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Bridge Foundation December 15, 2015


STAR STRUCK FOR AN IMPORTANT CAUSE “Taking Responsibility of Our Pets and Our Environment” Jason Williams, Radio Host on 100.5 & Entertainer and Soca Personality shared at Guayaguayare R.C. School on October 22, 2015 “Reading turned on my lights upstairs…my world opened up.”

Lights, Camera, Action happened throughout Trinidad and Tobago in schools on Read for the Record Day, 2015. Students are the stars of Read for the Record Day along with our local celebrities who participated in reading marathons, and environmentally focused fun-filled activities in schools. Students throughout Trinidad acted, sang, read and joined in Read for

Nikki Crosby, Radio Host, Comedian and Actress, shared her love for pets at Mucurapo Girls’ R.C. School.

Students of St. Monica’s Prep. checking out a real life Fish like Norman on RFR, 2015

Record Day activities inspired by two selected books in Trinidad and Tobago: Not Norman: A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett and Manatee has a question by Stacey Alfonso - Mills. Both books supported two distinctive themes for RFR day, 2015: 1) Pet Responsibility and; 2) Reseaponsibility.” Local celebrities, local representatives, including authors and radio personalities shared

special moments about the importance of reading and their special love for the Trinidad and Tobago’s environment. Our Trinidad and Tobago Read for the Record Numbers rose again this year, 2015. A total of 92 schools participated with 29, 659 students actively engaged in activities and conversations about strategies to protect and sustain the wonderful land of Trinidad and Tobago.

LET CHILDREN KNOW Bridge Foundation requested that all schools participating in RFR day 2015 to share the important message of responsibility with their students. In our Let Children Know segment of RFR day, we ask schools to share with students that the world depends on them to be caregivers of the world – on land and in the sea.

Schools were requested to make the connection between personal responsibility and taking care of the environment.

Bridge requested that schools should let students know that taking care of their pets or protecting animals in their environment is a commendable and responsible act.

As educators, we understand that children experience tremendous benefits and life-long lessons when taking care of pets. Children develop positive feelings when taking care of pets and experience increased selfesteem and self-confidence. Children in

many instances begin to extend themselves to others and are more willing to develop trusting relationships with others. Like adults, they learn life lessons in birth, illness, accidents & death. Children physical and emotional needs are also met when taking care of pets such as love, loyalty and affection. Ensuring that we have clear blue sky and a clean blue sea also means our wonderful animals and their pets can freely live and grow including animals at risk of extinction such as the Manatee.

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The Fish Bowl Conversation



BRIDGE FOUNDATION IS GLOCALLY INSPIRED- GLOBAL AND LOCAL Why is Bridge Foundation Glocally inspired on Read for the Record Day. There is a simple explanation. Just like McDonalds, that customizes menus to suit local tastes, Bridge Foundation on RFR day ensures that books read by Trinidad and Tobago students are understood through their cultural experiences.

The Jumpstart selected book

Not Norman: A Gold Fish Story by Kelly Bennet can be read by anyone but

when read within the context of Trinidad and Tobago experiences the stories come alive and are more meaningful to students in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, on RFR day, the Bridge Foundation selects a complementary Caribbean authored book that support the messages of the Jumpstart selected book as a way to ensure that messages are centered on

Trinidad and Tobago experience and can be sustained after RFR day. This year, Bridge Foundation selected

Manatee has a question by

Stacey Alfonso-Mills which supported the selected theme Responseability.

This theme inspired students conversations beyond the fishbowl of Not Norman to larger fishbowl of the sea that surrounds Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Local Author and Locally Selected Book for RFR, 2015 Bridge Foundation shared Quick Facts on RFR Day, 2015:

Manatees live in the Nariva freshwater swamp on the south east coast of Trinidad. Manatees are not

found in any other Caribbean island. The Manatee can grow to three metres long, and weigh between 900 lbs (400 kg) and 1,300 lbs (600 kg).

Stacey Alfonso-Mills the author of Manatee has a question has participated in numerous school-based reading events in support of Bridge Foundation year round literacy programme called Read to Rise.

