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MARCH 2021

INSIDE n Health & Wellness Events n Esther Rolle Play n Pen to Page Writing Series

DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Dear Broward County Library Customers: March is Women’s History Month, an annual opportunity to reflect on the evolving role of women in our country’s history. A look at the past shows us that progress and resilience can happen in even the most challenging of times. More than 100 years ago, the Spanish Flu dramatically changed our world. The disastrous pandemic killed more than 50 million people. More men were affected than women due to soldiers being in close proximity during World War I. The deadly combination of the flu and war caused a worker shortage that gave unprecedented employment opportunities for women. Many of the jobs that women were acquiring were held exclusively by men before the pandemic. This dramatic increase in the presence of women in the workforce economy most certainly helped pass the Nineteenth Amendment in 1919 which granted women the right to vote. We are now living through historic, unprecedented times. Looking back just a year ago, as news of COVID-19 spread, we had no idea how much different our world would become. Who knows what permanent changes we may see in society once the current pandemic is behind us? Hopefully, some of those changes will be positive ones. If you haven’t done so, I invite you to tell us about your COVID-19 experiences and how it’s changed your life— for better or for worse. Our South Florida COVID-19 Project is an online capsule for residents to share their writings, photos, art, and more about COVID-19. Let’s document and archive our experiences for the education of future generations.



EVENTS FOR ADULTS Director’s Message...........................................................2 Women’s History Month.................................................3 Language Classes and U.S. Citizenship...............4 Health and Wellness.......................................................5 Tell Your Story, Its Your Write......................................6 Social Justice Common Read.....................................7 Pen to Page Writing Workshops................................8 Photography/Writing Workshops..............................9 Computer Classes/Built In Broward...................... 10 Business and Finance Workshops......................... 11 COVID-19 Project............................................................ 11 Book Clubs/Sun-Tattler Project................................ 12 Music, Poetry and Film............................................... 14

EVENTS FOR YOUTH Junior Maker Fest.......................................................... 13 Women’s History Month.............................................. 15 Ready for College Workshops................................. 16 Books, Music and Fun!................................................ 17

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Since coming to Broward County Library in 2019 as assistant director, I’ve been excited about enhancing the library’s customer experience. I look forward to seeking ways to improve the high standards of service Broward County Library is known for. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Broward County with outstanding and award-winning library services.


Allison Grubbs



MARCH 2021



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Women’s History Month Events

#ChooseToChallenge Yourself and Start Your Own Business 3/6 l 1-2PM l In celebration of Women’s History Month, motivational speaker/businesswoman Ayisha Thompson teaches strategies to shift your mindset, monetize your talents and launch your business. REGISTER Reggae Movement with Sista Keachia presents “We Are Royal” 3/9 l 12-1PM l Empowering Women through Movement: Connect with yourself using affirmations, visualizations, breathwork and movement. REGISTER #ChooseToChallenge Your Health 3/13 l 1-2:30PM l Learn about current women’s health issues from a panel of experts. REGISTER

Women’s History Month Trivia 3/17 l 6-7PM l Kahoot.com trivia game featuring questions about interesting women in history, songs by female musicians and more. Test your knowledge of women’s history. REGISTER 3/30 l 2PM l REGISTER

Florida Talks - Mary McLeod Bethune 3/18 l 2-3PM l Dr. Ashley Preston of the University of Florida’s African American Studies Program discusses how Mary McLeod Bethune overcame racism and changed Florida history by establishing BethuneCookman University. REGISTER #ChoosetoChallege Your Identity 3/20 l 11AM-12:30PM l Art workshop focusing on the works of photographer Cindy Sherman and South Florida paper/book artist Rosemarie Charlone; includes presentation on making your own, identitycentered paper accordion book. REGISTER #ChoosetoChallege Your Career 3/20 l 1-2:30PM l Hear from a panel of female business leaders sharing proven strategies to learn your value, earn a promotion or take your business to the next level. REGISTER #ChooseToChallenge Your World 3/27 l 1-2PM l Leap into Public Service: Patricia Russo, executive director of The Campaign School at Yale, discusses the top 10 things to consider before running for political office. REGISTER



March 4th-6th, 2021 7pm & March 7th, 2021 4pm


https://www.friendsofaarlcc.org/rollewithaarlcc https://www.friendsofaarlcc.org/ROLLEWITHAARLCC



AFRICAN AMERICAN RESEARCH LIBRARY AND CULTURAL CENTER - 2650 Sistrunk Blvd., Fort Lauderdale 33311 Broward.org/Library


MARCH 2021



Language Classes


English Café Practice English in a safe, fun atmosphere!

