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Specials AUGUST 2012

Celebrate being a woman

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Sh’Zen: Sold by women,to women

Stay younger


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Our anti-ageing moisturiser has Pearl Extracts to re-energise skin tissue and SPF 30 to protect against sun damage. The Sh’Zen with PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 (50ml) combines the revitalising powers of Rose, Neroli and Jasmine essential oils to feed and oxygenate skin, helping to increase its moisture content, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restore a youthful radiance.

Use every day for nourished and rejuvenated skin The results? l More youthful, radiant skin l Improved texture and tone l Increased suppleness and elasticity SH’ZEN AUGUST 2012

2 FOR R279



Eye care 101 Complexion Take immediate action to: lSmooth fine lines lMinimise under-eye puffiness l Diminish the appearance of dark circles


The Sh’Zen with PhytoExquisites™ Eye Rejuvenator (15ml) delivers eyes that look firmer, smoother and more youthful. White Lily extracts and Blackcurrant oil keep skin supple and help to prevent the development of premature wrinkles; Bioskinup minimises puffiness and reduces the appearance of dark circles; Ximenai oil nourishes prematurely ageing skin, while Rosehip oil brightens skin and activates its natural renewal processes.

perfection Beat breakouts botanically and control shine with this matifying and balancing day cream.

Buy one get one free

The Sh’Zen Natural Essence™ Matifying Day Cream SPF30 (50ml) is specifically formulated for young, oily and combination skins. It provides all the moisture, vitamins and minerals that skin needs to remain healthy, plus it has sebo-regulating essential oils that work to restore a clear complexion so that problem skin visibly improves day by day. The result is soft, supple skin that radiates good health.



Gently pat a few drops along the orbital bone around the eye. Apply to clean, dry skin before applying your Sh’Zen with PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30.

“My teenagers are crazy about this product as it’s helped clear up their skin.” – Amina


Healing oils

Relax body and mind with our comprehensive range of oils. Use them for a therapeutic deep-tissue massage, or pour them into your bath to soak up the benefits of their healing essences.

The Sh’Zen Natural Tissue Oil (100ml) contains conditioning Carrot and Calendula oils, plus healing Arnica, and works to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin, leaving it feeling soft and looking radiant.


s s

Packed with the anxiety-relieving and sedative properties of Rose Geranium, Melissa and Lemongrass, the Sh’Zen Destressing Massage Oil (100ml) works to relax the muscles, calm the nerves and lift the spirits.

To lift your mood

To relieve stress

To boost immunity

To streamline curves s

The concentrated Sh’Zen Detoxifying Toning Oil (100ml) has draining and decongesting properties that deep cleanse and tone the body, combat cellulite build-up and promote weight loss.

To nourish your body


Rosewood, Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Lavender and Ylang-Ylang, chosen for their beautiful fragrance and soothing, uplifting properties, come together in the mood-boosting Sh’Zen Heaven’s Scent Massage Oil.


The Sh’Zen Resistance Dispersing Bath Oil (100ml) is a powerhouse of therapeutic essential oils that boost the immune system and help to bring relief from colds, flu and muscular aches and pains.

To pamper your feet s

The Sh’Zen Massage Oil for Feet (100ml) contains conditioning plant oils to moisturise feet and prevent thickening of the skin, and therapeutic essential oils to ease pain and revive tired muscles.


Oasis of These stressrelieving bath salts will help you relax after a busy day. Sprinkle the Sh’Zen Destressing Bath Crystals (250g) under warm, running water and let their beautiful aromatic fragrance restore your sense of wellbeing. Melissa helps ease tension and promote sleep, Rose Geranium lifts depression and allays anxiety, while Calendula soothes and calms the skin.

Ease tension in your neck and shoulders with this fragrant massage cream.

2 FOR R159 SAVE R139

The Sh’Zen Destressing Treatment (75ml) is a rich body balm packed with therapeutic essential oils. Massage it into stiff muscles to help release tension knots, ease tension headaches and promote a good night’s sleep. It’s also deeply moisturising and will leave skin silky soft.


