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Lindsay Hill Sea of Hooks Mary Butts Complete Stories and

John Shors Beneath a Marble Sky ( in a new paperback

edition )

N e w A w a r d W i nn e r s


Eugene Mirabelli Robert Cabot


Fiction & Contemporary Culture since 1974


$25 hardcover, 352 pages, 5.75 x 8.75� 978-1-62054-006-0 Cover by Paul Bacon Rights: World



Sea of Hooks A Novel

by Lindsay Hill


boy grew up beside a sea of hooks and he learned to swim  in that sea and to notice the hooks as they rose and fell and twisted in the tides...

What if you saw the world—with all its signs and signals, its schedules and habits and goals, the matrix of friends, the unspoken codes of conduct—emptied of ordinary meaning? Imagine that the debris collected from the streets of your childhood spoke more urgently to you, with messages and wonders that compelled you to enter another world, a world whose broken pieces converged at the junctures of vision and illusion, of life and death. In this wise and beautiful novel the reader follows Christopher Westall, an alarmingly imaginative young man, through repeated trauma and transformation, on a journey from San Francisco to Bhutan. His shattered life is woven from a thousand shards, hints, signs and tangled threads that are pursued and gathered toward reassembly. As memory, dream, fear and resilience exert their tidal pulls, Christopher’s life tilts, collides, reverses, dissolves and reemerges, while risks and revelations glisten side-by-side in the depths of the Sea of Hooks. “But it is Hill’s language that dominates this story, which is told in fractured bits, not unlike the messengers. Christopher’s meditations on death, memory, the relations of bones to the self, not to mention rain and snow and fog and the cosmos, are mystical, highly poetic and musically rendered—an almost impossibly sustained performance from beginning to end. Nearly every paragraph astonishes, every moment rich with magic and daring. Reminiscent of Robert Pirsig and Herman Hesse in its concern with authenticity, Sea of Hooks also has the unbearable anguish of Kafka’s diaries—making for an unforgettable trip.”—Publishers Weekly Conjunctions magazine features an excerpt at webconj.htm . Another excerpt will appear in the fall issue of New England Review Lindsay Hill was born in San Francisco and graduated from Bard College.  Since 1974, he has published six books of poetry and his work has appeared in a wide variety of literary journals. Sea of Hooks, his first novel, is the product of nearly twenty years of_________________________________________ work.


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Jascha Kessler Siren Songs & Classical Illusions Fifty Modern Fables [Plus 7] (Special Expanded Edition) $9.99 / 978-1-62054-007-7

John Shors Beneath a Marble Sky A Novel of the Taj Mahal $9.99 / 978-1-62054-000-8

Robert Kelly Cities A Novella (from the collection A Transparent Tree) $2.99 / 978-1-62054-004-6

Howard McCord The Man Who Walked to The Moon A Novel $7.99 / 978-1-62054-002-2

Michael Mooney Names

George Robert Minkoff The Weight of Smoke


A Scottish Tale $2.99 / 978-1-62054-005-3

A Novel $9.99 / 978-1-62054-003-9

Paul West My Father’s War A Memoir


Beneath a Marble Sky A Novel of the Taj Mahal


by John Shors

n 1632, the Emperor of Hindustan, Shah Jahan, consumed by grief over the death of his empress, Mumtaz Mahal, ordered the building of a grand mausoleum to symbolize the greatness of their love. Against scenes of unimaginable wealth and power, murderous sibling rivalries, and cruel despotism, Princess Jahanara tells the extraordinary story of how the Taj Mahal came to be, describing her own life as an agent in its creation and as a witness to the fateful events surrounding its completion. “The book is a thrilling tale of the interactions of characters recognizable for their loyalty, duplicity, and passion and will appeal to a wide audience. The author has included enough accurate details to make regular readers of historical fiction happy, too. Highly recommended for all libraries.”—Library Journal

$16 paperback, 344 pages 5.5 x 8.5” 978-0-929701-97-4 Winner: Gold Medalion for Historical Fiction, ForeWord Magazine’s 2004 Book of the Year. Twenty foreign editions sold: France (four edtns.), Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Catalan, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Korea, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Malaysia, and India. Over 120,000 copies in print in North America. Large print edition available from Center Point. Audio edition from Recorded Books.