Beginners 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26 l 2-2:45PM l REGISTER

¡Estamos aquí para ayudarte!

Intermediate 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 l 4-5:30PM REGISTER 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24 l 12:30-1:30PM REGISTER 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25 l 12:30-1:30PM REGISTER Advanced 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29 l 10:30AM-Noon REGISTER All Levels 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31 l 10:30AM-Noon REGISTER Spanish Café: Conversational practice class for Spanish-language learners 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29 l 11:30AM-1PM Beginner’s vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. REGISTER

U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization

3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 l 5:45-6:45PM l REGISTER

4 MARCH 2021



Social Justice in South Florida Project We live in troubled times where race, racism and racial justice issues are affecting law enforcement, culture, behavior, and values. Broward County Library developed Stand Up, Speak Out: Social Justice Project to capture this moment in time for future generations. Express yourself and share your experiences using an original work to which you own the rights, in your choice of media. Journal entries, poems, drawings, music, videos, photos are welcome to be considered for this special archive.


Health & Wellness

Tai Chi for Arthritis 3/1, 3/8, 3/10, 3/15, 3/17, 3/22, 3/24, 3/29, 3/31 l Noon-1PM l With instructor Linda Marone. REGISTER Chair Yoga 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 l Noon-1PM l With registered yoga instructor Leigh Ann Russo. REGISTER Attitude is Everything! 3/12 l 11am-Noon l Learn the 10 rules for maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude. REGISTER

Healthy is the New Hot 3/15, 3/19, 3/22, 3/23, 3/26, 3/29, 3/30 l 4:15-5:15PM l Powering Forward in 2021: Virtual health and fitness program series featuring a live Q-and-A, coaching and support. Class runs from 3/15-4/9. Participants expected to commit to meeting 2-3 times a week. REGISTER Diabetes Overview 3/20 l 11AM-Noon l Tips and techniques to manage diabetes, presented by Nova Southeastern University’s Faculty of Health Sciences students and faculty. REGISTER Diabetes Overview in Español 3/20 l 2-3PM l El programa de educación de diabetes es conducido por estudiantes y profesores de la facultad de Ciencias de Salud de Nova Southeastern University. El grupo de estudiantes brindara información importante acerca de la diabetes y consejos sobre cómo controlar esta enfermedad. Esta sesión se llevará a cabo en español. REGISTER Stay Active! 3/23 l 2-3PM l Learn about ergonomics of movement, injury prevention and adaptive sports rehab. REGISTER Memory Loss 3/26 l 11AM-Noon l Normal or Not? How to Tell the Difference: Ebony Massey of Trustbridge discusses normal memory and aging and recognizing probable signs of a more serious problem. REGISTER


l MARCH 2021


It’s Your Write!

Free literary enrichment, industry insight, inspiration and motivation for writers, hear from successfully published award-winning and best selling authors.


What a Character. Tips for Creating Memorable Protagonists and Antagonists.


Writing Teen Fiction. How to write and promote work for this audience.


Writing Your Truth. A Workshop for Expression and Catharsis.


Is Procrastination your Superpower? Practical methods for avoiding distraction while racking up word count.



Oh, Florida!


Join the Club. The Ins and Outs of Running a Successful Book Club


Write Around the Corner: A Local Authors Discussion

6 MARCH 2021 l


A conversation series based on readings that explore racial inequity.

FEATURED BOOK: White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide Author: Carol Anderson SPECIAL GUEST: Melba Pearson, Esq. Director of Policies and Program, Center for the Administration of Justice, FIU

SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2021 3:00PM | Live Stream Facebook: @FMUSJI REGISTER YouTube: bit.ly/fmulive

RSVP: bit.ly/sjicommonread


l MARCH 2021


Creative Writing Workshops Broward County Library’s Pen to Page creative writing workshops led by teaching artists from Art Prevails Project. The Pen to Page workshops take place online on select Thursdays from 5:30 to 7PM and consist of five themes covered by six sessions each. Participants may choose to attend one or all of the themed sessions. Each session will be a 90-minute interactive experience in which participants will benefit from working with proven writing professionals. Art Prevails Project is a performing and literary arts organization committed to providing artistic and cultural experiences through performance and education using a multidisciplinary approach rooted in theatre and creative writing. The six-week, themed sessions address the following topics:

