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Fall 2012

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Fall 2012

Farfalla aBout thIs BooK Farfalla (the Italian word for “butterfly”) is a unique look at the death of an unborn child. This subject necessarily must be approached with a high degree of sensitivity. Yet, trying to understand the death of a sister- or brother-to-be is also not an unknown experience faced by many children. Adults struggle to explain how the gift of life can be taken away, sometimes without rhyme or reason. Inspired by experiences of the author’s friends, Farfalla offers a way for adults to have that conversation with children.

authoR: Vanita Oelschlager IllustRatoR: Kristin Blackwood hoMetowN: Akron, Ohio

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9832904-3-8 PRICe: $8.95 US / $10.95 CAN FIRst PRINt: 1,000 oN sale: Fall, 2012 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9832904-0-7 PRICe: $15.95 US / $19.95 CAN FIRst PRINt: 2,000 oN sale: Fall, 2012 heIGht: 11 wIDth: 8.5 PaGes: 42 BIsaC: JUV002300 JUV013000 JUV039030 JUV039050 JUV039060

The story is told from the perspective of a young Beetle who, with his mother, meets a crowd of caterpillars in the garden they all frequent. Soon they become friends and he watches in awe as the caterpillars weave themselves into cocoons. A special one catches his attention and Beetle “adopts” it by making all sorts of plans of what they will do together when it hatches. Later, he watches as the cocoons break open one by one and beautiful butterflies emerge and fly away. But the one he counted on to be his playmate does not. He is deeply saddened and understandably confused. Beetle’s mother explains gently that young friends like his who can’t join him in the garden are with others in the sky. The story ends with Beetle waving to his friend above and wishing happiness. sales & MaRKetING PoINts • For parents to use with their children when discussing the premature death of a sibling. • Helps children discuss their feelings about this kind of loss. It allows them to explore the idea that life precedes their own lives and will continue past their first experiences with death. • Teachers or librarians may use this to talk about the subject of death with children. • The approach to this subject is ecumenical and general; it does not endorse any particular faith’s beliefs about when life begins or explains definitively the mystery of death. INteNDeD MaRKets For children 4-8 years old in family, school or group settings.

I Came From the Water aBout thIs BooK I Came From the Water is a tale of survival and strength of human spirit despite repeated tragedy and overwhelming odds. It comes from Haiti, but has a universal message and appeal. The story is based on the actual experiences of Moses, an eight year-old boy and resident of St. Helene’s orphanage outside Port-au-Prince. As an infant, he was literally plucked from the waters of a nearby river, having been placed in a basket by whom we believe was his grandmother. The rest of his family perished in floods that wiped out their upland village in 2004. He was given his name by the nuns at St. Helene’s. The title is Moses’ reply to the author when she asked where he is from. After the earthquake of 2010 destroyed Port-au-Prince and much of the surrounding area, the orphanage was flooded with a new wave of parentless boys and girls. Moses helped these children adapt to their new lives and in so doing displays a fearless hope and determination that may lead to Haiti’s renewal as a self-supporting nation. St. Helene’s orphanage is run by Father Rick Frechette known globally for his dedication to improving the lives of poor children across Latin America. authoR: Vanita Oelschlager IllustRatoR: Mike Blanc hoMetowN: Akron, Ohio

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9832904-5-2 PRICe: $8.95 US / $10.95 CAN FIRst PRINt: 1,000 oN sale: Fall, 2012 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9832904-4-5 PRICe: $15.95 US / $19.95 CAN FIRst PRINt: 2,000 oN sale: Fall, 2012 heIGht: 11 wIDth: 8.5 PaGes: 40 BIsaC: JUV001010 JUV004000 JUV005000 JUV059000 JUV013050 JUV030040 JUV033100 JUV033190

Net profits from I Came From the Water will go to support St. Helene’s and Father Rick’s efforts to help rebuild Haiti by offering a safe place to live and a free education for children like Moses. sales & MaRKetING PoINts • Children will learn how a Haitian boy survived – miraculously – one of the worst disasters to hit his country – the Gonaives floods of 2004. • They will also read how this same boy helped other children survive the trauma of being orphaned following the earthquake of 2010. • Through Moses and his story, they will learn about the resilience and inherent strengths of the Haitian people despite repeated natural catastrophes. • Children will also gain insight into the role that Non-Government Organizations play today in helping to reconstruct Haitian society. INteNDeD MaRKets For children 4-10 in family, school and group settings. Prime markets would be public schools, public libraries, and religious schools.

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Fall 2011

Spring 2012



Oelschlager ILLUSTRATED BY Joe Rossi

Knees This book shows the mixed up, backwards and wonderful world of a boy with dyslexia. trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9826366-9-5

Elefante It’s said that elephants never forget. Poor Elefante forgets everything. But he also forgets his shyness and when a playmate is mean. Board Book IsBN: 978-0-9826366-4-0 English Version IsBN: 978-0-9826366-5-7 Spanish Version

A companion to

A Tale of Two Daddies See details on next spread

Out of the Blue

A Tale of Two Mommies

Shows children the magic of idioms – words that separately have one meaning, but together take on something entirely different.

Shows how some families may look non-traditional from the outside, but from the inside it’s all about what really matters.

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9832904-1-4

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9826366-7-1

hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9832904-2-1

hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9826366-6-4

Spring 2011


Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries

A delightful story about a common house cat who finds that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Shows children the magic of idioms – words that separately have one meaning, but together take on something entirely different.

