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"I’ll always be searching for answers, I’m sure I’ll never find."



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Director’s Notes

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A Year in Review - So Far

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Staff Profile

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Charming Baker: The BIG Interview

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How important are your staff to the running of your business

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Your Health - Is it time to go private?

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Plan Your Financial Future

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Are you underinsured?

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Cyber Insurance is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity

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Brownhill Insurance Group achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation

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Moped Crime

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Make risk protection your starting point

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Leave no stone unturned with Silicosis Risk Control

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Airbnb - Our Friend, Their Foe

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Ghost Broking - A Commom Fraud

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Roy’s People Art Fair

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The Winter Art & Antiques Fair

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Banksy: From £90 prints to million pound originals

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Art Fair Guide 2018/19




With thanks to Alex Andrews, Gillian Henderson, Lauren Andrews, Luca Spiers, Kim Wood, Willis Towers Watson, Charming Baker, Roy’s People Art Fair and The Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia for their contributions to this magazine. Images credit to Unsplash | Icons made by Freepik from - licensed by Creative Commons 3.0

Director’s Notes By Gillian Henderson

A BIG warm welcome to the fourth edition of our magazine. Inside you’ll find lots of interesting articles to keep you informed, but first let me tell you about what’s been happening here at Brownhill. It has been a fantastic year for us in so many ways. I was very proud and very pleasantly surprised to be told that I have been named as one of the 27 Most Influential Women in Insurance. This is a great testament to the foundations of the business that were laid down by my father, John, who founded Brownhill in 1980 with the ongoing support of all our staff in the 38 intervening years and of course not forgetting all of our wonderful clients. This award was closely followed by the Greater London Enterprise Awards for best General Insurance Broker 2018 which was fantastic news and one which we are very pleased to receive as it acknowledges the professionalism and expertise which we provide day in and day out. You will know all too well about the cyber-attacks that big business have suffered recently and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Brownhill takes the security of your personal data very seriously and we have been working extremely hard towards the Government backed Cyber Essential accreditation which we achieved in May. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to keeping you and your data safe from unscrupulous criminals. On a personal note Steve and I celebrated our pearl wedding anniversary which is not bad going considering we work together! To top that (sorry Steve) we became first time grandparents to a beautiful grandson. But don't worry, we have no plans to retire yet! Megan Thompson, who many of you will know, has also given birth to a gorgeous baby daughter. I'm sure, along with us, that you will congratulate her and we look forward to welcoming Megan back on board next year. There must be something in the water in Bromley.

Gillian Henderson

Woman of Influence

All good things come to an end as they say and this year we said goodbye to Nigel and Fred who were two of our longest serving staff. They both made significant contributions to the business but are now thoroughly enjoying well earned retirements travelling and enjoying more time with their children and grand-children. A massive thank you and well done to you both. At Brownhill, we pride ourselves on our customer service and for us, business is all about going the extra mile for our clients, introducers and suppliers. We instil this in our staff when they join the Brownhill family and I would ask you all to supply us with your feedback so that we can look at ways to improve our service to you. I always say to the staff that negative feedback can be a positive too as it can only help us to get better! Links for the survey are located on all of our emails and I look at all responses so appreciate the time you take completing these. To finish off, some of you may know one of my passions is art, so I was thrilled that Charming Baker agreed to do an interview for our magazine this year. We love his work and his story so I hope you all enjoy the article. So on that note, please enjoy our BIG Magazine and remember to speak to us about anything insurance. Best wishes to you and enjoy the rest of 2018.

Managing Director – Gillian Henderson has been named in a list of 27 ‘Women of Influence 2018’ by Insurance Business Magazine. The list, which includes Lloyd’s of London CEO – Inga Beale, has been compiled by Insurance Business Magazine to celebrate the change that women are bringing to our industry. More women than ever are breaking through into leadership and executive roles. This once male-dominated profession is looking to a brighter future with these 27 women leading the way.


A Year in Review (So Far)

The last Year in Review ended in November 2017 with Brownhill Insurance Group attending the Bromley Business Awards where they were once again finalists. December Sonia El-Manaa was named employee of the year for 2017. You can read an interview with Sonia on page 5. Sonia El-Manaa


March The Commercial Team enjoyed a day out entertaining clients at Wembley, watching rugby. Saracens defeated Harlequins 2411.

July A group of staff and clients enjoyed a day at Bromley Cricket Club.

April Kim Wood celebrated 10 years at Brownhill Insurance Group.

The start of the sunny weather was welcomed with a golf day at Shirley Golf Club. Brownhill Insurance Group sponsored the 11th hole.

The Love Art Team supported Roy’s People Art Fair at the OXO Tower.

Martin Stevens joined the Private Team and we welcomed new intern Luca Spiers.

Brownhill Insurance Group celebrated 38 years in business.

Megan Thompson on the Private Team left on Maternity Leave.

May The Private Team partnered with Decorazon Gallery to invite clients to the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead.

August Megan gave birth to a baby girl her first child.

Several members of staff enjoyed two days in Manchester for the annual BIBA conference.

January Nigel Kelsh our Compliance Director, hung up his boots and is now Nigel enjoying a well Kelsh earned retirement. Nigel does however continue to do consultancy work for Brownhill Insurance Group. Gary Tommy took over from Nigel to become Compliance Director. February The Love Art Team sponsored the Rise Art Prize at House of Vans under the arches of Waterloo Station.

The movie ‘The Bromley Boys’ about local conference side Bromley FC had its premiere at Wembley Stadium. Brownhill Insurance Group were proud sponsors of the evening.

Brownhill Insurance Group were awared ‘Best General Insurance Broker’ for Greater London by SME News.

Managing Director Gillian Henderson, was named among the 25 most influential Women in Insurance by Insurance Age magazine.

Nicole Walshe joined the Private Team.

Louisa Mayfield joined the Private Team as an account manager.

September Megan Thompson & Karen Dineen celebrated 10 years with Brownhill Insurance Group.

June Commercial Manager - Ben Henderson became the proud father of a baby boy. Danny Wilson and Jaimie Guy joined the Commercial Team.

Brownhill Insurance Group signed a season long sponsorship deal with Crystal Palace Football Club.

Jane Dillon joined as an international work experience intern.

