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Table of Contents #1) Introduction to The F.O.I. #2) Forward #3) A Fruit #4) Meaning of F.O.I. (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) #5) Meaning of F.O.I. (The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan) #6) F.O.I.

(The Fruit of Islam)

#7) Instructions to the Fruit of Islam #8) F.O.I.

April 4, 1960

(General Lessons)

#9) “Allah is the Best of Planners” #10) F.O.I. Classes (The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan) #11) The Black Man’s Duty #12) Let Us Make Man Study Guide #13) F.O.I. Mental Lessons



to the F.O.I.”

Definitions and Goals F.O.I. means the Fruit of Islam. It is the name given to the class of men who belong to the Nation of Islam and follow the spiritual guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through The Divine Leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. You will be trained in this class to face and fulfill your obligations as a man and shoulder our responsibility by reproducing the good which the religion can produce in you. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad as well as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, teaches the F.O.I. that we must be responsible and hard workers, protecting the women and children of our Nation. We must be qualified to hold any position that is necessary, whether it be in the field of labor or management, religion or politics. You will find the F.O.I. to be divided mainly into two parts. One deals with strengthening the mind and the other with the strengthening of the body. The objective is not big muscles. The program is designed to produce strong and healthy minds as well as bodies. Lazy men who won’t produce for their families are not accepted or allowed to stay in the F.O.I unless they can make an immediate change. A Muslim must be 100% clean at all times and must protect their women. Clean shirts (preferably white), tie and suites are to be worn at all Temple meetings, unless otherwise advised. If you do not have a suite or white shirt, wear what you have, just be sure it is clean. A Muslim is expected to bathe at least once a day. You will be given a certain period during which you will be expected to divest yourself of the devil’s habits. This does not mean you should take much time, if you can break the habits today, do it! Don’t wait!


Forward As-Salaam-Alaikum Welcome to the Nation of Islam’s F.O.I.

As a believer entering into a new way of life…the way of Islam…there are volumes of things we would like you to know. Indeed we wish we could sit you down and tell it to you all at once so you would know for a certainty just as we do that Allah is God, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is His Messenger and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is His Divine Reminder and Islam as taught by them is the only salvation that Black people in America have or will ever have. But, unfortunately, we can’t do that. Time won’t permit and even if it did, you could not understand it all at once. One of the most important things that you must understand is your role as a follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is that you are entering into a course of study that actually involves the Supreme Wisdom (is the supreme use of the total knowledge and understanding of everything). A wise man recognizes that he can never learn too much but he also understands that a higher course of learning starts from a basic foundation. It is the basic foundation that the following material and your further instructions in your F.O.I. Class is designed to teach you. Nowhere in the world will you find a truer Brotherhood and a closer unity then that exhibited by the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan amongst which you are now numbered.

“As we near the exhaustion of the wisdom of this world which has not been able to shed enough light on our path in search for the Supreme Wisdom (the highest form of mathematics) to keep us from stumbling and falling, we now seek the wisdom of Allah, The Best Knower and Guide in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom be Praised forever).” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Messenger of Allah The Nation of Islam to which we belong is not a cult, sect, or club: it is just what the name implies…A Nation. It is a Nation that with the guidance of Allah through His Messenger and Divine Reminder, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has reached true stature and recognition amongst civilized people. The word Nation implies responsibility…to you and your responsibility to it. Here again the material which we are providing you will stand you in good stead.


A Nation can be small or it can be large: it can be weak or strong. It depends on the people in that Nation. You are now one of those people in the Nation of Islam –a Nation of your own kind. We want a strong, righteous and ever growing Nation. What kind do you want?


A Fruit

A Fruit Is The Best!! He is constantly training and conditioning himself to meet and over come all obstacles in his path. His sole purpose is to deliver the seventeen million Dead to the Lamb of God (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad through The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan). To do this we are compelled to be: Obedient, Militant, Humble, Tolerant, Courteous, Honest, and Dependable.

#1) A Fruit is Obedient to the laws of Islam and those in authority. #2) #3) #4) #5) #6) #7)

His conduct is Militant. He is Humble and Submissive. He is Tolerant and Understanding. He is Courteous and Respectful. He is Honest in thought, deeds and actions. He is Alert and Dependable.


The Meaning of F.O.I. (By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) The Meaning of F.O.I . is “Fruit of Islam ”. The Fruit of Islam is the name given to the Muslims men, the male followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad though the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in the wilderness of North America by Allah Himself. The Fruit of Islam is the backbone of Islam, the militant part of Islam, the productive part of Islam, the men of Islam. No Muslim on the planet earth can claim the name, “Fruit of Islam ” unless he belongs to the “Nation of Islam” and follows the Divine Guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His Divine Reminder the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. A Fruit is the product of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s spiritual guidance, He (the Fruit) reflects what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches, whether he is a work, or at home or in the street selling “The Final Call Newspaper”. According to Webster a Fruit is the part of the plant that carries the seed or the nourishing part of the plant. The seed of a plant reproduces itself many times over. (Likewise does the Fruit of Islam carry the seed which is the truth or The Final Call Newspaper and also produces more Fruit which are lost-founds who have not heard the truth as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan). This is the sole purpose of a Fruit to deliver the 22 million dead to the Lamb of God, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His Divine servant the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Fruit is strong in body and mind. The Fruit is constantly training and conditioning himself to meet and overcome all obstacles in his path. The Fruit is clean in body and mind, he baths at least once a day, he prays to Almighty God Allah at least 5 times a day. An F.O.I. is re-educated especially to the Knowledge of Self. The Fruit no longer refers to himself as Negro, Nigger or Colored person. The Fruit is re-educated into the Knowledge of Self, God, and The Devil, a knowledge that the Fruit has never been taught by the Caucasian of America and Europe. This knowledge gives the Fruit the pride and satisfaction of knowing that the Fruit is the Original Man, The Asiatic Black Man, The Maker, The Owner, Cream of the Planet Earth and God of the Universe . An F.O.I. is upright and dependable. The Fruit loves and respects his fellow Muslims and his non-Muslim brothers and sisters and in turn the Fruit is loved and respected by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Fruit especially respects his women,


never allowing her to go improperly dressed. The Fruit provides for his family and will give his life for his wife, sister or brother if necessary for their protection. A Fruit is obedient to the laws of Islam and those in authority. The Fruits conduct is Militant. The Fruit walks upright. The Fruit talks with a pleasant tone of voice, never getting loud using foul language. The Fruit addresses Muslims as well as non-Muslims with “yes sir” or “no maim”. The Fruit is humble and submissive. The Fruit doesn’t act as if he knows it all and is too big to listen to his brothers, be they older or younger. The Fruit can accept criticism from those in authority. The Fruit admits his errors when or if he makes them. The Fruit is tolerant and understanding. The Fruit doesn’t laugh at his new brother’s mistakes. The Fruit understands that he is a new brother and must be given time to practice the things he has learned just as he was. The Fruit is courteous and respectful. The Fruit never addresses his brother omitting terms such as “Lieutenant”, “Minister”, “Secretary”, etc. The Fruit always uses terms such as “Please”, “Excuse me”, “I am sorry”, “Thank you” etc. The Fruit is honest in thoughts, deeds and actions. The Fruit’s word is his bond. The Fruit always tells the truth regardless to whom or what. The Fruit is alert and dependable. The Fruit is wide awake at all times. The Fruit can be trusted to stand any post in or out of the Mosque because a Fruit is the best, the best Islam has to offer.


The Meaning of F.O.I.

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan What is the meaning of F.O.I, The Fruit of Islam? The name given to the military training of the men who belong to Islam in North America. Military training implies tactics. Military training implies maneuvers. Military training implies going behind the lines in enemy territory. Military training implies establishing a beachhead in enemy territory and then proceeding to take control. The 47 th chapter of the Qur’an is called, “Muhammad ,” and that chapter is also called “War” because when the Muhammad of the Holy Qur’an comes he makes war on the forces of evil that have ruled and dominated the planet earth for the last 6,000 years. The objective of it is to turn the earth back into the hands of its original owners. And that’s why you are asked the question, “Who is the Original Man ?” And you are asked the Question, “Who is the Colored Man?” So you will know who the earth belongs to, and who the false owner is that must be removed. You are also asked the questions, “What is the population of the Original Nation?” and “What is the population of the colored People?” You may get some idea as to just how much the Original people out number the enemy people. But the enemy has been wise enough, though he is smaller in number, to go among the Original people and color them and make them agents of the colored man rather than agents of the Original God. So now God has come in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to whom praise is due forever, and has established his position behind enemy lines, and he raised up the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to guide us now in the taking or retaking of our home. Now brothers, you are given military drill, face movements, close order drill. What is this for? I don’t want the F.O.I. to get in their minds that this is an army like the armies of the world. It is a superior army, with a superior mission. Though few in number, it makes no difference. It is the power that backs us that makes us powerful. Israel is small but as long as she is backed by America she becomes mighty. Well, we may be small but as long as we are backed by Allah and the Messenger we are Mighty. So we are called the “Mighty F.O.I.” We must see what kind of concept we as Fruit of Islam should have in our minds about this army that we have joined. Those who think in terms of any army running with rifle practice, an army that knows their M-16, an army that studies maneuvers in killing and what –not—No, I am sorry. This is not that kind of army. I am not saying that we won’t have to someday or under some circumstances deal an enemy and if necessary destroy. But you must look at the first Fruit, the first fruit whom we now know as the Christ. One of the titles of Christ is “The Saviour.” Another title of Christ is “The Redeemer.” Another titled of Christ is “Christ, the King.” Well, since we are subjects of


