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Dear customer, Brouwland is going to surprise you. Even in 2009 ! Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work on a programme of revamps. Now it’s high time we unveiled them. And now we proudly present : • New logo As a loyal customer, you’ll certainly have noticed : this info leaflet comes dressed up in new garb. Both the BROUWLAND logo and website have been given a thorough makeover. So be sure to go We’d like to know what you think !

• Brouwland Academy Do you fancy brewing your own beer, but don’t know how ? Would you like to have the basic techniques of wine-making under your belt ? From this summer we’re running a wide-ranging series of workshops and courses. You’ll find out more in our next info leaflet.

• Changed opening hours Our Beverlo showroom is available to all. From now on we’re open all day Monday to Friday 09.00 to 18.00 hrs, and Saturday 09.00 to 17.00 hrs. If you want to take a larger order away or would like more information about machines, please contact us in advance. In this way we’re able to provide the best possible assistance.

• Brouwland Services Do you have a concern over wine, beer or spirits? Would you like to have an analysis carried out ? Brouwland will be able to provide this service from June 2009. You’ll find a full summary of analyses on our website. If you wish, we’ll even come to your premises to give advice.

• Improved organisation In view of our past growth, and thinking about you as our customer, we’ve strengthened our organisation. Our 32 staff are always ready to advise and assist.

• Brouwland Wholesale With our comprehensive distribution network and closer collaboration with them in 2009, you’ll be able to buy even more Brouwland products locally, closer to your home. So be sure to look out for Brouwland products at your favourite retailer. You don’t know of any retailer near you ? Then check for retailers in your area.

And there we have it. Brouwland would like to be your partner par excellence in wine-making, beer-brewing & spirit-distilling in 2009. There are now extra services available for the professional user, too. You will find them in the enclosure. Bart Balis, manager Korspelsesteenweg 86, B-3581 Beverlo-België • Tel. +32(0)11-40.14.08 • Fax +32(0)11-34.73.59 •

Make your own wine ! Wine filter

Complete set for wine filtration. Filters by pressing through 2 filter plates. Model with large tank capacity of 11 litres. Special leak proof filter unit due to extra seals. Uses Vinoferm® filter pads 22 cm diameter. Included: 2 FREE filter pads “FINE”

Filter pads

Original Vinoferm® filter disks of 22 cm diameter for use in the Vinamat and Vinoferm wine filters and similar filter housings.



Filter 11 l complete


Filter unit

€ 68,46


Pressure tank 11 l

€ 65,56

Price 25 pcs.


€ 129,95


2 pcs.



€ 3,33 019.013.2


€ 30,96



€ 3,33 019.014.0

€ 30,96



€ 4,84 019.016.5

€ 43,10

Filter pads for MINI-JET

Wine filter electric MINI-JET

The ideal filter for small quantities (max. 40 l at time). With its incorporated self-priming pump, this filter will filter up to 20 litres of wine in only 15 minutes. Filtering surface: 465 cm2. Uses 3 filter pads. Very easy to use ! Dimensions: 30 cm x 18 cm x 14 cm. Weight : 3 kg. 019.040.5 € 239,00

Filter pads in pressed cardboard with kieselguhr, for 019.040.5. Packed per 3 and available in 3 gradations.

Wine filter electric SUPER-JET

Filter pads for SUPER-JET



019.041.3 Coarse

€ 2,61

019.042.1 Fine

€ 2,69

019.043.9 Sterile (blocks yeast)

€ 2,92

Filter pads in pressed cardboard with kieselguhr, for 019.045.4. Packed per 3 and available in 3 gradations.

The ideal filter for somewhat larger quantities. With its incorporated self-priming pump this filter will filter up to 50 litres of wine in only 15 minutes time. Filtering surface : 1200 cm² . Uses 3 filter pads. Very easy to use. Weight: 13 kg. Dim. : 49 cm x 46 cm x 26 cm. 019.045.4 € 448,99




€ 4,48



€ 4,78


Sterile (blocks yeast)

€ 5,00

INOX plate filter 2020 with electric pump

Semi-professional model for wine or beer. Uses filter pads of 20 x 20 cm. With a heavy stainless steel body and electric pump. The pump can also be used separately for siphoning. The mentioned capacities are for wine. For beer, the capacity can decrease down to 1/3rd.


Filter pads 20 x 20

Made from pressed cellulose pulp with kieselguhr. 20 x 20 cm for filter pads 019.035.xx. 25 pieces per pack.

for 6 plates for 10 to 30 plates






0,24 m2


€ 597,99



0,40 m2


€ 863,59



0,80 m2


€ 945,60



1,20 m2


€ 996,89



Rubber ring


€ 1,15



019.110.6 KD1 very coarse

€ 29,80

019.111.4 KD3 coarse

€ 29,80

019.112.2 KD5 fine

€ 29,80

019.113.0 KD7 very fine

€ 29,80

019.108.0 KD10 ultra fine

€ 29,80


KDS15 Sterile (blocks yeast)

€ 40,33

Oak chips AMERICAN

American oak chips add more vanilla-like taste to your wine. Medium toasted chips can add almond and caramel flavour to your wines and are mainly used in light wines. Heavy toasted chips give a more nutty and roasted flavour to wines and are mainly used in heavy and full wines. Dosage : 5-30 g/10 l wine. Contact time : a few days to 3 months. Can be added to the must or wine (or beer).