STAFF PROFILE Sonia El-Manaa Employee of the year 2017 Q: What is your role at Brownhill Insurance Group? Personal Lines Manager (Private Client Team Leader) Q: Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be significant in your career. Developing Brownhill Insurance Group’s Home & Lifestyle Gold Policy which was launched this year; underwritten by Lloyds. This is a product built for our clients who are looking for a policy that is more comprehensive than traditional covers, but not as extensive as some of our High Net worth products. We produced this by listening to feedback from a large number of our clients who need all risks world wide cover but don’t need every single built in cover that goes hand in hand with a High Net policy. This policy bridges the gap between the higher end policies and our Home and Lifestyle Policy underwritten by AVIVA. This project has been an ideal outlet for putting to use all the experience I’ve gained since starting in the industry. This has been a real achievement for me. Q: How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today? By chance! Having left college with a European Secretarial Diploma under my belt I headed into the City with my CV and started working for a Private Client Department of a well known city broker. I applied for the role because of the job description rather than the industry but that was always my intention: start somewhere and then work my way up.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time? I’ve recently learned about “diffuse thinking” being an important part of being able to function at full capacity in both your work life and personal life. I find the best way for me to do this is through Yoga so I try and get at least a couple of classes a week to find my zen, relax and recalibrate! Q: Do you have a motto you live by or personal mantra? I have a few but my favourite is “everything happens for a reason”. Not everything goes your way but if you look hard enough, you can find a positive outcome in most of the curve balls that life throws at you and this motto helps you find it. That and “breathe”, we must always remember to breathe! Q: What does a typical day look like for a team leader of Brownhill Insurance Group? No one day is the same, that’s for sure! First and foremost is that I have a list of clients that I look after. In the background however, I am mentoring the team as best I can and liaising with our Insurers regularly to ensure the we are all working together to provide the best possible service for our clients. Q: What might someone be surprised to know about you? I am half Tunisian and half Filipino. Q: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you? I would love to say Sandra Bullock but I think I may need to get in more than just a couple of Yoga classes a week before I could even imagine she’d be on the list of suitable actresses to be sent the script.



The BIG Interview For those that aren’t familiar with your work - please introduce yourself. I’m Charming Baker, not actually ‘Charming’ Baker but that’s the name I’m known by (though I’m not always very charming). I’m a British artist, my work’s fairly traditional, painting, drawing, sculpture. I live and work in South East London. Where did the name Charming come from? Mostly from my mate Adam Whitaker, he’s an advertising creative, also a photographer and DJ. He does all the visuals and branding for the shows. I’m originally from Yorkshire; in my youth I was sometimes called ‘Charmer’ (sardonically) when I worked labouring. (They like to think they have a sense of humour in the north). Then when I moved to London, my friend Adam Whitaker used to call me the ‘Charming Alan Baker’ to distinguish me between other Alans. He was the one who suggested I call myself Charming Baker. You often use animals in your work - can you tell us a bit about them? I’ve always loved animals and nature. When I was young, living in Singapore, I spent playtime collecting frogs under the school building, and for a short time in my childhood I even thought I was a horse. As a teenager in Yorkshire I spent every morning working at a stable for free so that I could ride the horses. We’re all animals, and sometimes our basic instincts, needs, and actions aren’t all that different. One of your most famous paintings is the 2008 portrait of your son wearing a Panda mask, entitled ‘Half Pint’ - do many of

your pieces feature your children? I’ve painted a few pictures of my children and step-children and have used them to make some of the busts, but I’m also very protective of them. You wouldn’t often see their faces in any of the work. Do you have a favourite piece? No, I can’t say that I do and I don’t often look at old work. Damien Hirst is an admirer of your work - who are some of your most loved artist and who has influenced your work? There are a lot of artists that I like, but I never tire of looking at works by Bacon, Constable and Stubbs. What’s hanging on your wall at home? Last year I met an artist named John Sheehy when I was guest editing a special art edition of The Big Issue. There was something about his work, and I got to know him a little - an absolute gentleman. Just before Christmas this year my wife and I went to his house because she wanted one of his pieces for her Christmas gift. We went home with seven. You’ve previously shown with Sotheby’s but your upcoming show So It Goes…, opening September 27th at the Vinyl Factory in Soho, is going back to your model of not working with a gallery. Is it good to be without one or worrying? It’s always worrying to go it alone, but that’s also what makes it exciting. I’ve never been great at doing what I am told and I don’t work well with constraints put on me. I have to paint for myself, otherwise there’s not joy in it. I can’t say that I’m entirely alone though because I have a great team of people that help out on my shows, some who I have been friends with for 25 years. We work well together, speak the same language, and have a laugh. It feels a





LIFE, DEATH, LOSS, EMPTINESS, DESPAIR, VULNERABILITY, HOPE, LOVE” little like the Blues Brothers, ‘we’re getting the band back together.’ What can collectors expect to see at your new show? It’ll be a mix of paintings, drawings and sculptures. One of the sculptures, Oh, What Will Be Made of the Mess We Have Made, is a life-size cast of a young WWI Soldier, based on Albert Toft’s ‘Glorious Dead’ memorial in London’s High Holborn. He’s in the same pose as Toft’s Fusilier, but is actually a soldier who has fallen on the battlefield and has been stood back up on a stand like a plastic soldier toy, still holding on to his Enfield rifle. It is a tribute to war memorials for me, but at the same time it’s sort of a counterpoint as I wanted to show more of the reality of war. It’s an important piece to me and one I’ve been wanting to make for years. My father was a soldier and I now have a son who is old enough to fight for ‘Queen and Country’. With this summer marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, the time just felt right.


What are some of the themes you are addressing? Life, death, loss, emptiness, despair, vulnerability, hope, love. These are the things that go around in my head and I am always trying to understand. They are what we all have in common, what moves us all to do anything. I’ll always be searching for answers, which I’m sure I’ll never find. ‘It is my Heartfelt Desire to Improve but I Never Do and The Only Thing I’m Sure of is That I’m Sure of Nothing’ is the name of a piece from 2013 - Can you explain the naming process behind some of your pieces? Whenever I think of a phrase or a title I write it down. My sketchbooks have pages full of different phrases or possible titles that I can go back to. Sometimes I know what the title of a painting will be before I finish it, and sometimes after, but all of the titles describe the message I see in the painting – some just use more words than others. In 2012 you collaborated with fashion designer Paul Smith for ‘Britain Creates’ at the V&A. What was it like working with Paul Smith? He was absolutely lovely. Honestly a joy to work with. We got on straight away and it just went from there. What did you come up with and why? We made a sculpture called Triumph in the Face of

