – you plummet downward, get tangled up in the feelings and sink in a swamp of melancholy. Most of us fight the funk in the wrong way – by beating ourselves up over it. We allow negativity to grab hold and pull us in a downward spiral. We start to believe there is something wrong with us . . . like maybe we aren’t as far along on the happy curve that we thought we were. There are two things you need to realize about the funk. Realize that EVERYONE falls into the funk. Yes, everyone. Even those who have the most incredible relationships, who enjoy financial success, who have great health fall into the funk. REM sings it best . . . “Everybody hurts . . . sometimes.” Realize that it’s the Law of Opposites at work in your life to help you understand this wonderful journey completely. Without feeling hurt, you cannot understand love. Without knowing lack, you won’t grasp plenty. Without the funk, you can’t understand happiness.


Once you understand this, rather than berating yourself and feeling like you’ve failed at living in a state of happiness and contentment . . . once you accept the funk, you begin to release the hold it has on you.

Just acknowledge it, embrace it. . . like you would an old acquaintance that just walked into a room. “Oh, I remember you . . . it’s been a while since you came around.”

Then, you can begin to gently guide this old acquaintance to the door like you would an unruly guest. So, how do you fight the funk?

You start by counting your blessings. Yes, it’s the same old message that has been proclaimed from early on . . . count your blessings, name them one by one. Speak them, write them, share them.

It’s called flipping the switch. When the funk hits you and the negative thoughts and feelings flood your mind . . . flip the switch and find a positive thought to replace it.

This isn’t always the easiest thing to do when you are in the funk . . . it might take days or weeks to see any results . . . but one little positive thought builds on the next little one . . . and in time, they will compound and turn into a mighty force that will swoop the funk right out the door.

In our culture that thrives on instant access to everything, we seek an instant fix to our funk . . . which is why alcohol, prescriptions and drugs are so prevalent. These things take the edge off the funk, but it doesn’t ever leave, it just gains momentum until more alcohol, more prescriptions, more drugs are needed.

You don’t want to go down that destructive path.


Instead, you can take the right kind of steps towards fighting the funk . . . the daily, hourly, minute by minute account of all your blessings. For as long as it takes, do this to fight the funk. Finally, always remember . . . you are not alone in this battle. Everyone gets the funk . . . everyone fights it. It doesn’t discriminate. You are more powerful than you realize and you can overcome the funk that comes knocking by taking the consistent, small steps without giving up. Here’s to your amazing journey, your incredible life, your absolute happiness.

Start right now!


About The Author: Trisha Barnes We’re Bruce and Trisha of the Naked Hippies Road Trip! We absolutely DO live life fully - gave up our house in the suburbs, got rid of tons of stuff and moved to the banks of the Missouri River to live at a private campground. (No, it isn’t a nudist campground!) It was where we started to take the steps toward our dream of living and traveling full time in our RV. We started out bare bones naked - nothin’ to our name except our tent and essential stuff - and now we're living full time in our RV! Got a dream? We'll share the Naked Truth about all the ups and downs we've experienced - lessons learned - and how we can help you live your dream now - not in two years, not in twenty years, but NOW! “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”~ Mark Twain

Fightin The Funk  
Fightin The Funk  

Ever feel like you’re in a funk . . . you know, those times when nothing seems to be working right . . . when everything you do breaks . . ....