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Gardening Projects courtesy of the Boughton Astley Volunteer Group (BAVG)

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Edition 04 BAVG Freephone: 0808 528 4477 Email: Registered Charity No.: 1191840 Welcome to the 4th edition of the InTouch magazine! BAVG have celebrated their first anniversary; none of us back on the 17Th of March last year realised what we were starting. We can only exist with the support and help from our many volunteers, so to all our volunteers thank you for making the BAVG what it is today. All our work is voluntary, for us to keep going we rely on grant funding and donations, so if you feel we deserve support and are able, please consider donating to our just giving page, visit and search for Broughton Astley Volunteer Group or follow the link from our Facebook group. Leicestershire Police have donated a quantity of Carbon Monoxide alarms for us to distribute to the more elderly and vulnerable residents of the village. There is no charge and will be issued out on a first come first served basis. So, if you know of someone who would qualify, please give us a ring - 0808 528 4477

A big shout out to Stuart Cross Motors who have kindly agreed to help sponsor this edition, this business has been part of the village for over 40 years! To learn more please turn to the back cover.

We have recently provided Lutterworth Community Transport with a list of volunteer drivers who have agreed to volunteer their time helping residents with essential trips such as Doctors, Dentists etc. You can learn more about the Lutterworth Community Transport and their work on page 11. Plant and Share Month is a celebration of growing your own. From 19 April - 19 May, Food for Life Get Togethers (led by the Soil Association), are encouraging the nation to dig in and sow, grow and share veg with their communities. Whether you’re growing in yoghurt pots for the first time or you’re a seasoned grower with an allotment, Plant and Share Month is for you. It’s easy to get involved. Visit the website to sign up and learn more about growing vegetables from seed, connect with like minded growers and share your produce with your community.

This newsletter is available to read digitally, for free, on If you would like to opt out of receiving a paper copy please email us as. Deadline for the Jun/July edition is 30 April 2021. We accept features and information on any not-for-profit organisation within our community. Email April/May 2021

Broughton Astley Volunteer Group InTouch and responding to our community’s needs A better future is hopefully in sight and with the gradual relaxation of lockdown we are getting ready to organise group events, this will include social and interest groups and opportunities to join activities to enhance the village. We are working with several groups and individuals to get these up and running as soon as restrictions allow. The postponed brook clean will be one of the first projects. The brook is an important part of the village as a stretch of it has a preservation order attached to it having native crayfish living in it as well as signs of otter activity. The BAVG’s litter picking team, as well as others, have been hard at work removing recent and not so recent litter from the village. As soon as possible a group litter pick will be advertised, and a targeted area will be attacked. The BAVG office is an official distribution hub for the RED BAGS used by any group or individual who volunteers to keep Broughton free from the litter problem. The volunteer gardeners are ready to start work planting and adding colour to the existing areas already worked on, as well as some new areas which have been pin pointed for planting. Several areas in the village have now been identified as sites for conservation work, one area is the wildlife garden at the Western Willows allotments and work will begin there as soon as restrictions allow. We have already secured funding for two benches for this area to help people to relax and enjoy the environment.

We need your help! Further to our survey last summer, we would like to conduct a quick poll to gauge interest in social groups. Let us know the types of activities you would like to get involved with. Please email your interest or ideas to us at We would prefer email to keep our phone lines free, however, if you do not have access to email then do ring our freephone number Some ideas are:

Men/Women in sheds. (Repair type work & sharing of skills)

  

Walking group Crafts/Knit & Natter IT Workshop

April/May 2021


   

Conservation Club Gardening Tea Dance Luncheon Club

Alberto Costa MP As the seasons begin to change moving into spring and summer, so to will the lockdown measures that we all have been subject to over the last year or so. I know how tremendously difficult these last few months have been for so many as we have had to adapt to a new way of living and working. One thing however has endured throughout this time, and even grown stronger, and that is our wonderful sense of community spirit in South Leicestershire.