Absurdity. It was a statue of a mouse holding a racing bike. Paul Smith is a cycling fanatic, nearly a professional until he had an accident, so he loved the idea. The sculpture, although it looks simple, posed some problems to get a bronze the size of an actual mouse to support a cast of a bicycle, requiring us to consult a structural engineer. How did it feel to have your creation exhibited in such an iconic museum? I can’t say it didn’t make me smile. It was up in the entrance for a month and I did once sneak in just to see it in there. I’m not above enjoying the moment. Can you answer the burning question One or Two Cats? Ask Schrödinger. Your work is described as contemporary, but often your name appears among more urban and street styled artists. Do you think this is because of your connection to East London? I think sometimes I am associated with street art because that is what is popular right now but wouldn’t call myself a street artist. I suppose some of the things I do like shooting or drilling paintings might not be traditional, but what I do – painting, drawing, sculpture – is very traditional. How has working with Jealous Gallery been for the past 10 years? It’s been a great relationship. I love working with Dario Illari and the Jealous team. They’ve done my prints for the past 10 years and they never hesitate to help out on anything I am doing. Their sense of generosity in time, effort, and spirit is incredible. If you ever get the chance to look around their studio, do it. Their ethos is brilliant, like art school used to be (when it was really good). What was it like to draw 153 individual ducklings for your show in Miami late last year? I put on loud music, set myself a goal each day of how many I wanted to get done, and just got on with it. It was almost like a holiday, or like when I used to dig the roads as a young man. There’s something about having a clear job to do, the repetitiveness of it, and blocking everything else out that is really enjoyable. I’d do it again.



Pressure always mounts on the National Health Service during the colder months due to various outbreaks of flu and other viruses leading to the cancellation of operations and over-crowding on hospital wards. Whilst not a panacea for emergency care, private medical insurance has consequently started to look considerably more attractive.

This also helps businesses reduce staff turnover and promotes employee loyalty. With immediate treatment available privately this should reduce absence from work considerably leading to increased productivity, a winner for employer and employee alike.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there are approximately 5.5m small to medium sized businesses in the UK employing nearly 16m people. However, the results of their survey showed that 75% of employers thought that their employees were critical to their success but only 14% actually provided their employees with health cover.

• Improved staff loyalty • Improved motivation and productivity • Improved employee retention • Recruitment costs reduce due to improved staff retention • Attracting talent to the business

Benefits to the employer:

Benefits to the employee: Illness and injury is now becoming a big issue for business. The Office for National Statistics estimates that the U.K. lost 137m working days in 2016 - 31.2 million due to work related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries. Although minor illnesses such as coughs and colds are the most common cause of absence from work, the majority of the days lost are through musculoskeletal and mental health problems. The Health and Safety Executive estimates the average absence from work as:

• Dependent upon the way that the benefit is provided it can be less expensive than taking out cover privately • Peace of mind • Allows control with more choice and immediate access to private healthcare • Provides rewards to stay fit and healthy • Feeling valued by your employer Brownhill Insurance Group is able to offer Private Medical Insurance for you and your employees. We can provide cover with a panel of insurers who offer comprehensive “core” cover with flexible “additional cover” tailored to your requirements. Market Innovation – Vitality: We all know that staying healthy is important. Vitality, who are one of our key partners, not only protect you when things go wrong but help you lead a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to be more active, to eat well and develop healthy habits. Vitality has established partnerships to offer rewards to policyholders such as weekly cinema tickets, discounted gym memberships, slimming clubs, spa resorts, food & drink and sports clothing amongst others to help keep you on track and motivated!

How would your company fare should a key member of staff go on long term sick leave? Private medical insurance is designed to cover the cost of private treatment for short term curable injuries, long term illness and with some insurers even includes palliative care. By offering private medical insurance as part of an employee benefit package it helps your employees get back on their feet as soon as possible, through early diagnosis and prompt access to medical treatment.

If you already have coverage we can do an analysis for you to see if a better product is available and can also make comment in respect of your premium. Savings can sometimes be made by switching to a new provider and we can guide you through the process. Call us today on 020 8353 8966 and let us show you how we can help you make your team feel valued, allow you to boost productivity, create a better company culture and become a place where people actively want to work.


YO HE 14


Is it time to go private? The National Health Service has historically been known as the best in the world for providing efficient healthcare and care provision. However, with our growing and ageing population and with finite resources the NHS struggles to provide healthcare to meet demand, with ever increasing waiting lists. Unfortunately we regularly read stories in the news about the lack of resource in the NHS, such as: • A lack of nursing staff • Junior doctors and their working hours • The closure of services, departments and even hospitals • Cancellation of appointments and procedures due to Flu and Norvo virus • An expected future shortage of GPs Subsequently, we have found that many of our clients are turning to private medical insurance for more certainty around their healthcare should they become ill. Private Medical insurance is designed to cover the cost of private treatment for short term curable injuries, long term illness and with some insurers even including palliative care. It helps to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, through early diagnosis and prompt access to medical treatment. So is Private Medical Insurance right for you? Advantages: • Peace of mind for you and your family • Puts you in control with more choice

• Immediate access to private medical care • Private rooms, not wards or even mixed wards • Drugs or treatment that may not be available on NHS • Rewards to stay fit and healthy Disadvantages: • The cost, it is after all in addition to our tax • Some chronic illnesses are not covered • Existing conditions may not be covered Brownhill Insurance Group is able to offer Private Medical Insurance for individuals or families. We can provide cover with a panel of various insurers who offer comprehensive “core” cover with flexible “additional cover” options. Market Innovation – Vitality: We all know that staying healthy is important. Vitality, who are one of our key partners, not only protect you when things go wrong but help you lead a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to be more active, to eat well and develop healthy habits. Vitality has established partnerships to offer policyholders rewards such as weekly cinema tickets, discounts gym memberships, slimming clubs, spa resorts, food & drink, sports clothing amongst others to help keep you on track and motivated! If you already have coverage we can do an analysis for you to see if a better product is available and can also make comment in respect of your price. Savings can sometimes be made by switching to a new provider and we can guide you through the process. Call us today on 0208 353 8966 to discuss how we can help you choose the right policy for your family.


Plan Your Fin


nancial Future with Brownhill Financial Planning

We are pleased to announce that we are able to refer our valued clients to a financial planning service. Brownhill Financial Planning develop lifelong relationships with our clients allowing them to provide continuous advice. You can rely on their expertise, experience, problem solving and professionalism. Brownhill Financial Planning can offer Financial Planning in the following areas:• Savings & Investments • Mortgage and Re-Mortgages • Trust and Estate Planning • Life & Critical Illness Assurance • Income Protection • Retirement Advice - Pre & Post Retirement • Individual & Group Pensions • Auto Enrolment Whether you wish to discuss any of these matters for your own personal situation, for your business and / or your employees, Brownhill Financial Planning are only a phone call away. Please call 020 658 4334 and ask for Kim Wood.