the King—or as the scripture calls us the body of the Christ —then the body does not make the decision, Christ makes the decision. He gives the direction. He’s the sole boss. Well, if Christ is “The Saviour,” that’s the number one title of Christ. When he becomes God, he exercises that power to save his people. From what? From their sins, the scripture says. “He shall save his people from their sins? The Messenger of Allah said he’s not here to save us from our sins he’s here to save us from the sins of white people that we have adopted. Master Fard Muhammad is known as “The Saviour.” But you didn’t know him. I didn’t know him. He saved one man: Elijah Muhammad. That one man becomes the Saviour of us all under his (Master Fard Muhammad’s) power. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Master Fard Muhammad studied 42 years to deliver us. Listen to me carefully now. He studied 42 years to deliver us. He was God but he had to study. He was God, he had that potential, but he had to grow into that potential through study. So the Pictures you see of Master Fard Muhammad, you see him reading a book. Because the only way you can save the people is if you know the wisdom that is found, not just in the newspaper or in some book that you were trained in college, but you must know the wisdom in the book that is designed for the salvation of the Blackman. Do you understand? Christ, the Saviour. Well, if the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who was among us , laying a foundation for us to work today, has now left our midst but deposited in us his words and the same course of study that Master Fard Muhammad gave him, then why should we study? It is because you must study to save and deliver the people. On Saviour’s Day 1981, I said, and I am quoting now, “It is written in the scriptures, I will send Saviour’s’ plural, after them.” He is raised, and then he becomes a sender of Saviour’s. That’s heavy brother. A Saviour! A Saviour! Pick up your dictionary and look up the word Saviour— one who saves. When you look in the mirror at yourself, look at yourself good, and say to yourself, “I am sent as a Saviour of my black brothers and sisters. I am a Saviour. I am a deliverer. I am a redeemer.” Think about those words. You and I are acting under the Saving Grace and Power of the Saviour—The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad who is acting under the power of the Lord of the Worlds. So we got power to save. How do you know we got power? Because, the word of God coming through me saved you. The word of God coming through you will save anybody who will listen to you if you will study and qualify yourself for your work as a Saviour of our people. So the army that is going, out there, is not an army of gangsters. They are not going out there with the face of a thug. See, if you come to me with that kind of expression, I’d run and hide, because you don’t look like a Saviour. Master Fard Muhammad came looking like a Saviour. He came looking appealing. He came in the clothes and flesh of a devil because we were among devils. We had fallen in love with devils and wouldn’t listen to anybody black. So, his father had to go and get a special kind of way so he could get close enough to us to save that one from among us who would turn around and ultimately save us all. What does that tell you? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said put on a white shirt, and put on a tie, I don’t care if you only have one suit, beloved. Let it be clean! Even if it is a mismatch, let it be clean! Go clean among your people. Because clean is the opposite of dirty. Dressedup is the opposite of undressed. You are going to a savage people who are undressed and


dirty and if you go clean and dressed up you are opposite them and it sets up an immediate attraction; for opposite attracts. All praise is due to Allah If you go out among them looking as wild and ugly and crazy-acting as they look, you repel because you look like they look. But, if you come with a peaceful expression, if you come with a heart filled with love for your people, who have never been loved by anybody except God and his Apostle, then you come in the Spirit of a Saviour. You come in the spirit willing to pay a price to redeem someone or something that he loves. If we love our people, then we have come forward to pay whatever price is absolutely necessary to redeem all of our people from the grip of Satan. We are Saviour’s, we’re Redeemers. So we say in our prayer, “My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death is all for Allah.” It is all for Allah. Well what do you mean it is all for Allah? It is all for his will. What is his will? His will is that the dead must be raised to life. But how will the dead be raised? The truth must be gotten to them. How will the truth be gotten to them? The Truth must be put in vessels that will carry it to the lost and found. Knock on their door with a friendly face; a face of a Saviour—alive and alert—knowing that his brother is a savage and is crazy-acting, the Saviour knows that, but he walked among us for three and one –half years, among a savage people. We weren’t too filthy for him to come among us, to knock on our door, to walk in and sell us silks and different things so he could get a chance to teach us of this amazing word that he himself had brought to save us and redeem us from the clutches of a brutal beast. You are a Saviour, Blackman, You are not a destroyer, and you are a healer. You’re not a killer, you’re a Saviour. “Wait a minute, now, I’m getting in shape.” Stay in shape—but hide your power. Stay in shape, but don’t parade power. Parade the fact that you are Saviour’s of your people. Don’t make your people afraid of you, make them come toward you. Be warm and friendly. You know, be courteous to your people. Be loving and kind to them. Yes, that is what wins them because for four hundred years they have known nothing but people talking to them hard, talking to them mean. You know that we are savages. So, we got to be patient with our people. But, brothers, you go to study. The more you study the words, the teachings, the very spiritual roots of his Word and the program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; you grow into the mind of a Saviour. When people see you coming, they act as though a Saviour has come into their midst. The old military training of the F.O.I. was wrong in several respects. That is condemned by God and the Messenger and by myself. The old military training must be thrown out of the window because that was not a training to save our people. You were often being trained in the manner of the army of the devil. You never did look upon yourself as an army of Saviour’s. You looked upon yourself as an army of killers. That’s why if you didn’t have no devil in front of you to kill, several of you turned on each other, threatening each other, jumping in each other’s chest. That’s not the way that Allah wanted us to be militarily trained. Don’t you know when you are trained to save a people, when you are trained in the way of Allah and you love your Islamic way of life, then you will fight like hell for what you love; because you know nobody gave us this kind of brotherhood until the Honorable Elijah Muhammad came and gave it to us. So we will fight to defend it, fight to protect it. This doesn’t mean we go out and just become an old soft nut. But it does mean that you hide your power. In the book of Habakkuk it says, “He had horns coming out of his hands, but there was the hiding of power.” He hid the fact that he could destroy 10

because they had met destroyers all their lives. He showed them the power that he had to save. Then when someone acted in a manner that he knew that needed chastisement, then he put it on them. None could chastise like Allah. None can chastise like the servants of Allah when our anger is aroused. But we are not here to show anger to our savage brothers and sisters. We are an army raised by God through the Messenger to save our people. This means that the military training of the men who belong to Islam in North America must be after this wise, F.O.I. training: when you go in close order drill, you are learning to follow simple commands. We are learning the beauty of men working together, marching together, at the command of one commander. Well, the commander-in-chief of the Nation of Islam is the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We have no other command. We want no other commander. All of us are stand-ins for him. But when we begin to use his name to shield a dirty religion and then begin to impose self made commands in his name, then the F.O.I. must be wise enough to reject such commands, because it didn’t come properly. You are not soldiers to be trained like Hitler’s army and have no intelligence to think. We are to be made thinking men. Just like a computer will reject something you put in that is not programmed to receive, if you study the teachings and program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad then you reject everything that is not of him. So my dear and beloved brothers of the F.O.I. our role is a role of Saviours. What tools do you have? Knowledge, wisdom and understanding! The Final Call is just a tool, as are the books of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But, now we must be taught how to use the tools. In the army they teach you how to shoot. In the F.O.I. we must teach every brother how to handle himself as a soldier and how to handle the word of God as an instrument by which the people can be saved. So, brothers, you can see we’ve got a lot of training to do. So we organize, and we go after our people in a systematic way: block by block, street by street, house by house. We knock on any door; just like he went we go. Don’t go ugly. Put your best foot forward. That’s why, brothers, when people write about the followers of the Messenger they say they are clean, they are courteous, they are respectful, they are submissive, but underneath all of that they see that this is a dangerous body if ignited in that way. So this is going to be a balanced training. Well, you say, “What about killing the devil?” What about that. “Well, I just had my shotgun and my stuff and I was ready.” No, you go break that up. Many of the conflicts that we brought on the Nation, we brought them on ourselves by the ignorant way we handled the wisdom of God. Do you know that? If you respect yourself you’ll find yourself being respected even by the devil. Now what about killing the devil? Our lessons say, “Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil? ” Because he is 100% wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam.” But did you know that every time you save a Blackman you have in that same act of salvation killed a devil? You don’t have to deal with the negative, deal with the positive and you have taken care of the negative. Every time you save a Blackman you have killed a devil because when truth comes in, falsehood goes out. The only way the white man has been able to rule our people; is through the field of falsehood and ignorance. So you replace the field of falsehood and ignorance with truth and knowledge. And there is no devil anymore there, we just killed one. “Well, I’m talking about the white man.” That’s your charge because you were a devil before the Messenger met you. When you came to the Messenger the devil lost one. Like they sing that song in 11

