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The second annual Run for the Paws 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk and Wagging Wellness Fair is April 3rd. Go to for more info or to register today! 31 GLENDALE AVENUE, ASHEVILLE NC 28803 • 828-505-3440 • BWAR.ORG

Ask any pet parent of an adopted dog or cat (or any furry, feathered, scaled, or finned friend for that matter!) and they’ll tell you. These animals know they have been given a second chance. We are enriched by their love, and go to great lengths to show them ours.


But not everyone feels - or acts - like we do. This is Bonnie. Bonnie is a sweet Walker Hound who loves to give kisses. She can wiggle her cute little spotted snout into anyone’s heart. But not so long ago, Bonnie didn’t have a friend in the world. She was considered disposable. When she arrived at a county shelter, it was discovered that Bonnie had been hit by a car, and shot. Her rear leg was badly swollen and she could barely walk. But the shelter staff was hopeful. Bonnie, like many hunting dogs turned in to shelters in our area, had a collar on with a name and phone number. To their dismay, when they called her "owner" and told him they found her injured and in need of medical care, his reply was, "She won't be good for having pups or hunting now, we don't want her back." Bonnie’s story may have ended tragically there, but the shelter staff had fallen in love with this brave sweet girl, and turned to Brother Wolf for help. Because of the generosity of caring people like you, we were able to take Bonnie in and give her another chance at the life she deserves and the medical care she needed to survive. After several weeks under a vet’s care, and with all the love and attention she needed from our great shelter staff and volunteers, Bonnie was placed up for adoption. We’re happy to report that Bonnie has found her forever home - a place where she is cherished. Bonnie will never be considered disposable again. TURN OVER After hearing Bonnie’s story online, a very kind donor made a contribution towards Bonnie’s care in honor of a family member’s dog who had passed away. It was a heartfelt tribute that will ensure the love they feel for their beloved pet will live on through an animal in need.


Donations like this allow us to provide abused and neglected animals like Bonnie the medical care and time they need to heal, emotionally and physically, before adoption. They will live their lives pain-free with a family who loves them, and be treated with kindness and dignity. Please consider making a donation to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to help animals like Bonnie who need emergency medical care. Please read on to learn more about how your support can improve the lives of innocent animals in need today!

FOR MORE ‘TAILS’ OF SUCCESS! FESTUS: Off a chain and into our hearts... DOWNY: A senior cat finds a new family... LITTLE JON: From life under a log to living it up...

A family grows - by two! Downy’s original owners divorced, and sadly neither wanted to keep the handsome 9 year old Siamese mix. Older animals are often hard to adopt out, but as lucky Downy would find out, his new family was already looking for him. Having lost their 18 year old cat a few months prior, a family began the search for a new furry member. The adoption would have a special significance for their teenage daughter Beverly, who had been in foster care for a year and just joined the family in November. Some pet parents find it hard to consider adopting an older animal while still mourning the loss of a furry friend who recently passed away. But Beverly felt an immediate kinship for Downy, and the family agreed he was their boy. We believe every animal deserves a second chance and a family of their own, regardless of age or special needs.

Watching the world go by As a No-Kill shelter and rescue, Brother Wolf is able to give every animal the time and special care he or she needs to find their forever home. Our generous donors like you allow us to take dogs and cats who have special needs, are older or harder to adopt, or may require extensive medical care. Festus spent all of his life on the end of a chain. The Alaskan Malamute and Golden Retriever mix hadn’t received proper care and when one of our volunteers approached his previous owners and convinced them to allow her to find Festus a new home, it was found that Festus was heartworm positive. Treatment began for this potentially fatal condition, and medical bills are so far in excess of $500. After four years chained to a doghouse, watching the world go by, the last thing this sweet boy wanted was to be cooped up! But heartworm treatment is hard on the body and Festus had to remain calm in our shelter for a month while the medication killed the worms strangling his heart. With the lifesaving treatment he needed, made possible by our wonderful donors, Festus is now a healthy, happy boy. He loves to hike and enjoy quiet time with people, and makes fast friends with every dog he meets. Festus will stay with us until he finds his loving forever family; he will never have to be a prisoner on a chain again.

On the Eve of something great As one of the smartest breeds, the Corgi is easy to train but, as it turns out, not so easy to trap. Last December, a tiny, frightened Corgi mix was rescued from a busy interstate rest area. She had somehow survived for eight weeks on her own, begging for food from motorists and dodging traffic. There’s no telling whether the little dog, wearing no collar and not microchipped, was lost or had been abandoned. After Brother Wolf volunteers spent 6 long days and nights monitoring the humane trap they had set - when it was clear the Corgi was too frightened to come to them the little gal was finally caught on Christmas Eve. Now safe, with gentle voices talking to her, ‘Eve’ gave her rescuer the greatest present she could hope for: a shy lick of her hand. Eve was welcomed into a loving foster home while she recovered from her ordeal and was later adopted, gaining a canine big sister.