TA ST EO UR DU OAK RI NG CHIP OU S T R O RE PE ATE NH D Oak chips OU TES SE TW FRENCH IN ! ES Let your wine or beer age “in oak” without an oak barrel! It can, thanks to these French Oak Chips with controlled, guaranteed quality and toasting. Much cheaper than an oak barrel. Dosage: 5-30 g/10 l wine. Contact time : a few days to 3 months. Can be added to both the must or to wine (or beer).


006.152.3 1 kg 006.150.7 22,7 kg

€ 4,24

006.157.2 1 kg 006.155.6 22,7 kg

€ 13,33

006.140.8 22,7 kg

€ 299,29


€ 4,33

€ 5,35

006.146.5 250 g

€ 13,61

€ 17,25

006.147.3 1 kg

€ 218,56

The ideal hydrometer for all wine- and beermakers. With 3 coloured scales (density, sugar content and potential alcohol degree) . With extended instructions. Range : 0.990 - 1.170 S.G. 0-360 g/l sugar. 0-20°vol.% pot. alcohol content. Large accurate model. Length : 26 cm. Needs a measuring cylinder in glass of 200 ml (014.023.6) or 250 ml (014.005.3) measuring cylinder in plastic.

€ 17,25

006.142.4 1 kg

€ 211,83


€ 5,35

006.141.6 250 g

Oak chips AMERICAN HEAVY TOAST 006.156.4 250 g



Oak chips AMERICAN MEDIUM TOAST 006.151.5 250 g


006.145.7 22,7 kg

€ 331,21


Complete set for an easy and quick determination of acidity in red and white wines : measure the wine, drip blue indicator in the wine until the colour turns blue, read the acidity level imediately ! Contains 1 special measuring cylinder, 1 bottle of Vinoferm blue indicator and litmus paper. Very easy to use. With extensive instructions. Also suitable for the determination of free sulphite, but then a iodic solution must be used (013.056.7).





€ 6,50


Cylinder 200 ml

€ 2,73

013.049.2 Acidometer complete


Cylinder 250 ml

€ 10,19


014.054.2 Glass cylinder 20 ml


€ 13,50 € 5,46

THE no-rinse, environmental friendly cleaner for all light duty cleaning in just one treatment ! Active oxygen minimizes the contact time and guarantees a hygienic cleaning. Dosage : 4 g/litre hot water. Contact time : 2-5 minutes.

New packaging Chemipro® OXI ! Due to the European ADR-regulations, Chemipro® OXI can no longer be sold in 2 kg packagings and more. In consequence, they will no longer be sold by Brouwland. The Chemipro® OXI 500 g will also be removed from our stock. From now on, Chemipro® OXI will only be available in packagings of 100 g and 1 kg.



004.055.0 100 g

€ 2,95

004.059.2 1 kg

€ 6,95


Cultivate your own yeasts ! Inoculation loop handle 20 cm + 2 loops SS

Stainless steel inoculation loops are indispensable for regular yeast cultivation. Easily to flame sterilize. 2 stainless steel inoculation loops included.


€ 8,95

Cryo tubes with beads

Steril vials filled with 25 pearls and containing a special hypertonic cryopreservative solution for long term storage and cultivation of yeast cultures. Instructions included. Packed by 4 pieces.


€ 14,96

BIOFERM yeast culture set

Get your own yeast bank fermenting with this basic kit! It contains everything you need to cultivate yeast: 1 set of cryo tubes with pearls, 5 sterile loops, 5 sterile spreading spatulas, 1 petri dish, 3 test tubes with screw cap and agaragar. Complete with directions for use.


€ 32,95

Petri dish

In thick and sturdy glass. Indispensable for cultivating yeast and yeast inspections. Dimensions : 80 x 15 mm.

Inoculation loop sterile

Sterile, disposable polystyrene inoculation loops. Individually sterile packed per 10. 1 µl. Length : 200 mm


€ 3,98

Cell spatula sterile

Cell spatula for taking swabs of yeast cultures. With curved end to avoid damage to e.g. media. Thickness : 3 mm. Length approx. 145 x 40 mm. Individual sterile packed per 5.


€ 3,31

Refillable spraybottle

Fill this handy refillable spraybottle with alcohol, iodophor etc for a swift sterilization of all small materials. Ideal for yeast cultivation. Stainless steel. Delivered empty. Content : 200 ml.


€ 12,89

Bunsen burner LABOGAZ 206 Handy lab burner from the well know brand Campingaz. With adjustable flame. Easy to use due to the quickly exchangeable C206 buthane gas cartridges (available in garden centres, do-ityourself shops etc). Ideal for flame sterilisation of metal inoculation loops etc. Brouwland does not sell the C206 cartridges. It is not permitted by the transport company.