the church, “The devil is mad and I’m so glad, ‘cause he missed that soul that he though he had.” Well, he thought he had us, brother, and like a thief in the night Muhammad snatched us. Now you go and snatch the rest of our brothers and sisters. Then when we get all of our people, at least a majority of them, thinking like we think and organized, the devil-the white man becomes no problem at all. The Messenger, and I quote and leave, in the “Theology of Time,” said, “if you continue to listen to me, I will have you so smart that you will have the devil around your finger like a little string and you won’t even know its there except you look at it.” So we’re going to continue to listen to him. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to continue to study his words. It won’t take us 42 years because he (Master Fard Muhammad) studied 42 years and the Messenger worked 40, really 44, to give us the short cut. So the Messenger said to us, “We can accomplish the above said with very little study.” All right then, army of F.O.I, go out and look at your and my work. It’s up and down 63rd Street. It’s up and down 79th Street. It’s on the Southside. It’s on the West side. Just take a good look at it and you’ll say, “O Lord, I can’t do this. I need help.” You know where your help is?” It’s right out there on 79th Street. There’s a dead man there today with a bottle in his hand, with a needle in his arm, waiting for one of the might Saviour’s to come and get him. Once he’s saved, he’ll say, “Man, look at what the truth has done for me.” Then he’ll turn around and study hard and go get the rest of those that are junkies in the junk den. That’s our job, brothers. So let’s put up the old weapons of this world and pick up the weapons of the next world—and that is truth. I hope that you understand. I’m not teaching or saying anything that needs interpretation. It’s very, very clear. The little weapons that you think you have are just enough to get you killed. Our people only have these little weapons to kill one another. That’s a shame. That’s the wrong way the army should be trained. I remember once a minister put a brother out of the Temple. I was riding in the car with this minister and he said to me, “I had to give a brother 90 days.” He put the brother out because the brother went to a body shop owned by a Muslim to put up a poster saying that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was coming to New York. The owner of the body shop told him he didn’t want that in his business. As a result the brother threatened to kill because, if he’s a follower of the Messenger, why would he reject the Messenger’s picture in his establishment? It was bad for business. So what the body shop owner was showing the other brother was hypocrisy and the brother threatened him, minister put him out for 90 days for threatening to kill his Muslim brother. So I said to the minister, “You know, brother, you cannot train the brother to go out and whip lost-founds with pipes and think that it won’t come inside the house.” The minister was very angry with me when I said that. But I was telling him that with every blow that a brother struck a lost-found in his head with a pipe, a lead pipe, because he disrespected some brother out there selling the newspaper or something, we should, instead, take the insult and go on. Why? Because we are not murderers of our people, we’re Saviour’s of them. How often did we insult the Messenger? He took it all because he is not a killer of us. He is a Saviour of us. So this minister would secretly send out brothers. There was a pipe squad in the Temple. This is what started the Nation into deterioration because some of the men were secretly being trained to hurt one another. When a brother had fornicated with a Muslim sister, the law said put him out, but the brothers didn’t want to just put him out. They wanted to add some of their own self 12

into the punishment and they met him at the house with lead pipes and beat his head into a pulp because they didn’t really respect the mercy in the law of God. They wanted to be a law unto themselves. Before you know it, many brothers became insensitive to one another and then it was easy for a brother to kill another brother. If you really want to know the truth, that’s why Allah permitted the Nation to be destroyed. Anytime you lose the love of the brotherhood, you will absolutely destroy the house. So we’re not set up as judges; we’ve got a judge. So, if you have these weapons, I am telling you I don’t need them. I’ve never asked people to come around me with weapons. If my God is not sufficient to protect me as I’m doing his will and not my own, then I’m here to tell you forget about Allah. Throw him out the window. He’s worthless. You can’t depend on him. You better depend on your pistol. You better depend on your shotgun. So let me see you making a prostration to your pistol ‘cause that’s your God. But with me I need no God but Allah. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us not to carry so much as a penknife. Don’t tell me that was for that time but this is a different day. It’s the same day with the same problem, with the same black folks, with the same devil, and the same God that got Elijah Muhammad through all of that, will get us through this much difficult time. So if you think that you can’t qualify to be in that kind of an army, then I would hope to receive your letter of resignation from the F.O.I. because you won’t be a part of this. We’re not having thugs, we’re not having gangsters, we’re not having little pseudocleaned up criminals. We are righteous men, with a righteous purpose, and if we are opposed in carrying out that righteous purpose, we will fight like hell with those who fight with us, in the name of Allah, and we will whip the hell out of any that come against us, short or tall, armed or unarmed. But we got to be right with our God. I hope this is clear now. When you move out, move out as soldiers, but not as the devil’s soldiers. Whose soldiers are? Muhammad’s! Which Muhammad? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad! Well, he is a Saviour of Black people. What about you? He paid a price to redeem the Blackman. What about you? Come on, brothers. If we’re soldiers for Muhammad, let’s get on after his people. Take this, study it, compare it with all you have studied of the Messenger and you will know that everything that I have said is 100% the truth and you must be trained in that manner or you will not be accepted by Allah and the Messenger as a part of the Fruit of Islam. Thank you. As-Salaam Alaikum Your Brother and Servant



F.O.I. The Fruit of Islam The ‘Fruit of Islam” is the name given by Allah to the class for men who belong to the Nation of Islam and follow the spiritual guidance of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The significance of this name, “Fruit”, is very important. Fruit contains seeds for reproduction, and are also, as a rule, the eatable or the nourishing part of the plant. The men here in North America who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are trained in these private classes to face and fulfill their obligations as men and shoulder their responsibility by REPRODUCING the good which the religion of Islam has produced in them. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His Chief student the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who are both chosen by God to lead us today, teaches the F.O.I. that we must be responsible and hard workers, protecting the women and the children of our race. We must be qualified to hold any position that is necessary, whether it be in the field of labor or management, religion or politics. We don’t want to rule or dominate the Caucasian race, but God has declared to our Beloved Leader that the white man’s day of domination over darker people has ended. We (F.O.I.) realize this and we can no longer sit with our hands folded while the Caucasian treats us as a race of delinquent children. The F.O.I. program is divided mainly into two parts: (1) deals mainly with the strengthening of the mind and (2) the other deals mainly with the strengthening of the body. The object is not big muscles; the program is designed to produce strong and healthy minds as well as strong and healthy bodies. Islamic studied are given to increase the F.O.I. in the spiritual knowledge, raise their morals and make then virtuous. Hygiene is a part of the Islamic teachings along with other sciences. The most essential part of this class is the giving of proper (self) knowledge to the so-called Negroes, who are the worse victims of mis-education by the Caucasian race of Europe and America. Lazy men or men who won’t provide for their families are not accepted nor allowed to stay in the F.O.I. unless they make protect their women. In fact, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, with the F.O.I. Class, is turning out the exact type of men most women are looking for. The White man brands the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as a hate cult, racist, subversive, etc only to frighten other so-called Negroes away from it, to slow or halt its progress and to try and destroy this “New Man” The Honorable Elijah


Muhammad and His student the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is making for our women in the F.O.I. Class, the “Fruit of Islam.� But when Allah comes for us in the harvest, the tree which He Himself planted and left to be cared for by the Messenger of Allah and His Chief student will still be producing much fruit. All Praise is Due to Allah!

Instructions to the Fruit of Islam I want to thank you for the help you gave me. I want you to work together in unity. I want you to help make us more successful. To be successful we have to keep our house clean as possible of all foreign obstacles and of hypocrites. I am asking you to watch yourself and watch the F.O.I. for hypocrites, enemies and paid stool pigeons. Weigh yourself and your brothers. Let us be out to keep progress going.


I would like you the officials and you as the common F.O.I. to be watchful for weakness and as soon as you find a weak one put him out! Keep your F.O.I. strong. I don’t want a weak one with me. If you find a coward among you, sit him down behind the sisters in the Mosque. We don’t want a weak F.O.I. Pray to Allah for courage and determination to be successful. We cannot accomplish this with an F.O.I. full of loud-mouths. I ask you in the Name of Allah to keep thing (shut-mouth). What we do and say here, keep it to yourself. Never let an enemy know how and where you are going to attack. Let the enemy think all the time that you are a meek little lamb but be prepared to meet the enemy in the Name of Allah and protect yourself. Any brother that goes out to make trouble for the F.O.I. should be chastised. Little small things start great wars. If we go to war let it be for a good cause. Love for each other that which you love for yourself. Don’t say anything about any one that you wouldn’t have them say about you. I only ask to do this: show yourself as a good Muslim. Let the helpers see in you what they think you are. Let us be shit-mouth. Speak only that which we know to speak. Never be a news carrier on each other. Never go across the street to tell another; what is going on, on the other side of the street. Keep your hearth and mind in the F.O.I. This F.O.I. is just like any other army. My desire is to make you tops. Let us do a little more. We can do better. I haven’t forgotten you for the good works and charity you gave. I am asking for a home that we can call our own. By obedience, cooperation and working with me, we can swell our numbers ten (10) times overnight. I want you to show every new brother the things that will help him to become a good Muslim and don’t talk to him about your mistakes, your past nor your brother’s past. Be careful! Keep your mouth shut on things that will harm you and your progress.