Are you underinsured? As the saying goes “there is no place like home”. It provides shelter, accommodation and protection for your family and possessions. Furthermore, it is an extension of your personality and status. Every aspect of your life is reflected in your home. Each room filled with memories, essentials and precious possessions. Thus it is important that you have adequate insurance cover should the worst happen. Insurance offers peace of mind, whether you live in a 1 bedroom flat or mansion on a country estate. But what if there’s not enough cover in place to rebuild your home or replace your belongings?

The main causes of underinsurance: • Not supplying accurate information or valuations when obtaining a quote. • Not checking the policy carefully to ensure that it meets your needs. • Focussing too much on the cost of the premium rather than on the levels of cover needed. • Failure to carry out regular assessments and valuations. Consequences of underinsurance Discovering you are underinsured is not only distressing at such a stressful time but it can be costly as well. Simple example;

What is underinsurance? Underinsurance means that, there is not enough cover to rebuild the property or replace the contents when a claim occurs.

You have £50,000 of contents cover, yet the actual cost of replacing all your belongings is £100,000. You are therefore 50% underinsured.

You unfortunately suffer water damage and make a claim for £30,000. Although your claim is for less than the insured amount, insurers apply average following the discover of underinsurance. Insurers calculate the claim in proportion to the percentage of the under insurance. Because you are 50% under insured they would only pay 50% of the amount claimed (less any excesses). Which in this example would leave you out of pocket by £15,000. Under insurance is usually only discovered when making a claim; at which point it is far too late.

20% of UK households are underinsured. (The Association of British Insurers). So what is the right level of cover? Factors to take into consideration when calculating your sums insured: Buildings You need to insure the re-instatement value of the property in the event of a total loss and NOT the market value. This should include costs associated with: • The demolition of the existing structure • Disposal of rubble • Architects, surveyors, structural engineers charges • Planning application fees • Additional costs involved in getting to sites with limited accessibility Include boundary walls/fences, driveways, outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts. If your building is listed or of non-standard construction, you will need specialist tradesman and materials which cost more. Contents Go through each room. Make a list of items and their approximate replacement cost as new. It is more than the obvious items such as furniture, white goods and electronic equipment. You have books, CD’s, DVD’s, ornaments etc. There are your personal items such as jewellery and clothing. Don’t forget the children’s toys and those items stored out of sight in cupboards, the loft, garage and outbuildings.

Also be aware that carpets are included under contents. Review your sums insured When adding an extension or loft conversion as additions to the structure will increase the reinstatement value. Upgrading kitchens or bathrooms with higher quality fittings and “mod cons” can also have an impact Don’t forget, extensions to a property means more space. More space means more contents to fill it. When there are changes in your domestic circumstances such as: • Moving to a larger property • A partner or elderly relative moving in • Having or adopting a child • Purchasing or receiving a high-value item • Being left an inheritance When reviewing your sums insured, you should also take into account that items such as jewellery, antiques and works of art by their very nature increase in value. In the event of a claim the onus is on you to prove the worth of the item. You may be surprised by just how much the value of precious metals and gem stones have increased over the years. That engagement ring bought for several hundred pounds 30 plus years ago will cost substantially more to replace at today’s prices. You should also be aware that the death of an artist usually increases the value of their works. Although the main reason for a valuation is for insurance purposes, it would also be required in the event of probate, private sale or division of assets in the event of a divorce. That’s why it is so important to have them appraised approximately every 3 to 5 years by a qualified valuer. If you need any company recommendations, please do not hesitate to call us. Don’t put your home and belongings at risk. If you don’t know what something is worth; find out. Ignorance is not a defence for underinsurance. Need help? You can get general guidance on rebuild costs at Or you may consider having a full structural survey carried out.


Cyber Insurance is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity. Cyber-crime is growing at a phenomenal rate and is hardly ever out of the news. Unfortunately, there is a still a sentiment prevalent within some British businesses that “it will never happen to me”, although the reality is that many businesses are being targeted every single day.


When we asked one of our insurers for some examples that could explode this myth of immunity, we received three thought-provoking case studies – the technology business infected with malware, the optician held to ransom and the publisher who lost their passwords. Focusing on each of these highlights why cyber insurance is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity. The first case study victim, the technology firm, was alerted to a breach of its systems by a government department. Having cyber insurance in place, the business called in the insurer’s. IT forensic experts who discovered a significant amount of malware on the servers. A containment plan led to all malware being removed, whilst legal and PR advice was also provided, under the terms of the insurance cover. In the optician’s case, an employee clicked on a link which was supposedly going to take her to details of a speeding offence. Instead, this triggered an email from Russia advising that the Cryptolocker virus had now infected the business’s systems, which included locking patient records and software required to keep the business running. A ransom of £400 in Bitcoin had to be paid to receive a decryption key. The insurer approved the payment, but only 90% of the files were recovered and an IT contractor had to be called in, to recover the rest. Luckily, having had the foresight to buy cyber insurance, the optician was covered for

business interruption and the costs of not being able to trade for some weeks. The bad news about a cyber breach was delivered to the publisher in our third case study by a ‘white hat hacker’, who was quick to point out that they had stolen user names and passwords for two websites. IT forensic experts had to be called in, who then confirmed that a hack had taken place. The insurance policy covered this expert advice and the actions needed to plug the security breach. It also provided legal advice relating to whether or not the publisher needed to notify those individuals whose data had been compromised. Such is the need for cyber insurance that the insurer supporting these three clients has launched a GCHQ accredited Cyber Clear Academy. This provides cyber awareness training for the employees of policyholders taking out cyber cover and potentially an excess policy reduction of £2500. Training consists of nine different modules, with concise, relevant content that drives cyber messages home and equips trainees with the knowledge that can help combat the everchanging cyber threat. This is particularly pertinent following the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires businesses to protect the data they hold and process. If this sounds like the sort of assistance you require in your battle against the unknown cyber criminals, who possibly already have your businesses Achilles heel in their sights, please get in touch with us.


Brownhill Insurance Group achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation 22 Brownhill Insurance Group is delighted to advise that we have achieved the government’s Cyber Essentials accreditation. The scheme, run by the National Cyber Security Centre, helps businesses guard against cyber threats and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to data and cyber security. The scheme ensures that you have compliant procedures in place for: •

Passwords and data access

Patch Management

Security of systems and security settings


Mobile devices

Malware and virus threats

In addition, as part of our accreditation, our systems have been scanned for vulnerabilities and passed.