€ 2,26


€ 28,50

VI DU SIT Wyeast yeasts RI TH NG E W OU YE R O AS PE T-S Why liquid yeasts ? T N Yeast plays an important role in the quality of your beer and wine. The use of liquid yeast will HO AND give your beer and wine more specific and diversified aromas for each type. US E! Wyeast is the world’s largest supplier of liquid yeasts for homebrewers and hobby winemakers. Specific yeast strains of well-known beers and wines have been isolated and propagated in their laboratories. Thanks to the “smackpack” every homebrewer and wine maker can now enjoy these quality yeast strains. Using them is very simple : take a “smackpack” out of the refrigerator, give the sachet a good “smack” with the flat of your hand to break the inner membrane, shake well and leave the pack to swell at room temperature. Once swollen, you have a ready-made pure and sterile yeast culture. Cut the sachet open and pour the contents into your cooled wort.

Beer yeast Smackpack PROPAGATOR


For homebrewer : sufficient for direct addition in up to 10 l of wort. Sterile smackpack. Contains 50 ml, nutrient included. Long conservation possible : 6-12 months after production date. Instruction for making yeast starters included.


Meant for the larger homebrewer or small microbrewery : sufficient for direct addition in up to 20 l of wort. Sterile smackpack. Contains 125 ml, nutritient included. More then 3.5 times more yeast ! Long conservation possible : 6-12 months after production date. Ideal for those who want to avoid making a yeast starter.


Wine yeast

For microbreweries. Professional packing with 1 litre of highly concentrated yeast slurry of guaranteed quality. Delivered direct from WYEAST to you by FEDERAL EXPRESS. Conservation : 2 weeks. Contact our wholesale department for information, prices, yearly contracts etc. Available for ALL types.


€ 6,25

Refrigerated package

Yeast suspension


€ 8,95


€ 143,10





Fermentation FROM

€ 8,95

For the amateur winemaker. Sterile packaging in special “smackpack”. It is possible to set up a sterile yeast culture in 12-24 hours. Each pack contains enough to get started with a maximum of 20 litres must. Long shelf-life : 6-12 months from date of manufacture. Clear directions for use included.




FATHER’S DAY HA IDEA V NG EA OU TA BEER KITS R BREWFERM beer concentrates have already undergone the major part of the breOP STE wing process. Just before the final stage this process is interrupted and the liquid evaEN porated until the beer concentrates are left. All you have to do is add water and sugar HO to obtain, after fermentation, 7 to 20 litres of beautiful natural beer. US E






A light, blond, thirstquenching beer for every day. Original gravity : 1.042. ABV : 4.5%

Amber coloured beer with a noble bitterness and a soft, refreshing flavour. Original gravity : 1.055. ABV : 5.5%.

Dark brown, full-bodied with a malty flavour. A divine beer requiring long maturation. Original gravity : 1.070. ABV : 8%.

(makes 12 or 20 litres)


(makes 12 litres)


(makes 9 litres)







Strong brown beer with a pleasant malty flavour : a real dessert beer. Requires a long maturation. Original gravity : 1.065. ABV : 7.5%.

A copper coloured summer beer with a light sourness but with a sweet aftertaste. Original gravity : 1.060. ABV : 6.5%.

Fiery gold in colour with a soft flavour and a high alcohol content : a devilish beer ! Original gravity : 1.075. ABV : 8%.

(makes 7 litres)


(makes 15 litres)




A very aromatic dark brown beer, with liquorice overtones and a medium alcohol content. Original gravity : 1.060. ABV : 6%.

A luxury, thirst-quenching, pils-style beer with a full taste and a pleasant bitterness. Original gravity : 1.053,. ABV : 5.5%.

(makes 12 litres)


(makes 9 litres)



056.059.9 A thirst-quenching, very light, slightly cloudy blonde beer with a refreshing flavour and a marvellous aroma: a genuine ‘witbier”. Original gravity : 1.052. ABV : 5%.







A gold coloured beer with a subtle “herbal” aroma and a full, malty flavour with a light fruitiness. Original gravity : 1.075. ABV : 8%.

A heavenly abbey beer: gold coloured, soft but strong with a full malty flavour. Slightly spiced and well hopped. Original gravity : 1.075. ABV : 8%.

Refreshing beer with a delicious, delicate aroma. Perfect for hot summers or as a surprising aperitif. Original gravity : 1.053. ABV : 5.5%.

(makes 9 litres)


(makes 9 litres)




(makes 12 litres)



Starters kit DELUXE

With this very complete starters kit, you´ve got all the materials you need to brew your beers at home from kits. Plastic graduated brewing bucket 30 l with tap. Fermentation bucket 30 l with tap, thermometer strip and airlock. Special bottle filling device. Brew spoon. Crown capper. 100 crown corks. Bottle brush. Cleaning product. Hydrometer and measuring cylinder to check the fermentation. 056.041.7



WHEAT BEER (makes 15 litres)

(makes 12 litres)



€ 55,14



FATHER’S DAY HA V IDEA NG EA OU MX MALT TA R EXTRACT PACKS OP STE EN Ready-to-go packs for brewing your own beer at home with malt extract powder. If you find brewing from malt/grains too difficult, or don’t have enough time for it, these packs are a good solution. HO The actual mashing process is no longer needed. Your work consists of boiling the wort, leaving it to cool and US fermenting the beer. Every pack, carefully made up by our master brewer, is enough to brew 10 litres of beer. E




€ 19,95

Dark-blonde full-flavoured tripel with a fruity touch and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Alcohol : 7.2 vol. %. Bitterness : 27 EBU. Colour : 23 EBC. Original gravity : 1072.