In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful! Allah maketh a plan, the Devil maketh a plan, but Allah is the best of planners. Be it known the greatest key to knowledge, wisdom and understanding is the complete submission to the Will of Allah and devout prayer. By these things and through these things all success is accomplished. All Praises Are Due to Allah! There are three (3) principles that make up the factuality’s in this life and they are 1) Person 2) Place 3) Things . Life is governed by the higher form of intelligence. This is controlled by the mind which is our first and only love. The mind is controlled by two (2) principles which are: 1. Positive and 2. Negative, reactions to a given problem. The mind also produces three (3) principles which makes the Black man a living God, these principles are: 1. Thought, 2. Image, and 3. Form. Consciousness is self independent and it operates upon itself. Thought travels at the rate of speed of twenty four billion (24 billion) miles per-second which is complete. A fact of a thing is, merely thought in form to know it as it is, to know of existence, and the reality of it, etc.


Reality is that which exists in time and space. Realism means life or existence. The opposite of a fact is fake or fraud from the knowledge of a real person, real place and real thing, that is to say, God-Devil, Heaven-Hell. Let us now delve into the science of the above knowledge as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. All workers have tools to work with for instance the Carpenter has for his tools a saw, hammer, nails. A Plumber has for his tools a wrench, pliers, etc. A Mason has for his tools a plumb line, a square, etc. Well a Muslim is also a worker and he has the most beautiful tools of them all which is knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, this enables the Muslim to know truth. What is truth? Truth is: a state (form) of reality, person, place or thing; that which can not be measured, state of being, truth is all there is, there can not be something of nothing. So it is which truth; that which is; at the same time all there is Allah (God). What is Knowledge? Knowledge is to know! And to know what? It is to know the truth. What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the manifestation of that which is. To fear God, to apply knowledge for self and kind (Job 28:26). What is Understanding? Understanding is to recognize the two above mentioned, and walk in righteousness. Understanding acquired through experiencing a thing (Job Chapter 28). These three (3) principles must exist in the mind at one time, they are dependent upon others. They can not exist without another. If a man does not have 1 of these principles or is lacking of one, we consider him a fool.


“ WHO IS THE ORIGINAL MAN?” In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad to whom praise is due forever. We thank him over and over again for raising up in our mists a Messenger from Himself but more then a Messenger. The Messiah in whom the world has been looking for the Exalted Christ, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In their names I greet you in the greeting words of peace As-Salaam-Alaikum. Minister Conrad, Brother Captain Denis, Secretary James and member of his staff and bothers of the F.O.I. and brother of orientation it is a very great privilege for me to be here. Just to see you, I was on my way to an 8 o’clock appointment which we were a little late. But I said I can’t go anywhere I had to come by and at least give the greetings to those who strongly support me in the work of the Resurrection of our people. I am not going to talk long, I am a little exhausted, like you my day starts very early; sometimes it starts between two and three in the morning and then I work all the way through. The first seven hours I devote to myself. And when I say I devote to my self, I mean to my studies, to prayer and to my physical fitness so that I can be in the best physical shape that I can possible be in. Then the next 10 to 12 hours I devote to the Nation, but of course when I devote it to myself I devote it to the Nation. No man can be to others what he is not to himself. You can’t help others unless you first help yourself. We can’t for a moment think that because we eat one meal a day, and eat the best of foods that our bodies are going to be in the best of shape; if we don’t exercise, and take care of this magnificent house of the living God. There is no greater mosque on earth then the one you brought with you tonight, this body. The greatest mosque, synagogue, temples, churches, cathedral, were made by the hands of men and most of them are not made too last a long long time. This human body is made by the Lord of the Worlds and it is his greatest creation and it is actually created to outlast buildings although building outlast this magnificent creation. Because we are so out of harmony with the law of life and so out of touch with the Originator of life. So we thank Allah over and over again not for sending anyone but coming Himself and raising from among us a man who loved us enough to be willing to suffer to see us free. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the most unusual of human beings. He is the best of 20

men. He is the apple of Allah’s eyes. Allah chose him because he was created of the right material to withstand whatever he had to withstand to free us. He is so tough and so great that he could lay a perfect foundation in 44 years and then go away. And from behind the scene direct a student to complete his work which the Saviour told him was the hardest job of any man that ever lived. I don’t know what you think about that statement but according to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; men and woman have been coming and going on this earth for billions and trillions of years. And the Circle of Gods have had very hard jobs. They put out the stars, the planets, created life; we did all of this stuff. It is all done under the name “We” and “We” did this and “We” did that. The Bible says, “…Let us make man.” But “We” our fathers did all of that under guidance of the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth. And here we are the descendants of the Originator; we are the descendants of the Originator. And the nature of the Originator is our nature. And that which is in the genetic make up of the Originator, he has so charitably shared with us. So He comes today after not being known for 66 trillion years in the public. He breaks the Circle of the scientist, he doesn’t need their help, and He doesn’t ask their permission. The scripture says, “He came alone.” The prayer says, “no associate has he.” He came alone, the Bible says, “…Traveling in the greatness of his own strength mighty to save His people.” He did not need any sanction from the scientist. He came outside the circle of the scientist. There are 24 of them, He is one, whether they approve Him or not is ill- relevant. In the end the Revelator said, “He stared the 24 taking their crowns off and casting them down at his feet”. That meant there was a contest, they did not just gracefully say “oh this is He”, and they tested Him. And he showed that he was worthy, and then they took their crowns off and threw it down and said worthy is He, worthy is the lamb. So He came alone, that is great news, outside of the circle of scientist, He breaks the secret of the God to a people that were no people at all. To bring us into the circle of Gods and make us equal with the scientist, think about all of that. Then He takes One from among us, we were precious but there was one among us so precious that he would buy the whole field just to get this pearl of great price. And he found him in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and then he crafted him, made him, molded him and shaped him. And the asked the question; Who is the Original Man ? Not was but present tense, Who is the Original man ? The Original Man is the maker, the maker not creator, and the maker, The Owner, the Crème of the planet earth and the God of the Universe. Oh brother what does that mean? That is your student enrollment, you have to recite that before you join the ranks of the F.O.I. you are on your way to that now. Who is the Original Man ? The Original Man is not a copy of nothing. The Original Man is that from which copies are made. Who is the Original Man, he is not the creator, and he is the maker. If he is a maker, he takes something already created and molds it and reshapes it and fashions it after a new idea. And after he makes it he owns it. He is the Cream of the planet; he is the best that the earth has to offer. He is God of the Universe. In the old days they called him Adam, the New Testament he is called the 21

New Adam, Jesus, the original man of a whole new dispensation. Who rises and ascends like crème to the top. He becomes the Cream of the planet and then God teaches him and makes him a God over everything he created except he himself. He is Original then we are from him then we are aboriginal. We are away from the beginning. He is the beginning (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) and we are from him. So we got to look like him in order to be from him since he is the original, what is in the original; you should see a sign of it in the F.O.I. He is the first fruit of them that slept. So brothers this is no ordinary class and you are not ordinary folk. You were not ordinary before you met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, you just did not know who you were. You are powerful men. Let me just close with this, I said I was not going to be that long, let me finish by saying this. That the hardest job ever given to any human being was given by Master Fard Muhammad to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad which is to re-create the beginning; to take nothing and make something from nothing. You understand? The first person that has to be made is the one that is going to be the Maker. How long was he in the darkness making himself up? Go listen to the Theology of Time by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He was in the dark alone time making himself up. But we are in the dark now being made up. And the Bible says, “We don’t know what we shall be like but we know that we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye and we shall be like him.” Like him who? The Original Man, the Jesus, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Now Brothers this great class called F.O.I. You meet in a simple place like this; you are so wonderful in a place like this. It reminds me of a place that I began my journey, it was on a 116th street, the old liberty hall though it become Muhammad’s Mosque No. 7. I came in on that third floor like you brothers in the orientation class. I recited my student enrollment and I came before the F.O.I. there was about a little less men then your number. The tears rolled down my cheeks to see men looking at me with such love in their hearts something that I always wanted to see among black people, love for one another. And I saw it in the F.O.I. I saw it under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And I said that night, “That I would take his word to every nook and cranny in the United States of America.” I said that over 35 years ago not even knowing or realizing that one day that I would be sitting in the seat of that beloved Messenger of God over his people in his absence. Never realizing the words that I would say I would live to make those words bond. And that is all you are expected to do is to make your word bond, let your ye be ye and you nay be nay, make your word bond. And so this hard job was given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for 44 years he worked. And he kept asking, when will my help come. And he use to look at me sometimes when I sat with him and he would say, I saw a man climbing up the mountain late in the evening carrying a heavy load and he would say when will my help come. And on about evening when it started getting dark he was getting closer to the top, he said:


hosanna, hosanna my help has come. And the angles took him and bore him away over the dashing foam. He said to me, “do you know what that dashing foam is brother?’ I said, “No sir dear Holy Apostle.” He said, “Aw it is war and revolution brother and the angles come and get him out. And he just kept looking at me and saying when will my help come. I am sitting there just as dumb, the help was there but he did not realize that he was the help. Well you did not realize that you were the one that was going to carry the great burden of waking up all of our people out there. That is a hard job. That is like going to a cemetery, go out there and talk to the dead and see how many answers you will get. Just to talk to our people, the living dead. So you have been called and chosen, you, yes sir. And in my closing I just want to say a word about who you are and how precious you are in the sight of Allah. And how precious you should be in each other’s eyes. And how you should be reverenced in each other’s presence. We should be respectful of yourself and one another. You shouldn’t raise your voice at each other. You know how you tip around in the mosque, and Cathedral and a great house of worship, you should tip around each other because went you meet each other you are meeting God. I know who you are, so I will tip around you brother. And I am not going to mistreat you or disrespect you because I know who you are. Even if you don’t know yourself, I know you and I have to act in accord with my knowledge and so do you. So every one of our lost and found brothers that come through the door, they might not know who they are but you do. So you are required by knowledge to treat them as you would treat God. How would you treat God if you just met him, what would you say to God? Would you say “what’s happening my M.F” you wouldn’t talk like that to the God. “Man God is a nigger man a nigger God” you wouldn’t do that. So we can’t do that to one and other. We can’t call each other by nicknames; evil is a bad name after faith. We must be respectful of each other because you know who you are. Let me close by saying this, when the God created himself as we were taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad over 78 trillion years ago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the first thing he did was to study himself and in himself he saw another person. And he brought that second self out of himself which is woman. There is a woman in every man and there is man in every woman. We are apart of each other as the Qur’an teaches. He created us from a single essences and from that same essences he made his mate of the same kind and from these two he spread many men and woman. Well according to your student enrollment, “What is the population of the original nation in the wilderness of North America and all over the planet earth? 17, 000,000 with the 2,000,000 Indians makes a total of 19,000,000 in the wilderness of North America, 4,400,000,000 all over the planet earth. What is the population of the colored people in the wilderness of North America and all over the planet earth? 103,000,000 in the wilderness of North America, at the time of that writing, 400,000,000 all over the planet earth. When you put those two together you have 4 and 8/10s billion people approximately 5 billion people on the earth. How many people do that say is on the earth today, 5 billion. Ok how did you start, you, you, me, us, How did you start? You started 23

from a single cell, isn’t that something? Then you halved, then you multiplied and now you are billion’s of cells but one body. You started from one cell multiplied; now you are over billions of cells coming and going all the time, just dying and giving birth all the time, one body. So if the God created from a single essences himself, the male and then created the mate of the same kind and from these two spread many men and women then all of us are related because we all have our root in the creator except the grafted one. He has his root in us, we have our root in the creator. So when we call each other brother we are not playing no games, when I say you are my brother I don’t mean that you come out from my little mother or my little father. I am talking about the egg of your mother and the sperm of your daddy and the egg of my mother and the egg of my daddy came from the sperm and egg of the first two that he created which means that I don’t care how far you spread it out you can’t get away from yourself, do you hear me? You were over a billion’s of cells but you can’t get away from what you were from that single cell. You are billion’s of cells now but you still are you. Aw yes, so when I am looking at you I am looking at me. When I am look at you I am looking at God because you had your origin in God and from God. And that is why the scripture says, “how can you say you love God whom you have never seen and then hate your brother whom you see everyday” when your brother is a God too. So you have been in the making 78 trillion years, brother. You are the latest in a long line of evolutionary progress of the human being. You are alive at the time of the manifestation of the reality of God. And you are the people that the dawn of that light has broken upon. You are the first people of the 5 billion that have come into the knowledge of the reality of God Himself. This means you are in the vanguard position; he has taken you with that one revelation from the last place and made you the first, from the bottom he brought you to the top man. You can’t give up that position because billion’s of people around the earth believe that Allah is a spirit. So you can’t give up your vanguard position, hold your position and stand on that position. And the world will come to see that your position is the correct position. You are precious in the sight of Allah. May Allah bless you F.O.I. May he continue to strengthen your Minister, and continue to increase him in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, cause him to grow into the great man that he has the potential of becoming. May he bless your Captain, to be a good and great Captain, grow him into the law? That he in his person becomes a manifestation of obedience to the Divine law. May he continue to evolve and bless the Secretary? We are not an organization like other organizations that we use people until we use them up and then throw them away like an old shoes because it doesn’t have any value. That man helped us when there was no one. That man stood and held the fort and if no one is grateful to Allah for him, I am. And I believe you are. We thank Allah for you Brother James, it’s just like a relay race, it doesn’t mean we are going to be in these post 24

forever. So he past the baton on to you, now it your leg of the journey. May Allah bless you to run it run it brother run it. Under their leadership may Allah bless you dear brothers of the F.O.I. the lieutenants and all the helpers to continue to grow, evolve to be like Him who is the Original Man of this dispensation, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I close brothers I started here in New York. I did not know where it would lead me. I did not come seeking no big position I just loved the truth and I wanted to help to see our people free. I did not know where it would lead me if I had known I would have run away from the mosque. But Allah hid all of this from me until he could help me to realize that he was with me to strength me to be able own up to whatever he would give to me. And I say this to all of you none of us that have proceeded you are necessarily better then you for the Messenger said, “The best are yet to come” so you must be the best. You must be, we have been looking for you. We have been waiting on you. Now I don’t want you to come knock the Minister down and say, “Well since you have been waiting on me I am here now to take my place” I don’t want you to do that. But what I am suggesting to you is that you are much better then who you think you are. I really don’t care what you have been into, that is not you. The real you is buried up under all this garbage. And if you give the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a chance he will bring out of you all the good and the power that is locked up in you. How do you know Brother Farrakhan? Well I know what he is doing for me. I don’t consider myself a wise man, I don’t consider myself a great man, I am just a lucky man that heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and believed in him enough to submit to him. I had a college education, I didn’t get a degree, I had three years of it. And I came in at a time when there was hardly any educate people in the mosque. But I did not let my education make me think I knew this program. So my Captain some of you have met Captain Yusef Shah he help to make me a solider, one of the best Captains you will ever find anywhere in the wilderness of North America or anywhere on this earth. He is a wonderful man. And he taught me and he trained me. I came in under Malcolm X and I don’t regret it one minute, I had the best Minister and I had the best Captain in the world, in those two men. I am sorry that Malcolm deviated; I am hurt that he misunderstood what his teacher was doing for him by what the teacher was doing to him. And the rest is history. And so I thank him as a student because I know that without my submission to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad I would not be the man that I am growing to be today. And it just moves me, I just came in the city today and everywhere I went the people recognized Brother Farrakhan and there is love in their hearts it appears for me. The devils look at me with Aw, fear, respect and I am known now all over the world. I started in the class just like you are starting brothers, that is what I am saying to you. If this man Elijah Muhammad is not a great teacher he could make me and Malcolm and Muhammad Ali and all the others that he made. And he made some great ones. But see in this group better then all that was before if you would come on and take the study seriously brothers. You will be the great Ministers of tomorrow. And it will be my profound 25

pleasure to use every bit of knowledge I have gained to prepare you to carry this work on to a higher level. That is our job to serve you and make you like your father, the Original man, the Maker, the Owner, and the Crème of the Planet and the God of the Universe. Thank you for listening As-Salaam-Alaikum.


WHO IS THE ORIGINAL MAN? A question asked by Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; it is in that which is called Our Student Enrollment (Rules of Islam). Let me stop for a moment and say this, there is no Muslim or to translate the Muslim from Arabic into English, there is no Righteous person who is not a student. Every person of righteousness or of wickedness for that matter is a student because all of us want to know whatever we are involved in better. We want to know how to do whatever we are doing even if it is evil; we want to be able to do it better. So everyone is a student knowingly or unknowingly. We as followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are blessed to come into that which is called the classroom of Almighty God, not to just be students of a professor or a teacher of a college or university but to be students of God Himself. And when one is studying under God, being directed by His wisdom and by His Messenger then the ultimate grow for those who study God is to grow up into the Mind of God to be able to think and act like God! Maybe you didn’t hear me! Maybe you think that the Supreme study is to be a doctor or to be a lawyer or to be a teacher or to be a chemist or a physicist or architect or a politician, these are great studies but the greatest of all studies is to be a student of God Himself . The greatest of all studies is to grow up in the wisdom and the spirit of God. Every follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad recognizes his or herself to be a student. So we are in enrolled in a classroom of Almighty God. And herein this study the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us 10 questions and 10 answers that no one can be a Registered follower of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad without successfully answering these questions given in the Student Enrollment. They are called “The Rules of Islam.” Islam is an Arabic word which means to submit to the Will of Allah (God). All of the prophets submitted their will to do the will of Allah (God). This is what we are asked to do today; submit to the will of Allah (God). But these 10 questions are the rules of Islam. They are the standard guiding rules and laws of a brand new Islam. And the first Question that is asked of us in this study is “Who is the Original Man?” Origin means first. Origin means really the pattern, the example by which all men take