Our Managing Director, Gillian Henderson commented “The Cyber Essentials accreditation sends a positive message to our clients, instilling confidence that we are taking great care with their personal data. Our compliance and IT teams have been working diligently over the past months to meet the strict Cyber Essentials requirements and we are extremely pleased to be amongst the first Insurance Brokers to achieve this award” For further information on Cyber Essentials or if you are considering obtaining accreditation for your own business, please visit

Moped Crime The rise of food delivery services has caused a resurgence of scooter transport in London. Consequently, more have been used for crime, with delivery messengers themselves being targeted for the scooter they drive and the cash they carry. Moped-enabled crime in London has risen from 1053 incidents in 2013 to more than 17,500 in 2017. An Average of 48 per day. See graphic to right. (source: More scooters on the road, and an increase in the knife crime rate in London, have led to gangs mugging unsuspecting bystanders at knifepoint with the scooter being able to weave through heavy traffic resulting in a quick getaway.


Here are some helpful tips in order to stay safe against moped crime: •

Try to not use your phone while on the move – larger and more expensive smartphones have become the number one target for moped thieves.

Listening to music or podcasts while walking reduces spatial awareness and you are therefore more likely to be caught by surprise.

Spreading out personal belongings across your bag, coat and trouser pocket prevents losing all your belongings in the case of an attempted robbery.

If carrying a laptop, place it in a sports bag – a casual bag is less suspecting than a laptop bag, targetable for the high value items inside. Even covering valuables by holding a coat can help. Position yourself wisely – if you’re carrying a bag, it is recommended to carry it to your building-side rather than kerb-side. Furthermore, ensure you’re journey is through well-lit and busy streets.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed they are using both overt and covert tactics in order to tackle the situation. DNA spray bottles allow officers to tag suspects with a fluorescent liquid that lasts for up to eight weeks for identification. The moped-enabled crime unit also uses remote controlled stingers and maneuverable motorbikes to combat quick getaways that are possible on a moped. The government is also helping in the situation by proposing reformed rules aiming to prevent officers from facing prosecution for dangerous driving in a pursuit. For more information in how to protect yourself in case of an attack visit:

Make Risk Protection Your Starting Point The pressure on businesses to cut out the plastic waste that pollutes our oceans – as dramatically highlighted by Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II – has intensified month after month, but for those willing to provide alternatives to plastic, opportunity knocks. Transcend Packaging, based in Ebbw Vale, is a great example. This innovative business spotted a gap in the market for biodegradable paper straws and has now won a contract with McDonald’s. It has gone out and sourced machinery in China, to enable it to fulfil the contract, and hopes McDonald’s will be just one of many big names on its customer roster. At the present time, there are 20 employees in

Transcend’s workforce, but it anticipates employing ten times as many by 2019, with many more machine purchases in its business plan. These predictions may not be pie in the sky. Those coming up with solutions that will eradicate single-use plastic should have a golden opportunity to succeed. 2017’s most-watched TV programme has encouraged environmental campaigns such as The Last Straw, Straw Wars, Straws Suck and No Straws Please – some indication of the mood of the nation on this issue. However, start-ups like Transcend, which believe they will expand swiftly, need to build their business on the basis of comprehensive commercial insurance and

watertight health and safety procedures. Rapid growth has impacts on working environments which are continually evolving, making it essential to have risk assessments and method statements that are living documents. Frequent reviews and updates are required, to ensure the business continues to comply with health and safety law.

for corporate manslaughter and for a variety of other issues. For instance, it can help defend or settle claims arising from breach of trust or duty, pollution, negligence, defamation, the operation or administration of a pension or employee benefit scheme and wrongful trading under section 214 of the Insolvency Act (1986).

Managing risk during periods of growth is not easy, which is why many fast-growing businesses need the ongoing assistance of an experienced health and safety consultant and insurance broker. Serious issues can lead to directors and officers of businesses being sued, so having Directors & Officers insurance in place is a wise move.

Whether operating in the plastics sector or not, if you are a start-up director you should address your risks from day one. From there, you can seek help with managing risk challenges, as the business takes off.

This type of cover offers protection when legal actions are brought for breaches in health and safety, because of negligence that can result in a prosecution

If you are ready to put this plan of action in place, please contact us on 020 8658 4334 and ask for the Commercial Department. Article courtesy of Willis Towers Watson

Leave no stone unturned with Silicosis Risk Control Stone masonry is one of the oldest trades in history, but is now also one of the modern-day workplace sectors most under scrutiny, as experts warn that silicosis could become the new asbestos. Silicosis is a long-term work-related lung disease to which anyone working with silica - naturally occurring in materials such as stone, concrete, brick, glass, sandstone, granite and shale - may be susceptible to, if the risks are not properly controlled. Whilst some sufferers have been exposed to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) over the course of 10-20 years, it is perfectly possible to suffer from silicosis after just a few months of heavy exposure to RCS.


The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has been warning about silicosis for some time, and the limit of exposure to RCS is controlled by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). However, it is now becoming apparent that some cases of silicosis could be missed during health screening or be misdiagnosed as another condition. We are now witnessing a proliferation of personal injury lawyers offering to take up silicosis cases and promising to seek compensation for what is a debilitating and irreversible condition. This is not surprising. In the US, the permissible exposure limit to RCS has been cut by half; in South Africa, miners have sued their employers. Such action overseas can only serve to encourage law suits in the UK. For employers running construction, masonry, foundry, glass manufacturing, ceramics, quarrying or other businesses generating dusts that could contain RCS, these should be worrying times. With the huge public outcry over fracking in the UK, those in the shale gas sector should also sit up and take note of their responsibility to control the risks promoting silicosis. Last, but not least, the exposure to RCS in the manufacturing sector, where silica is used in a wide variety of processes and where possible exposure to fines and law suits also exists. The same attitude to risk management processes will need to be adopted. In February 2016, the HSE carried out checks at 60 stone industry businesses in the south, with these including monumental masons, worktop manufacturers and stonemasons. It found serious

breaches of health and safety in over half of the businesses inspected, which led to the issuing of 4 Prohibition Notices and 54 Improvement Notices. With regard to these HSE checks, HSE Inspector, Tahir Mortuza, said: “HSE intends to visit more stone work businesses in the future to ensure that health and safety is adequately managed. Business owners should review their processes and the materials they use whilst thinking about what might cause harm and whether they are doing enough to protect workers. Once the risks have been identified, businesses need to decide how best to control them, so they can put the appropriate measures in place. A good starting point is to look at RCS, as it is one of the greatest risks for businesses engaged in stonework, as found in this inspection campaign.� The need for strong risk management with regard to silicosis has never been more apparent. Construction firms and other businesses must ensure they comply with the COSHH limit and should also do all they can to suppress dust in the workplace: vacuum cleaning or wet sweeping rather than using dry brushes, keeping equipment clean, having proper wash-down facilities for workers and safe storage for contaminated clothes, and ensuring extraction systems are adequate and working correctly. There is a lot to think about with RCS and it may be that contacting a professional risk manager and getting the right procedures in place is paramount for your business, if you are struggling to meet your legal responsibilities. If you need assistance with your risk control, procedures or documentation, please get in touch with us on 020 8658 4334 and ensure that you protect not just your workers, but the future of your business too. Article courtesy of Willis Towers Watson Sources:


