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NOV/DEC 2010

31 GLENDALE AVENUE, ASHEVILLE NC 28803 • 828-505-3440 • BWAR.ORG

Seasons Greetings from our furry friends! Ezra and Stevie were found together, alone, with no human in sight at a very popular dog park in Asheville by a BWAR volunteer. It was obvious that these gentle dogs were abandoned by their owner who had no intentions of returning for them. Stevie and Ezra were shaking, clearly frightened by this new and strange environment they had found themselves in. Leaning on each other, huddled together for comfort, we learned that these were two special dogs.

Both dogs were blind and deaf. Imagine how frightened they must have been to find themselves left alone in an unfamiliar environment, wondering when their family would come back for them. Thanks to the support of caring people like you, both of these amazing dogs were settled into wonderful foster homes. Ezra was recently adopted by her foster mom, and Stevie will stay with his foster family, loved and nurtured, until it’s his turn. But don’t let their special needs fool you. Neither of these sweet dogs knows that they are any different, and they take joy in the everyday activities of a dog such as hiking, playing with other dogs, and chewing on the occasional slipper! Your donation today supports programs like our foster care network, which provide life saving temporary homes for cats and dogs who have special needs like our sweet Stevie and Ezra - those who may not do well living in an adoption center environment or who may need a little extra TLC and time to find their forever home.

In addition to our foster network, BWAR operates Asheville’s largest no kill rescue, shelter, and Adoption Center for homeless and abandoned animals.

Over 1,800 pets placed in loving homes in 2010. With the support of our community and our amazing volunteers, we have been able to find homes for over 1,800 animals this year. These lucky dogs and cats will be able to spend the holidays with their very own loving families. BWAR volunteers and employees work tirelessly, 365 days a year, to find homes for the many animals who find themselves homeless on a daily basis. This is no easy feat! With over 150 adoption events a year throughout the community as well as an adoption center open to the public seven days a week (Mon-Sat 6am-8pm, Sunday 8am-6pm) to serve adopters when it’s convenient for them,

it’s easy for people to fall in love with a new best friend.

More than 130 animals transported to safety.

Chloe, 3 years old,

blind since birth. Shelters and rescues in the North have found that their aggressive Adopted! spay/neuter programs have cut down on unwanted litters of puppies coming into their shelters and are therefore often able to help us place these little bundles of joy into forever homes easily. By working with other rescue groups, we were able to offer these young puppies a better chance for a bright future through our successful partnership and livesaving transport program. This is just another way that your donation saves lives!

Over 800 sick and injured animals given a second chance at life. In addition to vaccines, microchipping, blood testing and spay or before neuter, over half of the dogs and cats rescued needed help for serious conditions. This includes broken bones and trauma, today dehydration and starvation, congenital defects, heartworms (28 dogs with medical bills averaging $500 each and requiring months of foster care received lifesaving treatment this year), kidney disease, heart failure, and cancer. Dental and specialized care were provided to the many senior pets who find themselves homeless at a time when they most deserve a safe place where they can enjoy their golden years. Lucky, rescued

Thanks to the generosity of kind hearted and compassionate people like you, we were able to offer medical care above and beyond the standard care an animal receives to ready them for an new home.

from shelter hairless with mange. Improving daily!

Hundreds of people and their pets helped.

Lil’ Abner, found with his brothers living under an old shed. Happy lap kitten today!

We know money is tight for everyone. Not just for our rescue and shelter, but for our friends and neighbors who have animals and love and care for them, but may be going through a hard time. While the unemployment rate climbs and the number of homes being foreclosed upon is at a record high, one thing that we can rely on is that even when times are tough, the companionship and love that is given to us from our four legged friends is unwavering.

You can help us continue to extend a hand in kindness to pet owners during their time of financial crisis. We’ve provided low cost or free spay/neuter assistance to over 250 pets, access to low cost vaccinations, and nutritious pet food when needed. With just a little help, these caring pet owners are able keep their furry family members in a home where they belong, while reducing the number of unwanted litters ending up in already crowded shelters in the future!

Brother Wolf is working with you and our community and with other local shelters and rescue groups to bring about a time when there will be no more homeless pets.

It’s a goal well within reach! Our comprehensive foster care program and our no kill shelter are home to almost 200 animals on a daily basis. In addition, community outreach programs including low cost or no cost spay/neuter help, rabies and microchip clinics, and food assistance programs, keep owned pets in their homes and out of shelters. We could not continue to do this work without your support that does so much!