2 FOR R159

Geranium lifts the spirits and balances the hormonal system. Lavender calms the nerves, treats headaches and helps induce sleep. Melissa lifts depression and relaxes the muscles. Valerian works as a natural sleep aid and eases muscle cramps and spasms. St John’s Wort is a natural anti-depressant and helps treat migraines.

SAVE R139 8





This soothing gel wash will keep you feeling fresh all day long. The Sh’Zen Feminine Body Wash (125ml) has a pH of 5.5 (the same as that of skin) and is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. It contains Calendula, a natural antiseptic that calms the skin, as well as organic derivatives that pamper skin as they cleanse. The mild perfume is derma safe and leaves a natural, fresh fragrance on the skin.

Nourish dry winter skin with this deodorising body lotion.

The Sh’Zen Daily Moisture Repair (125ml) is a light but highly nourishing body lotion. It’s formulated with conditioning Carrot oil, widely known as an excellent skin revitaliser, and Almond oil, which is rich in Vitamins E and D and works to soften and soothe skin. It also contains deodorising Coltsfoot, which helps to keep skin smelling fresh all day long.


“I’ve fallen in love with this wash. I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin but this is so gentle and leaves my skin soothed and comforted. And the Daily Moisture Repair is the perfect follow-up to keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day long.” – Jenny

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SAVE R60 11


Enjoy a scented soak with the Belle Orchidée Shimmering Bath Crystals (250g). Then use the Belle Orchidée Perfumed Body Balm (250ml) to give skin an indulgent treat. It has a beautiful floral fragrance and is filled with nourishing oils.




Keep skin fresh and fragrant with the Belle Orchidée Energising Shower Gel (200ml). It’s infused with the sensuous aroma of Orchid and the soothing benefits of Arctic Strawberry.


Get everything you need for a shimmering night out in the Belle Orchidée Gift Box. It contains a Cleansing Bar (50g), Shimmering Body Powder (30g), Energising Shower Gel (75ml) and Perfumed Body Cream (40ml) – all infused with the sensuous aroma of orchid.



Scent of glamour ONLY R119





Step out in style this Women’s Day in our exotically fragranced Sh’Zen Belle Orchideé range.


Treat hands and nails ONLY R109

Get stronger, healthier nails with these growthpromoting products.


Protect, nurture and repair hands with this nourishing, antiageing cream.

The Sh’Zen Matrix Oil (10ml) feeds the nail where it needs a boost the most – in the matrix of the nail. It’s rich in plant extracts chosen for their nail-building properties and regular use will encourage growth, strengthen nails and help prevent ridging. Top up its benefits with the Sh’Zen Vitamin Pills for Nails (120), which contain Kelp, Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin B. Taken regularly, they will encourage nails to grow faster and be stronger.


SAVE R149 14

“After just a month I can see that my usually flaky, brittle nails are stronger and more shiny.” – Penny SH’ZEN AUGUST 2012

The Sh’Zen Perfecting Cream SPF30 for Hands (75ml) is infused with moisturising Rice Bran, Rosehip and Blackcurrant oils, anti-ageing Shea Butter and luxurious Silk Extracts to leave hands soft and smooth. Lemon, Geranium, Patchouli, Grapefruit, Palma Rosa and Neroli essential oils give it a wonderful scent and work to repair skin, while SPF30 protects skin against future damage. SH’ZEN AUGUST 2012


Foot clinic This purifying mask restores feet and legs to maximum health.

The Sh’Zen Detoxifying Mask for Feet contains clay and seaweed to boost micro-circulation and gently draw out toxins. Clary Sage, Frankincense and Sandalwood ease aches and pains, and Melissa calms the nerves. Feet feel lighter, re-energised and totally rejuvenated. To maximise the benefits of the essential oils, wrap feet in cling wrap to create a thermal effect.

Youronlybody... better Bring a radiant glow to your skin with this best-kept beauty secret!