their example. “Who is the Original Man?” The question is profound. The answer is profound. The deeper analysis and study is yet more profound. “Who is the Original Man? Now we are men, you may say I am a woman; still part of man, right? So when we say ‘man’ we mean woman because we can’t say man without woman. “Who is the Original Man”? That is the number 1 question. And since number 1 in the numerical language represents God first (1) God is One God. All of the prophets taught one (1) God. So if our number one (1) question “Who is the Original Man” we are asking about God; that is what we are asking about. “Who is the Original Man ” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gives an answer, listen to his answer carefully. His answer is “The Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe.” Let us stop right there; so many of us in hearing the Honorable Elijah Muhammad state this would say, “Oh this man is racist. Or this man is teaching Black supremacy.” This is an emotional reaction. Since we live in a world built up on White supremacy. We live in a world that glorifies Whiteness, lightness, brightness and a world that plays down anything that is dark or black, is that right? Now here the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is asking and answering a very profound question; “Who is the Original Man ?” Who is the original life in the universe? And he said, “It is the Asiatic Black man, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth, the God of the Universe. ” What is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad saying on the surface? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is saying that the Black man; this man that is disrespected, dishonored, not loved is the first being in the light of the sun. In fact the Honorable Elijah Muhammad says, “The Black man existed before the sun.” He Himself is the maker and owner of the sun. Think over these things! The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his book, “Message To The Black Man In America” says that the sun, the moon and the stars, the whole entire universe is from the God of the Black man. Now this may shock a lot of you in our listening audience who are white and it may shock a lot of you in our listening audience who are black but the arguments after the emotionalism dies down and begin to fall into a little whisper; because white people understand that they don’t know what pre-Adamites life was. They were not here. So they have a lot of theories about how it was; thousands and thousands of years ago; because they were not here. Thousands and millions and billions of years ago, they don’t know anything about that. Therefore they must theorize about that because they don’t know how to read the record of time. They don’t know how to read that history. They say, “Well it is not in a book.” It is in a book but you (white people) don’t know how to read that book. You are just a young man on our earth and you have done great for your young years. And Allah (God) really says to the Caucasians people; that you have not wasted anytime in trying to master the knowledge that they have received from their God and maker and from the prophets. They have done well. But still they are babies


in the universe and babies on our planet, so teaches the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and history bears witness. Now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the Original Man is the Asiatic Black Man. Why didn’t he say African Black man? Why did he say Asiatic Black man? Why did he describe Black man with a term Asiatic; when we in modern knowledge do not consider the black man as being Asiatic; we consider him to be African. Is that correct? Why did not Elijah Muhammad say, “The Original Man is just a Black man?” Why did he have to modify with the term “Asiatic”? We will get into that! He says, “The Original Man is the Asiatic Black man, he is the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth and the God of the Universe.” What is Elijah Muhammad saying? That the Black man long before his fall in the wisdom of his creator being a member of the creators nation revolved in the sphere of the wisdom of Allah (God) and in the spirit of God and the Black man was a master builder and a master architect and a master scientist and a master of every discipline known to man. The root of every disciple that you study in college takes you right back to the Black man and takes you right back to Allah (God). I know you want to argue but you don’t have anything to argue with. If you; will take out your little books of knowledge that will take you to the Greeks. And who were they? Who fathered Greek society? It was not white people but it was Black people. Did you know that? Did you know that the Original scholars and scientist that gave wisdom to the so-called Greeks; all of them were Black men. Did you know that the early Greeks and the early Romans were students of what you call today wisdom of Africa? And that before Moses brought law, Black men and women lived under a law, codes of law, and great rules of government? So these men that came and taught; they were great men in the world. They yet were only reflections of a former greatness that black men and women had that we don’t have the knowledge of today. The Caucasian people have worked night and day to strip the black man of the history and knowledge of himself. And as long as you don’t know yourself you can’t be yourself. And if you can never be yourself then you can never exercise the power of your being. You are like a lion that has been reared by a pussycat. And therefore instead of roaring like a lion and acting like a lion. You are a lion acting like pussycat. And a tamer has trained you to do little pussycat activity. So you are not being yourself, black man and woman you are not being yourself. You are being that which the white man made you into which is a Negro, a Nigger, a colored person, a lesser being. Because the Caucasian is not your father, he can not teach you into your roots and cause you to be yourself; only Allah (God) can bring you into yourself because only Allah (God) is the Father of the Original Man.

Who is the Original Man? He is the Asiatic Black man! He is the Owner, the Owner. Why do you think that Elijah Muhammad lifted up in our mists a flag; the sun, the moon and stars; a red background with a crescent moon and a star? This is a symbol but what is it a symbol of? It is the symbol of the Owner of the universe. You are direct decedents of the Originators of the heavens and the earth. And you are walking in Chicago 29

(all over the planet also) like you own nothing and the earth under your feet; you are the absolute owner of the earth but you are fast asleep and you have let non-owner lay claim to what rightfully belongs to the Original man. Who is the Original man? This is why the Caucasian people never did want the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teachings to get among Black people, because when black people understood who they are, their relationship to Allah (God) and what the earth is and how it is related to them and how they actually own the earth. Then they would not be around here begging to sit down in a toilet owned by white people or sleeping in a hotel owned by them. They would be after the earth that is under their feet for it is their rightful procession. What are you saying Farrakhan? Are you telling us to go out and lay claim to the earth and say it is ours? Well you don’t have that power to do that yet, you are just a pussycat that is a lion but have to grow up to be that; but a God is on scene and He has said that it pleases Him to take the kingdom from whom He pleases And give it to whom He pleases. Let’s move on. He is the Owner of it. Oh brother that means you can walk a little heavy on the earth knowing that you are really the owner of it. Your Father is the Originator of it. Now to our dear Caucasian listeners, don’t get upset; your own wise Caucasian people in your Masonic and Lodges and in the Shrines worship the black man. And you know that he is the Originator of it all and you afraid one day that he may wake up. Well he is waking up. And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the God of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are present to get the black man up and get him into his proper and rightful place.

He is the Cream of the Planet. I don’t care what you think about him. He may look pretty scruffy, he may look dusty faced. His hair may look uncombed and unkept. He may be unbathed even; never the less Allah (God) says, “He is the Cream of the entire Planet.” The Prophets predictions of you beloved black brother and sister in the last days is that Allah (God) would give the nations for your life. He doesn’t love one nation on this earth more then these Lost and Found members of the aboriginal black nation so-called Negroes. God is in love with you; black man and woman and He will destroy the people of the earth for you. If they get in the way of His desire for you He will kill them all! Why? It is because you are the Cream of the Planet. What about the brown man, yellow man, red man? I say what about them? They are not original people. They are the rejects of a God that was looking for the apex of the germ of the black man that God (Yakub) was looking for a pale white man. And on the way to white he met brown, yellow, and he rejected brown, yellow because he was after the apex of that germ, this new man on our planet; the Caucasian people. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in August of 1965 at the time of cry of black power raised the question of ‘what do you mean black power ?’ Who is the power that put the yellow man in Asia? Who is the power that put the brown man in Isles of the Pacific? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “It is the power of the Originator or the Original man or the black man. 30

What is the potential of this black man? His potential is to become the God of the universe. I don’t believe it you say. I doubt that very much. Why black people can’t do anything right. Maybe in their condition now they don’t do anything right but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said of us, “If we listen to him and follow his teachings; he would have us so smart that our former oppressor would be around our finger like a little string. And if we didn’t look at our finger to see the string we would not even know the string was there.” You have the potential not only to be a master of the earth but you have the potential to be a master of the universe and the laws that govern it. You are directly from the Originator of the heavens and the earth. Now how is this in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an? You have a few more minutes to this broadcast and I hope that you have not gotten tried. Beloved brothers and sisters, this question of “Original Man” is dealt with in the Bible and is dealt with in the Qur’an very subtly but it is there. In the Holy Qur’an in the second chapter in a section titled “The Greatness of Man and His Need for Revelation” Allah (God) is talking to the angels. Listen to His conversation; “And then thy Lord said to the angels I am going to place a ruler in the earth. They said; (meaning the angels) will thy place in it such as make mischief in it and shedding blood? And we celebrate thy praise and we extol thy holiness (the angels are talking to the God) but why would you palace a ruler in the earth who would cause mischief and the shed blood? Allah said, surely I know what you know not.” Now the angels here some scholars say (listen carefully) represents the forces of nature. Some Islamic scholars say that angels represent forces that control universes. Now if Allah (God) said to the angels; he is going to make a man and the angels are talking back. Forces don’t speak back. Force can’t reason. Forces don’t know one that will shed blood or one that will not. Forces know not anything. Here is a conversation being held by Allah (God) with angels. Now look then the Qur’an goes on; “And He Allah taught Adam all of the Names and then presented them to the angels. He said tell me the names of those if you are right. The angels said Glory be to thee we have no knowledge but that which thou hast taught us surely thou art the knowing, the wise.” Then Allah said to Adam, “Oh Adam informed them of their Names so when he informed them of their Names. Allah said, “Did I not say to you that I know what is unseen in the heavens and the earth. And I know what you manifest and what you hide.” Here Allah (God) is actually taking a man and making a man greater in knowledge then the angels of God. I hope that you are listening. He is taking a man and making a man greater then the angels of God! And then he turns around after telling Adam to inform the angels of their Names. Tell them their function. Tell them the elements of their nature. The angels couldn’t say anything to Adam. Adam was the teacher now of angels. I will get to by the help of Allah meanings of this in a minute.


