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Arthur, Jance, and Silvia are walking through the dense rain forest. Arthur carries a sackcloth bag over his shoulder. ARTHUR I've often dreamed of being able to hunt the mighty Glark in the Forest of Shadows; its mighty claws reaching out for me, as i pull my sword to slay the beast. JANCE We are not here to hunt, we are here to find the lost shrine. I swear your the aspirin company's best friend...And why do you still have that bag with you? ARTHUR (he jostles the bag to draw attention to it) You mean the mighty boots of speed? We never know when we will need them. JANCE Its not a magical ultimate boots, its just a pair of nike's that have come through into this world, just like i have. They are no more magical then my socks. (she rubs her temples)

ARTHUR Just wait, you'll see its true power when they are needed most. SILVIA Shhhh... (her catlike ears perk up) We are not alone (she crouches down) I had told you, you will not be welcomed in this forest. My people have taken the oath to protect it against anyone. (she sniffs the air) They have found us. Three catlike males leap from the trees in front of Arthur,

Jance, and Silvia. KATH WARRIOR LEADER How dare you Silvia bring outsiders into our forest. SILVIA (jumping between the kath Warriors and Jance and Arthur) You do not understand the situation. There reason for my grave actions. KATH WARRIOR LEADER Save you words, it is not me whom you must convince. Come, such a dire disregard for our laws can only be judged by the elders. 2


Arthur, Jance, and Silvia stand in front of three eleders seated in large chairs. A group of Kath Warriors stand behind them. ELDER NA' TAL Silvia, daughter of Manaan, you are accused of breaking one of our greatest laws, bring outsiders into our forest which we are charged to protect. For what reason could you commit such an act? SILVIA Great Elders, Indeed i brought these outsiders into our forest, but it is for the good of all. This woman... (pointing to Jance) bares the marks of Aun nak tol. She can save all of us. ELDER GROM Human Woman, please show us this mark. (Jance shows character on forarm) aaaaah.... surely this is the mark. ELDER JEREK Lets not be so quick to pass judgement. We must consult the record.


ELDER NA' TAL Agreed, we will retreat to the record vault; Until we return, the accused must be kept under guard in a living hut.


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