“[John] Shors’s spirited debut novel tells the story of the eldest daughter of the 17th-century emperor who built the Taj Mahal.… With infectious enthusiasm and just enough careful attention to detail, Shors gives a real sense of the times, bringing the world of imperial Hindustan and its royal inhabitants to vivid life.”—Publishers Weekly “[Shors] also depicts the political climate in a clear and concise manner so that readers can better understand the Mogul empire that reigned supreme during this period of India’s history. I can highly recommend this novel, a real pageturner throughout.”—Historical Novels Review



mary butts

The Complete Stories

recovered classics

$20.00 paperback, 448 pages, 5.5 x 8.5� MARCH 2014 978-1-62054-009-1 Rights: World Cover image: Pat Steir


The Complete Stories by Mary Butts


he short stories of Mary Butts possess an intriguing relation to the present moment. They both embody their time—the Lost Generation during the ’20s and ’30s—and possess a stylistic

freshness and intellectual breadth that feels very akin to our present day. As John Ashbery remarks in his Afterword, “After reading Butts one is left with an impression of dazzle, of magic, but what made it is hard to pin down...One keeps getting the feeling that these stories were written yesterday.” Now, for the first time ever, all three of her story collections have been gathered together, and seven uncollected stories have been added (including two pieces never before published), to present her complete short fiction in a single volume. The power of hidden things and things of hidden power preoccupy these distinctive tales of unusual love and betrayal, magic and mummery, belief and folly. Here, in the realm of active imagination, the veil between natural and supernatural may be rent apart in an instant, and just as quickly restored. The novelist and poet Glenway Wescott declared Mary Butts’s first collection of stories, Speed the Plough, “the announcement of a new intellect, acute and passionate, to scrutinize experience with an unfamiliar penetration,” which he then compared epochally with James Joyce’s Dubliners. Marianne Moore, HD and Ford Madox Ford all championed her work, and during her tragically brief lifetime (1890-1936), Mary Butts’s reputation rivaled Katherine Mansfield’s and Virginia Woolf’s. Her style is swift, elliptical and emotionally charged, exactly matching the free-wheeling lives of her characters in Paris and London during their explosive era. “Mary Butts’s stories...are bright and amazingly contemporary about social issues . . . : homosexuality, alcoholism, suicide, divorce. . . Some of the stories are hilarious. . . All have a knifesharp awareness of social inequities. . . Reading Mary Butts is a lot like visiting an amusement park. Every ride is a new sensation, and even though some make you a little dizzy, there is a magical dazzle in them all.” — New Letters “Butts joins my pantheon of great eccentric writers such as Jane Bowles, Ivy Compton-Burnett, Henry Green and Denton Welch.” —Michael Silverblatt, L.A. Style The Collected Stories joins our earlier volumes of Mary Butts’s work: The Taverner Novels, The Classical Novels, Ashe of Rings and Other Writings, etc., on page 28.



Renato, the Painter A Novel

by Eugene Mirabelli


enato Stillamare paints landscapes as if they were nudes, and  nudes as if they were landscapes. One winter’s night seventy years earlier in Lexington, Mass., he was found swaddled in a basket outside the front door of a large, resourceful, passionate, and somewhat brash Sicilian-American clan named Cavallù, which adopted him. He may be the best painter of his generation, but his canvasses are no longer in demand, nor have they been for the twenty-five years since last he had a show in a Newbury Street gallery. After retiring from teaching at Copley College of Art, Renato has retreated back to his Boston studio, if retreat is the word, where he is furiously painting, painting, painting, determined to be rediscovered. A force of nature, Renato is a big-hearted, lusty, opinionated, and occasionally intemperate man of large appetites and enlarged prostate whose three children (including a daughter by his accidental mistress) are all grown up and dispersed, whose best friend (whom he misses more than anyone) died years ago, whose occasional wife (the love of his life) lives in a condo on the opposite bank of the Charles, and whose life is about to become that much more complicated when the gothbedecked daughter of a former student crashes at his loft with her little boy. The uproarious story of Renato’s 70th year, which he unabashedly recounts with amazement and bonhomie, is about extraordinary things simply happening to an ordinary man caught up in living life to the fullest. A funny, touching, even magical novel, Renato, the Painter is a splendid addition to the shelf of such comic classics as The Ginger Man and The Horse’s Mouth. Eugene Mirabelli is the author of seven other highly acclaimed novels— The Burning Air, The Way In, No Resting Place, The World at Noon, The Language Nobody Speaks, The Passion of Terri Heart, and The Goddess in Love with a Horse— three of which feature members of Renato’s extended family and his friends. Mirabelli’s work has been translated into Czech, Hebrew, Russian, Sicilian, and Turkish. He lives in upstate New York and writes political opinion pieces for an alternative news blog, Critical Pages, plus book reviews on science, economics and political affairs. Professor emeritus at SUNY-Albany, he was one of the founders and directors of Alternative Literary Programs in the Schools.