Truth to Power: Poetry

January 14 • January 21 • January 28 • February 4 February 11 • February 18

Vocalized Poetry

March 4 • March 11 • March 18 • March 25 • April 1 • April 8

Who am I? Personal Narrative/Memoir April 29 • May 6 • May 13 • May 20 • May 27 • June 3

On Journey: Personal Narrative/Memoir June 17 • June 24 • July 1 • July 8 • July 15 • July 22

Painting with Words: Varied Genres of Writing August 5 • August 12 • August 19 • August 26 September 2 • September 9


Facebook.com/ArtPrevailsProject Broward.org/Library

l MARCH 2021



Writing & Photography Workshops Showcasing through the Lens 3/1 l 3-5PM l Online Class 3/8 l 3-4PM l Online meet-up and critique Make photography work for your business! This free, four-part course includes a monthly class and meet-up session. Part 3: Make It Your Business, explores the business of photography and how you can make money with your photo equipment, either as a complement to your current business or as professional photographer. REGISTER

IT’S YOUR WRITE! MARCH h c r a 27 n 10 AM-5 PM

Pen to Page Writing Workshop Series 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25 l 5:30-7PM l Vocalized Poetry: Explore your creativity in this interactive, online writing class with instructors from the Art Project, take one class or all! REGISTER

What a Character With Diane A.S. Stuckart 10-11AM l Find out how to craft fictional people who spring from the pages to keep your readers entertained and enthralled and learn techniques you can apply to your own protagonists and antagonists.

Creating Settings that Sizzle with Nancy J. Cohen 3/13 l 2-3PM l Learn how to make your fictional world come alive and leave with a checklist of items to help set your story in a memorable universe of your own. REGISTER

Writing Teen Fiction With Jaimie Engle 11AM-Noon l Learn how to capture the voice of a teenager as you write Young Adult (YA) fiction.


Writing Your Truth With Elisa Albo Noon-1PM l Writing workshop based on a presentation from the anthology Grabbed: Poets and Writers on Sexual Assault, Empowerment, and Healing. Is Procrastination your Superpower? With Cheryl Hollon 1-2PM l Practical methods for avoiding distraction and procrastination while writing.

Oh, Florida! With Craig Pittman 2-3PM l Join the author of Oh, Florida! How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country for a discussion of the importance and influence of the Sunshine State. Join the Club: The Ins and Outs of Running a Successful Book Club 3-4PM l Panel discussion showcasing what you need to know to run your own sustainable book club. Write Around the Corner: A Local Authors Discussion 4-5PM l South Florida authors talk about the pros and cons of self-publishing, where to find inspiration, and how to market your stories within your community.

REGISTER Broward.org/Library

l MARCH 2021



BUILT IN BROWARD! Free Online Marketing Workshops

Computer Classes CompuCybercrime Fighters 3/3 l 2-3PM l Explore privacy modes and settings. REGISTER iPad Essentials 3/4 l 1-2PM l The basics of your iPad operating system iPadOS. REGISTER PowerPoint 3/8 l 5-6PM l Place charts, graphs and pictures into your PowerPoint presentations. REGISTER Internet Safety and Social Media 3/9 l 2-2:30PM l Basic internet safety, including web browsers, URL identification and secure websites. REGISTER Clases de Computadora en Español 3/9 l 3-4PM l Esta clase le mostrará cómo mejorar realmente su seguridad en línea fácilmente utilizando una aplicación de administrador de contraseñas. REGISTER Phishing and Email Safety 3/16 l 2-2:30PM l Protect yourself from online scams and fraud. REGISTER Adobe Premiere Pro Beyond the Basics 3/17 l 11AM-12:30PM l Audio effects, green screen, stills and graphics, make in-depth usage of keyframes for animation on objects, and more. REGISTER iPhone Essentials iOS 14 Part 1 l 3/16 l 2-2:30PM Master all of the functions you need to get started including Internet connections, phone calls, text messages and more. REGISTER Part II l 3/23 l 2-3PM Review new features within iOS14 and accessibility settings for people with disabilities. REGISTER Computer Camp: Computer Basics 3/30 l 1-1:45PM l Hardware and Software. REGISTER 10 MARCH 2021 l


Femtech: The Future of Womxn’s Health Join us for a panel discussion featuring innovative thought leaders as they discuss their journey, challenges, and differentiators in the womxn’s health-tech industry. Thursday, March 4, 6-7:15PM, Register