€ 19,95

Gregorius Deep reddish, very mild beer with a slightly sweet taste and low bitterness. Alcohol : 5.6 vol.%. Bitterness : 22 EBU. Colour : 66 EBC. Original gravity : 1054. 052.062.7

€ 19,95

Palido Fresh and spicy, thirst-quenching wheat beer with a somewhat higher alcohol content. Alcohol : 5.8 vol.%. Bitterness : 17 EBU. Colour : 13 EBC. Original gravity : 1057. 052.063.5


€ 19,95

A blond beer with a fruity aroma thanks to the high fermentation and a soft bitterness due to the use of the noble Hersbrucker hop. Alcohol : 5 vol. %. Bitterness : 30 EBU. Colour : 10 EBC. Original gravity : 1050. 052.064.3


€ 19,95

Amber coloured lighty sweet and slightly hopped beer. Well balanced put together out of 3 malt extracts and a hallertau hop variety. Alcohol : 5 vol. %. Bitterness : 27 EBU. Colour : 27 EBC. Original gravity : 1050.

Starters kit MX


The most complete equipment kit for “extract brewing” at home. With electric stainless steel brew kettle 29 litres WITH thermostat and tap, hop boiling bags, 30 l brewing bucket with airlock and tap, wort chiller, brew spoon, hydrometer and measuring cylinder,, siphon with bottle filler, CHEMIPRO® OXI cleaning product, a crown capper with 100 crowns and instructions.


€ 358,99 7



SE E U T AS HO T MALT KITS A PEN E You want to brew some beer from grain, but you don’t have a recipe O V at hand or you don’t know how to get started ? These ready-to-use malt kits HA OUR from BREWFERM® are the ideal solution. Containing all ingredients required G IN to brew 15-20 litres of beer : malts, necessary special grains (wheat, corn flakes etc.),

hops, necessary herbs and a dry brewing yeast. Assembled by our master brewer according to proven recipes and packed for optimal freshness. With comprehensive instructions and clear mashing schedule.

Starters kit SUPERIOR GAS

The most complete starter equipment set for grain brewers wishing to brew with gas heating.

Contains : • Maltmill with adjustable fineness. • Gas burner with 2 meter propane gas hose. • Enamel brew kettle 27 l. • Mash scoop 3 l. • Hop boiling bags. • Lauter tun 30 l. • Copper wort chiller with connection hoses and connectors. • Brewing spoon. • Graduated measuring jug 5 l. • Brewing thermometer -10° +110°C with protective cover. • Hydrometer and measuring cylinder. • Fermentation bin 30 l with airlock and tap. • Siphon with bottle filler. • Chemipro® OXI cleaning product. • Iodine tincture. • Crown capper with 100 crown corks. • Manual. 057.001.8

Starters kit SUPERIOR ELEKTRIC The most complete starter equipment set for grain brewers.

Contains : • Maltmill with adjustable fineness. • Electric stainless steel brew kettle 29 l with thermostat and tap. • Mash scoop 3 l. • Hop boiling bags. • Lauter tun 30 l. • Copper wort chiller with connection hoses and connectors. • Brewing spoon. • Graduated measuring jug 5 l. • Brewing thermometer -10° +110°C with protective cover. • Hydrometer and measuring cylinder. • Fermentation bin 30 l with airlock and tap. • Siphon with bottle filler. • Chemipro® OXI cleaning product. • Iodine tincture. • Crown capper with 100 crown corks. • Manual.


€ 395,00



The most complete starter kit for grain brewers who already have a brew kettle and a lauter tun. Contains : • Maltmill with adjustable fineness. • Mash scoop 3 l. • Graduated measuring jug 5 l. • Brewing spoon. • Iodine tincture. • Hop boiling bags. • Copper wort chiller with connection hoses and connectors. 057.003.4 €


• • • • • • •

Fermentation bin 30 l with airlock and tap. Siphon with bottle filler. Hydrometer and measuring cylinder. Crown capper with 100 crown corks. Brewing thermometer -10° +110°C with protective cover. Manual. Chemipro® OXI cleaning product.


€ 495,00

LUXE PILS (for 20 litres)

A fairly neutral, dry and light malty Pilsner beer with a medium high alcohol level. Very pleasant bitterness thanks to the use of the Hersbrucker aromatic and spicy hop variety. Includes a genuine LAGER yeast that ferments dry. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5vol.%.




Heavy, caramel-malt, sweet and slightly spicy ale with full body and alcohol-warming. Strong but refined bitterness due to the use of the mildest English hop variety. Original gravity = 1.082. ABV = 8.5vol.%.

Dark weizen, full bodied with a complex taste due to the combination of 7 malt varieties. Rich in esters and high alcohol content. Original gravity = 1.082. ABV = 8.5vol.%.