It was almost a year ago to the day that Her Majesty The Queen, in a special address, promised us that better days were ahead and acknowledged the grief and hardship many Britons were facing, but she also echoed the words of Vera Lynn’s wartime classic, ‘we will meet again’ - and with excellent progress being made in rolling out the vaccine and with infection rates thankfully dropping across the country, that promise is becoming more likely with every passing day.

My sincere thanks as ever to the people of Broughton Astley and all those in the South Leicestershire constituency for doing their part over the past Through the anguish of the past year, we year or so in following have seen communities and neighbourhoods the Government’s coming together like never before; from guidelines, in reducing helping a shielding neighbour, helping the number of infections someone with their food shopping or taking a locally, in accepting friend’s dog for a walk - and in few other their vaccine when places has this has been more apparent than offered and most in Broughton Astley through the fantastic and importantly, in looking ongoing work of the village’s Volunteer Group. out for their fellow villagers.

During the Coronavirus outbreak we have been operating the BAGA Trading Hut on the Western Willows allotments as a “click and collect” service to enable our members to order and collect their gardening supplies. With the easing of restrictions, we are now planning to revert to our normal opening hours of each Sunday morning between 10.00 and 12.00 from Sunday 18th April. This service will continue until 31st October, after which we will revert to our winter opening times of the first Sunday of each month of November, December and January.

be delighted to meet anyone wishing to take advantage of our services, simply call into the Trading Hut any time whilst we are open. Also take a look at our website to see for yourself the low prices of the products we supply.

Unfortunately, like a lot of other voluntary organisations, we are desperately short of volunteers to lend a hand at serving in the Trading Hut on a Sunday morning. If anyone feels that they could offer a couple of hours on a Sunday morning three or four times a year, it would make life so much easier for all our current volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or would like any further information in what it entails, please give our secretary Jan Gamble a call on 01455 284497. Your BAGA is run for the benefit of all residents, not valuable help would be greatly appreciated and you would be made more than welcome. just allotment gardeners, and we would April/May 2021


A Guide to Garden Security It is usually this time of year when home owners start to think about getting their gardens ready for summer, which can involve buying extra tools and equipment, decorative planters, outdoor furniture and children’s play equipment and games. Unfortunately, and historically Police know that there are thieves that would also find your newly purchased items very nice too, but there are some very simple measures that you can take to ensure that you and your family enjoy your newly refurbished gardens all summer long.

Good garden security involves five main elements: • Fencing • Locks • Lights • Marking your items • Storage

What height fence should I put up around my garden? • Up to 1.2m – fencing is a better option at the front of your house

• At the back, a standard 1.8m wall or fence • Trellis fixed to the top, is difficult to climb over

What locks should I use? If you can access your garden from the side or back of the house, you need a strong, lockable gate. Garden gates should be at least the same height as the fence, with the hinges securely attached to the gateposts. The best type of padlock to use is a straight shackle or shutter padlock, which is the hardest type for thieves to cut through.

Should I put lights up in my garden? Don't forget the lighting for your garden, especially in areas near doors and windows. Choose lights that can either be triggered by movement, or triggered by light so that it comes on automatically from dusk to dawn.

How do I protect my garden furniture from thieves? Police suggest you mark valuable garden furniture and ornaments with your postcode, followed by your house number – either painted or etched onto it. Try to make it easy for burglars to spot, as this will make your belongings less appealing. If they are stolen, there is more chance of you being reunited with your possessions if you mark them.

Invest in storage Don't tempt thieves by leaving your valuable possessions lying around on display in your garden, put them in a locked shed or your garage at the end of the day.

