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The Brownsville Community Foundation

2016-2017 Report to the Community

Meet the Board of Directors

Claudia Cantu-Grimaldo President Ben Pena Vice President Richard Burton Treasurer Bertha Garza Secretary Al Villarreal Board Member Marcela Ronquillo Hinojosa Board Member Amy Tipton Board Member

Executive Report Dear friends of the community, Brownsville Community Foundation is committed to creating meaningful change in Brownsville through collaborative philanthropy. To accomplish this goal, we are dedicated to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with individual donors by providing fund opportunities and also, with the non-profits in our community, by creating opportunities to collaborate. The Brownsville Community Foundation was created in the year 1997 with the ideal of building an enduring structure to grow community philanthropy. We are part of a global Community Foundation movement. Around the world, community foundations are addressing challenges identified by and within their immediate community. They provide the intimate knowledge of and the broad access to their community that is vital to successful interventions. As a catalyst for change, the Foundation builds on the strengths that already exist here and targets new and existing programs with the potential to address important local challenges. It also provides technical assistance and support to local nonprofit organizations working on a range of important issues. Donors can build funds to disperse to the issues in their community that mean the most to them. The Foundation provides a convenient, efficient vehicle for individual philanthropy. Located at the southernmost tip of Texas, historic Brownsville sits on the border with Mexico. This former frontier outpost with a population of over 200,000 that includes a range of residents from the relatives of generations of Brownsville-ites, to recent immigrants to residents brought here by the needs and opportunities in manufacturing, health care and retail. The culture here is unique. Two countries intertwined by proximity and by history. Two languages interlaced as one. The needs here are just as unique as the border culture and just as normal as any other community. The Brownsville Community Foundation is governed and staffed by residents of Brownsville who are part of the community. It is our challenge to help address these needs in the service of the everyday philanthropist of Brownsville.

Diane Milliken Garza, PhD Executive Director

“We want to be the organization inspiring philanthropic growth throughout our area.�

Report on the Initiatives The Brownsville Community Foundation is moving into a place of true substance in Brownsville. The role of Community Foundations today is far reaching. Not just grant givers, community foundations are now expected to seek out the unique needs in their communities and to lead with their own initiatives.

The first initiative for the Brownsville Community Foundation began in 2015 and involves teaching our youth about philanthropy in a meaningful way. We have put together a ‘donor-advised’ fund called The Common Goal Fund. BCF put in half and The Brownsville Foundation for Health and Education put in the other half of the funds. Together we created a significant amount to begin this new initiative. Then we presented the program to the Administrators of the Brownsville Independent School District. They enthusiastically joined us.

“We think that creating an awareness in our youth of what philanthropy really is, of the endless possibilities involved in philanthropy, of the countless career choices involved in philanthropy, of the many ways Brownsville can take of Brownsville...might just change some lives.” The program is called The Brownsville Youth in Philanthropy Initiative. It is made up of students from all six of the BISD public high schools. They spend a semester learning all about the world of non-profits and philanthropy. Each class was given actual grant dollars to give to Brownsville nonprofits who apply for their grants through the process of the program.

Each semester of the school year, the students give away $15,000 to local nonprofits selected through their studies in this program. The program includes visits to and presentations at the nonprofits. So far the initiative’s grant total is $90,000.

The Big Give Brownsville The second initiative for the Brownsville Community Foundation is The Big Give Brownsville. This initiative is part of the Common Goal Fund programs that is done with our project partner The Brownsville Foundation for Health and Education and The Brownsville Independent School District and 25 local nonprofits!

#AllForOne #OneForAll The first Big Give Brownsville was held on Saturday, May 6, 2017. It was Brownsville’s first citywide giving event! It involved 24-hours of giving benefitting charities across the city and fostered charitable giving by encouraging Brownsville residents to give where they live. Unlike other fundraising initiatives, Brownsville’s Big Give promoted giving to all of the participating nonprofits equally! All participating nonprofits were required to be a registered 501(c) (3) organization to be eligible to receive donations for the 24 hours of The Big Give.

The Brownsville Big Give group believes in the power of each person to make a positive difference in our community. The Big Give event celebrates that positive impact and provided a live and an online platform through which to support our local nonprofits.

