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Chapter 3 Region and Commission Participation Participation in the different AFC Region meetings and Commission conferences held this year has been one of the main goals of the Broward Chapter. Networking with colleagues across the state and with AFC representatives from the Central Office in Tallahassee infused a sense of membership and belonging. In this section the Broward College AFC Chapter President, Dr. Xiao Wang, presents dated reports and communications reflecting activity of all members at large. Active members show attendance at the different conferences held in the state by submitting proof of participation as displayed in this chapter.



(Left to right) Broward College AFC members attending a Region V convention: Vernon Jones, Dalila Rodriguez, James Evans, Primrose Culmer, Frank Kurz, Anne Berman, Jim Lansing and Xiao Wang.

(Right to left) Broward College AFC members Denise Brown, Oliyunka Tella and James Evans with insurance representatives for students.

(Left to right) Broward College AFC members Anne Berman, Xiao Wang and Jim Lansing.







Chapter Presidents Meeting, Deerfield Beach, August 2010

(Left to right) Jim Lansing, Anne Berman, Michael Bauer and Xiao Wang.

Chapter Presidents Meeting, Deerfield Beach, August 2010


Student Development Commission Conference – Gainesville, Fl. May 19th, 2011 Denise,

On behalf of the Spring Student Development Conference Program Committee, your proposal to present on “How to Energize Students” has been accepted. Congratulations and we look forward to Seeing you in Gainesville in May! Your presentation will be in the Concurrent Session I block which is 10:15-11:15AM on Thursday, May 19.

If you have not yet registered for the conference, I have attached the link for you. If you have any questions please feel free to email or phone and thank you again for your involvement in the spring conference.

Best Regards, ~Lynn

Lynn Sullivan College Registrar Santa Fe College Gainesville, FL (352) 395-5514




Yearbook 2010-11 Chapter 3  

Yearbook 2010-11 Chapter 3

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