Data Analytics with Tableau Find out how to use Tableau software to connect to, interpret and analyze data. Explore sample data sets and then create your ownTableau Dashboard. Thursday, March 18, 6-8PM, Register

Get the Picture: Creating Infographics and Data Visualizations Learn how to turn raw data or dense information into a clear visual story through infographics and data visualization. This is an interactive class, so bring along an idea for a visualization that you’d like to create, and pens and paper so that we can sketch it out. Thursday, March 25, 6-8PM, Register Built in Broward is sponsored by the Libraries Build Business (LLB), an initiative of the American Library Association funded by Google.org. Presented in partnership with General Assembly


Business & Finance Workshops YOU GOT THIS! WORKSHOP SERIES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES AND START-UPS Building Your Nest Egg for Retirement 3/3 l 7-9PM l REGISTER Establishing Winning Technology and Data 3/10 l 7-9PM l REGISTER How to Develop Effective Presentation Skills 3/17 l 7-9PM l REGISTER Tech Talk Weekly 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25 l 4-4:15PM l Broward County Library’s new talk show, recorded live every Thursday at 4PM, featuring dynamic speakers and topics including popular technology, makerspace news and updates on the library’s latest tech offerings. REGISTER


Free online marketing workshop series focused on teaching participants the steps needed to create their own tech, freelance business. Femtech 3/4 l 6-7:15PM l The Future of Womxn’s Health: Join us for a panel discussion featuring innovative thought leaders as they discuss their journey, challenges, and differentiators in the womxn’s health-tech industry. REGISTER

Inside Out Social Media Explosion 3/17 l 1-2PM l Instagram: Learn the latest tricks and tools to build your business on social media, presented by brand engineer and “ManifestHer”coach Quadeera Teart. REGISTER Awesome Online Meetings 3/18 l 11AM-Noon l Leverage your laptop (or desktop), your body language and a variety of tips and tools for online meetings that engage and involve your participants. REGISTER Creation Station Monthly 3/23 l 4-5PM l Monthly show featuring creative people from outside Broward County discussing what being creative means to them and how they use their creativity in their personal and professional life. REGISTER Money Never Sleeps 3/25 l Noon-1PM l Money Never Sleeps: SCORE workshop focusing on alternative funding for small businesses and entrepreneurs. REGISTER

South Florida C VID-19 Project Broward County Library developed the COVID-19 Project to capture this moment for future generations. Express your COVID-19 experiences using original work to which you own the rights in your choice of media. Journal entries, poems, drawings, music, videos, photos and more will be considered for this special South Florida archive.

Data Analytics with Tableau 3/18 l 6-7:15PM l Explore visual data discovery using Tableau software. REGISTER Creating Infographics and Data Visualizations 3/25 l 6-7:15PM l Learn how to turn raw data or dense information into a clear visual story through infographics and data visualization. REGISTER Rebounding from Covid-19 3/11 l Noon-1PM l Make Your Credit Score Soar: Learn how to revamp your finances and improve your credit score. REGISTER Broward.org/Library

l MARCH 2021



Book Clubs Jewish Book Review Series 3/8 l 10-11AM l The Song of the Jade Lily by Kirsty Manning, presented in partnership with the Institute of Jewish Knowledge and Learning. REGISTER

The Sun-Tattler

Digitization Project

Bonding with Books 3/10 l 10:30AM-Noon l Discuss recent reads or old favorites. REGISTER Book Bunch Online Book Discussion 3/16 l 3:30-4:30PM l Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. REGISTER Readers Online Book Club 3/17 l 4-5PM l The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis. REGISTER Hoopla Book Club Hub 3/25 l 2-3PM l Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. REGISTER Broward Library Spanish Book Club 3/25 l 4-5PM l Cuentos completos de Marvel Moreno. REGISTER Happy Hour Book Club 3/25 l 6-7PM l REGISTER South Florida Social Justice Common Read 3/27 l 3-4PM l White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson. REGISTER

Walk-up/Driveup Service Even though Broward County Library buildings are now open to the public, we are continuing our convenient curbside service. You can reserve books, DVDs and other library materials using the online catalog or by calling your local library.

