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April 2010 Dear Business Associate: As a Wealth Management Advisor, we at Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. have built our select client roster primarily through referrals from business associates, clients and other advisors. As you may be aware, our clients are primarily self-made business people who have created their own wealth and now have the opportunity for lifelong Financial Independence. Given the complex investment world today, I have become increasingly concerned that there are many investors out there who may not be getting the kind of quality attention and personal guidance they need. In that light, we have decided to proactively open our practice and invite personal referrals from advisors with whom we have a special business alliance. Two important things for you to know about The Referral Guide and our referral process are: First, my team and I treat all referrals with the utmost care and discretion. Your referrals will receive the very best service and personalized attention. Their experience with Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. will be positive, highly professional and will reflect very well upon you. Second, we maintain a strict policy of complete confidentiality. At no time will I or anyone on my staff discuss your referral’s portfolio or financial situation with anyone. It may seem unnecessary to state these points so directly, but we value your referrals a great deal and I want you to know how seriously we take them. They are, in fact, the only way we accept new clients. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. Sincerely,

Peter F. Tedstrom, CFPÂŽ


This Referral Guide provides an overview of our firm, our credentials and our value system. Included are the following:           

March 2010

Cover Letter Curriculum Vitae (Peter) Team Structure Awards Newsletters Articles written about us Articles we have written Menu of Services Self-Qualification Questionnaire Privacy Statement Code of Ethics

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.

1700 Broadway, Suite 500

Denver, Colorado 80290

P 303-863-7231

F 303-863-7012

OVERVIEW Partner of a nationally recognized wealth management firm focused on financial planning and investment advice for business owners and professionals. Mr. Tedstrom is a 26-year veteran of the field. AWARDS & RECOGNITION 5280 magazine and ColoradoBiz magazine — Five Star Award for ―Best in Wealth Manager Client Satisfaction‖ (2009) Barron's magazine — Top 100 Independent Financial Advisor (2007) Denver Business Journal — Top 20 Colorado Wealth Advisor (2009) Worth magazine — Top Wealth Advisor (2008) Who's Who in Denver Business (2000) Who's Who in Financial Planning (2000) Denver Business Journal — Forty Under 40 (1998)


MEDIA Co-author, Getting to the Heart of the Matter: A Revolution

in Estate Planning for Wealthy Families Columnist, Denver Business Journal Frequent Commentator and Expert for: – CBS 4 – Fox News – 9News – Business for Breakfast Radio – The Wall Street Journal – Denver Business Journal

– The Denver Post CREDENTIALS

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, 1987 Firm is a Registered Investment Advisor Series 7 registration, held with LPL Financial Series 63 registration, held with LPL Financial Series 24 registration, held with LPL Financial AFFILIATIONS & ORGANIZATIONS Junior Achievement – Teacher/Mentor Program Bonfils Blood Center Foundation — Board Member, Secretary Sewell Child Development Center — Board Member Denver Rotary Club 31 — Member Denver Advisory Board — President (2005–2009) Family Resource Center Association — Board Member (2005–2009) Financial Planning Association (FPA) — Member Colorado Bar Association — Guest Speaker Regis University — Guest Speaker Empowered Wealth/Quadrant Living — Board Member Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year — Nominee (1999) REV. 11/05/09


Our team of specialists



Peter F. Tedstrom, CFP®

Beverly Walter, MBA, CFP®

Establishes overall Investment Strategy and Advice

Lead contact for day-to-day inquiries, questions and requests

includes 3 CERTIFIED

FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and a fully licensed and experienced Financial Planning Assistant. Each team member has distinctive expertise in one or more facets of financial planning and investment management. Through this approach, we are able to offer each client unparalleled Wealth Management.

ADMINISTRATIVE Allison Mansch, Executive Assistant Margaret Reinhard, Concierge Joe Hoehn, Financial Planning Assistant

CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Robert Alexandrovic, CFP® Lead contact for day-to-day inquiries, questions and requests

2008 R ECOGNITION & A wards

JULY 4-10, 2008



1700 Broadway, Suite 500

Denver, CO 80290

P 303-863-7231

F 303-863-7012

Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC.