(for 20 litres)

€ 24,37


€ 27,74

(for 20 litres)


€ 28,96




A mild ale with a full malt taste and neutral to moderately spicy hop aroma. Slightly bitter and with a dry aftertaste. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

A soft, slightly sweet ale with a clear malt character and soft fruitiness. The brownred colour is obtained by the use of cara malts. Subtle bitterness thanks to the use of typical English aroma hops. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

A soft porter with a balanced fruity and malty complex pallet of flavours and aromas, thanks to the use of different kinds of dark malts. Long aftertaste. Original gravity = 1.062. ABV = 6.1 vol.%

(for 20 litres)


(for 20 litres)

€ 20,61


€ 23,39

(for 20 litres)


€ 30,03




Typical Belgian white beer with a fruity, sour and slightly bitter taste. Refreshing session beer, particularly due to the use of wheat and the correct amount of herbs. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

Light golden ale with a clean taste. Slight fruitiness with a faint herbal hint due to the use of a little wheat. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

The stronger and more hoppy version of the well-known pale ale. This beer has got clear bronze colour, an odorous and fruity aroma with a distinctive hop character. Original gravity = 1.068. ABV = 7 vol.%.

(for 20 litres)


(for 20 litres)

€ 26,31


€ 22,59

(for 20 litres)


€ 27,45




Sweetish and slightly bitter dark abbey beer with a full body and a clearly observable caramel taste, also thanks to the use of sugar candy. Fruity aromas can develop depending on the yeast. Original gravity = 1.068. ABV = 7 vol.%.

Reddish-copper coloured beer with a clean round maltness and a dry hop finish. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

Strong bodied beer with a slightly sweet aroma. A light fruity aroma and a pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste. Original gravity = 1.068. ABV = 7 vol.%.

(for 20 litres)


€ 28,94

(for 20 litres)


€ 27,48

(for 20 litres)


€ 25,36




Neutral to slightly hoppy, blond abbey beer. Full-malt character with a sweet background. A clean, soft and rounded session beer. Fruity aromas can develop depending on fermentation. Original gravity = 1.068. ABV = 7 vol.%.

Bronze beer with a sweet malt accent. Very refreshing due to bottom fermentation. This thirst-quenching beer has a nice dry finish. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

Deep dark bock beer with a caramel sweet taste and a slightly roasted malt aroma. Beer with a soft, round and full character and a low bitterness. Original gravity = 1.070. ABV = 7.1 vol.%.

(for 20 litres)


€ 21,85

(for 20 litres)


€ 26,04

(for 20 litres)


€ 27,38




Full malt triple with sweetish, slightly spicy main taste. Rich in esters, therefor has a fruity aroma. Mild aromatic hop varieties provide a delicate aftertaste. Original gravity = 1.092. ABV = 9 vol.%.

Hefe-weizen with a light golden colour. A smooth blend of malt sweetness and wheat flavour with a hint of fruit and herbs due to the inclusion of plenty of wheat malt. Low bitterness. Original gravity = 1.055. ABV = 5.5 vol.%.

This copper-coloured beer is the strongest malt kit due to its higher alcohol content. Typical for a Barley Wine are the strong malty, fruity and alcoholic flavours. A well balanced and warming beer. Original gravity = 1.100. ABV = 10 vol.%.

(for 20 litres)


€ 27,55

(for 20 litres)


€ 21,27

(for 15 litres)


€ 31,88



! ON USE I T RA N HO T NS OPE O M R Automatic brewing kettle BRUMAS 20 l DE OU Do you want a complete compact brewing system that looks neat as well ? Then this BRUMAS is what you G IN are looking for. This automatic brewing kettle with digital and programmable control has a built-in whirlpool and R U associated lauter tun. You can brew 20 litres of beer in style without burning, without constant stirring and without a lot of poo-ha. • Brewing volume : up to 20 l. • Malt capacity : 5 kg. • Programmable mash schedule. • With whirlpool. WATCH THE MOVIE • With lautertun. ON OUR WEBSITE ! Technical details : • Contents of wort boiler : 24 litres. • Dimensions : (D x W x H) 60 cm x 67 cm x 65 cm. • Weight : 25 kg. • Power supply : 230 volt, 2.1 kW, 50 Hz.

For additional information visit our website:


Electric brewing kettle PRO

A revolution in the amateur brewing-world : an affordable brewing kettle in stainless steel, equipped with a powerful heating element 2000 watt (more powerful than most common canning kettles), a stainless steel tap and a digital thermostat with timer ! Temperature control per 1°C. • Stainless steel kettle : solid, hygienic and very easy to maintain. • Heating element more powerful than regular kettles (2000 watt). • Digital thermostat, adjustable per 1°C, from 30°C up to 100°C. • Digital timer. • Capacity: 29 litres : more than enough for 20 litre brews. • With stainless steel tap. • 2 year factory guarantee !

€ 2.395,00

Hop aroma tabs

Revolutionary new product : hop oil in effervescent tablet form. With many benefits compared to traditional hop oils : long stor-age life, good solubility in beer and easy to dose. Allows the simple adding of hop aroma to your beer without increasing the bitterness. Ideal for dry hopping. Indicative dose : 0.5 tablet/50 litres of beer. The effervescent tablet gradually dissolves in 2-3 days.