“In prose as lusty and vigorous as Renato himself, Mirabelli captures the feeling of coming to terms—ready or not—with old age.” —Publishers Weekly

$25 hardcover, 320 pages, 5.75 x 8.75” 978-0-929701-96-7 Rights: World “This sequel to earlier Mirabelli novels [The Passion of Teri Heart and The Goddess in Love with a Horse] is a lusty, bawdy, hilarious romp through life as recounted by Renato in his old age. [When] a young woman, Avalon, the daughter of a close and dear friend, comes along with her son Kim, Renato just wants to help her out, but their relationship gradually evolves into something tender and beautiful.” —Tom Lavoie,


The Isle of Khería A Novel

by Robert Cabot


he Isle of Khería might be read as an elegy to the 20th century, or as a paean to the confusions of youth and its aftermath; but, more truly, this novel is the portrayal of a conflicted and unresolved forty-year friendship between two men deeply wounded by the circumstances of their lives. Still grief-stricken over his wife’s recent death, Joel Brewster leaves his Canadian farm when he learns of the death of his best friend, Aidan Allard. In what may have been a suicide, Aidan drowned while swimming off the coast of Khería, an island in the Agean. Filled with dread, Joel journeys to Khería, seeking answers to his worst fears, while also confronting long-standing feelings of guilt. Aidan’s and Joel’s intersecting tales are recounted on Khería in Joel’s dream-world visitations. Their lives afford compelling stories, spanning much of the twentieth century and beginning with childhoods in England and New England; then front-line soldiering in World War II; exile to Greece at the time of its civil war; and with subsequent rebellion and searches for alternatives in Italy, England, the US and Canada. Throughout are their attempts at love with women, and with each other. Looming over all, far off Khería’s rocky coast, is the foreboding presence of Khímaera, a mythic islet, a chimeric goal. The Isle of Khería is written in a haunting prose, a unique style acclaimed in Cabot’s earlier books, The Joshua Tree and That Sweetest Wine. “The Isle of Khería transmutes the leaden horrors of the 20th century into elegiac gold dust. I’m left with that hushed fragile feeling that comes from stirring up rarely experienced emotions. A story crafted of myriad glimpses of an intimate world, poetic literary pointillism. A masterpiece.” —Robert Fuller, author of Somebodies and Nobodies

Born in Boston in 1924, Robert Cabot served as a sergeant in North Africa and Europe in World War II, was educated at Harvard and Yale, and has had several careers as a lawyer/economist, diplomat, cofounder of an intentional community, and sponsor and participant in many innovative projects in such fields as citizen diplomacy and the environment. He has worked in many parts of the world and now lives with his wife on Whidbey Island, near Seattle.


$25 hardcover, 320 pages, 5 x 8” 978-0-929701-98-1 Rights: World “In his enchanting, powerful book The Isle of Kheria Robert Cabot’s passionate connection to the natural world animates gorgeous landscapes in Greece, in Italy and in the American Northwest. This story of a life-long friendship between two men is alive with vibrant details and told in Cabot’s extraordinary musical, sonorous, evocative voice. As Breughel did on canvas, Cabot puts his characters against a rich background of human striving and natural tumult. Yet the principal landscape in the book is the landscape of the human heart, and Cabot fearlessly shows how a loving man can be powerless to save his best friend, or anyone, from his own fatal search for a mystical answer to the soul’s questions.”—Susan Cheever


The Absent Sea A novel by Carlos Franz Translated from the Spanish by Leland H. Chambers Winner of the coveted 2005 Premio Internacional de Novela del Diario La Nación-Sudamericana, The Absent Sea is the English-language debut of a major new Chilean novelist.


t is always a pleasure to read a novel with a powerful, intelligent female

protagonist, and reading the character Laura one is reminded that she is the sort of character missing in the writing of so many other Latin American men. The Absent Sea is a terrifying and mesmerizing novel that succeeds in a similar way to Téa Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife but with a more immediate punch in the gut. Highly recommended for all fiction collections.”—Hey Small Press

$25.00 cloth, sewn, 373 pp., 6 x 9" 978-0929701-94-3 Jacket by Paul Bacon

“What happened in a provincial town during the early days of the Pinochet regime.... Dark, brilliant and disturbing. Let’s hope this first U.S. publication for Chilean novelist Franz will be followed by many more.” —Kirkus Reviews

Rights: World English

“Like any great novel—and this is one of those—Carlos Franz’s The Absent Sea brings the individual destiny face to face with the collective destiny. With a lucid gaze, distant but affectionate, Franz dares to look at the melodrama of some lives and elevate it to the tragedy of a nation. This is a new voice, powerful, creative, seductive, and committed to the word.”—Carlos Fuentes _________________________________________

