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Portugal Food Tour


Contents  Portugal: A culture of food…………………..…4  Portugal Food Tour………………………...…..5  Day 1……………………………….……...6  Day 2………………………………....……8  Day 3…………………………...…….….10  Day 4…………………………...…...……12  Map of the locations…………………..…..…..14  References…………………………………….15


Brochure Methodology Target: The target is very wide since is for anyone that likes food, even kids, but they would have to come with their parents if they are underaged. Mainly is for food lovers, people who feel joy when eating and not only they eat with the mouth but also with the eyes, that is why is very important to have pictures of some of the dishes they are going to eat. Colors: The idea for this brochure is traditional Portuguese food, that is why the background looks rustic, to give the idea of traditional food. Font: The reason for the Garamond font is because it gives a traditional look and also because it reminds the font used in some traditional restaurants/coffees on the menus. Pictures: Obviously since is food tourism we need to show people some of the dishes, but also, since we give the opportunity to visit the cities we need to show them. Layout: In the brochure, it will be an explanation on why is Portuguese food something interesting to try, the explanation of the tour and the menus people will try each day since that is the main objective of the trip.


Portugal: A culture of Food Food for Portuguese people is something really important, some say that Portuguese food is hearty, which is another way of saying that is “fat food�, with lots of meats and calories. (, 2012) Portugal cuisine is influenced by their European location, the fact that is in the Atlantic Ocean and his historical worldwide influence, as well, Portugal colonised lots of places in the past and some of their cuisines influenced it, also the fact that during the age of exploration Portugal controlled the trade of spices, helped the




(, 2014) Portuguese people take their food culture really serious, even the ingredients must be inspected before they purchase them, and outside the city areas, many people still grow their own ingredients. (go discover Portugal travel, n.d.) 4

Portugal Food Tour It is a known fact that everyone loves food, so it would only make sense to have a trip that the main focus is to eat, and obviously to get to know another culture, but mainly is to eat! This Food Tour around Portugal has the goal to show people how rich the Portuguese cuisine is, by giving them the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes of Portugal made in the places of Portugal they are originally from. The tourists will have the chance to visit 4 major areas of Portugal, they will go with all their breakfasts, lunches, afternoon meals and dinners, already planned. Yes, afternoon meals, because in Portugal there are 4 main times of the day that people eat, not just 3, has said before, Portuguese people love their food culture. The journey will start in Algarve since the idea is to go from the South to the North of Portugal through all the main areas, then will be Alentejo, after is Lisbon and the tour will finish in Porto. 5

Day 1 - Algarve The first day will start by arriving in Algarve putting everything in the hotel and go to have breakfast in one of the many traditional bakeries. Between the spaces when you will eat, you can go to visit the city by yourself and enjoy all that Algarve can offer. (BBC Good Food, n.d.) (, n.d.) Menu for the Day: Breakfast: Nógado Algarvio Lunch: Starter  Olives, Bread, Sardine Patê and Conquilhas à Algarve Main  Cataplana de Marisco Dessert  Almond Tart Slice Afternoon Meal: Slice of Bolo de Massa Pão Dinner: Starter  Olives, Cheese Bread and Petiscos de Taverna Main  (Soup) Caldo Verde; (Plate) Bread with Leitão Dessert  Arroz Doce 6



Day 2 – Alentejo The second day will start early with a bus trip to Alentejo when there you will leave your luggage and once again go to a local bakery to start the day with a typical Portuguese breakfast and visit the new location while waiting for the next meal. (Alentejo food, n.d.) Menu for the Day: Breakfast: Aletria do Centro Lunch: Starter  Olives, Bread and Enchidos Main




Alentejana (Main) Ensopado de Borrego with Migas Dessert  Sericaia Afternoon meal: Queijadas de Évora Dinner: Starter  Olives, Bread, Patês and Presunto Main  Carne de Porco Alentejana Dessert  Filhós Enroladas




Day 3 – Lisbon Once again the day starts early with a trip from Alentejo to Lisbon, the first place you will go there is obviously to the Pastéis de Belém coffee shop, to try one of the most known Portuguese pastries, the pastel de nata. After that, we will see you at lunch, enjoy the capital of Portugal. (Santos, 2017) (Eater, 2017) Menu for the Day: Breakfast: Pastéis de Nata Lunch: Starter  Olives, Bread, Patês, and Enchidos. Main  Cozido à Portuguesa or Bacalhau with Natas Dessert  Ovos Moles Afternoon meal: Snails with a Beer or Soda Dinner: Starter  Olives, Bread, Cheeses. Main  Sardines with Boiled Potato Dessert  Papos de Anjo




Day 4 – Porto On the last day we visit the second more known city of Portugal, it is also known as Portugal’s Food Capital (Planet, 2015). Since there are many traditional dishes. It is also a really beautiful city to explore by foot so the last day will be one hard to forget. (Santos, 2017) (Time Out Porto, 2017) Menu for the Day: Breakfast: Classic Eclair Lunch: Starter  Olives, Bread, Enchidos Main  Tripas à Moda do Porto or Bacalhau à Brás Dessert  Leite Creme Afternoon meal: Bolinhos de Bacalhau Dinner:


Olives, Bread, Alheira Main  Francesinha Dessert  Arroz Doce


Porto ~



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Food tourism in Portugal  

Coursework 1- The Tourist Experience (1373) University College Birmingham Cátia Filipa Gama Candeias

Food tourism in Portugal  

Coursework 1- The Tourist Experience (1373) University College Birmingham Cátia Filipa Gama Candeias