N° of tablets


5 pieces


25 pieces


200 pieces (1 kg)


€ 3,81 € 15,16 € 108,18

Cascade hops and hop pellets are available now ! This variety is often used in strongly hopped ales and has a specific flowery citrus to grapefruit character. Description Price



€ 349,00


Cascade hops 100 g


Cascade hops 250 g


Cascade hops 1 kg


Cascade hop pellets 30 g


Cascade hop pellets 100 g


Cascade hop pellets 250 g


Cascade hop pellets 1 kg

€ 9,51 € 20,45 € 69,28 € 3,76 € 8,38 € 18,75 € 66,45

The enjoyment of reading “Wijntechnologie en -biochemie”

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rudolf L.M. Pierik Scientifically based Dutch book of reference about wine technology and wine biochemistry. How does malolactic fermentation exactly work ? What are the treatments against too much or too little acid ? How to stable wine ? What are the effects of added vitamine C or other additives ? All these concepts and techniques are clearly explained. 17 x 24 cm. 165 pages, with colour photographs.

“Berekend wijnmaken”

Ad Coumou This Dutch book will explain to you, with the help of several examples, how to make qualitative and harmonious wine with body, a maximum of aroma and subtle continuous aftertaste. By using the enclosed spreadsheets, the computer will do all the calculating and you will be able to achieve an optimal result! 141 pages + cd-rom.

“Knowing and making wine”

E. Peynaud This originally French book has become THE reference for professional wineries. Filled with diagrams and detailed descriptions of all aspects, chemical processes and used techniques. Indespensable for everyone who’s professionaly involved in winemaking. At the moment only available in English. 391 pages.

028.021.4 028.015.6

€ 22,89


€ 19,95

“De praktijkbrouwer” “Comment faire de la Gilbert Baetslé bonne bière chez soi” Scientific approach of all the different stages of the brewing process. For professionals as well as amateurs in search of more knowledge to refine their product. With calculating program on CD-rom. Language : Dutch. 310 pages.


€ 52,00

“Kaas uit het hart”

Jos van Riet Offers general information on basic products and preparation methods as well as a description of the complete cheesemaking process. Various types of hard, soft, French and curd cheese are discussed. With more than 20 recipes, including the Gouda, Cheddar and Roquefort varieties, Ricotta, Feta, Mozarella, curd... In Dutch. 110 pages.


€ 19,95

Jean François Simard A comprehensive French book on homebrewing. With clear instructions starting from malt extracts and grains, which material to use, the choise of ingredients, brewing methods etc. With numerous recipes. 271 pages.


€ 19,95

Lotte Hanreich / Edith Zeltmer. The standard work for making your own milk products. With more than 120 recipes for processing milk from cows, sheep and goat‘s. In German. 208 pages.


“First steps in yeast culture” Pierre Rajotte

A complete illustrated manual. From the creation of media to the isolation of single-cell cultures and the propagation of yeast for brewing. The emphasis is not only on correct lab procedures but on adapting them to the homebrewer as well. The book shows you in simple terms the basic manipulations. Homebrewers following the demonstrated tips and techniques will attain a level of quality never before dreamed about. Also commercial brewers will benefit from reading this book. 157 pages. In English. 061.018.8

“Käsen leicht gemacht”

€ 28,66

€ 114,17

€ 25,40

“Making artisan cheese”

Tim Smith This English book is a must-have for your kitchen library ! Included are inspiring photographs, basic and step-by-step illustrated techniques, lots of useful tips and over 50 cheese recipes. 176 p.


€ 35,10 11

Kitchen and canning Cherry de-stoner with TABLE CLIP Budget-friendly and very practical cherry de-stoner. With large tray for stones. Operation is very stable thanks to the table clip. 015.215.7

€ 14,88

KIRSCHOMAT cherry de-stoner With large tray for collecting cherry stones and a special construction to prevent splashing. Capacity : 15 kg/h. Solid construction, 5-year guarantee ! 015.217.3

€ 30,95

STEINOMAT cherry and prune de-stoner Very stable version with heavy metal base. De-stones two cherries at once. Can also divide and de-stone prunes. Large capacity : up to 20 kg/h. 5-year guarantee ! 015.225.6

€ 39,95

STEINEX prune de-stone Simple manual model in cast aluminium to de-stone/divide in 4, 1 prune at the time. 015.232.2

€ 11,95

STEINEX-COMBI cherry and prune de-stoner Simple table model for de-stoning one cherry or prune at the time. 015.230.6

€ 20,40

Paraffin pearls

Jar opener

For sealing off jam. This way you can preserve your jam for a longer periode.



250 g


1 kg


25 kg

For opening WECK and other jars with rubber canning rings. Very easy to use.

€ 3,18 € 8,66 € 147,33 123.294.1

Pure citrus pectin E440 for making jellies and jams with min. 55% sugar and a pH of 2.5-3.8. Dosage : 1-4 g/kg fruit.




100 g


1 kg


25 kg

For easy removal of hot canning jars from the kettle.