In 2008, Brian Chesky tried to raise $150,000 for his idea of a room share company in which people rent their homes to strangers. Everyone laughed at the notion that people would trust each other to allow strangers in their homes. They did not believe those strangers would be nice enough to respect properties.

“Airbnb, without fundamental human goodness, would not work” – Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb. In a conversation with New York Times columnist, Roger Cohen, Chesky reports the decade-long rise of Airbnb, revealing they have more than 300 million guest arrivals with no country showing any anomalies in behaviour. People from Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, USA, Mexico and France are equally respectful and honest. There are no national outliers. Cohen likens Airbnb to being the new NATO as in a world where xenophobic nationalism is resurging, Airbnb pushes people to be more understanding and accepting of each other.

Indeed, Airbnb rooms do provide a welcoming atmosphere. I have been to a few Airbnb rooms across Europe, first starting in Lisbon, 2015. I was greeted by a friendly young couple who decided to rent their apartment for 5 days while they, equally, were on holiday. With all the functions of a basic hotel, additional to a modern kitchen, this competitively priced room felt like a home rather than a bedsit, and made the holiday a breeze. With a quick tour of the house, the password to the Wi-Fi and the keys handed over; I was on my way in minutes. My last Airbnb rental was in 2018 in Prague. This time I met an equally friendly lady who rents several apartments specifically to Airbnb guests as a source of revenue. This time, the apartment had less life but as far as accommodation goes, still competed with a 4 star hotel room in size, style and functionality. Both of these examples were located in the city centre, tucked away around a corner from a busy high street, blended within a residential area where small communities of locals lie. These communities have their own grocery stores, coffee shops

Airbnb Our Friend, Their Foe By Luca Spiers

and pubs for us to easily feel a genuine taste for local culture. It was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed; only it wasn’t mutual with the locals. Anti-tourist protests in some cities have become commonplace in the summer. August 2017 saw 200 locals occupy a beach in Barcelona to tell visitors to leave or stay in hotels. They argue the same local shops I visited are now turning into bike-rental outlets and hipster bars. Tom Nuttall from The Economist states “As rental homes colonise new areas, residents are forced further out, Airbnb “oligarchs” hoard properties and profits. Tight housing markets in cities like Amsterdam are squeezed further when landlords withdraw properties from sale or long-term rental in favour of the holidaymakers” Governments in Europe are enforcing tighter regulation on the sharing economy, limiting the number of days for which an apartment may be rented, rigorously giving fines, with 18% of the

properties in central Florence are listed on Airbnb. Barcelona’s elected a left-wing mayor who promised to clamp down on the excesses of tourism, fined Airbnb for letting out unregistered properties. Paris is suing it for failing to take down unregistered listings. In contrast to the cruise-ship masses that have overpopulated Venice and Dubrovnik, Airbnb guests stay in a city and the room share sites encourage new trips or at least lengthens existing ones, which suggests tourists are spending cash that would otherwise have stayed at home. Tom Nuttall revealed “residents of eastern European cities like Warsaw and Zagreb say Airbnb visitors improve standards and foster a spirit of friendliness. And for every weary traveller who thinks Airbnb has lost its soul, ten more appreciate the choice, convenience and competition it offers”. Airbnb highlights a quirk of our own age, in which the thirst for the authentic can come at the expense of the locals who are supposed to provide it.

Do you use Airbnb? If you use Airbnb or a similar service to rent out your property, remember that a normal household policy may not provide adequate cover. Please give us a call on 020 8658 4334 to discuss your requirements.

b Sources: New York Times – Airbnb Is the New NATO The Economist - Charlemagne: The Backlash Against Airbnb

Ghost Broking: A Common Fraud Ghost Brokers are fraudsters who sell illegitimate car insurance by using sites that appear genuine, and offer lucrative deals to lure in potential victims. This is typically carried out by forging insurance documents or falsifying your information to lower the price. As such, targets most susceptible to ghost broking are individuals with high insurance premiums such as young men. Other common methods of contact are often direct messages on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram as well as adverts in local newspapers or fliers in which they can remain anonymous.

Fixed penalty notice of £300

Liable for claims costs

Since 2016, the police have received more than 850 reports, with victims losing an estimated total of £631,000. As a result, here are a few tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of ghostbroking: •

If a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is

Be wary of brokers using only mobile or email as a form of contact. Fraudsters wish to remain untraceable after a scam

If you are not certain about a broker, check on the Financial Conduct Authority or British Insurance Broker’s Association website for a list of all authorised insurance brokers at and

You can also check to see if your car is insured on the Motor Insurance Database:

The consequences of buying an illegitimate policy can carry the same risks as having no policy: •

6 penalty points

Having the vehicle seized with possible vehicle destruction

£150 minimum to retrieve impounded vehicle

Roy’s People Art Fair

is back in the heart of London’s South Bank Tyson and Peacock are both thrilled with this year’s venue setting, stating: “Our third instalment of Roy’s People Art Fair will reach new heights with the iconic Bargehouse in OXO Tower Wharf as our chosen location. Thanks to the success of last year, we are now able to extend our support to a wider group of artists and ensure our community provides them with the right knowledge and tools to make the fair a triumph.”

Following the huge success of the 2nd Roy’s People Art Fair in April 2018, the artist led art fair is back by popular demand and on an even larger scale. This year’s Autumn instalment promises to impress at the award-winning landmark building, OXO Tower Wharf.