AUGUST 7-13, 2009

OCTOBER 2-8, 2009

February 6-12, 2009

APRIL 3-9, 2009

Take steps to survive future swings of the stock market

JUNE 5-11, 2009

OCTOBER 2-8, 2009

DECEMBER 4-10, 2009


Retirement Planning Retirement Planning Forecasts Determine Portfolio Withdrawal Rate Analyze Liquidity of Existing Portfolio Use Retirement Analysis to Help Determine Optimal Portfolio Allocation Income Tax and Investment Portfolio Planning Arrange Structure of Portfolio to Minimize Taxes Tax Loss Harvesting Income Tax Forecasting Evaluate Taxable vs. Tax-Free Bonds Cash Management Escrow Cash for Future Asset Purchases Gifting Arrangements Expense Forecasting & Determination of Retirement Income Needs Asset Ownership Arrangements Equalization of Estate Review Beneficiary Designations Evaluate Consistency of Account Ownership with Estate Documents Re-title Accounts if Necessary Fringe Benefit Planning Evaluate Company Disability Insurance Assist with Allocation of Company Retirement Plan(s) Stock Options & ESOP’s Risk Management and Insurance Coverage Survivor Needs Analysis Determine if Additional Life Insurance is needed Consider if Disability Insurance Can or Should Be Purchased Consider Purchase of Long Term Care Insurance Evaluate Adequacy of and need for Excess Liability Insurance Coverage Estate Planning Considerations Estate Growth Forecasting Discuss Whether New or Revised Estate Documents are needed Evaluation of Estate Planning Techniques (ILIT, QPRT, CRT, CLT, GRAT, etc) Education Planning Considerations Children, Grandchildren, etc.

Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. 1700 Broadway, Suite 500 Denver, CO 80290 P 303-863-7231 F 303-863-7012

S ELF- Q UALIFICATION Q UESTIONNAIRE Please answer the following questions to help you determine whether a financial planning-based Wealth Management firm such as Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. might be a good fit for you as you plan for lifelong Financial Independence: Part 1: Assessment = Y (yes) or N (no)

Y/N I have at least $1 million or more of investable assets. Y/N I am/was a business owner who plans to sell or have recently sold my business. Y/N I am considering whether to change my wealth advisor but not sure how to go about it.

Part 2: Assessment = on a scale of 1 (Strongly Agree) to 5 (Strongly Disagree)


_____ I am a successful executive or professional, but I do not have the time or expertise to develop and manage an effective wealth plan to meet my short and long-term financial requirements.


_____ I don’t have a clear picture of how I will spend my time during retirement.


_____ Wealth planning needs to include a complete understanding of me and my values.


_____ I want to work with an advisor who will take the time to understand me and what I will need to accomplish in order to have a successful retirement.


_____ I need a wealth plan to consider my ‘True Wealth,’ which is to say the sum total of my tangible and intangible assets, not just my financial assets.


_____ I am interested in documenting a formal wealth plan to help me make investment decisions.


_____ I do not know what questions to ask of a wealth advisor.


_____ My wealth plan does not address all my short and long-term financial requirements including: lifestyle and income planning, tax planning, personal risk profile, investment portfolio structuring, retirement, estate and philanthropy.


_____ No matter whether the economy is doing well or poorly, I want my wealth plan to be sufficiently dynamic to help me to stay in control of my short and long-term financial requirements.


_____ It is important that my wealth advisor be a CFP®.


_____ I believe it is important for my wealth advisor to have at least 10+ year’s experience.


_____ I don’t feel that my advisor is well-versed in a wide range of economic and investment types.


_____ I want to work with a wealth advisor who is supported by a team of specialists.


_____ I want my wealth advisor to collaborate with my other advisors.


_____ I need a current and effective estate plan for the transfer of assets to heirs and/or charity.


_____ My estate plan reflects my values for myself and my family while I’m alive, and after my death.


_____ My current Wealth Advisor is proactively involved with me on a regular basis.


_____ The current market conditions have me concerned and I want to make sure that my retirement plan is not jeopardized.


_____ I am interested in learning more about alternative investments and how to integrate these into investment planning portfolios.


_____ I want an investment portfolio that is customized to align with my personal risk profile.


_____ I am interested in learning more about what is ‘appropriate’ volatility while maintaining sufficient predictability with my investment portfolio.


_____ I would like to know more about managed accounts versus investment funds.


_____ I am concerned that I really don’t understand the fee structure of my current investment account.


At Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. and its affiliated companies, Brown & Tedstrom Estate Planning, Inc. and Brown & Tedstrom Retirement Planning, Inc, we value your trust above all else and we want to let you know our policy on client information and privacy. We are committed to safeguarding the confidential information of each of our clients. We hold all personal information provided to our firm in the strictest confidence. These records include all personal information that we collect from you in connection with any of the services provided by Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. and its affiliates. We have never disclosed information to nonaffiliated third parties, except as described in this Privacy Statement, or as permitted by law, and do not anticipate doing so in the future. If we were to anticipate such a change in firm policy, we would be prohibited under the law from doing so without advising you first. As you know, we use health and financial information that you provide to us to help you meet your personal financial goals while guarding against any real or perceived infringements of your rights of privacy. Our policy with respect to personal information about you is contained in our privacy policy below:

PRIVACY POLICY We limit employee and agent access to information only to those who have a business or professional reason for knowing, and only to nonaffiliated parties as permitted by law. (For example, federal regulations permit us to share a limited amount of information about you with a brokerage firm in order to execute securities transactions on your behalf, or so that our firm can discuss your financial situation with your accountant or lawyer.) We maintain a secure office and computer environment to ensure that your information is not placed at unreasonable risk. The categories of nonpublic personal information that we collect from a client depends upon the scope of the client engagement. It will include information about your personal finances, information about your health, to the extent that it is needed for the planning process, information about transactions between you and third parties, and information from consumer reporting agencies. For unaffiliated third parties that require access to your personal information, including financial service companies, consultants, and auditors, we also require strict confidentiality in our agreements with them and expect them to keep this information private. Federal and State regulators also may review firm records as permitted under law. We do not provide your personally identifiable information to mailing list vendors or solicitors for any purpose. Personally identifiable information about you will be maintained during the time you are a client, and for the required time thereafter that such records are required to be maintained by federal and state securities laws, and consistent with the CFP Board Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. After this required period of record retention, all such information will be destroyed.