Citrus pectine

Glass pincers

€ 3,70


Thermometer for sterilising Thermometer with protective metal housing. Range : +50°C tot +110°C. Length : 42 cm. Price

€ 7,13 € 56,71 € 1.162,08


€ 5,75

€ 5,21

VI DU SIT RI TH NG E S DEHYDRATOR OU TÖC A very interesting alternative to the classic canning process ! It can be used R O KL for medicinal herbs and/or spices, as well as for fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, hops, PE I-S flowers etc. Preservation of aroma, colour and taste is accomplished by quick drying at low T N temperature and by the sieves, which can be stacked up to 10 above each other, without mixing the HO AND smell or flavour. US E!

Dehydrator STÖCKLI

With 3 plastic sieves, sufficient for up to 1.5 kg of fruit ! Regulating thermostat, powerful heating element and extra ventilator. Diam. : 32 cm. Height : 27 cm. 220 volt, 450 watt. With extensive manual. Also available with timer.

“Drogen als bewaarmethode”

Roos Van Hoof Brochure on herbs, vegetables and fruit drying. 40 pages. In Dutch or French.

+ 2 FREE sieves worth

€ 23,07




With thermostat


With thermostat and timer


Set of 2 extra sieves

Jars with twist-off lid

Jam jars. Packed per 4 in a tray. With attractive twist-off lids 82 mm. With checker motif.


€ 119,81 € 155,64 € 23,07



120.061.7 Dutch

€ 7,99 € 7,99

120.062.5 French

Tomato and berry mill

Manual model. Particularly suitable for making purees and juices from tomatoes, berries and other fruit. Supplied with extra sieves. Can also be used for crushing small quantities of grapes. With table clip.

2 015.239.7

€ 131,76

Nut and cheese grater


For grinding all sorts of nuts, herbs, cheese, chocolate, hard bread, vegetables etc. Strong metal design with table clip. Complete with 2 stainless steel grinding drums for fine or coarse grinding.



1 123.320.4

4 jars 230 ml

2 123.321.2

4 jars 440 ml

3 123.322.0

4 jars 580 ml

4 123.323.8

4 jars 720 ml


€ € € €

5,02 5,52 5,70 5,86


€ 17,84 13


! ON USE I T Blooming teas RA N HO T S E Blooming teas are handmade from green or black tea leaves dried in a spherical shape, with in ON OP the centre a flower that blooms during tea making. Besides the green and black tea leaves. Edible M R DE OU flowers like jasmine, globe amaranth, carnation, chrysanthemum, marigold and indian trumpet flower can G also be used. 100% natural without artificial additions ! IN R U While making tea the ball unfolds in the water to a beautiful flower on a bed of tea leaves. The combination of the finest

natural ingredients and the patience during the making of these handmade tea leaves makes this type of tea drinking an unique experience. Add a extra dimension to your tea moment with this Chinese art. Very romantic and tasteful and a great idea as a present ! Packed per 5 pieces. Instructions: Place the tea ball in a glass tea pot, pour hot water (80-85°C) in the pot and infuse according your personal taste for about 5-15 minutes. Eventually you can use the tea ball for a second time.



We specifically selected the glass teapot with filter ( 125.820.7) to be used with our Herborifarm® blooming teas.


125.820.7 With filter MANON 0,36 l 125.819.9 With filter MANON 0,45 l 125.817.1 With filter MATA 0,45 l

Introduction set

A mix of 5 different teas (one tea bal for each flavour). Contains 4 green teas and 1 black tea. 125.800.9

€ 9,95

€ 9,95

Flower Fountain

€ 9,95


€ 9,95


€ 9,95

Green tea from Fujian, China, with jasmine and Chinese lily and jasmine blossom, scented with osmanthus blossom. Packed per 5. 125.810.8

€ 9,95

Black Beauty

Black tea from Fujian, China, with carnation (Lat. Dianthus caryophyllus). Packed per 5.

€ 9,95

Tasty Treasure

Green tea from Fujian, China, with Chinese lily, (Lat. Hemerocallis citrina) and chrysanthemum (lat. Chrysanthemum morifolium). Packed per 5. 125.806.6

Green tea from Fujian, China, with jasmine and Chinese lily (Lat. Hemerocallis citrina), scented with jasmine. Packed per 5. 125.808.2

€ 9,95

Guardian Angel

Green tea from Fujian, China, with globe amaranth (Lat. Gomphrena globosa) and jasmine, scented with jasmine. Packed per 5. 125.805.8

€ 9,95

Green tea from Fujian, China, with marigold (Lat. Calendula officina). Packed per 5.

Wonder Well

Green tea from Fujian, China, with jasmine flowers and chrysanthemum (Lat. Chrysanthemum morifolium). Packed per 5. 125.804.1

Green tea from Fujian, China, with osmanthus flower (Lat. O. fragrans) and Chinese lily (Lat. Hemerocallis citrina). Packed per 5. 125.807.4

Joyful Lady

Green tea from Fujian, China, thousand day red, globe amaranth, and chrysanthemum. Packed per 5. 125.803.3

€ 24,95

€ 12,50 € 17,94 € 17,94


Green tea from Fujian, China, with jasmine flowers, thousand day red, globe amaranth (Lat. Gomphrena globosa). Packed per 5. 125.802.5


Secret Love

Morning Glory



1 blooming tea FOR FREE !