Locations and Hours 12 MARCH 2021 l



Broward County Library preserves South Florida history As the Broward County Libraries Division deals with the long-standing challenge of how to both preserve and provide improved access to historic newspapers, it has taken an ambitious approach. A dedicated team of highly trained technicians are in the process of digitizing the local Sun-Tattler newspaper to make it both searchable and browsable. The SunTattler newspaper was established in 1935 as the Hollywood Sun. It was combined with the South Broward Tattler in 1942, when it adopted the Hollywood Sun-Tattler name it would use for most of its history. The Sun Tattler was sold SUN-TATTLER COMIC STRIP to the Dallas Times Herald in 1989 before it folded in 1991. To date, we have created a digital reproduction and processed more than a hundred thousand pages. The goal of the digitization team is to concentrate on making the entire run of the SunTattler (1935-1989) available and to bring historical research to life for both librarians and researchers.




April 3 • 11AM-3:30 PM Since kids can’t come to the Junior Maker Fest this year, the event will come to them! Families can pick up Maker Fest Kits at the South Regional/Broward College Library, or call 954-201-8821 to request a kit to pick up at their local branch library.

11-11:45AM • Make a Windsock! (Recommended for children ages 3-5 years)

Noon-12:45PM • Construct a 3-D Paper Castle! (Recommended for children ages 6-12 years)

1-1:45PM • Building with Cornstarch Blocks (Recommended for children ages 3-5 years)

2-2:45PM • Make Two Mini Treasure Boxes (Recommended for children ages 6-12 years)

3-3:30PM • Tech For Kids @ Your Library (Recommended for children ages 6-12 years)



l MARCH 2021



Music, Poetry & Film Chopin for All 3/13 l 3-4PM l Join us for a conversation and exclusive performance watch party with Talon Smith, 2020 National Chopin Piano Competition winner. REGISTER Poetry Club 3/16 l 2-3PM l Share your poems, explore the world of poetry and improve your skills. REGISTER FUN: Virtual Ukulele Play & Sing-along Hour 3/16 l 5-6PM l Join host Laura and other performers from Florida Ukulele Network in a live hour of strumming and singing to ukulele favorites. REGISTER Friday Movie Matinee Discussion 3/26 l 3-4PM l Join us for a lively virtual discussion with Professor Tas Salini, instructor of film history and film appreciation at Broward College. REGISTER

Job Search & Career Help Employability Skills Workshop Series Presented by employability expert Joyce Mandel. Goal Setting 3/8 l 10:30-11:30AM l REGISTER Job Searching 3/8 l 12:30-1:30PM l REGISTER Staying Motivated While Job Searching 3/9 l 10:30-11:30AM l REGISTER Effective Communication 3/9, 12:30-1:30PM l REGISTER Interview Skills 3/10 l 10:30-11:30AM l REGISTER The Do’s and Don’ts of Resumé and Cover Letters 3/15 l 3-4PM l Learn how to create or update your resumé and cover letter to make it stand out from the crowd. REGISTER

14 MARCH 2021 l

Job Seekers Workshop 3/24 l 2-3PM l Learn how to conduct a successful job search using free library/community resources and how to create a great resumé, cover letter and work history document. REGISTER Broward.org/Library


Women’s History Month

Tweens & Teens Anime Club 3/9 l 5-5:45PM l Discuss women manga authors. REGISTER #Choose to Challenge: Inspiration and Motivation for Young Writers and Artists 3/10 l 2-3PM l Join us for an inspiring conversation with two award-winning creators: author/engineer/ STEM educator Christina Soontornvat and author/ illustrator Lauren Castillo. REGISTER

s Live Tutoring s Writing Lab s Test Prep s Learning


#ChoosetoChallenge: The Rosa Parks Story Through Sliding Doors 3/20 l 3-4PM l Storyteller Linda Gorham tells Rosa Parks’ riveting story through the eyes of Claudette Colvin, the African American teenager arrested on a bus six months before Parks; White bus driver James Blake and civil rights icon Rosa Parks. REGISTER