Consider insuring your most valuable outside possessions Police have limited garden security items to give away, if you feel that you would benefit from some further security or advice, please email and leave a contact phone number. April/May 2021


Our first Zoom speaker of the year was Wendy Coley who spoke about the work of the amazing Medical Detection Dogs. They are trained to sense changes in the body’s chemical makeup through a sample of sweat or urine which indicates the onset of a medical condition. The Government is currently sponsoring some work to train dogs to detect the presence of the Covid-19 virus. Other assistance dogs are trained to detect an oncoming medical event that they can make their owners aware of and thus help them avoid collapse, a visit to A & E and allow them to live a more normal life. Wendy Martin also paid a return visit to tell us about her extensive “Adventures in Asia”. She started off in Singapore which was developed into a successful free trading port by Sir Stamford Raffles and has a fascinating history. She has visited Borneo several times, climbing Mount Kinabalu, exploring some famous deep caves full of stalagmites, stalactites, and bats! She visited an orangutan

rehabilitation centre at Sepilok, where the entrancing creatures swing around in nearby trees and climb ropes, all having been rescued and cared for before being released back to the wild. Also fascinating was the sanctuary for Bornean Sun Bears, which are rescued from captivity where they are milked for their bile. Her presentation finished back in Singapore with a video of the famous ‘Son et Lumiere’ extravaganza from Singapore Bay. A truly memorable evening. Several of our members have taken advantage of free zoom events provided by our Federation. A “Quirkybird water colour Paint-Along”, was highly successful and enjoyed as was a talk on “The Great British Flower Revival” and a flower arranging demonstration, which enthused us all to grow more flowers for cutting – and failing that to “Buy British” wherever possible. Our next two speakers will be giving us a virtual tour of “Shakespeare’s London” and “The Life and Loves of the Taxi Driver Poet”. We continue to meet on Zoom for the time being and keeping in touch with all our members by phone, zoom and newsletters.

Broughton Alive Voucher Scheme Broughton Alive have been working with the Lutterworth Food Bank & St. Mary’s Church to launch a voucher scheme to help those currently struggling. Starting in December 2020, the vouchers allow a little more flexibility for families to use against food & household goods. They are provided to people referred through the Lutterworth Food Bank. Funding for the scheme started from the Covid Community support monies which Broughton Alive secured from Leicestershire County Council plus some we have raised separately. We hope that if we can attract further donations and other funding, we can expand the scheme and keep it going beyond this immediate crisis.

If you would like to help this scheme, please go to our Just Giving page: crowdfunding/broughton-alive? utm_term=nRYrX49a8 or contact us on the Broughton Alive Facebook & website. All donations very gratefully received.

April/May 2021


A huge thank support and also refer you to our services. you to everyone Please contact us for more information if you who has are in financial crisis. continued to donate to us in both food and funds; we are so grateful for your support. Since the New year, you have donated 366.5kg via the BAVG donation bin at the Village Hall, which is amazing! Please do check our website and social media for our most needed items and your nearest donation point. BAVG are now also referrers to our foodbank services and can be contacted on their freephone no. 0808 528 4477. Sharon Constable is also an established foodbank referrer and can be contacted on 01455 644779.

Tel: 01455 558797 Twitter: @LuttFoodBnk Facebook: Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank

If you are in need of support, please do not suffer in silence. We have partnered with local agencies who are able to provide

Squirrels is Broughton Astley’s award-winning running group. In 2020 they won England Athletics Run Together Group of the year for their development of community running activity in the village. The group has over ninety regular runners aged between twelve and sixty-seven, catering for all levels of runner from beginner to proficient. Contemplating joining a running club can often feel intimidating and can insight thoughts of “I’m not quick enough” or “they will all be really good runners”. That’s where Squirrels is different. They pride themselves on being

inclusive to all runners regardless of running ability, age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. With eleven UK Athletics qualified run leaders, they are able to accommodate everyone’s running needs whether it be to get fit or lose weight, train for a race or run socially to meet new friends. The groups emphasis is on making running enjoyable and fun. Squirrels are also fond of a social gathering, whether that be a quiz night, bake off, annual Christmas party or a drink in the White Horse after a run session. In recent years they have also organised trips to running events abroad including the south of France and Benidorm half marathon and 10km. Squirrels meet every Monday and Wednesday at 6.30pm in the White Horse car park. Find them on Facebook ‘Squirrels Running Group’ or email – for more information.