Buy 1 glass tea pot and receive


Glass tea pot


€ 9,95

Black tea from Fujian, China, with jasmine flowers and Chrysanthemum (lat. Chrysanthemum morifolium). Packed per 5. 125.812.4

€ 9,95

Brand New Day

€ 9,95


! ON USE I T RA N HO T S E ON OP M R DE OU Cheese kit G N I for beginners UR

Make your own cheese Cheese press

• Cheese press : (W x H) 42,5 x 50 cm. For cheese moulds up to 16 cm. • Cheese press double : (W x H) 82 x 55 cm. For cheese moulds up to 19 cm.

Ideal for the beginning cheesemaker. Contains : • 2 cheese moulds 550 g. • 2 cheese cloths 35/35 cm. • 1 cheese cloth 60/60 cm. • Curd cutter. • English book : “Making artisan cheese”. • Cheese thermometer. • Pasteurizing thermometer. • Bottle of rennet. • Cheese culture. • Yoghurt culture.



Cheese press single


Cheese press double

Yoghurt maker


€ 71,69 € 176,62 

Electric, with beaker of 1 litre. For quickly and easily preparing your own delicious and healthy yoghurt. Firm model, which provides years of tasty natural yoghurt. Thanks to the 1 litre beaker, this yoghurt maker is easy to use. 2 years guarentee ! With 1 FREE yoghurt culture.










CHEESE culture


€ € € €

63,10 63,10 89,95 79,94 

Freeze dried cultures of superior quality. Acidifies the milk needed to prepare cheese, soft curd cheese and butter. 1 litre ‘motherculture’ is enough for acidifying 100 litres of milk ! This mother-culture can easily be frozen in small portions (e.g. 10 ml) for later use. 091.056.2

€ 3,40

KEFIR culture

Freeze dried cultures of superior quality. Works like the socalled “yoghurt flowers” and makes 1 litre of kefir based on milk. Can be re-cultivated many times. Does not grow “flowers”, but it does produce kefir.


€ 4,57

YOGHURT culture

Freeze dried cultures of superior quality. Make a soft, natural yoghurt in 6-8 hours at 47°C. Can be re-cultivated many times (keep 2 or 3 tablespoons for the next time you want to prepare yoghurt).


€ 53,83


€ 3,56

BIFIDUS culture

Freeze dried cultures of superior quality. For growing your own tasty, natural and living bifidus yoghurt. Known for its health benefits. Sufficient for 1 litre of bifidus yoghurt. Can be re-cultivated many times.


€ 4,57 15


An absolute tasting room essential. Thanks to the special top, odours and rests of wine are kept in the bucket. Without the funnel-shaped top it can also serve as chilling bucket. Elegant design in black Acryl. Content: 3 litres.


Crown capper table model MAX 26+29mm Crown capper table model with turned heads. Solid Construction. Thanks to the extra reinforcements and easily adjustable height for the bottles, this crow capper is perfectly suitable for the frequent hobby brewer. The turned heads guarantee a perfect closing on all common bottles. 2 heads included : suitable for 26 mm and 29 mm crown caps.

€ 18,95


Digital weighing spoon

Handy gadget for weighing small amounts of powders and grains. Range : 0.1 up to 300 g (0.005 tot 10.5 oz). Gradations are digitally displayed on the spoon. Batteries included.


€ 24,95


only for 020.047.7



Crowcapper MAX 26 + 29 mm


Head MAX diam. 26 mm *


Head MAX diam. 29 mm *

* also fits 020.046.9 :

Automatic syphon AUTO-SYPHON

Price € 64,83

€ 58,94 € 17,94 € 17,94

crowncapper table model FIW

Thermometer GALILEO

In crystal clear plexiglass. Puts an end to unhygienic blowing or sucking on the siphon : simply pull and the siphon is in operation ! With removable anti-dregs stopper, non-return valve and 1.7 metre hose (diameter 9 mm). Length : 2 x 55 cm. Tap not included ! Model JUMBO : Specially suitable for 54 l demijohns and 60 l barrels. Double output thanks to the larger diameter. Included : 2 metres PVC hose 12/16 mm. Both models are not suitable for alcohol.

Very original thermometer by an invention of Galilei Galileo (1564-1642). Depending on the temperature, the glass bulbs in the thermometer rise or sink. The actual temperature is shown by the lowest of the upper floating glass bulbs. Principle : the density of the liquid changes according to the temperature.

* can NOT be delivered by colli service.



Galileo 28 cm MIXTE GOLD


Galileo 34 cm MIXTE GOLD


Galileo 43 cm MIXTE GOLD




Galileo 62 cm MIXTE GOLD*


Auto syphon


Galileo 34 cm SILVER


Jumbo auto syphon

€ 13,95 € 19,95


Galileo 43 cm SILVER


€ 10,95 € 17,99 € 24,95 € 34,94 € 17,99 € 24,95

All prices and promotions mentioned are end-user pricing, inclusive VAT unless specified otherwise, valid until 30/06/2009 or exhaustion of stock. No responsibility can be accepted for printing errors. Model changes reserved.

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