The Fair has partnered with leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint and will be holding a silent auction throughout the duration of the fair. Alongside the auction, artist Andrea Tyrimos (pictured), will be creating a unique portrait and audio documentary of the life of an ex-centrepoint resident in her individual style featured in her recent solo show ‘Bipolar Picasso’. Founded by artists Sam Peacock and Roy Tyson in 2017, this year the fair welcomes 80 carefully selected artists who will be personally showcasing their pieces to the public during the free four-day event. Tyson and Peacock founded the fair as a platform to offer their invaluable expertise and support to both emerging and established artists as they navigate the art world. Their focus is primarily on developing a community led spirit initiated by artists to connect directly with the public and promote both the artists' and buyers' interests first. My Dog Sighs Launching at the fair will be an exclusive print release by world renowned street artist My Dog Sighs, of which 25 will be hand finished by the artist on the opening night of the fair My Dog Sighs is famous for his TED Talks & participation in Free Art Friday, resulting in appearances on ‘The One Show’ & ‘Culture Show’.

Highlights will include: • My Dog Sighs Installation - an installation curated by Tyson, Peacock & My Dog Sighs situated in the foyer of the fair. • See Fine Artist Andrea Tyrimos create an artwork for youth homelessness charity Centrepoint focusing on mental health within young people. • Fine art printmaking studio Hippo Screenprinters will be live demonstrating the art of screen printing with exclusive artwork releases by a number of special guests. • GreatArt & London Drawings will host a free Art Workshops all weekend including Kids creatives, Life Drawing, sketching & 3D Pen drawing to mention a few. About the founders Roy Tyson is an urban artist based in Essex. He creates miniature figures, photographs them on the streets, depicting an unknown world beneath our feet. During his professional career he has worked with galleries worldwide as well as with high end corporate clients. Sam Peacock is an abstract painter who explores the landscape using recycled and industrial materials to document the ever changing effect it has on the planet. Since graduating in 1998, he has been represented by galleries in London, Australia and Germany. He has had several solo shows worldwide, and been featured in various international art journals. Details 1-4th November 2018, Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf, London SE1 Private View 1st November 6-8:30pm Tickets For free tickets to the fair visit



The Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia returns for 2018 The acclaimed Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia will return from October 29 to November 4 on the Gallery Level of the National Hall of Olympia London. The Fair takes place alongside Spirit of Christmas and the Luxury Travel Fair.

pieces from famous names such as Lalique, Matisse, Meissen, Cartier and Asprey. There will be furniture dating from the 16th century to 20th century as well as Art Deco furniture and objects, Asian antiques, textiles and carpets, glass, mirrors, silver and art from old masters to contemporary.

The fair is the last important art and antiques fair before Christmas and attracts thousands of collectors, connoisseurs, interior designers and canny Christmas shoppers. There are over 20,000 objects of outstanding quality and the winter nights give the event a seasonal sparkle and luxurious atmosphere.

Dealers exhibiting include Wakelin & Linfield, Haynes Fine Art of Broadway, Anthea AG Antiques Ltd, Morgan Strickland Decorative Arts, Mary Cooke Antiques, Richard Price & Associates, Peter Bunting, S & S Timms, Atelier Ltd and Philip Carrol.

There will be 70 of the UK's top dealers selling everything from diamonds to dining tables and from clocks to ceramics. Visitors can buy truly one-off

Once again the Fair will host a series of fascinating and compelling talks by leading experts and cultural intuitions. While our expert independent art advisor

will take visitors on a journey of discovery around the Fair on the highlight tours. Every piece for sale is checked by a team of trade experts before the fair opens to ensure authenticity so new buyers can shop with confidence. The fair will have its own entrance at the Apex corner on Hammersmith Road (Entrance D) and be accessible from Spirit of Christmas as well. Opening hours are: Monday 29th October 6pm – 9pm Tuesday 30 October 11am – 6pm Wednesday 31 October 11am – 6pm Thursday 1 November 11am – 9pm Friday 2 November 11am – 6pm Saturday 3 November 11am – 6pm Sunday 4 November 11am - 5pm The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia takes place at the Olympia National, London, W14 8UX. For more information and to purchase tickets please visit

35 ‘To London by Jet Clipper Pan Am’ by Aaron Fine Exhibited by Antikbar. Original Vintage Posters

‘Ostrich’ by Alfred Barye Exhibited by Hickmet Antiques

‘Hidden’ by Erika Toliusis Exhibited by Signet Contemporary Art

Mettlack Charger Exhibited by: Morgan Strickland


From £90 prints to million pound originals. Banksy is a prolific street artist who’s identity is known to only a small selection of his closest aides. He is also today one of Britain’s most respected living artist with his original works selling for well over £1,000,000. For a few years after 2001, Banksy was releasing screenprints very frequently and often for under £100. Today some of these pieces have fetched more than £50,000 each at auction. We speak to a lot of collectors that acquired one or more of these prints circa 2001. Often they are just look for advice on insurance, valuations, authentication, conservation or selling. In August 2017, we published the following article in response to these conversations on the Love Art Insurance Blog - it has been one of the most popular posts every since. Did you buy a £90 Banksy print in the early days only to find it is now worth over a hundred times that? Or perhaps you have recently acquired a Banksy original?


Regardless of your collection size, Brownhill Insurance Group are here to discuss your requirements. We have been insuring our client’s Banksy and Urban Art collections since 2007; we even insure our own collections. Our Art Team can provide cover for your private collection on an art only policy, or in some cases can combine with a general household policy. To discuss your requirements, please call Steve Canning on 020 8353 8905 or visit our art collector page. Best Practices There are many fake Banksy prints & originals on the market, so it is important to be cautious when buying from a dealer, gallery or individual. Always make sure there is a Pest Control Certificate or well documented paper trail back to the original owner. Pest Control may be able to confirm the original and/or current owner of a piece. Insurers are often shy to insure works by Banksy without an original receipt, pest control certificate or recent valuation. It is a requirement on some insurance policies that you maintain an inventory of your collection. We suggest that your inventory includes: • • • • • •

Name of Artist Name of Piece Medium (Print/Original on Canvas etc..) Edition Number (if applicable) Signed/Unsigned Dimensions

• • • • • •

Purchase Value Date of Purchase Where it was purchased from Current Market Value Framing Costs Documentation (scan or photograph receipts/invoices/certificates/valuations etc..)

It is also important to photograph your collection. We would suggest taking photos of: • • • • • • • • •

The whole piece (front and back and before any framing is done – if unframed) Edition Number Signature Hand finishing (on prints) Any defects (creases, marks etc..) Personalisation Back and sides of canvas Documentation (consider scanning your documents) Framing

Keeping your inventory well organised is very important. In the event of a claim, you may be asked to provide your entire inventory to insurers. The easiest way to keep a well managed list is in Excel, Google Sheets or Airtable. Alternatively Evernote allows you to collate images and text together in a searchable archive. Pest Control Pest Control is an authentication service acting on behalf of Banksy. They determine whether he was responsible for a piece of work and issue a Certificate where appropriate. Pest Control do not make a profit and were set up to prevent fraud.