Then Allah says to the angels, “Be submissive to Adam.” Bow down to Adam (think over that now). Here are angels being asked to bow down to a man, this is your Qur’an. This is in several places in the Holy Qur’an. In the seventh Surah (chapter) and in other Surah’s it even goes so far as to say there is a man fashioned out of black mud into shape. And after Allah (God) fashioned this man out of black mud; he says to the angels make obeisance to him; bow down to him. Yet his is a man. And the angels are asked by Allah (God) to make obeisance to a man. Now if no angel bows to anyone but Allah (God) then who is the man that Allah (God) made that he asks angels to bow down to that man? That man that Allah (God) is making and calling the angels to bow down to him is also a God.

Who is the Original man? Now let’s see what the Bible says; in the book of Psalms; David this great King and prophet who is the prototype of the Messiah whom the world expects ask the question; what is man that thou art mindful of him and the Son of Man that thou visited him? Stop here a minute. The Son of Man in the Bible is the one that the world is expecting from the Genesis all the way to the end of the book. There is a prophesy of the Coming of the Son of Man; is that correct? “As it was in the days of Noah, As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. Now the Son of Man is a powerful being; yet David now ask the question; what is man got that you are mindful of him and the Son of Man that you would visit him. Here a visit of God is hinted at in the scriptures that Allah (God) is going to visit a particular man at a particular time. Listen to me well now. Allah (God) is going to visit a particular man at a particular time. And he is going to do something with that man. And when he finishes with that man; the heavens and the earth and the angels will not be able to handle that man that Allah (God) would visit called the Son of Man. Let’s go on; ‘For thou Lord have made this Son of man a little lower then the angels.’ You made him a little lower then the angels yet you crowned him with glory and honor. ‘Thou made him to have dominion over the work of thy hands and they have put all things under his feet.’ Look now he is made a little lower then the angels never the less Allah (God) puts him above the angels. And everything that Allah (God) has made he puts under the feet of this one whom he visited. Aw that is pretty heavy. Hebrews in the New Testament; Paul is following up on David and Paul goes on in Hebrews to say you made him a little above the angels. Well is Paul contradicting David? No Paul is talking about two different stages of the man’s development. When he was visited by the God he was lower then the angels but as God began to teach him and grow him and give him wisdom and knowledge; he brought him up above the angels. So he makes angels now bow to this one that he visited. Who is this one called the Son of Man? He is a man from a man; are you all with me? Now we get in our Lessons the question; ‘Who is the Original man?’ That has a physical meaning we just went through the physical side of it but there is a spiritual side of it that maybe as students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad we did not think on.


The Original man; this concept of Original man Biblically and Qur’an ally and religiously began to grow that this kind of man or being is tied to paradise or the Hereafter. He is a king of paradise and he is called Original man. Adam was a type of the Original man. I want you to please be with me. Adam is made right, from the dust of the earth. He has a very low beginning; a humble origin but he is made out of dust. Now brother and sisters scientifically we know that man can not be made from dust. The Holy Qur’an teaches us that all life comes from water and that is a fact; but dust is a symbolic terms. As dust is a particle of matter that is without function; it has not function; it his no real state of being. Allah (God) takes something that is without function, without a state of existences and He gives its function and existences and forms it and then He breaths into its nostrils and it becomes a living soul; is that right? Then after He makes his man he says, “I am giving you dominion and power over the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea and all creeping things that crawl upon the earth.” Now that Adam back there in the Genesis of the Bible is a type of a second Adam that will come at the end of this present world order. The first Adam was made a ruler of lower life; look I am going to give you power and dominion over what; the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea and every creeping thing that crawls upon the earth. I am going to put the earth in your hands, sub do it, multiply, replenish the earth and sub do it. Now the second Adam is not like the first. This second one is not just made a little low then the angels but every thing that Allah (God) created he puts it under the foot of the second Adam. The first Adam can’t control the Sun. The first Adam can’t control the forces that govern the universe. The first Adam or made man as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us represents the Caucasian people. Caucasian people are very wise. Their scientists are greatly wise but they are babies to the Original scientist. The white man today with his science is getting into the DNA, Genetic engineering; is that right? He is getting into the science of how to make rain, how to control the forces of nature. He has not got there yet someone evidently knows what he is trying to learn because the weather he can’t predict any more. Someone of a greater magnitude is controlling the rain, the hail and the snow and the earthquakes. White folks are not given that kind of authority. They can go up and get a peep into the heavens to show them how much they have to grow to learn but they are not to get that kind of knowledge; for the Bible says, “Set your hand up against this rebel Adam that he does not get his hand on the tree of life that he may become a God as we and live forever.” That key of knowledge is being denied to the white people. They can go out in space and look at the vastness of the wisdom and power of the Original God and they can get a peep into the heavens and a listen in on the exalted assembly that they tried to listen too; but they can’t hear what they want to hear. Nor are they able to see what they want to see. This is because Allah (God) does not want then to know that because their time of rule is up. And if they get that kind of knowledge he will never be able to remove them from power. But the Son of Man is given that kind of knowledge.


Who is the Original Man? Notice the tense of the question. Who is (present tense) the Original Man? Who is the first man of this time? Who is the Original Man; the one that Allah (God) wants every human being to pattern their life after otherwise he will not accept you? Who is that man? The Bible calls him Jesus: The Christ; but Jesus: The Christ is not a white man. What did you say Brother Farrakhan? Are you going to upset the Church this morning? Oh dear Christians beloved listener don’t get upset, don’t turn off your radio or the dial to another station. Look at that picture that you have on your wall; that is not the Jesus Christ that this book (Bible) is talking about. No the Jesus Christ that your Bible is talking about is described in the scripture as a man of color. He had hair like lambs wool; isn’t that interesting? He has feet like fine brass fine burned in an oven or fine bronze they call it. Well this is not Caucasian; this is a member of the Original people of the Planet who are Black people. Now it is written that in the end of the world and at the fullness of time or at the end of the age the family of the Originator would be in a terrible condition. They would be lost sheep (the Bible) calls them. They would be destroyed for the lack of knowledge. They would be crushed under the foot of another people. They would be serving in servitude slavery to a strange and alien people for four (400) years. They would be under the mastery of beasts. This is not talking about any Jews. This is referring too the Black people of the world and particularly the Black man and woman of America. You are the only people on earth who have lived in the house of another nation for over (400) years at the foot of that nation, afflicted by that nation everyday, every minute, every hour of our sojourn in this country. You are not now what you once were. You are crushed under the foot of white people. You are deprived of the knowledge of yourself, the knowledge of your God, the knowledge of the true religion of your God and the knowledge of other then yourself. Yes you are! You have been defiled with wine and strong drink just like the book says. And they have forced you to eat the Kings meat since you are captive of a wicked king and that meat is pork (swine). You are a big pig eater today. You did not eat pig back home. You didn’t eat pig in your father’s house but you are a pig eater today because that is what white folks have feed you because they are the number one pig eaters on the earth. Oh I don’t mean to hurt your feelings especially you in that kitchen cooking that roast pork. You oiling up those chit lings out there. I am sorry but that is where they have you; a big pig eater (nasty swine) eater. This is awful that you would feed your beautiful Holy people with such filthy filthy food. You take better care of your automobile then you do of your body. If that car say put unleaded in there you don’t go put leaded you put unleaded; you put super unleaded in. You make sure the oil is a certain weight because ‘I want my car running right’. Well what about your body? What about your mind? What about this temple of the living God; don’t you want it to run right? Why don’t you put the best in yourself? But no you feed yourself what Caucasians people feed themselves. And they are rebellious against the way that God wants human beings to eat. They eat anything and everything and so do you! How did we get on that pig? 34

Well let’s get back to this Original Man. Who is the Original Man? Christ Jesus comes up from a people who are considered dead and are dead. Black people in America are dead. And you are just like it was way back when Allah (God) created Himself in total darkness. The black man is in that kind of darkness that is so gross and so thick it is gross darkness, the prophet said. Thick darkness, the darkness of ignorance but out of that darkness God created Himself. So here you get the question; Who is the Original Man or Who is the first of His creation of a new creation? Who is that One? What man on this earth has it and proved that he was visited by God? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stood up in America and said “Allah visited me in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.” The whole world went crazy. ‘Oh man God ain’t never going to talk too Niggers.’ God don’t visit no Black people.’ How can you tell where God visited a man? If a man is in the presence of God; you can tell it by the profound change that comes over the man by the wisdom that he speaks and the work that he does under circumstances that are the most unique and unusual. The most unique place for God to visit is this place called America because the white people here are the most powerful on the earth. And the dumbest black people on earth unfortunately are those of us who are crushed under the white people of America. We are weakest and they are the most powerful. Is that right? They have us at there feet under their mercy. Now if Allah (God) want to show his power who is man that Allah (God) would be mindful of him or the Son of man that thou visited him? Visit is a short stay; it is not a long stay. Master Fard Muhammad was in America visiting with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (3 years and 4 months). That is a short time. Some of you have been to school many many years to get your little degree. Here is a black man that was visited by another man for (3 years and 4 months). The Honorable Elijah Muhammad only went to the 4th grade of school; now Master Fard Muhammad leaves him after the visit. Elijah Muhammad is born; no more Elijah Poole but Elijah Muhammad now. Muhammad means one worthy of praise and one praised much. Now Elijah Muhammad is in America among you (black people). Now I ask you who visited with him? When a man spoke to us we never saw his teacher but the word that he spoke to us made a profound change in everyone of us that heard his word. Even if you heard it through a second, third or fourth party; whenever the word touched you it started making a difference in your life. Well who is the author of a word that powerful that could take a so-called Negro and stand him up in the mists of a powerful enemy? And then he preached the doom of America; in the mists of America. And the enemy shut their mouths at him. He said if you can prove me wrong I will give you 10,000.00 out of my brothers vest pocket or pay with my life if you find me lying. No one that calls Elijah Muhammad a liar today in his absences called him a liar in his presences and dared to stand up and challenge him and he opened himself up to the entire world. Where the scholars when Elijah Muhammad was present? Where were the scientists when he said you could have my life if you find me lying? Every one of the scholars shut their mouths when he said the White man is a grafted