Camille Playhouse The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art BISD Student Philanthropy Initiative The Brownsville Literacy Council Healthy Communities of Brownsville rasing Girls on the Run RGV $118,446.96 year one Children’s Museum of Brownsville Infant and Family Nutrition Brownsville Wellness Coalition Brownsville Junior Service League CASA of Cameron and Willacy Counties Moody Clinic

The Gladys Porter Zoo RC Brownsville Costumes of the Americas Tip of Texas Family Outreach Friendship of Women, Inc Bishop E San Pedro Ozanam Center Gorgas Science Foundation Brownsville Animal Defense Proyecto Juan Diego Good Neighbor Settlement House Project Space Brownsville Society for The Performing Arts

Officially Registered in The Big Give Brownsville 2017

Make an Impact


We need you! BCF has the experience and expertise. You have the resources. Together we can change our part of the world.

We are looking for donors who are passionate about improving the quality of life in Brownsville!

POSSIBILITIES WE TRACK We pursue opportunities with energy and belief in possibilities. WE DISCOVER We look for ways to achieve more. We are curious and hungry for new ideas to deepen our existing relationships, attract new donors, grow our charitable giving and increase the effectiveness of giving. WE ACT We act with a conviction that we can attract greater assets and achieve greater good in our community. We advance promising ideas and organizations whenever possible. Collaboration is our mission.

THE BROWNSVILLE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Educate. Advocate. Activate. We welcome you to join our donors who generously give and are passionate about achieving long-term change for Brownsville. The Brownsville Community Foundation collaborates with individuals, community organizations, and other foundations to make a difference in the lives of the people of Brownsville.

Engage with us & find out more Meaningful Giving. Inspired Change. Ways to use the Community Foundation Service to donors is a hallmark of the Brownsville Community Foundation. The Foundation provides a convenient, professional and knowledgeable resource for donors and a trusted avenue for giving, both inside the community. The flexibility we offer allows donors a choice in how each charitable donation will be used and provides a variety of tax benefits as well. For generous benefactors seeking to influence change in Brownsville, the Foundation can be a cloak of anonymity or a spotlight shining on a special cause.

We offer several different ways to give including cash and securities. Donors may designate the Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy and can arrange bequests and qualifying trust. Donors with an existing private foundation can also find a cost-effective alternative by allowing the Foundation to act as administrator.

Donors can choose from different types of funds Unrestricted: Funds that help meet ever-changing community needs including future needs that cannot be anticipated at the time a gift is made. Field of Interest: Funds that are established to help donors target their gifts to address needs in an important area of community life. Designated: Funds earmarked for a specific nonprofit organization or purpose. Nonprofit organization may also establish their own endowments since the foundation will serve as stewards of their fund. Donor Advised: Special type of fund for donors who want ongoing involvement in the use of their gift. Donors of $5000 or more can create separate, named funds within the foundation which assures their gift will last forever From one-time tax-deductible donations to ongoing grants, BCF offers a variety of funding & grantmaking tools and advisory services to help achieve your philanthropic goals.

The Foundation Provides Meaningful Giving through Donor-Advised Funds A Donor-Advised Fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity like BCF. Created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an individual, family or company, it provides an easy, cost-effective way to support the causes you are passionate about in Brownsville.

Together We Can Make a Difference.

Legacy: Donors get the opportunity to create a lasting individual or family legacy and offer a simple way to fulfill multiple charitable interests. Service: Personalized service in selecting charities and connecting donors with strategic and high impact funding opportunities. Performance and Stability: We are building a permanent community resource with endowment funds that grow and will benefit our community forever. Lasting Impact: Your gift will keep giving, creating a lasting impact in the community. Flexibility: our gift may be designated for a specific purpose. Expertise: We offer knowledge and experience about community strengths, needs and community organizations. Relevance: Your gift will meet changing community needs while preserving donor intent. Tax Advantage: Contributions will ease your tax burden and provide financial benefits. Commemoration or Anonymity: Gifts can honor a loved one or associate or remain anonymous. Experienced Investment and Grant Management: Your fund will be professionally supervised and managed.

With BCF’s in-depth knowledge of the issues and long-standing relationships with local nonprofit organizations and community leaders, we help our donors connect with the community and causes they care about.

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Go into the world and do well. But more importantly. Go into the world and do good. -Minor Myers Jr.

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2016 2017 Annual Report  
2016 2017 Annual Report