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A Thousand Deaths Plus One A novel by Sergio Ramírez Translated from the Spanish by Leland H. Chambers


ith this compulsive masterpiece, Sergio Ramírez will enchant American readers as he has been delighting us in the Spanish-speaking world for many years. Through the quest for an elusive photographer, Ramírez reveals and celebrates the history of Nicaragua, but indeed of the whole Western world in the last two centuries, and does so in ways that are as entertaining as they are profound.” — Ariel Dorfman “This dazzling novel allows English-speaking readers to discover what others have known for years: that Sergio Ramírez is one of the world’s most imaginative and gifted storytellers. Leaping across cultures, continents and centuries, populated by figures from Turgenev to Queen Victoria to a bird named Pericles, A Thousand Deaths Plus One pulls readers into a phantasmagorical world as vivid as any ever created by a Latin American writer.”— Stephen Kinzer, author of Blood of Brothers A Thousand Deaths Plus One tells of a search for the lost history of a Nicaraguan photographer named Juan Castellón. In 1987, the author/narrator happens upon an exhibition in Poland of photographs by the hitherto unknown Castellón. This discovery sparks an obsessive quest to uncover the exiled artist’s life in Europe between 1870 and 1940—a quest, moreover, that eventually leads the narrative from Nicaragua to Paris, from Vienna to Mallorca, and finally to a Nazi death camp.

$25.00 cloth, sewn 295 pp., 5.75 x 8.75" 978-0929701-87-5 Jacket by Paul Bacon

Sergio Ramirez is the auRights: World English thor of thirty celebrated books, although only a handful have been translated into English. He was a civilian Sandinista and formerly a vice-president of Nicaragua.


Rights: World _________________________________________

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In the Land of Whispers A Trilogy of Novels

by George Robert Minkoff


ne of the best known and least understood stories in America’s history is the fascinating, desperate saga of the founding of the Virginia colony, with the relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas at its heart. The Leaves of Fate, like its two predecessors, stands head and shoulders above all previous attempts to tell this tale of nations and confusion, of hopes and betrayals, of noble and courageous actors—both red and white—on a stage worthy of Shakespeare. Minkoff’s epic trilogy succeeds in presenting a far from simple story. He understands the complex politics, and the ambiguous motives, not only of the English planters but also of the Native peoples of the period. And no one has granted the reader a better entrance into the mind, heart, and spirit of the passionate, practical, wondrously wordy, unyielding and iconoclastic John Smith. Each page of this most worthy conclusion to Minkoff’s magnificent journey is so beautifully written that I found it difficult to leave behind and not reread for the intoxication of its language.”—Joseph Bruchac “Few books that I have read, not just Jamestown books, offer an interested person as much sheer joy of reading as do Minkoff’s three volumes…Read them slowly and savor his brilliant use of the English language.” —Robert Shultis, The Virginia Gazette

Volume One: The Weight of Smoke $24.95 full cloth, 392 pages, 6 x 9”, 978-0-929701-80-6 $60 signed limited edition full cloth (100 copies Volume Two: The Dragons of the Storm $24.95 full cloth, 352 pages, 6 x 9”, 978-0-929701-81-3 $60 signed limited edition full cloth (100 copies) Volume Three: The Leaves of Fate $24.95 full cloth, 432 pages, 6 x 9", 978-0-929701-82-0 $60 signed limited edition full cloth (100 copies) Continued next page


Continued from previous page “This is an extraordinarily well-written series of books. I believe that years from now, critics of fine literature will rank these books with the writings of Patrick O’Brian and Dorothy Dunnett as great historical fiction—thoroughly researched and written with exceptional prose.” —Historical Novels Review “An absorbing saga of human greed, determination, and the struggle to survive against bitter odds”—Midwest Book Review “The Dragons of the Storm is as enthralling as The Weight of Smoke. I think John Smith and Francis Drake would rejoice in George Minkoff’s lively recreation of them.”—Edmund Sears Morgan “Once into the teeth of the tale, the beauty of the language shook me and the poetic rhythm of Jonas Profit’s rendering of history came alive with a force that left me reeling, reluctant to return to a more mundane present.”—Authorlink “A vivid retelling of crucial events, enlivened with aphorisms and, best of all, a new incarnation of a legendary romance.”—William T. Vollmann “This is not a dry historical novel. Minkoff has a gift for writing that pulls the reader into the story.… I highly recommend this novel…especially to those interested in the early founding of America.”—Reader Views “...The author is a marvelous wordsmith... His story-within-a-story, the adventures of Francis Drake several years prior to the establishment of Jamestown and Smith’s adventures, is handled cleverly.… One to be savored.” —Historical Novels Review “Every page is decked with brilliant lines—an astonishing wealth of unexpected metaphors. I should think readers of historical fiction will be smitten by this new entry to the field.” —Jill Johnston “Does a book have to be over a hundred years old before it is a classic? That’s what I kept thinking as I was reading George Minkoff’s monumental The Weight of Smoke.”—Berkshire Living “In The Leaves of Fate, George Minkoff continues his deeply felt and carefully rendered history of the Jamestown colonists. The voices that guide us range from the steady report of John Smith’s struggles to the mystical discoveries of John Dee, Queen Elizabeth’s astronomer. This is a vast network of a novel which contains, at its center, the commercial nut of colonization: that it would triumph in Virginia by way of the first slaves imported to tend the brown weed, tobacco—leaves of our nation’s fate, indeed.” —Maureen Howard