April/May 2021


Broughton Astley Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have continued to meet throughout the pandemic on Zoom. Whilst they are longing to get back to face to face meetings, the creativity, teamwork and adaptability of their leaders has allowed the young people to continue to meet with their friends and learn new skills. Activities have ranged from global navigation quizzes to treasure hunts and of course meet the pets!

Look out for scouts of all ages collecting litter during Mucky March as part of their Community Impact awards which is being run in collaboration with Leicestershire Wombles. As part of this, the young people will also learn more about the environment and recycling.

You may have seen young space travellers around the village with their families recently. This space walk was part of a space themed camp-from-home as the Broughton Astley Beavers joined over 120 others from the district on Zoom for a crazy and fun weekend of brilliant activities - many families joined in too! If you like the sound of these activities, then you should see what the young people can A local group had a surprise visit to their Zoom achieve when they are able to meet face to face! To get involved to with our scout group, meeting from the international explorer Ed whether as a leader or just as importantly, a Stafford who called to thank the leaders for all group trustee and committee member, then their hard work and answer any questions from please get in contact for a chat. Email the young people. You may have seen it on broughtonastley@southleicsEast Midlands Today and BBC Radio Leicester. or visit

Broughton Astley Rangers is part

me to take a breather from all my A level work.

of Girlguiding and offer opportunities for girls aged 14-18. Rangers is a brilliant way to try new things, have fun and give something back to your community. We’ll give you a host of opportunities to gain leadership skills, build a network of friends in your area and enhance your CV.

Lauren – I joined Girl Guiding and Rangers for the amazing opportunities it gives all that are involved. I joined Rangers as it is similar to Rainbows, Brownies and Guides but it gives you more independence in arranging activities for your unit, helping you develop life skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership The group is currently meeting on Zoom once a qualities in a way that is enjoyable and gives you a break from schoolwork to wind down and month. So far, they have cooked over cans, completed the morals and values badge, made be yourself with friends. I’ve never regretted fudge and lots more. They are looking forward my decision to join. to completing more challenges to earn their If you’re interested in joining Rangers, please Bronze, Silver and GOLD awards as well as register on Join as Memcamps and trips in the future. ber ( Chloe - I attend rangers to spend time with a variety of different people that are all slightly different- it is also stress relief for me when I’ve been overloaded with schoolwork. I have gained confidence through guiding and it allows April/May 2021


Wildflower Areas The Parish Council in conjunction with Leicestershire County Council and the BLUE campaign has identified four sites in the village to turn over to wild flowering verges. You may have already spotted the blue hearts that have appeared on Station Road, Cosby Road/ Broughton Way crossroad, outside of the Sutton in the Elms Baptist Church and on Broughton Way out to the Mill on the Soar. It Is hoped that, with some help from the Broughton Astley Volunteer Group, we can create beautiful flowering nature spots which will not only provide an array of colour but also to help provide better biodiversity and vital habitats for our native species within the village.

Leisure Centre With the Government announcing the ‘Roadmap to Reopening’ we are hopeful that we will shortly see grassroot sport starting up again at the end of March at the Leisure Centre, shortly followed by the gym reopening on 12 April and then indoor group exercise from 17 May. These are all subject to change but are hopeful that with the vaccination programme, the reduction in positive Covid test results and the continued vigilance of the residents of Broughton Astley we can all enjoy a significant more amount of ‘normality’ than over the past few months. When the Leisure Centre was being built 3 oak trees had to be felled due to the construction of the building. The Parish Council decided right at the beginning of the development that they would find a use for the wood to be put to. Part of this plan will see one of the larger tree trunks being carved into a bench that will have 3D acorns, oak leaves, and an owl as part of the decoration. It is also hoped that the remaining wood will be turned into toadstool steppingstones, bug hotels and the like.

