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Advancing the Quest for Knowledge

Supporting Research at Brown

“Our faculty are among the best researchers in the world, creating new knowledge every day.” CLYDE L. BRIANT VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH

Faculty: discovering new knowledge Brown research has an impact on society and on scholarship. From the creation of an artificial ovary by Brown and hospital researchers to the discovery of a royal tomb in Guatemala by Professor Stephen Houston’s team, our faculty and students make news and help define fields. Collaboration and entrepreneurship are part of the research culture. Professor Thomas Webster, for example, has assisted in the creation of a new company, Audax, which makes materials to shore up bone defects. And Professor Justin Fallon’s team has tested a new therapy—which the University has licensed—that may result in a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Recent giving and investment have strengthened the foundation for research at Brown. We have a seed fund for interdisciplinary research, a strong patent and licensing team, and a new supercomputer. Many important interdisciplinary institutes and centers are also thriving, including the Center for Computation and Visualization, the Institute of Molecular and Nanoscience Innovation, the Cogut Humanities Center, and the Institute for Brain Sciences.   Our work is not done. We must continue to recruit the best faculty and students and to invest in our core research infrastructure. Above all, we must create and advance knowledge, a central mission of a dynamic research university.

Endowed Faculty Giving Opportunities FLEXIBLE RESEARCH FUND $250,000 – $5 MILLION

Your gift of $250,000 or more will help underwrite the research of selected faculty or academic teams, to be administered by the Provost in consultation with the Vice President for Research. Expanded research opportunities support groundbreaking discoveries and significant contributions. SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT FUND $200,000 – $3 MILLION

Your gift of $200,000 or more will greatly enhance our ability not only to conduct research in several important areas, but also to effectively recruit both junior and senior faculty members to our stateof-the-art facilities. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS $1 MILLION

Your gift of $1,000,000 will name a fund to help Brown attract and support the postdoctoral students who are tomorrow’s scholars and researchers. Outstanding postdocs attract the best faculty, assist in faculty research, and serve as teaching assistants and mentors to undergraduates.

“Our graduate students are deeply involved in ambitious faculty research projects. They deserve strong support and opportunities to present discoveries.” PETER M. WEBER DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL

Graduate students: preparing the next generation of teacher-scholars Graduate students come to Brown to pursue questions that have intrigued them for years. Doctoral candidates benefit from our exemplary side-by-side training with outstanding faculty, contribute to cutting-edge research projects, and pursue their own scholarship—all while mentoring inquisitive undergraduates. Research, publishing, and presenting papers at conferences are vital to the professional development of doctoral students. To aid that progress, the Graduate School offers several forms of support, including research and conference travel funds. Research travel grants supplement outside awards that are related to research travel; conference grants help to defray travel-related expenses for students invited to present papers. Requests for these funds, however, exceed available resources. As they contribute to their fields, our graduate students enhance Brown’s reputation as a place for innovative research and relevant study of the highest order.

“My fellowship has enabled me to study new innovations with world-renowned faculty and explore pioneering research ventures. At present, a new nanopatch I helped create may restore areas of the heart that are damaged during a heart attack.” DAVID STOUT PH.D. CANDIDATE, ENGINEERING SIMON OSTRACH ’50 GRADUATE FELLOW

Endowed Graduate Giving Opportunities G RA D U A T E FE L L OW SH I PS $ 650,000

Your gift of $650,000 will establish an endowed fellowship for outstanding graduate students. Fellowships help Brown attract the most promising young scholars and underscore the University’s commitment to research. D I SSERT A T I ON FEL L OW SH I P $ 250,000

Your gift of $250,000 will establish an endowed fund to support doctoral candidates as they complete their research and write their dissertations. T EA CH I N G A SSI ST A N T SH IP S $ 250,000

Your gift of $250,000 will endow a fund to help graduate students gain valuable teaching experience. SU M M ER RESEA RCH FEL L O W SHI P S $ 250,000

Your gift of $250,000 will endow a fund to support research and collaboration with faculty advisors during the summer months. T RA V EL FEL L OW SH I P FU N D $ 100,000

Your gift of $100,000 will establish a fund to support graduate students’ travel to archives and research sites and to present research at conferences.

“Brown undergraduates continue to amaze us with their drive, talent, and vision. We owe it to them to increase the resources available for these unique research opportunities.” KATHERINE BERGERON DEAN OF THE COLLEGE

Undergraduate students: encouraging intellectual curiosity in and beyond the classroom At a University that celebrates discovery and free inquiry, undergraduate research is part of what makes Brown “Brown.” As a short list of their recent research confirms—hyperbolic geometry, molecular beacons, Homeric Encyclopedias, terrorist financing—Brown’s reputation for academic freedom attracts innovative, enterprising undergraduates. The Dean of the College offers students two kinds of research support: • An Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) gives a student the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a carefullydesigned research project or curricular innovation. UTRAs offer fixed stipends for a fixed period of time (e.g. a semester, the summer). • The Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund provides grants of $500 and up to defray the costs of the equipment, material, or travel associated with a variety of research initiatives, including capstone projects and senior theses, independent research projects, and even supplements to an UTRA. Requests for research grants greatly exceed available resources. Your generosity will help Brown increase the number of research opportunities available to these extraordinary undergraduates.

Endowed Undergraduate Giving Opportunities U N D ERG RA D U A T E T E A CH IN G A N D RESEA RCH A W A RD S ( U T RAs) $ 50,000

Your gift of $50,000 will provide perpetual support for one student per year for a summer or three students for a semester of collaborative research and/or teaching activities with an individual faculty member. D EA N ’S U N D E RG RA D U A T E RESEA RCH FU N D $ 50,000

Your gift of $50,000 will give the Dean’s office, in perpetuity, the flexible resources to fund material, travel, or equipment costs that a student needs to pursue a research project. I N T ERN A T I ON A L U N D E RG RA D U A TE T EA CH I N G A N D RESEA RCH A W A RD S $ 100,000

Your gift of $100,000 will support one student per year for a summer of international research and/or teaching activities in collaboration with an individual faculty member. U N D ERG RA D U A T E RESEA RCH PROG RA M $ 250,000 – $ 5 M I L L I ON

Your gift of $250,000 or more will endow multiple UTRAs, International UTRAs, or Dean’s Undergraduate Research Funds. Your generosity will ensure the continued vitality of undergraduate research for generations to come.

Whether the work takes place in the dust of a Turkish village or in a dish of proteins refrigerated in the Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences, the University provides a rich array of research opportunities. As a result, students direct and deepen their academic study, form life-changing collaborations with professors, and establish a vision for life beyond Brown. Faculty, in turn, thrive on the enthusiasm of their students and welcome the vital contributions made to their own research. Expanded research funding at all levels of learning, then, is one of the University’s highest priorities—accelerating the flow of fresh ideas and perspectives across disciplinary boundaries, enhancing teaching, and elevating Brown’s reputation on the world stage.

“For two summers, the UTRA program has allowed me to pursue research opportunities not often afforded undergraduates in other institutions. The UTRAs have shaped my scientific perspective, teaching me the value of patience, flexibility, perseverance, and, equally important, when to switch gears and start over. Vesna Mitrovic, my faculty advisor, is an expert in her field; I’m hoping the demo quantum computer I’m constructing can serve as a teaching tool in her classroom.” JAMES BENSSON ’12

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Supporting Research at Brown  

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