She has uniquely written stories that encourage young readers to explore and discover their local environment. Her stories are filled with colourful illustrations that excite children to turn the story book pages over and over again. Stacey’s books are referenced on her website as “imaginative and feature Caribbean elements, which also make them creative and unique. ”

Stacey Alfonso-Mills has written and self-published other children’s illustrated storybooks under the series, ‘The Boys of Sinclair Hill’. The series feature the fun times and experiences of 3 brothers – Matt, Addie and Alex. Their stories are designed for girls and boys in the beginning/early reader age group and from any part of the world. She also has created a colouring book to accompany her Manatee has a Question book.

Manatee has a Question Inspires Environmental Responsibility Manatee has a Question

were inspired by the Manatee’s curiousity of making the environment a safe, friendly and special place for all. Students reading the book asked questions such as - how do we stop the fishing nets Students reading the Stacey from drifting in the Alfonso-Mills book,

river? How can a Caiman stop hunters from hunting him and his family? How can we help the Porcupine replace the trees that were cut down? In the book, the Manatee shared strategies with young readers……all of which can be practiced.

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About the Author and Jumpstart Selected Book about their personal relationships with their pets inspired by the Jumpstart selected book,

Not Norman: A Gold Fish Story by Kelly Bennett. Students reading the book quickly realised that taking care of pets is not an easy task.

Pet responsibility was also a hot topic in over 90 schools on October 22, where students throughout Trinidad shared fun-filled stories

The author of the book is Kelly Bennett and writes both fiction and non fiction children’s books. Her online site : www . kellybennett . com states that her picture books celebrate imagination,

families, friends, pets … all that goes into being a kid .

She has won numerous awards such as: CBC (Children's Book Council) Children's Choice Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2006 Gold Medal A FamilyFun Magazine Best Children’s Book for 2005 Booktrust Book of the Month for August 2005 Texas Institute of Letters Best Children’s Book for 2005.

Quick Fact: Norman's

illustrator, Noah Z. Jones, created Disney's animated TV

A tale of a boy who is less than thrilled to have a fish for a pet and is all set to trade his pet when the pet store re -opens. What he discovers is that unexpected discoveries can change your preconceived ideas. In the process, a wonderful friendship begins.

series Fish Hooks?

Corporate and Local Support Continues on RFR Day in Guaya to include Ortoire R.C. School which will join the Read to Rise programme in 2016 with BG Trinidad and Tobago sponsorship.

Anthea Mclaughlin, CEO of Bridge Foundation explained the purpose of Read for the Record for the Record Day (RFR) and the link between RFR and Read to Rise Programme. BG Trinidad and Tobago continues to support Read for the Record Day at Guayaguayare R.C. and has expanded its support

Principal Wiseman acknowledged BG Trinidad and Tobago commitment and staff support of Leslie Bowrin, Nneka Mentore and Kelli-Marie Patel to improving literacy in the community and the

environmental books who creatively presented the book Manatee has a


Other highlights in Guayaguayare included Gregory Thompson, an author of children’s

The support of Local Councillor, Kyron James and presentation from a representative of Ruston Paray Office for Mayaro and Guayaguayare constituencies.

continued support of Bridge Foundations’ Read to Rise programme. In Guayaguayare, BG Trinidad and Tobago sponsored a wonderful day of events facilitated by Reginald Holder and Abeo Jackson, actress, producer and owner of AbeoJackson Productions. Abeo with a “twist of Trini” read Jumpstart selected book followed by surprise questions.

Barbara Bridgewater, a Read to Rise literacy consultant, led the students in song, dance and recited the story of Stanley and facts about his special home, the coral reef. Props designed by Candice Sobers, Artist and students of Guayaguayar e R.C. School l

Children waved props of The event ended with a “bang” with folktales and fish tale stories from Uncle Errol Fabien, comedian and storyteller. Jason Williams, Radio Announcer proclaimed the importance of reading through song and dance, with Snorky, the Mascot who distributed RFR Books sponsored by BG Trinidad and Tobago and BOSS Trinidad.