Recreation Ground Opening Times With Spring just around the corner, opening times at the Frolesworth Road Recreation Ground will be extended from the 1 April to 6.30am 9.30pm. We hope that many people enjoy the use of this popular open space but would please ask that make sure you either use the bins provided or take your litter home with you. The Parish Council has tried to provide an additional service by way of ‘an emergency dog waste bag dispenser’, at the recreation ground but unfortunately, we are finding this provision being abused daily by some people helping themselves to handfuls at a time leaving the dispenser empty.

April/May 2021


We will endeavour to refill the dispenser as often as we can but must stress this is not an alternative to the FREE dog waste bags that are still available at the Parish Office for anyone who wishes to collect them. We are still waiting for the licences to be approved for our new black, dual purpose waste bins which will be used to replace some of the dog waste bins which had to be removed at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic last year. The locations of these new bins will be placed in this magazine and on our website as soon as the licences are granted. We are pleased to be able to inform you that two of these new bins have already been installed on the Frolesworth Road Recreation Ground and one on Geveze Way at the footpath that goes out to Clump Hill, with a further installation due to be completed shortly on the Gorham Rise open space. Please look at our website at where you will find local, relevant, and up to date information. Should you wish to contact the Parish Office our opening times are 9:00am-1:00pm every weekday, except Wednesdays.

Tracing of Relatives

following the recent Memorial Inspection at the Frolesworth Road Cemetery, the Parish Council are keen to trace the relatives of the following people to arrange a repair to a memorial headstone: D Bray GT & GH Brown F & M Butlin A Clarke A & M Cooper D Cox G Drewitt WR Drury A & V Dyson A Fretter E & L Fretter BA Forrest

JM & M Hall A & A Johnson W & E Merriman L & M Pickering MB Poole SNR W & M Potter F Pratt A & G Smith E & H Smith L & L Stacey CR Underwood

We are currently trying to trace relatives of the above through over 90 years of records most of which are held in leather bound ledgers and contain over 888 burials. If you believe you are related to one of those named above, then please contact the Parish Office on 01455 285655 during the hours of 9am-1pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays, or email for more information. We will eventually need to trace the relatives of all those in the cemetery to ensure that their details are up to date in our records. The entire task could take several years to complete particularly if we have not been informed of changes of address etc and would be grateful if you could contact the office to update if necessary, using the contact details shown. Thank you for your assistance.

April/May 2021


News from St Mary’s

The crocuses are appearing in the churchyard that so many people kindly donated, along with daffodils etc, do have a look by the paths! A breath of spring and new life! Which brings us to thinking about Easter! We hope to open our church on Good Friday from 12-3 and again on Easter Day at 10am for a service. There are many factors to consider to open safely to welcome people to an Easter service. Do look at our Facebook page or website for details. Like Christmas we may well have to operate a booking system!

As I write this St Mary’s is shrouded in scaffolding as the long dreaded roof and stone repairs are happening! Every 5 years a complete inspection of the church building is done by specialist architects and a report written on its condition! St Mary’s is suffering from a few issues on the roof and some of the stonework is very worn. So, we have taken a deep breath and will empty our piggy bank in order to pay for all the repairs! We have not been able to fund raise for over a year…its tough! But brighter days are ahead, and we are looking forward once more to opening our doors for our community craft market and coffee morning and we will plan some lovely fund raising events from summer onwards! Please look out for advertisements and come and support us so St Marys can still stand proud and look beautiful in our village!