The company is also now the sole point of sale for new work by Banksy after the closure of POW (Pictures on Walls).

condition. For any further advice please call Steve Canning on 020 8353 8905.

Valuations Selling a Banksy Hang Up Pictures are a leading gallery offering Banksy prints and originals for sale. Their expert knowledge on Banksy allows them to offer an insurance valuation service. As of writing, the cost for this is £75 + VAT per piece. For more information please visit – Alternatively we can refer you to other valuation experts that specialise in other artists.

If you have a Banksy or a collection of Banksy prints you are looking to sell, you may find it beneficial to use an experienced dealer who can help you get the right price. MyArtBroker specialise in the Banksy market and have been connecting buyers with sellers for the best part of a decade. MyArtBroker has a network of over 10,000 art buyers and sellers around the world. If you want to sell a Banksy with MyArtBroker, they will:

Framing, Restoration & Conservation

Most art collector insurance policies will not provide cover while a piece is being worked on by an art professional. It is important to check before you agree to any work that your chosen framer or restorer has the correct insurance cover in place.

With most Banksy prints now fetching five figure sums, it is important to ensure the works are cared for correctly. Unframed prints should not be rolled for long periods of time. Framed prints should be framed to museum standard with UV glass to prevent fading. Over time your collection can be damaged from light, heat, humidity and pollution. Gradual deterioration is an exclusion on all insurance policies. From both a financial standpoint and enjoyment value, you must keep your collection in excellent

• • • •

Give you a valuation on the piece based on market demand and trends Assign you a specialist broker to condition check the piece Advise on restoration (if required) Advise on authentication of the piece, if not already in place Market your artwork to Banksy buyers Support the sale of your Banksy artwork

You will need to be a member of to access their support, which you can do for free on their website. Image above by Banksy appeared on the side of the Barbican Centre during Jean-Michel Basquiat’s ‘Boom for Real’ exhibition.


A F G 2 38

Art Fair Guide 2018/19

Art Car Boot Fair 16 September

Since 2004, The Art Car Boot Fair has featured hundreds of artists from Turner prize-winners to emerging young artists, and more recently the cream of the urban art scene. Granary Square King's Cross, 20 Canal Reach, London, N1C 4BE

British Art Fair

20 - 23 September Moving to an exciting new venue for 2018, its 30th Year, the British Art Fair celebrates the best of Modern British Art with exhibitions of work by Ivon Hitchens, Anthony Caro with John Golding and Bridget Riley. Saatchi Gallery, Duke of Yorks HQ, Kings Road, London SW3 4RY

September 2018 START Art Fair

13 – 16 September Now in its 5th Edition at Saatchi Gallery. START Art Fair presents over 50 artists from more than 25 countries to provide a platform for emerging artists and young galleries to show exciting new art on a global stage.

October 2018 Decorative Art Fair 2 - 7 October

For nearly 20 years the Affordable Art Fair has sought to provide an open and friendly atmosphere to showcase the very latest in affordable, contemporary art from exciting new talents and well-established names. The Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY

Battersea Evolution, London SW11 4NJ

LAPADA Art and Antiques Fair

Frieze London

As one of only two annual events at Berkeley Square, Over 110 exhibitors will present work from across the art, antiques, design and decorative arts spectrum including jewellery, furniture, carpets, tapestries, antiquities, clocks, ceramics, silver and fine art.

New collaborations with international curators, institutions and galleries will respond to contemporary issues – from the lack of visibility of women in the marketplace to hidden systems of communication and control.

Berkeley Square, London, W1

Regent’s Park, London

14 – 19 September

4 - 7 October


Roy’s People Art Fair

Moniker International Art Fair

Winter Art & Antiques Fair

Now in its 9th year, Moniker Art Fair aims to spotlight emerging and established talent from a increasingly diverse contemporary art movement forged by its subversive spirit.

Over 70 specialist dealers will present a wide range of pieces from the modern, eclectic and quirky to the traditional and classic, offering an extraordinary choice for stylish interiors, inspiring collections and finding unique gifts.

4 - 7 October


29 October - 4 November The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

Affordable Art Fair 18 - 21 October

For nearly 20 years the Affordable Art Fair has sought to provide an open and friendly atmosphere to showcase the very latest in affordable, contemporary art from exciting new talents and well-established names. Battersea Evolution, London SW11 4NJ

October is set to be one of the busiest month’s in the art world calender.

Olympia National, London, W14 8UX.

November 2018 Roy’s People Art Fair 1 - 4 November

Roy’s People Art Fair has been created by artists Roy’s People & Samuel Peacock. The fair gives artists an alternative platform to present their work whilst also creating a unique experience for visitors allowing them to interact with the artists and buy artwork directly from them. Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH

January 2019

March 2019

London Art Antiques & Interiors Fair

Affordable Art Fair

11 - 13 January

7 - 10 March

One of the most diverse interiors and antique fairs in the UK, bringing together over 60 specialist antiques dealers, showcasing over 30,000 individual pieces at ExceL in London.

For nearly 20 years the Affordable Art Fair has sought to provide an open and friendly atmosphere to showcase the very latest in affordable, contemporary art from exciting new talents and well-established names.

ExCel London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL

Battersea Evolution, London SW11 4NJ

London Art Fair


20 - 26 March

16 - 20 January

Over the last thirty years, London Art Fair has given access to exceptional modern and contemporary art, as well as expert insight into the changing market. London Art Fair, Upper Street Events, 58 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PP

The event offers collectors, curators, art professionals and interior designers from across the world, the chance to meet BADA dealers, benefit from their extensive expertise and purchase exceptional pieces of traditional, modern and contemporary art and antiques. Duke of York Square, London, SW3 4LY

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair 22 - 27 January

A family-owned fair that launched in 1985, the first to specifically unite the antiques and interior design trades. Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ

For the latest art fair information - find our art fair guide at

February 2019 Collect

28 February - 3 March Collect 2018 brought together 40 galleries from four continents for a celebration of making, extraordinary in both scale and scope. Museum-quality works from hundreds of the most talented makers offered visitors a multidisciplinary overview of the people, processes, materials and ideas defining international craft. Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY

My Dog Sighs


And all atsummer once, collapsed into fall. Oscar Wilde