October 2009

C ODE OF E THICS INTRODUCTION This Code of Ethics has been adopted by Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. Wealth Management, Brown & Tedstrom Estate Planning, Inc. and Brown & Tedstrom Retirement Planning, Inc., in compliance with rule 204A-1 (“the Rule”) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (the Act) to set forth standards and procedures in recognition of its responsibilities to the public, to clients, to colleagues, and business partners to guard against impropriety and conflict, in addition to reflecting the Firm’s fiduciary obligations in accordance with the applicable federal securities laws. These principles apply to all employees and provide guidance to them in the performance of their duties. PRINCIPLE 1 – INTEGRITY We will offer and provide professional services with integrity. All Brown & Tedstrom employees are held accountable for being in a position of trust and confidence for our clients. The founding partners have the highest standards of personal integrity and have selected staff and employees who meet this same standard. Therefore, the ultimate source of trust in each relationship is based upon the personal integrity of each team member of Brown & Tedstrom. In deciding what is right and just, Brown & Tedstrom employees rely on his or her integrity as the appropriate benchmark and all activities are reviewed and managed by the partner-in-charge of the relationship. Integrity demands honesty and candor, and will not be subordinated to personal gain and advantage. Within the characteristic of integrity, allowance can be made for innocent error and legitimate difference of opinion; but integrity cannot co-exist with deceit or subordination of one's principles. Integrity requires each Brown & Tedstrom employee to observe not only the letter, but also the spirit of this Code. PRINCIPLE 2 – OBJECTIVITY We will be objective in providing professional services to clients. Objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality. It is an essential quality for any professional. Regardless of the particular service rendered or the capacity in which we function, all Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. employees will protect the integrity of his or her work, maintain objectivity and avoid subordination of his or her judgment that would be in violation of this Code. PRINCIPLE 3 – COMPETENCE We will provide services to clients competently and maintain the necessary expertise and skill to continue to do so in those areas in which the advisor is engaged. One is competent only when he or she has attained and maintained an adequate level of expertise and skill and effectively applies same in providing services to clients. Competence also includes the wisdom to recognize the limitations of that expertise and skill and when consultation or client referral is appropriate

Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. 1700 Broadway, Suite 500 Denver, CO 80290 P 303-863-7231 F 303-863-7012

In addition to assimilating the common body of expertise and skill required and acquiring the necessary experience, all Brown & Tedstrom employees shall make a continuing commitment to learning and professional improvement. PRINCIPLE 4 – FAIRNESS We will perform professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to clients, principals and partners and shall disclose conflict(s) of interest(s) in providing such services. Fairness requires impartiality, intellectual honesty and disclosure of conflict(s) of interest(s). It involves a subordination of one's own feelings, prejudices, and desires so as to achieve a proper balance of conflicting interests. Fairness is treating others in the same fashion that you would want to be treated and is an essential trait of any professional. PRINCIPLE 5 – CONFIDENTIALITY We will not disclose any confidential client information without the specific consent of the client unless in response to proper legal process, to defend against charges of wrongdoing by Brown & Tedstrom or in connection with a civil dispute between Brown & Tedstrom and client. By seeking the services of Brown & Tedstrom, a client may be interested in creating a relationship of personal trust and confidence with Brown & Tedstrom. This type of relationship can only be built upon the understanding that information supplied to Brown & Tedstrom or other information will be confidential. In order to provide the contemplated services effectively and to protect the client's privacy, Brown & Tedstrom shall safeguard the confidentiality of such information. PRINCIPLE 6 – PROFESSIONALISM Our conduct in all matters shall reflect credit upon the profession. Because of the importance of the professional services rendered, there are attendant responsibilities to behave with dignity and courtesy to all those who use those services, fellow professionals and those in related professions. Brown & Tedstrom also have an obligation to cooperate with fellow industry peers to enhance and maintain the profession’s public image and to work jointly with Financial Planning Professionals to improve the quality of services. It is only through the combined efforts of Financial Planning Professionals that this vision can be realized. PRINCIPLE 7 – DILIGENCE We will act diligently in providing professional services. Diligence is the provision of services in a reasonably prompt and thorough manner. Diligence also includes proper planning for and supervision of the rendering of professional services. October 2009

Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. 1700 Broadway, Suite 500 Denver, CO 80290 P 303-863-7231 F 303-863-7012

Brown & Tedstrom, Inc. Referral Guide  

A Reference Tool for making Referrals to Brown & Tedstrom, Inc.

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