He will love it too!

It’s perfect for a postworkout cleanse, and will leave his body super clean, smooth and beautifully fresh with every use.

The Sh’Zen Skin Stimulator will:

2 FOR R169

SAVE R149 “My feet are softened, calmed and cooled after every application, and the seaweed and essential oils have made a remarkable difference to the overall feeling and appearance of my skin.” – Gemma

w l Stimulate blood flo c drainage ati ph lym e l Encourag minate toxins l Help your body eli ‘orange-peel’ l Banish the dreaded look of cellulite ention l Decrease water ret l Exfoliate skin ll growth l Encourage new ce

Use it daily for in! smooth, toned sk


SAVE R149 17

Product FACE PhytoExquisites™ Cleansing Cream Floral Hydrating Mist Day Cream SPF 30 Renewing Night Cream Facial Essence Eye Rejuvenator Regenerating Enzyme Gel Deep Cleansing Balm Gentle Exfoliating Cream Calming Melt-in Mask Radiant Serum Skin Tone Corrector Skin Perfection Capsules Natural Essence™ Purifying Cleansing Wash Balancing Toner Matifying Day Cream SPF 30 Clarifying Exfoliant Rescue Clay Mask Skin Life Oil Clearing Lotion HANDS & NAILS Nail care Nail Buffer Kit Glass Nail File Spa Manicure Matrix Oil Vitamin Pills Cuticle Exfoliant Cuticle Cream Smoothing Exfoliating Cream Perfecting Sugar Scrub Moisturising Perfecting Cream SPF 30 Repair Cream Repair Cream Refining Balm Refining Balm Treatment Cream & disposable gloves Replenishing Hand Serum FEET Deodorising Spa Additive Spa Additive Moisturiser Deodorising Powder Smoothing Scrub Stone in Pouch Foot Rasp Exfoliator Overnight Balm Cooling Cooling Spritzer Revitaliser Energising Cream for Heavy Legs Therapeutic Massage Oil Relaxing Treatment Detoxifying Mask Elixir Thermal Relief HAIR Balancing Shampoo Natural Treatment for Hair Hot Oil Hair Repair




