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Patent and Trademark Agency Firm Our firm was formed by Robert Brouillette, a few other members of his former firm and new members sharing the same values. Brouillette +partners brings a different perspective to legal affairs. All the members of our team have a reputation of excellence in respect of the quality of their legal and agent services, their capacity to establish privileged relationships with their clients, and their proactive approach. Brouillette +partners is a law and patent and trademark agency firm catering to innovators and entrepreneurs. Most of our clients are business builders, a majority of whom operate businesses using or developing technologies. As a small to medium size firm, our clientele is very similar to the Brouillette +partners profile: composed of diversified SME’s, entrepreneurs and innovators desiring to develop their businesses in Quebec, Canada and/or internationally. We are pleased to offer an international coverage through our network of associates located in most industrialised countries Established in Montreal, in the heart of the business community of technological developments and innovation, we offer a wide range of legal services, particularly with respect to business, intellectual property, and litigation. Brouillette +partners seeks to remain accessible and close to its clients while offering exceptional service and ever-increasing expertise. The Brouillette +partners team is composed of individuals originating from various environments and having diversified experiences (lawyers, engineers, and marketers). This collective knowledge allows our firm to cover a wide range of practices and constitutes an important source for the innovative solutions we are able to offer our clients.

Because we take the time to listen and understand our client’s needs, we are able to offer complete, personalized, and creative solutions that assist them in protecting their interests, achieving their objectives, and ensuring their success. We strive to be an integral part of our clients' success. Welcome to the Brouillette + Partners Business Builder Guide. Our goal is to offer an easy to use guide providing useful resources and tools to help you launch and manage a business at all stages of its development and growth. We hope that these links will assist you in your search for answers to your questions. We would greatly appreciate receiving your feedback (comments, complaints and suggestions) to allow us to improve our Brouillette + Partners Business Builder Guide for the benefit of others. The themes covered include: Bankruptcy/Insolvency Business Builder Portals Business Plans Company Information Construction Contracts (We strongly recommend that you never sign a legally binding document without consulting an Attorney) Converters Copyright Dictionaries/Translations Direct Sales Financing Human Resources Import/Export Industrial Designs/Models Intellectual Property Sites (General) Internet Legal Information Miscellaneous Resources

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Patent and trademark agency firm  
Patent and trademark agency firm  

Brouillette +partners is a law and patent and trademark agency firm catering to innovators and entrepreneurs. Most of our clients are busine...