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Riches of the Road Brief encounters, friendships, shared stories and the art of giving ! ! !


Fellow travellor Denizhan Ozer assumes local garb and identity to Claim work by Fiona S. Doyle.


Detail of Bethany Scott’s work.

Graffitied wall in Tbilisi.

Guide in Samarkand Alexander Kuluzhin appreciates Angela Scott’s Doryanthes image. Uzbeki of Russian descent, says he trained as an artist or architect.

Magda, trainee at the National Gallery, with Niclins Road Networker image.. Generous and helpful to “Nomads”.

Daniela de Maddalena, a Nine Dragons Nomad, embroiders on the image by Neil Berecry-Brown of “text” made by the insect Ogmograptis scribula, using thread made from cotton she found in local fields.

Image given to wonderful hotel staff who cared for Graham Cochrane in Buckhara when he was seriously ill. Image is one of Jieon Lee-Brown’s.

Between Georgian literature and John O’Toole’s Australian landscape, can be seen Japanese born Australian resident, “Nomad” Yoko Kajio

Tillyaev Otabek, driver and maker of Natia, 4th year university student in business studies in Tbilisi, loved the work by Kyong-In Kwon which was given to her, as the blue matched the colour ofher eyes. She is posed under the fruit trees on her balcony

traditional jewellery, chose an image by Neil Berecry-Brown

oasis Re -Life Cafe in Tbilisi, a social business that works with the homeless to provide training. Niclins Road Networkers image.

Nine Dragon Heads Director and leader of Nomadic Party 2, Park, Byoung-Uk, with an image given in gratitude and friendship by Neil Berecry-Brown

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! Still!out!there,!with!Katut,!current!custodian!of!the!“quilt”! !


Carried to Bali by Erika Batdorf, Angela Bieniek’s image composed of stories within a story of home, is finding a Road from the Mountain to its own unique place and friends. ! !

The story continues…. !



! Nomadic! Part! 2! images! courtesy! of! Juliet! Fowler?Smith,! Suzanne! Bartos,! Graham! Cochrane,! participating!artists!travelling!the!Silk!Road,!and!the!friends!made!who!live!along!the!road.! Apologies!to!Wallace!Stephens!for!creative!misuse!of!lines!of!his!poem!!“The!Snow!Man”!in!the! Mangrove!Mountain!Country!Fair!installation!text!“there!is!no!road…”!

a Road from the Montain Part 3  

Art Project by Brown's Cows Art Projects along the Silk Road