200ml 125ml 50ml 50ml 30ml 15ml 50ml 50ml 75ml 75ml 30ml 30ml 60

R259 R189 R279 R279 R369 R209 R279 R279 R279 R279 R369 R369 R319

125ml 125ml 50ml 75ml 75ml 30ml 30ml

R209 R169 R239 R239 R239 R309 R139

250ml 10ml 120 20ml 20ml

R179 R149 R159 R149 R199 R105 R105

100ml 100ml

R159 R159

75ml 75ml 125ml 75ml 125ml 100ml 6 pairs 30ml

R169 R135 R159 R135 R159 R159

250ml 450ml 125ml 100g

R159 R279 R159 R125

125ml 125ml

R115 R125 R169 R159

100ml 75ml 75ml

R159 R125 R145

100ml 100ml 100ml 10ml 50ml

R199 R159 R159 R125 R145

200ml 125ml 50ml

R139 R139 R149



BODY Everyday Feminine Body Wash Rejuvenating Scrub Daily Moisture Repair Rehydrating Rehydrating Balm Rehydrating Bath Natural Tissue Oil Cellular Boost range Cellular Boost for Neck & Bust Cellular Boost Sugar Balm Cellular Boost Massage Oil Cellulite Control range Pamplemousse Massage Bar Pamplemousse Cleansing Gel Cellulite After Bath Massage Gel Cellulite Control Crystals Cellulite Control Scrub Cellulite Control Massage Cream Cellulite Control Capsules Detoxifying range Skin Stimulator – oval, boxed Skin Stimulator – rectangular Detoxifying Bath Crystals Detoxifying Toning Oil Detoxifying Body Wash Destressing range Destressing Bath Crystals Destressing Massage Oil Destressing Treatment Cream Destress Cleansing Gel Destress Mist Harmonising range Harmonising Bath Crystals Harmonising Cleansing Gel Harmonising Treatment Cream Mood Enhancing Mist Heaven’s Scent range HS Bath Crystals HS Reviving Body Wash HS Renewing Body Cream HS Massage Oil Mystique Marine range MM Bath Crystals MM Body Wash MM Extra Rich Body Balm MM Massage Oil Resistance range Resistance Bath Crystals Resistance Dispersing Bath Oil Vanilla Cashmere range VC Bath Crystals VC Cleansing Gel VC Cocooning Body Cream VC Massage Oil SUN Protective SPF 20 Lotion After Sun Nourishing Balm After Sun Soother Recovery Cleansing Shampoo Intensive Recovery Mask MEN EnneaEssence™ range Triple Action Sports Wash Everyday Facial Wash Ultra Calming Shaving Cream Hydrating Lotion SPF 15 Recovery Treatment Sport range Spa Additive Sportswash After Sports Massage Oil

150ml 150ml 125ml

R139 R189 R169

150ml 125ml 100ml

R169 R155 R199

100ml 125ml 100ml

R179 R179 R199

180g 200ml 140ml 250ml 125ml 75ml 60

R99 R159 R179 R149 R189 R199 R209

250ml 100ml 200ml

R159 R159 R149 R199 R159

250ml 100ml 75ml 200ml 50ml

R149 R199 R149 R159 R125

250ml 200ml 75ml 100ml

R149 R159 R149 R145

250ml 200ml 150ml 100ml

R149 R159 R169 R199

250ml 200ml 150ml 100ml

R149 R159 R179 R199

450ml 100ml

R299 R199

450g 200ml 150ml 100ml

R298 R159 R169 R199

150ml 150ml 100ml 200ml 125ml

R189 R169 R155 R139 R139

200ml 125ml 125ml 50ml 30ml

R159 R179 R139 R249 R299

200ml 100ml

R159 R199



Heavenly This hydrating body wash lifts your spirits with its fresh, floral scent.

The Sh’Zen Heaven’s Scent Reviving Body Wash (200ml) is a gentle cleanser filled with healing essential oils that release a beautiful, uplifting fragrance. Bergamot has superb antiseptic qualities and is known for creating a more relaxed, happy feeling, while Rosewood has excellent tissue regeneration properties and helps to fight depression.

2 FOR R169


“I love the soothing, uplifting fragrance. It leaves me feeling upbeat and ready for the day.” – Sandra


Spoil yourself this Women’s Day

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Our skincare start-up kit

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Sh’Zen: Sold by women, to women 22


Sh’Zen skincare changed my life! “I suffered with terrible problem skin as a young adult. It left me with enlarged pores and bad acne scars, as well as ugly pigmentation marks all over my face. I’ve always used a maximum coverage foundation and, when I got married five years ago, my make-up was literally like body putty to hide all the blemishes. I was so selfconscious about my skin that I never left the house without having applied my foundation – I even wore base on the beach! That’s now all changed thanks to having used PhytoExquisites™ and the miracle Radiant Serum and Regenerating Enzyme Gel for the past two and half years. I now only use make-up on special occasions. For the rest of the time, I can just leave my skin be – much to the joy of my husband and children, who hate heavy make-up. It’s phenomenal what Sh’Zen has done for me – it has the power to change people’s lives.” – Sandra

See to join today! SH’ZEN AUGUST 2012


Honey honey This salon-quality shampoo washes away impurities to deliver naturally glossy hair.

The Sh’Zen Balancing Shampoo (200ml) contains Honey to nourish and moisturise damaged hair, amino acids to strengthen locks and improve elasticity, and Calendula, which penetrates deep into the hair shaft to stimulate repair and encourage new growth. Ideal for stressed or chemically treated hair, it delivers shiny, more manageable locks that have natural body and bounce.

SALON quality


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Sh'Zen August Specials 2012  

Sh'Zen August Specials 2012

Sh'Zen August Specials 2012  

Sh'Zen August Specials 2012