l MARCH 2021



Books, Music & Fun! My First Fine Arts Series: Electronic Hip Hop Family Concert with Pierce Freelon 3/7 l 2-2:30PM l Preschoolers and their families are invited to enjoy fun raps and songs that are just for kids. REGISTER STEM Games: Kitchen Chemistry 3/9 l 11AM-Noon l Learn about STEM concepts, play collaborative online games and work as a team to escape a STEM-themed virtual breakout room, recommended for ages 6 and up. REGISTER STEM for Kids: Secret Agents 3/13 l 11AM-Noon l Explore the science behind secret messages and make your own code, recommended for children ages 6 and up. REGISTER Tweens & Teens Anime Club 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 l 5-5:45PM l Discuss graphic novels, television, movies, illustration and pop culture related to Japanese animation. 3/9: Special Women’s History Month Anime Club: Women Manga Authors. REGISTER Family Deep Dives 3/11 l 4-4:45PM l Get the inside story and Q&A time with experts in science, history, community services and more, recommended for ages 6 and up. REGISTER Caldecott Bookopoly: Featuring Honeybees 3/11 l 4:30-5:30PM l In honor of Randolph Caldecott’s 125th birthday, listen to Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera by Candace Fleming (read by youth service librarians from Southwest Regional Library) then play Kahoot! book trivia. REGISTER Music and Movement for Kids 3/15 l 10:30-11AM l Sing and dance with Miss Autumn in this active program for little ones who are mobile. REGISTER Cyber Babies 3/18 l 10:30-11:30AM l Join Miss Autumn for finger plays, songs, and lots of fun for the littlest of our customers. REGISTER

16 MARCH 2021 l


Virtual Tween Book Club Featuring Lemons by Melissa Savage 3/20 l 2-3PM l We bring the discussion & Kahoot Trivia game, you bring the snacks! REGISTER STEM for Tweens: Spy School 101 with the International Spy Museum 3/23 l 11AM-Noon l Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Use your observation skills and work with others to explore the shadow world of international espionage, recommended for ages 8 and up. REGISTER Dr. Seuss’ Birthday with Literary Creations 3/25 l 11AM-Noon l Listen to a story, draw/build or create something based on the story and then share your masterpiece with others. REGISTER

Learn a New Language for Free!

TEENS Virtual Teen Advisory Board 3/13 and 3/27 l 1-2PM l Earn volunteer service hours while helping your community and having fun! Join the Board to help with library events and offer input on library collection and program developments. REGISTER NSU-Alvin Sherman Library Virtual Teen Volunteer Orientation 3/13 l 3-4PM l Become a volunteer at the Alvin Sherman Library; help librarians with projects and special events, implement and assist with programs for children and more. REGISTER Tweens & Teens Anime Club 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 l 5-5:45PM l Discuss graphic novels, television, movies, illustration and pop culture related to Japanese animation 3/9: Special Women’s History Month Anime Club: Women Manga Authors. REGISTER

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READY FOR COLLEGE: Attention high school juniors and seniors – get college-ready with free workshops on scholarships, test prep and more! Parents/guardians – encourage your teen to attend each test practice session and complete homework and assignments. REGISTER SAT Reading Fundamentals and Test-Taking (Session 5/Prepares for 3/13 SAT) 3/2 l 4-5:15PM • Techniques SAT Reading Practice Test Drill & Review & Full Practice Test (Session 6/Prepares for 3/13 SAT) 3/4 l 4:30-6PM SAT Math Test Day Test-Taking Techniques

Session 6/Prepares for 3/13 SAT)

3/9 l 4-5:15PM College Readiness Workshop - It’s Never Too Late to Apply for College: Applications and Options 3/9 l 4:30-6PM ACT English Fundamentals & Test-Taking Techniques (Session 1/Prepares for 4/17 ACT) 3/15 l 4-5:15PM College Readiness Workshop - Student Athletes and Athletic Scholarships 3/16 l 4:30-6PM ACT English Practice Test Drill & Review

(Session 2/Prepares for 4/17 ACT)

3/18 l 4-5:15PM ACT Reading Fundamentals and TestTaking Techniques (Session 3/Prepares for 4/17 ACT) 3/22 l 4-5:15PM College Readiness Workshop - Student Aid: Complete the FAFSA Application 3/23 l 4:30-6PM ACT Reading Practice Test Drill & Review (Session 4/Prepares for 4/17 ACT)

3/25 l 4-5:15PM ACT Math Fundamentals & Test-Taking Techniques (Session 5/Prepares for 4/17 ACT) 3/29 l 4-5:15PM College Readiness Workshop - SAT/ACT and College Info Session for Teens/Parents 3/30 l 5:30-6:30PM Broward.org/Library

l MARCH 2021





BROWARD COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS — An Equal-Opportunity Employer Mark D. Bogen • Lamar Fisher • Beam Furr • Steve Geller • Dale V.C. Holness • Nan H. Rich • Tim Ryan • Barbara Sharief • Michael Udine



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Broward County Library March 2021 Magazine  

Broward County Library's events for children, teens and adults. Explore free online events for all ages including storytimes, book discussio...

Broward County Library March 2021 Magazine  

Broward County Library's events for children, teens and adults. Explore free online events for all ages including storytimes, book discussio...

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