Lord of Misrule A Novel

by Jaimy Gordon


PEN/Faulkner Finalist Dr. Tony Ryan Prize 2011 Gold IPPY 2012


he setting of Lord of Misrule is the ruthless and often violent world of cheap horseracing, but its five main characters are scarred and lonely romantics in the American grain. Gordon’s novel of shabby half‑mile racetracks and throwaway horses downriver from Wheeling, West Virginia, is an unforgettable book about American horseracing and the trainers and jockeys, grooms and hotwalkers, touts and loan sharks that rule that turf. Lord of Misrule is the celebrated, surprise winner of the 2010 National Book Award for Fiction—the first ever from an independent literary press—and a novel that eludes categories. The language is brilliant, original, startling; the story is elemental, profound, and tragic. It shocks and delights. It is nothing less than an American classic. nated it for the National Book Award. “[A] magical tale about a dusty town and its downtrodden racetrack.” —NPR “An incontrovertible winner, a bona fide bolt from the blue.”—New York Times “Unlike any novel you’ll read this year—and maybe next.”—Philadelphia Inquirer “Gordon has completely mastered the language of the racetrack.” —Jane Smiley, The Washington Post “Gordon’s language is so textured that her pages seem three-dimensional.” —Los Angeles Times “I was mesmerized. . . . Lord of Misrule beautifully captures language of the racetrack.” —Andrew Beyer, The Daily Racing Form “Both richly literary and red-blooded in its depictions of the sporting life, Lord of Misrule gives readers several compelling races, including a completely unexpected but fitting finale.”—Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel “An exuberant, jazzy novel about rough characters— both equine and two-footed.”—The Plain Dealer “Moody, poetic, darkly funny prose.” —Time Magazine (10 Best of 2010) $25 full cloth 296 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" “A tour de force of energy and esprit.”—Kirkus


Rights: World xuk, germany, italy, denmark, china

“Moving and lyrical . . . [A] nearly word perfect novel” —Booklist


Shamp of the City-Solo A Novel

by Jaimy Gordon


n this delightfully precocious debut novel from 1974, Jaimy Gordon presents as unlikely a hero as they come, Hughbury Shamp, a reluctant teen-aged runaway who becomes apprenticed to three “masters” at the West Poolesville Depot on the Sumpsky Prospect, across the River Sump from Big Yolk, the City-Solo. His “education” involves a series of preposterous and hilarious misadventures with the likes of the impresario Sergei Shipoff, Dr. Harry Analarge, and Tapsvine the World Friar. All the while he is being propelled toward dubious stardom as the chosen orator for the murderously competitive Arslevering Ox-Roast. “To say Ms. Gordon is fertile with metaphor is to only hint at her abilities; examples burst with prolific abandon from every page... Gordon’s novel remains foremost a comic triumph.” —Aspect “When I first read this novel I thought it far ahead of most new writing. I feel the same upon a later reading. I’m struck by its originality, its loving cynicism, its irony, its poetic force.” — William Goyen

$12 sewn paper 200 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" 978-0-929701-34-9 Rights: World

Jaimy Gordon is best known as a novelist, but she also writes short fiction, poems, and essays, which have appeared in the Colorado Review, Missouri Review, Ploughshares, Antioch Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Poetry International, Best American Short Stories, and elsewhere. A native of Baltimore, she now lives in Kalamazoo, where for many years she taught at Western Michigan University. _________________________________________

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She Drove Without Stopping A Novel

by Jaimy Gordon


aimy Gordon’s second novel (reprinted now in a new cover designed by Paul Bacon) is a triumph of exuberant storytelling. Perhaps the ultimate woman’s road novel, She Drove Without

Stopping presents Jane Turner’s cross-country journey toward self-possession. On a risky odyssey, she refuses to turn back from a terrain particularly dangerous to women as her wit wrestles with the violence she encounters. Jaimy Gordon here tells the story of a very young, very bold American woman deciding what she wants. In Jane Turner she has created a character so fresh, so self-consumed and self-righteous, that she reveals secrets of a special and particularly American type of woman. She Drove Without Stopping is a forthright and lusty novel. “The book is a brave and miraculous piece of fiction, written with verve, guts and power from beginning to end. Let’s not forget humor, anger and rebelliousness either.… She Drove Without Stopping is a picaresque novel, one that follows the life of its hero, Jane Turner . . . over the course of a fifteen-year period. . . .The book turns into a road novel for a while—metaphorically Jane goes deeper and deeper into the beautiful but tainted USA. Journey’s end is Los Angeles and its underbelly—Jane is always drawn to the lower depths, especially the odd, raffish characters who frequent it. There, among her fellow-dropouts, she finds a measure of happiness and perhaps even redemption. Gordon is an American Celine, a writer who is able to find humanity in all the wrong places.”— Willard Manus (author of Mott the Hoople), in “What’s Up,” at