Eve, left, with new sister Kita

Brother Wolf rescues animals every single day from life-threatening situations. Your help makes that possible. Animals like Eve are waiting for us to save them, and together, we can do it!

Asheville pups head North Sadly, in the South our euthanasia rates, particularly among 'hunting breeds’, is far higher than areas in the North where aggressive spay/neuter programs have cut down on unwanted litters. Through our Lifesaving Transport Program, partnering with rescues in New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, we’re able to save an average of 40 dogs and puppies each month who would otherwise be euthanized. One such puppy is Little Jon. Being a mom takes creativity, and for Magic, just finding a place where her babies would be safe took some smart thinking. So during the cold North Carolina winter, Magic brought up her little family under a fallen log in a sheltered, dry hollow in the earth. As her pups got bigger, Magic sought out help from a kind woman who had been feeding her. The day Magic led her to the little den in the woods, she knew Magic had been nursing, but didn’t know what to expect. To her delight, six fat, healthy puppies peeked up at her from within! Miracle and her pups were sent to a Magic and her puppies near BWAR foster home where mom could nurse and nurture their ‘nursery’ in the woods her babies in warmth until all were ready to be adopted. Five puppies were adopted locally and puppy number six, Little John, made the journey to Massachusetts where he met his forever family. Little Jon Give a southern dog a new lease on life! Your donation today gives us the and his resources to open up another spot on a rescue transport. Every dog and puppy on siblings these life-saving trips is checked by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and has received a health certificate costing on average $250 per animal with fuel and van rental costs. To help us ‘give a pup a lift,’ check “Transport Program” when making a donation with the attached form. FOR OUR DOGS We welcome gas cards to offset the cost of fuel for the trips. Leashes No-slip collars Dry adult and puppy dog food* * Pedigree dry dog food Wet canned food* is preferred, but any brand welcome. Any brand of Dog treats and peanut butter wet food it welcome. Puppy formula for bottle feeding Kuranda beds Dog toys (Nylabones, Kongs, squeaky toys, etc) Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is the largest No-Kill shelter


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Ensure a brighter future for animals who need you.

and rescue in Asheville, working tirelessly towards the day when no animal is euthanized for lack of a home. In 2010, we found homes for 1,900 pets, many of whom were senior, had special needs, or were ill or injured. This year we expect to increase that number by 25%. Our Adoption Center is open seven days a week, making it easy for people to bring home a new pet. We provide aid to local families with low-cost spay/neuter, free pet food assistance, and veterinary assistance through a recent grant made possible by Banfield Charities. Please consider including Brother Wolf in your estate planning. Your legacy will support our work to rescue, rehabiliate, and rehome abused and neglected animals for years to come. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a North Carolina not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. As such, your bequests may result in tax benefits while they help the animals.

* DONATIONS IN LIEU OF FLOWERS * BEQUESTS & CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES * LIFE INSURANCE GIFTS & RETIREMENT PLANS To learn more, check the box on the bottom of the attached donation form for more information, or speak with your attorney.

FOR OUR CATS Cat toys (including disposable catnip scratch pads) Dry cat and kitten food and treats Clumping cat litter Kitten formula for bottle feeding Kuranda beds and towers FOR OUR ADOPTION CENTER Paper towels Bleach and Pine Sol Laundry detergent Diagnostic microscope (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x) Blankets & towels Office supplies and first class stamps Universal microchip scanner OTHER NEEDS Credit Card reward points/miles Gift cards to PetSmart or Petco Gas cards for puppy transport Items to sell at our yard sales and auctions Monetary donations for veterinary bills

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Your support saves lives!

Every day, there are on average 175 dogs and cats in the care of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Here’s how your donation can help. $15 a month

supplies medication for an animal with an

$20 a month

will feed an abandoned dog or cat

ongoing condition

$50 pays for the spay/neuter of a dog or cat to ensure no unwanted litters $75 provides emergency care for new arrivals

More ways that you can help


Millions of animals are euthanized in shelters every year. Ending that sad practice takes the effort of caring people and many bold new initiatives. Be a part of our lifesaving team! • ADOPT A FURRY FRIEND • GIVE LOCALLY! Donations made to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue help our local animals in need. • SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET • SUPPORT TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN WWW.FRIENDS2FERALS.ORG • VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME OR BECOME A FOSTER PARENT

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue We are a small, nonprofit, grass-roots group committed to rescuing and helping animals in need — unwanted, stray, abandoned or owner relinquished, and relocating dogs and cats from our local, overcrowded shelters into forever homes. We believe that by working with the community, there will be a day where there are no more homeless pets, and when killing animals due to “lack of homes and space in our shelters” is no longer an option.

Visit Our Adoption Center Stop by the largest No Kill shelter in Asheville and meet your new best friend today! 31 Glendale Ave. Asheville, NC 28803 828-505-3440 • Mon-Sat: 7am-8pm, Sun: 8am-6pm VISIT US AT BWAR.ORG OR CALL (828) 505-3440 FOR INFORMATION

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