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9826366-0-2

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9826366-2-6

hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9819714-9-0

hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9826366-3-3

A companion to

Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries See details above

A companion to

Out of the Blue See details on left page

Birds of a Feather Shows children the magic of idioms – words that separately have one meaning, but together take on something entirely different. trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9826366-1-9

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Fall 2010

Spring 2010 Bonyo Bonyo

The True Story of a Brave Boy from Kenya

Bonyo's vision and determination lead him on a real-life adventure bearing the fruits of core values – growth despite loss and pain. trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9819714-4-5 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9819714-3-8

A Tale of Two Daddies Introduces a type of family increasingly visible in our society and reflects a child's practical and innocent look at the adults who love her.

Porcupette Finds a Family A story about how a baby porcupine (called a porcupette) finds a new family after losing his mother. He wants to have an attachment to the bear family he finds, but is afraid his “bear” mother and “bear” brother and sister will leave him too.


Stonewall and

Rainbow List

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9819714-6-9 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9819714-5-2

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9819714-8-3 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9819714-7-6

Fall 2009 Ivan’s Great Fall

Postcards from a War


About a boy whose mother has recently been deployed overseas to a war. His grandfather, who was about the same age when his father left to serve in World War II, helps him understand why she has gone away.

Everything about summer makes Ivan happy. As summer turns to fall, he discovers autumn has a charm of its own. Ivan’s Great Fall introduces children to the poetry of Keats, Dickinson, Sandburg, Bronte and others.

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9819714-0-7 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9800162-9-1

trade Paperback IsBN: 978-0-9819714-2-1 hardcover IsBN: 978-0-9819714-1-4

Previous Releases

Ivy in Bloom introduces the poetry of

Birds of a Feather introduces children

Francesca is a daydreamer – she wants

Dickinson, Longfellow, Browning, Wordsworth, Frost and others. IsBN: 978-0-9800162-7-7

to the magic of idioms. IsBN: 978-0-9800162-8-4 (HC)

IsBN: 978-0-9800162-4-6

Big Blue Blue is a very happy bird until

Made In China An adopted Chinese girl

Mother Goose, other Goose

he realizes he’s gotten too big to fly south with his flock for the winter. IsBN: 978-0-9800162-5-3

learns to cope with understanding her adoption and sibling rivalry. IsBN: 978-0-9800162-3-9

Everyone knows Mother Goose rhymes. But what about Other Goose? IsBN: 978-0-9800162-6-0

what Pet will I Get? What parent

My Grampy Can’t walk How do children

let Me Bee Fear of bees is something

hasn't heard their child say "I want a puppy or a kitten?" IsBN: 978-0-9800162-2-2

see and react to a disabled grandparent? IsBN: 1-59624-015-6 (hardcover) IsBN: 978-0-9800162-0-8 (paperback)

IsBN: 978-0-9800162-1-5

to leave her childhood behind, right now.

many children have to learn to overcome.

aBout the authoR Vanita Oelschlager is a wife, mother, grandmother, philanthropist, former teacher, current caregiver, author and poet. She is a graduate of Mt. Union College in Alliance, Ohio, where she currently serves as a Trustee. Vanita is also Writer in Residence for the Literacy Program at The University of Akron. She and her husband Jim received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in 2006. She won the Congressional “Angels in Adoption” Award for the state of Ohio in 2007 and was named National Volunteer of the Year by the MS society in 2008. Vanita was honored as 2009 Woman Philanthropist of the Year by the Summit County United Way. VanitaBooks publishes books for children ages

aBout the IllustRatoRs

4-8. stories are told in

Kristin Blackwood is a teacher and frequent illustrator of books for children. Her works of art are published in: My Grampy Can’t Walk, Let Me Bee, What Pet Will I Get?, Made in China, Big Blue, Ivy in Bloom, Ivan’s Great Fall, A Tale of Two Daddies, Bonyo Bonyo, Carrot, Elefante and Farfalla. A graduate of Kent State University, Kristin has a degree in Art History. When she isn’t designing or teaching, she enjoys being a mother to her two daughters.

the classic fable style: short tales teaching a moral or value, often through animals as the main characters. each book presents a dilemma or fear that a child may have, and resolves those issues through the loving and reassuring guidance of a parent, or through the plot of the story itself. the books are written in verse and authored by Vanita oelschlager.

VanitaBooks donates all net profits to help people with Multiple Sclerosis and to other charities where people help people help themselves.

Mike Blanc is a life-long artist. His work has illuminated countless publications for both corporate and public interests worldwide. Accomplished in traditional drawing and painting techniques, he now works almost exclusively in digital media. I Came From the Water is a collaboration with author, Vanita Oelschlager. Previous titles by Mike and Vanita include A Tale of Two Mommies, Porcupette, Bonyo Bonyo, A Tale of Two Daddies, Postcards from a War, and Francesca. Robin Hegan has many artistic talents, but enjoys illustrating children’s books the most. She is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Integrative Arts. Robin resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. Robin’s illustrations can be seen in Out of the Blue, Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries, Birds of a Feather, Mother Goose Other Goose, My Grampy Can’t Walk and The Lizard House Adventure. Joe Rossi is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer originally from Youngstown, Ohio who currently works in Akron, Ohio. He graduated Cum Laude from Youngstown State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Minor in Art History. He is the recipient of numerous Addy Awards and has had artwork published in the Official Michael Jackson Opus, by Kraken Opus. Knees is his first children's book.

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