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North Hall| 1200 E. Colton Ave| PO Box 3080| Redlands, CA 92374

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Welcome to North


ith the commencement of the academic year just around the corner, I want to welcome you to North Hall! I am excited for the year to start and can’t wait to get things on a roll. This newsletter is filled with information about North Hall, one of the university’s thirteen resident on campus living communities. North is known as the “Wellness” hall and therefore is a favorite for first and second year athletes as well as students looking to live in an environment that promotes healthy living and learning. Our second floor is substance free for those looking for even more of an experience to a well balanced lifestyle. North is the north-most

August 2009 North Hall Staff and Contacts _________ Student Team Entrance of North Hall

residence hall on the U of R campus and this year’s staff has utilized this for our themes surrounding the North Pole and winter association. Our mascot is “Klondike Peppermint” the polar bear! Despite the icy connections, we promise to foster warm community. I hope you are looking forward

to all that the North Hall staff has planned to have an exciting year for you all so please enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for an exciting nine months. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! -Brian Rountree Community Director, ‘10

*Eric Haywood, First Floor CA, ‘12 *Catherine Wallace, Second Floor CA, ‘12 *Brian Rountree, CD, ‘10

Administrative Team _________ *Noah Kaloostian, Admin. Area Director 909 748 8391 *Kris McPeak, Director of

Important Dates for Fall Semester 8/22: Football Move In 8/25: Other Fall Sports Move In 9/2: Class of 2013 and Transfer Students Move In 9/2-6: New Student Ori-

entation (includes class registration) 9/2-3: Parent Orientation 9/6-7: Returning Students Move In 9/8: First Day of Classes

10/16-17: Homecoming/ Parents Weekend 11/25-27: Thanksgiving Recess 12/16-19: Finals 12/20-1/11: Winter Recess

Residence Life 909 748 8290

*Val Sponheim, Dean of Housing 909 748 8833

*Jason Andrews, Director of Student Conduct 909 748 8259

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What About My Room? Each room in North will have brand new air conditioning units and will house two students (with the exception of our one quad room and one single room). The room dimensions are 12 x 17 feet and all have internet connectivity. There are sinks in each room and hallway style bathrooms. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk/chair, dresser and closet per resident. North has a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove/oven, and microwave. There is also a comfortable lobby with couches, a ping pong table and cable TV. North also has its own laundry facilities.

What Should I Bring? *Extra Long Bedding, Pillows, Towels, Desk Lamp, Hangers, Laundry Soap, Room Decorations, Personal Electronic Items, Power strip (surge protector), Shower shoes, Closed coil coffee maker with automatic shut-off feature What Should I NOT Bring? *Halogen Lamps, Microwaves, Air conditioning units, Homemade bunkbeds and lofts, Candles, Open coil hot plates or other cooking units

have any questions. Join the North Hall 2009-2010 Facebook group to see more pictures!

North Hall Double Room

Email the Residence Hall Staff if you



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A Moment with CA Catherine! Hi! I am a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA. I am pre med, majoring in psychology, and plan on becoming a psychiatrist. I am an Intervarsity leader, and also very involved with the Invisible Children club on campus. I love football; especially the Steelers, basketball-- the Lakers, Criminal Minds, 24, The Unit, What Not to Wear, frozen yogurt, the X

ll North Ha10 2009-20

Games, the beach, helping people, bean and cheese burritos, Toby Flenderson and Dwight Schrute (The Office), and writing. I am very excited to bring creativity, compassion, and past Redlands experiences to North and hope to make it a unique and enjoyable residence experience.

Chilling with CA Eric!

Checking In with CD Brian

Hey, I am Eric. I will be the first floor CA in North Hall! I am a sophomore student from Colorado. I enjoy doing spontaneous things such as yoga, teaching myself how to do things, like play the piano, and engage in other personal goals. I also really love Harry Potter! I am involved with the University of Redlands ASUR Senate and can’t wait to meet all of you very soon!

I’m Brian! I am a senior here at Redlands studying International Relations, Psychology and Government. I have been involved with Residence Life since my freshman year and am thrilled to be the Community Director of North. I spent my fall of 2008 studying political science and French in Geneva, Switzerland and was able to visit seven other amazing countries while there. Aside from school and traveling, I am heavily involved with student government, my non-Greek siblinghood FIE, three honor societies, clubs and community service. I can’t wait to start an exciting year!

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