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How To Use The PMD Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical and non-invasive way of ridding your skin of shallow scars, wrinkles, and even sunspots. It’s a more effective way of exfoliation, where the device gets rid of the dead cells on your skin. There are many ways to use different kinds of microdermabrasion devices but this article will talk about how to use the PMD personal microderm specifically. The first thing you have to do when using the PMD microdermabrasion is to clean and dry your skin thoroughly. Make sure that your skin is free from any unnecessary dirt and oil, and remember that the device would only work properly on dry skin. Next, attach the power cord and turn a quarter of a turn to lock. If it’s your first time to use the device, use the white disc that comes with it so that you can practice first. Once you have the hang of it, use the gentlest disc, which is the blue one. Use the large disc for large areas of your body and the small one for the face and other delicate areas. The green disc can be used if you want medium strength while the red one can be used for maximum strength. To insert the disc, simply push it down firmly on the device then twist on the cap. Now, you are ready for treatment. If you’re a first timer, test the PMD personal microderm with the training disc on your neck first and see how your skin will react. Use one hand to pull on the skin, making sure that skin in the area to be treated is firm and tight. Move the device upward and make sure never to pass over the same area twice. After treating every area you want, apply some toner and moisturizer, and voila! Easy as pie. Make sure to wait at least a week before treating the same area again. To disassemble, just twist the cap counter-clockwise to remove it, and pull out both the disc and the dark filter. The cap and disc should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or warm water and antibacterial soap after every use. The filter, on the other hand, should only be cleaned with warm water and should be returned to the device after each use. As you can see, the PMD reviews say that microdermabrasion is very easy and safe to use. Try one now for healthier, glowing skin.

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