S he drove

“This may be the novel that women have been trying to write for the last thirty years... [A] monster from the id: omnivorous, roaring and wildly colorful.”—John Domini

without stopping

   A   N O V E L

$15 trade paperback 390 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" 978-0-929701-36-3


The Triumph of Anti-Art Conceptual and Performance Art in the Formation of Post-Modernism

by Thomas McEvilley


rom roughly 1965 to 1980, Conceptual Art and Performance Art took center stage throughout the Western world, introducing new and complex ideas to the practice of contemporary art

$23.00 sewn paperback 392 pages, 6 x 9" 978-0-929701-92-9 Illustrated with 100 photographs. Index Rights: World

which reverberate to this day. Thomas McEvilley’s The Triumph of Anti-Art not only explains the origins of these controversial and compelling art forms, but also uncovers many relatively unrecognized yet indisputably important artists, American and European. McEvilley traces philosophical ideas and political impulses—from the Greek philosopher Diogenes, through the 19thcentury German romantic tradition, onward to the modern art critic Clement Greenberg—that led to a toppling of painting and sculpture in the decades right after World War II. After an overview of Modernism and Marcel Duchamp’s influence, there follow surveys of Conceptual Art and its practitioners, including Yves Klein, Bernar Venet, John Baldessari, and Francis Alys. McEvilley then gives equal focus to Performance with chapters on Warhol and Beuys, Brian O’Doherty (aka Patrick Ireland), and James Lee Byars. Finally, the “triumph” of “antiart” is explored, as are the origins of the terms, practices, and politics of global art history.

Celebrated widely as one of the great contemporary critics and classical scholars of our time, Thomas McEvilley taught for 40 years at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, He authored dozens of books and monographs of art history, classical philology, and philosophy (including his monumental The Shape of Ancient Thought), and three novels. Dr. McEvilley lived in New York City, and the Hudson Valley, until his death earlier this year. _________________________________________

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Art, Love, Friendship Marina Abramovic and Ulay — Together and Apart


by Thomas McEvilley

w o d a r i n g y o u n g a r t i s t s — Ma r i n a Abramovic from Yugoslavia, and Uwe Laysiepen from West Germany—chanced to meet in Amsterdam, fell in love, and began an extraordinary collaboration. Their guiding principles: “no fixed livingplace, permanent movement, direct contact, local relation, self-selection, passing limitations, taking risks, $27.00 cloth, 304 pages 5.75 x 8.75" mobile energy, no rehearsal, no predicted end, no repeti978-0-929701-93-6 tion.” For a dozen years, and across five continents, they 65 photographs. Rights: World produced a body of work that is regarded as being among the most conceptually powerful and emotionally challenging in all of Performance Art. Seven years after they began their journey they met Thomas Mc Evilley, an art critic on assignment, and the three of them became fast friends. For the following twenty-seven years, McEvilley explored the progress of meanings that constitute the collective work, together and apart, of these two world-renowned artists.

Yves the Provocateur Yves Klein and Twentieth-Century Art


by Thomas McEvilley

rom 1956 to 1962 a young French artist electrified the European art world with visual, conceptual and performance art works

far ahead of their time. His monochrome paintings, body art works, fire paintings, conceptual exhibitions, and monumental public space works threatened $27.00 cloth, 392 pages to upend the categories of art. After his early tragic 5.75 x 8.75" death, many of the most far-reaching transforma978-0-929701-91-2 21 duotone photographs. tions in contemporary art would follow directly in his Rights: World wake. Yves the Provocateur provides a “skeleton key” to clearly examine the full dimensions of Klein’s accomplishment. In the centerpiece essay—which amounts to a miniature critical biography—he traces the crucial events in Klein’s life, and documents Klein’s intellectual development.


Art & Otherness Crisis in Cultural Identity

by Thomas McEvilley “The central point in Art & Otherness is that Modernism and formalism are deeply wrapped up with colonialism. Charting out a post-Modern, postcolonial world has become McEvilley’s driving passion, but this does not mean he has lost interest in what individual artists are accomplishing. . . In the absence of a working time machine, those eager to know how scholars of tomorrow will see us could not do better than to read Art & Otherness.”—Artforum International

$15 trade paperback. 192 pages, 5½ x 8½" 0-929701-48-8 World XFrance

“Even if one is not willing to accept Modernism as wholly toxic, or multiculturalism as entirely redemptive, we must regard Art & Otherness as an important contribution, both philosophically and historically, to the way in which we view the production and exhibition of visual objects.” —American Book Review