May I wish everyone a Happy Easter, and may you have a renewed sense of thankfulness and positivity as we emerge out of lockdown. May the good news of Jesus’s resurrection and knowledge of God’s love warm your hearts like spring sunshine. Remember, you are loved! Revd Sharon

With the onset of spring, the early flowers are bringing to bloom, signs of new life following the dormancy of the winter. Alongside that new life, we are also seeing signs of a new life for us as restrictions are being eased as we follow the roadmap out of lockdown. In that, we are thankful. As we enter the Easter season it gives us opportunity to reflect on the newness of life, which as Christians, we believe is demonstrated no more so than in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. In Jesus there is a true roadmap to end the internal lockdown that our hearts can so easily be weighted down with. If you would like to know more about this hope and we have in Jesus then check out our website:

Since January, our building has been undergoing the first phase of a redevelopment. Things have been progressing well as the ground has been prepared for the new foundations that need to be laid to support the new structures. We are excited at the blessing to our local community our redeveloped premises will be. April/May 2021


For more pictures and updates check out our Facebook page. If you would like to support this redevelopment project, check out our website for ways you can do that.

Arthritis Action is the only UK charity giving hands-on, practical help to improve the quality of life of people affected by arthritis. We offer an integrated selfmanagement approach, which looks at both the physical and mental health impact of liv ing with arthritis. We support people living with musculoskeletal conditions through healthy eating advice, mental health resources, pain management techniques, and exercise advice and resources. Arthritis Action are also running group

Transport services for the Broughton Astley area…

meetings online via Zoom for anyone who needs support managing their arthritis. These meetings are an opportunity for people with arthritis to talk with others and share their tips on how to manage their arthritis and stay active whilst at home. Participants will need to contact Arthritis Action directly for the log in instructions for the meeting, and we have produced ‘How To’ guides for those not familiar with using Zoom. For dates and info see: media-centre/events/

possible, i.e. to lunch clubs, social groups and visits to places of interest such as garden centres etc. These are always available to those living in the Broughton Astley area. We will endeavour to keep you informed and our BAVG colleagues will be aware of our services.

Covering the Broughton Astley area together with surrounding villages, Lutterworth Community Transport provides various services to those in need. We offer transport for people who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable and also for those who are rurally isolated, because of the lack of public transport. These volunteer driven trips can be booked by phoning the number below or emailing us – 01455 555571 At present we are operating limited car and bus services that cover essential journeys. There is a minibus service on Thursday mornings into Lutterworth for essential shopping however because of restrictions seats are limited. All our buses are now meeting Covid requirements with screens and social distancing in place. All of our minibuses are fitted with lifts so are readily accessible by wheelchair. Hopefully we can increase our services as the government road map eases restrictions. We will be reintroducing other trips where

To find out more or make a booking please contact us on; 01455 555571 – please note this is

currently an answerphone service, but is monitored regularly – so we will respond soon to your message.

Moving the community forward together…

April/May 2021


Stuart Cross Motor Services Ltd

owned and run by Stuart and Kerrie Cross We pride ourselves on offering a local, personable service to the residents of Broughton Astley and the surrounding villages. We are always conscious that My dad, Peter Cross formerly of Peter Cross for many people Motors bought the business in 1979. I started in rural my apprenticeship in 1980 and became an communities the MOT Tester 4 years later. The business sold motor car is a petrol and accessories, with a repair shop, lifeline for them MOT Testing Centre, and a Skoda dealership. and we always do our best to provide a prompt and efficient service. In 1986 my parents moved to the Isle of Wight and I bought the business from them. We would like to thank all of our customers old and new for their continued support, Now in 2021 we have a 24 hour pay at the especially during the pandemic. pump petrol station in addition to M.O.T ‘S being carried out 6 days a week, full Please contact us on: servicing and diagnostics. We employ 2 Telephone:01455 284220/282247 mechanics Anthony and Craig who have Email: been with us over 30 years, and we have Paul managing the shop. Website: We sell a wide range of car accessories, batteries, wiper blades, number plates made Facebook: Stuart Cross Motors Ltd to order, calor gas, coal, logs and kindling.


Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm Sat 8.00am-1.30pm Sun 10.00am-2.00pm

34 Main Street Broughton Astley Leics LE9 6RD Tel: 01455 284220/282247 April/May 2021