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The sweet smell of a freshly powdered baby bum is a joy of new parenthood. However, questions and lawsuits about the safety of talc-based baby powder have led to decreased demand. Johnson & Johnson announced it will stop selling that type of baby powder in the United States and Canada, although cornstarch-based baby powder will still be available for sale. The company has settled more than 16,000 lawsuits related to talc-based baby powder to the tune of $750 million in damages. The company says its decision will allow for appropriate social distancing in manufacturing and distribution facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


It’s always a long, hot summer in Louisiana, but among the many at-home learning opportunities already available to children, Opéra Louisiane is presenting a new series for families to enjoy from the comfort (and coolness) of their own homes, “Sofa Series for Kids.” Using their virtual platform, the local opera company has already made three opera masterpieces created specifically for children to enjoy, through the Young People’s Opera Program . The opera masterpieces are available online now for free. The Magic Flute, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel are each 90 minutes long and include educational information and activities to supplement the viewing experience. Families can experience the magic of opera together to learn about music, art, math, literature and history. ■ operalouisiane.com/kidssofaseries


Car crash deaths among teens drop in states with distracted driving laws on the books, according to new findings published in Pediatrics. In Louisiana, texting is banned for all drivers, hands-free usage is banned in school zones, and cell phone usage is banned entirely for drivers under 16. “Louisiana crash data and behavioral surveys show that distracted driving is one of the most destructive activities taking place on our highways, especially among young drivers,” says Lisa Freeman, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission executive director. “Strong laws, such as our ban on using cell phones in school zones, are helpful, but that’s only part of the solution. Parents’ driving behaviors greatly influence young drivers’ habits. We can all do a better job and be a better role model for our young drivers.” ■ distracteddriving.gov


As the first Muppet to join Instagram, Elmo was an immediate success among users on the popular social media platform. The first six pictures posted to Elmo’s account form his face when viewed as a grid, and the account already has more than 85,000 followers. The new account is part of the promotion for Elmo’s newest talk show, The Not-TooLate Show with Elmo, which recently debuted on the new HBO Max streaming service with new episodes available every Thursday. During Elmo’s talk show, host Elmo will interview various celebrity guests along with his co-host, Cookie Monster. The first episode of the show, featuring the Jonas Brothers, is also available for free to watch right now on the Sesame Street YouTube channel. ■ instagram.com/elmo 16

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Reading together is one of the best things we can do to help our littles learn to read. Google has launched an app to help keep the learning going even without an adult close by to help. “Read Along” is designed for elementary-aged students to help them practice their reading skills. It listens as children read aloud any of the built-in stories and offers them help if they struggle with a word or phrase. Successful reading earns stars, making learning to read more of a game. The app is free to download, has built-in privacy, and doesn’t require identifying information or Internet access to use. ■ play.google.com

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July 2020 Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

July 2020 Baton Rouge Parents Magazine  

July 2020 Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

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