Art & Discontent Theory at the Millennium

by Thomas McEvilley “Each of the six essays offered here . . . represents the author’s ambitious attempt to demonstrate that contemporary criticism maintains a place in the continuum of the history of ideas.”—Journal of Art $15 trade paperback. 184 pages, 5½ x 8½" 0-929701-31-3 World XFrance

“Illuminating and insightful rather than analytic and argumentative.”—Small Press Book Review

“The sort of wide-angle view of contemporary art that can help bring some of the barking and bickering [about post-Modernism] into perspective.”—New York Press “A thoroughly useful lantern in the bramble, a clear call for attention to meaning in art.”—Cover “...McEvilley is opting for a new metaphysics in which content rises above the banality of empty elitism.”—M=E=A=N=I=N=G


“More Than Meat Joy is a powerfully instructive book, detailing the difficulties as well as the triumphs of a politically engaged art. As a work of art in its own right, it seems to me as historically persuasive and timely a document as any around today.” —Henry Sayre, Minnesota Review Carolee Schneemann More Than Meat Joy: Performance Works & Selected Writings $35 sewn paperback, 0-929701-54-2

Novalis Hymns to the Night $6.50 paper, 0-914232-90-8 bi-lingual edition

Maya Deren Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti $16 paper, 0-914232-63-0

Translated by Dick Higgins

Preface by Joseph Campbell

Stan Brakhage Essential Brakhage Selected Writings on Filmmaking $18 paper, 0-929701-64-X

Stan Brakhage Telling TIme: Essays of a Visionary Filmmaker $24 cloth, 0-929701-69-0

Stan Brakhage Film at Wit’s End: Eight Avant-garde Filmmakers $16 paper, 0-929701-16-X

Maya Deren Essential Deren: Collected Writings on Film $18 paper, 0-929701-65-8


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“Howard McCord’s poetic voice calls us to be companions in his vision quest: Seeking the truth in the deserts he loves. He writes the reality of the Southwest landscapes, and also its songs and voices. In these brilliant and philosophical essays Howard shares his intimate and sometimes haunting journey.” —Rudolfo Anaya “I find this to be your masterpiece.”—Ted Enslin “Deep, sometimes profound, always readable” —Reader Views

Howard McCord Walking to Extremes in Iceland and New Mexico

$15 paper, 0-929701-86-0

Henry Cowell Essential Cowell $35 cloth, 0-929701-63-1

Raymond Saroff Claes Oldenburg “Happenings” Ray Gun Theater $40 DVD, 1-878352-12-1

Edited by Dick Higgins

Approx. 2 hrs., b/w

Selected Writings on Music

Edward Dahlberg The Leafless American and Other Writings

$20 cloth, 0-914232-83-5 $10 paper, 0-914232-80-0 Preface by Robert Creeley

Clayton Eshleman Antiphonal Swing: Selected Prose 1962-1987

$25 cloth, 0-914232-94-0 Edited by Caryl Eshleman


V. K. Arseniev Dersu the Trapper $16 paper, 0-929701-49-6 Translated by Malcolm Burr Preface by Jaimy Gordon

Gerald Burns Toward a Phenomenology of Written Art $25 cloth, 0-914232-36-3 $10 paper, 0-914232-35-5

SELECTED NONFICTION 1-800-613-8219 /

Christopher Wagstaff, editor A Sacred Quest: Essays on the Life and Writings of Mary Butts

$25 cloth, 0-929701-45-3

Paul West My Father’s War A Memoir

$24 cloth, 0-929701-75-5

Paul West Sheer Fiction, Vol. 2

Essays and Reviews

Essays and Reviews

$17.95 cloth, 0-914232-82-7 $20 paper, 0-914232-98-3

$20 cloth, 0-929701-08-9

Paul West Sheer Fiction, Vol. 3

Paul West Sheer Fiction, Vol. 4

Essays and Reviews

Nathalie Blondell Mary Butts: Scenes from the Life A Biography

$35 cloth, 0-929701-55-0

Paul West Sheer Fiction [Vol. 1]

$22 cloth, 0-929701-38-0


Hugo Munsterberg Unspoken Bequest: The Contribution of German Jews on German Culture

$20 cloth, 1-878352-10-5

Henry Martin & Gianfranco Baruchello Why Duchamp:

Essays and Reviews, with Index to Vols. 1-4

An Essay on Aesthetic Impact

$26 cloth, 0-929701-76-3

$20 cloth, 0-914232-71-1



“A world of conflicting emotions is packed into this book—a slim novel as novels go. . . .Yet as we reach the end, we are enriched and dazzled, as if we had been whisked through a cosmic adventure.”  —Marianne Hauser, American Book Review “Molinaro creates a perfect, perfectly shocking conclusion, forceful in its symmetry, as inevitable as the conclusion of a classical tragedy.”—Belles Lettres Ursule Molinaro Positions with White Roses A Novel $8.00 paper, 0-929701-00-3 $12.95 cloth, 0-914232-58-4

