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Bridge Foundation December 15, 2015


STAR STRUCK FOR AN IMPORTANT CAUSE “Taking Responsibility of Our Pets and Our Environment” Jason Williams, Radio Host on 100.5 & Entertainer and Soca Personality shared at Guayaguayare R.C. School on October 22, 2015 “Reading turned on my lights upstairs…my world opened up.”

Lights, Camera, Action happened throughout Trinidad and Tobago in schools on Read for the Record Day, 2015. Students are the stars of Read for the Record Day along with our local celebrities who participated in reading marathons, and environmentally focused fun-filled activities in schools. Students throughout Trinidad acted, sang, read and joined in Read for

Nikki Crosby, Radio Host, Comedian and Actress, shared her love for pets at Mucurapo Girls’ R.C. School.

Students of St. Monica’s Prep. checking out a real life Fish like Norman on RFR, 2015

Record Day activities inspired by two selected books in Trinidad and Tobago: Not Norman: A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett and Manatee has a question by Stacey Alfonso - Mills. Both books supported two distinctive themes for RFR day, 2015: 1) Pet Responsibility and; 2) Reseaponsibility.” Local celebrities, local representatives, including authors and radio personalities shared

special moments about the importance of reading and their special love for the Trinidad and Tobago’s environment. Our Trinidad and Tobago Read for the Record Numbers rose again this year, 2015. A total of 92 schools participated with 29, 659 students actively engaged in activities and conversations about strategies to protect and sustain the wonderful land of Trinidad and Tobago.

LET CHILDREN KNOW Bridge Foundation requested that all schools participating in RFR day 2015 to share the important message of responsibility with their students. In our Let Children Know segment of RFR day, we ask schools to share with students that the world depends on them to be caregivers of the world – on land and in the sea.

Schools were requested to make the connection between personal responsibility and taking care of the environment.

Bridge requested that schools should let students know that taking care of their pets or protecting animals in their environment is a commendable and responsible act.

As educators, we understand that children experience tremendous benefits and life-long lessons when taking care of pets. Children develop positive feelings when taking care of pets and experience increased selfesteem and self-confidence. Children in

many instances begin to extend themselves to others and are more willing to develop trusting relationships with others. Like adults, they learn life lessons in birth, illness, accidents & death. Children physical and emotional needs are also met when taking care of pets such as love, loyalty and affection. Ensuring that we have clear blue sky and a clean blue sea also means our wonderful animals and their pets can freely live and grow including animals at risk of extinction such as the Manatee.

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Read for the Record Newsletter 2015  

Activities from Jumpstart Read for the Record Day in Trinidad and Tobago,2015

Read for the Record Newsletter 2015  

Activities from Jumpstart Read for the Record Day in Trinidad and Tobago,2015

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