From the executive director As I reflect upon this year, I’m in awe of all that we’ve accomplished together in the past 12 months. Not only of our great success placing so many animals in loving homes, but also of the many lives touched along the way. Every person plays such an integral part in the work we do everyday that BWAR is what it is today because of our community support. From the volunteers who walk the dogs in the cold, rain and hot sun and those who scoop litterboxes and play with our cats, to the staff who rarely have a day off, their work does not go unnoticed. People often comment on how great our animals are. I know this is a reflection of the top notch love and care that each dog and cat receives as an individual. While we say the animals who are under our care are homeless, they are in fact, not. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is their home and will be their home as long as it takes for them to find their family. While they are with us, they are cared for and loved as if they were our own There are so many heartwarming stories that touched me over the past year, but today I want to tell you about Dallas. Dallas was a man who loved his animals. Nothing mattered more to him then his dogs and cats and their happiness. I knew Dallas from his days when he was a volunteer helping to take care of homeless animals when he was the one providing love and compassion to those who found themselves without a family. Suddenly, Dallas became very ill and found himself in the hospital. The only thing he could think about were his "kids" and that he needed to get well so he could return home. Sadly, that did not happen and his condition deteriorated. He would not cross over, however, until he knew that BWAR was commited to welcoming in all of his animals to the BWAR family. This was so important to him that he could not be at peace until he knew each animal would be cared for. We gave him our word. After months of in-home care by volunteers from BWAR and from the Department of Social Services, the animals came to live at our Adoption Center and with our foster families. I remember delicately lifting Megan, the 11 year old Australian Shepherd with arthritis, into my car for the trip to the Adoption Center. Her soft brown eyes meet mine as I helped her into her car and I could feel her pain. Not only the pain of her clicking hips, but the pain of losing her friend and caretaker, and the only home she had ever known. With one soft lick to my hand, I knew she was thanking us for giving her and her family a second chance at life. We both stared out the car window and rode in silence, silently saying good bye to her home of 11 years. Her grief was profound and I promised her that we would find her someone who loved her just as Dallas would want, and who would care for her in her "golden years." I am happy to report that all of Dallas' "kids" have found their forever homes and will be spending the holidays surrounded by people who love them and cherish them, just as Dallas would want. Thank you for sharing your lives with BWAR and for supporting us in the very important work we do in our community. We look forward to an even more prosperous 2011 where we will continue to serve you and our four legged friends and work towards a time when there are no more homeless pets. Warmest wishes for you and your loved ones this holiday season, - Denise Bitz, Executive Director, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Turtle, struck by a car, needed surgery to walk again pain-free. Healthy and adopted!

Everyday, there are around 200 animals under the care of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Here’s how your donations help take care of them: Every donation, large or small, helps furry friends, one and all!

$15 a month provides

a vaccination or medication for one animal.

Here’s my donation of: $ to help Brother Wolf Animal Rescue save animals!

Nemo, receives daily thyroid medication

$20 a month feeds


a homeless dog or cat

Lola, found by a volunteer malnourished

Address: City/State/Zip:

$50 pays for the spay/neuter


of a dog or cat to make sure no unwanted pets will be born.

(optional) Please make this: a gift for: in memory of: and send an acknowledgement card to:

Lucy, former breeding dog rescued, now living happily in Canada


$100 provides emergency


care for new arrivals PeeWee, underweight and lost some sight from untreated eye and respiratory infection

City/State/Zip: We’ll mail the photo of one of the animals in our care to your chosen recipient! I enclose:




$500 provides life-saving surgery and medical care for traumatically abused, injured, or ill animals Boomer, required leg amputation


EXP DATE CSV Code (back of card)

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue We are a small, nonprofit, grass-roots group committed to rescuing and helping animals in need — unwanted, stray, abandoned or owner relinquished, and relocating dogs and cats from our local, overcrowded shelters.

Signature Email Address I want to make this a repeating monthly donation to help animals in need throughout the year! (optional)

PO Box 8195 • Asheville, NC 28814 828-505-3440 •

We know that by working with the community, there will be a day where there are no more homeless pets, and when killing animals due to “lack of homes and space in our shelters” is no longer an option.

Visit Our Adoption Center Stop by the largest No Kill shelter in Asheville and meet your new best friend today! Mon-Sat: 6am-8pm, Sun: 8am-6pm 31 Glendale Ave, Asheville, NC 28803 828-505-3440 •

Brother Wolf End-of-Year VIdeo  

Join us in celebrating the hope and joy of lives saved of 2010!

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