Ursule Molinaro The New Moon with the Old Moon in Her Arms A Novel $10.00 paper, 0-929701-29-1 $22.00 cloth, imported edtn

Ursule Molinaro Demons and Divas Three Novels $25.00 cloth, 0-929701-59-3

Ursule Molinaro A Full Moon of Women Stories $10.00 paper, 0-929701-32-1 $14.95 cloth, Dutton edtn

Anna Maria Ortese The Iguana A Novel $14.95 cloth, 0-914232-87-8 $12 paper, 0-914232-95-9

Anna Maria Ortese A Music Behind the Wall Volume Two [Stories] $22 cloth, 0-929701-56-9

Anna Maria Ortese A Music Behind the Wall Volume One [Stories] $20 cloth, 0-929701-39-9

Translated by Henry Martin

Translated by Henry Martin

Translated by Henry Martin



“Classical myths and playfully original ideas in exquisite, descriptive prose.... [T]hese stories showcase Kelly’s subtle, erudite wit and enviable craftsmanship.”—Publishers Weekly “Kelly steps clear of established forms, constructing and sequencing images . . . creating not just a story but a work of art.”—Thomas Hubbard, New Pages Robert Kelly The Logic of the World and Other Fictions $24.00 cloth, 978-0-929701-89-9 Rights: World

Ascher/Straus The Menaced Assassin

Ascher/Straus The Other Planet

Ascher/Straus Red Moon/Red Lake A Novel in Stories

A Novel

A Novel

$9 paper, 0-929701-03-8 Second edition

$15.95 cloth, 0-914232-93-2

$8 paper, 0-914232-97-5 $16.00 cloth, 0-914232-96-7

Denise Ohio Blue A Novel $12 paper, 0-929701-30-5

Thomas McEvilley North of Yesterday A Novel $12 paper, 0-914232-85-1 $20 cloth, 0-914232-86-X

Valery Larbaud The Diary of A.O. Barnabooth A Novel $10 paper, 0-929701-15-1 $18 cloth, 0-929701-14-3


complete listings at

SELECTED FICTION 1-800-613-8219 /


Mary Butts The Taverner Novels:

Armed with Madness & Death of Felicity Taverner

Mary Butts Ashe of Rings

and Other Writings

$24 cloth, 0-929701-53-4

Mary Butts The Classical Novels:

The Macedonian & Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra

Preface by Nathalie BLondel

$14 paper, 0-929701-42-9

Howard McCord The Man Who Walked to The Moon A Novel $12 paper, 0-929701-78-X

Paul Ableman Tornado Pratt A Novel $11 paper, 0-929701-26-7 $20 cloth, 0-929701-25-9

Paul Ableman I Hear Voices A Novel $12 paper, 0-929701-04-6 $18 cloth, 0-929701-05-4

Giorgio Manganelli Centuria:

Giorgio Manganelli All the Errors Stories $10 paper, 0-929701-06-2 $20 cloth, 0-929701-07-0

Massimo Bontempelli Separations:

Two Novels of Mothers & Children

Translated by Henry Martin

Trans. w/ preface by Estelle Gilson

$17 paper, 0-929701-18-6 Preface by Paul West

One Hundred Ouroboric Novels

$15 paper, 0-929701-85-2 $24 cloth, 0-929701-72-0 Trans. w/ preface by Henry Martin


20% discount on orders above $50

Preface by Thomas McEvilley

$16 paper, 0-929701-70-4 $28 cloth, 0-929701-61-5

SELECTED FICTION 1-800-613-8219 /

Michael Joyce Liam’s Going $15 paper, 978-0-929701-88-2 $22 cloth, 0-929701-66-6

G.V. Desani Hali and Collected Stories $20 cloth, 0-929701-12-7

Paul West Tenement of Clay A Novel $12 paper, 0-929701-28-3 $20 cloth, 0-929701-27-5 Afterword by Bill Marx


Frederick Ted Castle Anticipation A Novel $14 paper, 0-914232-65-7 $22.50 cloth, 0-914232-60-6

Frederick Ted Castle Gilbert Green: The Real Right Way to Dress for Spring A Novel $11 paper, 0-929701-23-2

David Matlin How the Night Is Divided A Novel $20 cloth, 0-929701-33-X

Jascha Kessler Siren Songs & Classical Illusions

Pamela Zoline The Heat Death of the Universe, and Other Stories $12 paper, 0-914232-88-6 $20 cloth, 0-914232-89-4

William Fense Weaver A Tent in This World:

Preface by Tom Disch


Fifty Modern Fables

$12 paper, 0-929701-22-4

A Novella and Afterword

$20 cloth, 0-929701-58-5 Signed numbered 1st edition


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