Stanley and wore colourful costumes of the coral reef which showcased the diversity of marine life and reason for its protection.

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Special Spot Light on St. Monica’s PrepHoly Faith School Responses to RFR Tally Sheet St. Monica's Prep (Holy Faith) School]


RFR Day Launch at Mucurapo Girls’ R.C Mucurapo Girls’ R.C. School launched Read for the Record Day with a warm welcome from Principal Annmarie Boisson who expressed her openness to various types of reading programs to meet the differential learning needs of her students.

108 children participated in Read for the Record Day A goldfish story was read by 54 students in Senior infants Manatee has a question was read by 54 students in Standard 0ne Four Classrooms Participated My whole school did not take part in Read for the Record Day Just 2 levels four classrooms. listening to the video/audio book on youtube in the library to Not Norman a Goldfish Story and visiting the aquarium to view a fish like Norman. The teachers said they all loved it.

Literacy Host for the event, Zo-Mari Tanker, Multimedia Producer, Actress and TV Presenter introduced all the local artists, authors and student dramatic cast and corporate supporters. Mikhail Salcedo, pannist introduced the reading by playing the Mucurapo’s school song and Under the Sea tune.

Highlights were: a goldfish tour. Some gave stories about the time they saw a snake and what they did. All realized that Norman was brave and calm and that's why the boy loved Him The Standard ones made bookmarks of Manatees. Yes I am in for next year. Leslieann Seegobin


in Trinidad. Nikki Crosby, a.k.a Aunty Nikki shared her love of pets and invited students to sound out familiar pet sounds. There was no surprise that the sound of a pig was the students’ favourite. Mucurapo Girls Listened attentively as Aunty Nikki read the Jumpstart book Not Norman: A Gold Fish Story

by Kelly Bennett.

Danielle Delon colourfully read her book entitled, Ice Age Trinidad about the famous pitch of lake of Trinidad and Tobago.

Stacey Alfonso-Mills introduced and read her book Manatee has a question followed by St. Francois Girls’ High School who dramatized the story. St. Francois Girls drama teacher is Serran Clarke a.k.a Ma Fable who led the

dramatic group in the storydrama presentation.

Friendly Skies join Bridge Foundation on RFR 2015 Mucurapo Girls’ R.C. students enjoyed the motivational and inspirational sharing from the JetBlue team and the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago team. Paul Parawan, JetBlue General Manager and Sherry-Ann Doodnath, JetBlue Supervisor of Airport Operations shared their experiences of reading and distributed JetBlue’s Soar with Reading books. (See top and middle right.) Bridge Foundation was privileged for the first time to receive support from

Adrienne Ayers-Allen and Oswold Bruce, Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago representatives. Both shared their love for reading and offered students a school trip to the facility to understand the different aspects of the Aviation field.

Schools Spot Light-Cont’d UNCLE ERROL FABIEN STORYTELLING ON RFR 2015 in Guaya

Next Year Look out for Read to Rise New Author Series through the Read to Rise programme See books previewed at RFR 2015 in Guayaguayare

Stanley by Shivani Sibaran.

The Beach by Lee Lutchman

Books inspired by Standard 3 students at Guayaguayare R.C. School through Bridge Foundation in collaboration with The Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA), University of the West Indies Sponsored by BG Trinidad and Tobago Bridge Foundation THE NORMANDIE HOTEL 10 NOOK AVENUE Phone: (868)-376-4795 or 685-0000


Website: Bridgefoundationtt. com


Schools represented are: Mucurapo Girls R.C, St. Andrews Private School, St. Monica’s Prep, Bethlehem Boys’ R.C School, Arbor School, Diego Martin Government Primary School and Ortoire R.C. School and Guayaguayare R.C. School with representatives from Local District Representative Office, BG Trinidad and Tobago and Ruston Paray's Office.

Read for the Record Newsletter 2015  

Activities from Jumpstart Read for the Record Day in Trinidad and Tobago,2015

Read for the Record Newsletter 2015  

Activities from Jumpstart Read for the Record Day in Trinidad and Tobago,2015