man. No white man scholar opened their mouth. You didn’t challenge him on the genetic makeup of Caucasian people because you knew Elijah Muhammad is right. No one had anything to say when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad challenged the world scholars. Prove me wrong he said. They shut their mouths. We who are his laborers and there are some in this audience who were there with him many days and hours and saw rulers and scholars come to his table; start off arguing with him and end up kissing him in his forehead and bowing down at his feet. Who is this little black man from Georgia who only went to the 4th grade and made Malcolm X a light for you to glory by? If a man makes a light for you and you glory in the light that another man made; who made the light that you see by the day? Malcolm X did not make himself. If Malcolm X could have made himself without Elijah Muhammad you would have heard of him before he met Elijah Muhammad. But you never heard of Malcolm X until after Malcolm X met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He made the man (Malcolm X). And the devil unmade him. You never would have heard of Farrakhan if Farrakhan had not met with Elijah Muhammad. And if you admire what Farrakhan is saying to the world today; why don’t you admire the man who made Farrakhan? Farrakhan is not self-made. He has a owner and a maker. Who is the Original Man? Who is that One that is the God of a new dispensation? Who is the pattern that Almighty God Himself loved that every man must pattern him self after? Every woman must pattern her self after? This is why M.G.T. and G.C.C. Muslims Girls Training class is given too you. And it is the 14th question of Lesson No. 1 telling you that 1400 years after Muhammad there will be one there that you should cut out your life from the pattern of his life as you sew; learn how to sew and how to cook and how to keep your house clean and how to take care of your husband and how to rear your children. What does that mean? It doesn’t mean a little class where you learn just how to sew and cook but it is talking about a larger class where you cut out your life after the pattern of the Original Man. And you learn how to keep His house; do you hear what I am saying? You learn how to rear his children. Aw it is true! `1400 years after Muhammad; the scholars and scientist of Islam say that the end would come; anywhere between 1385 and 1400 years from the Hajra of Prophet Muhammad; the end of what would come; the end of the time of the Islam of that world. It is over for Orthodox Islam to lead the people today. They must be lead by a new Islam and therefore God makes a new guide and a new man and a new book. ‘Who is man that God would be mindful of him or the Son of man that thou visited Him?’ I never met Master Fard Muhammad. I never saw his face but when I saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad my soul delighted because I saw in that one man the answer to the problems and needs and wants and cries and prayers of black people. I didn’t know Master Fard Muhammad only through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Who else knew him except through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Many people saw him but they didn’t know what there were looking at. So if you see and 36

don’t know what you are looking at then you really didn’t see; because too see means an aspect of realization of what you are seeing. You didn’t hear me. For me to see this and not to know what it is then I have not really seen it because too see means I must realize what I am looking at. And no one realized who that was in the mists of us but the little man Elijah Muhammad. And we can’t get around him to go to Master Fard Muhammad. We have to go through him to Master Fard Muhammad. What hinders us from getting to Master Fard Muhammad? Why don’t we see Elijah Muhammad as the Original Man? It is because something in his life that you don’t understand keeps us back from seeing him as he is.

“I am going to make a man and I am fashioning him from black mud into shape .” What is the mud that he is fashioning a man out of mud; when some slings mud on you that don’t make your garment look nice. Look at these beautiful white garments suppose I took some mud and threw it on my sister’s. They would say ------------- or they would get so angry with me some maybe would punch me today. Now here is God going to make a man out of mud and fashion him into shape meaning grow him into power from a low existence. There is not a black man or woman in America that doesn’t come up out of the mud. There is nothing holy in North America. Will the holy one among you please stand up let me see you! I didn’t think so. And you that are standing up I know you want to sit down. No brother we live a muddy life. We live like hogs like mud. Don’t hogs love filth? Don’t we have that kind of appetite? We kind of like low down things and filthy things. Some one offer you a clean scripture and an X-rated movie, which one will you go to first? Come on? You read the paper one day and it says on the right hand side it says, “Jesus Coming” and on the other side it says, “Woman raped by three men.” What would you read first? I know you say you would read about ‘Jesus Coming’ but you would read about that woman that got raped because sex is first and foremost by this Caucasian. He just puts sex foremost and first in our minds. He has put filth on our minds. So any of us that come up too God and come up to righteousness we are coming up out of mud. There is an aspect of the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and an aspect of the life of Prophet Muhammad that has caused the scholars and scientist of the religious order to sling mud on these divine men. That is true. In the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) which is a sign of that one that would be the original man. Oh if I may just say this too you please? I am not going to belabor the point I am going to say it and get off it. Look beloved to be the original man of a new creation means that you must come through the laws and defy the law. You must first come under the law and then master the law then defy the law and then become another law. I don’t understand that Brother Farrakhan. The first woman astronaut just came back to the earth with her team. I think it was Saturday is that correct? All of us are subject to the law of gravity, is that right? In order for that rocket to get out in space she has to obey the laws first; some laws she obeying and some laws she is defying, is that right? In order to get a lift off she is obeying a law; she could not get up except through obedience to a law. When they broke gravity they got out from under that law, is that right but they had to obey, master it then become another law. 37

So when the ship got out in space it is functioning on another law not gravity not this earths gravity, do you understand? Alright what am I saying? I am saying that if you understand how Allah (God) makes a new creation which is much to understand. I don’t say I understand it fully. I am a baby in that understanding but let me give you some of this baby understanding. Since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Allah (God) created Himself in total triple darkness that means He is coming up fighting against darkness. And He is fighting against laws and in harmony with laws. There is a law already there ‘inertia’ He wants to get in motion. So he has to overcome ‘inertia’ to create motion, is that right? He is overcoming a law to create another law. Very good! He is overcoming darkness to get into light. When He comes out of darkness as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it was two trillion years. He is fighting darkness creating Himself trillions of years; that is a long struggle. And I am telling you brothers and sisters and I am throwing this out for you to consider. You women (sisters) who don’t know the pain of men; you think that men have an easy life and there is no pain involved in a man’s life. So you begin to look at men and say, “This is a cheap creation.” We take the seed. We nurture the seed. We fashion the seed. We lay down in fainting and pain and give the man back a product. He didn’t labor we labor but you don’t know it from his perspective and you hardly know your own perspective. There is some suffering that men endure. Men who are after the order of Allah (God) listen good now because as Allah (God) struggled and wrestled with darkness to evolve, to grow, to think though darkness and to create life; all of this is a struggle. And all of this is pain! And so it is of men who have ideas. Men who come into the world with a new idea; it is birthed in darkness. It is formed in darkness in their brains. And people look at them and say, “They do nothing. They sit and they meditate and they think.” And you don’t know what that is. That is labor! That is pain! That is suffering! Allah (God) makes you to know what he went through to create Himself and universe by putting you through the ordeal of labor for life; but it is to make you understand something bigger then yourself not for you to get lost in yourself. Women get lost in there suffering. And in their suffering they get so overwhelmed by there suffering that they curse Allah (God) and die spiritually. And the curse the man of God and they die spiritually; because the man of God is going through the pain; another pain a pain on another level that no woman’s physical pain ever touches the pain of giving birth to a nation. You don’t have a womb big enough ‘Black Woman’ to give birth to a nation. That birth is coming out of a mind and you don’t know that kind of pain. There is another kind of pain that you don’t know. It is the pain of having a secret and wanting to tell it but you are forbidden to tell it. So the knowledge of what you know it burdens you down. You know what I am talking about; you carry secret that you keep from your husband or men carry secrets that we keep it from our wives. Something that we have done that we don’t want them to know anything about; that is a hell of a burden brother. This is because sometimes the only way you can get relief is to tell it. And if you tell it you get discovered and if you get discovered you get blown. So you suffer on with your secret. But ain’t it a heavy burden?


Well what about the secret of Allah (God)? The knowledge of God has not always been known in the public. Allah (God) keeps men striving to find him. And He hides Himself from man. He keeps the secret of His Own Self of those who want to know Him and He makes them struggle to know Him and then at the proper time He reveals Himself. That takes great strength and great ability to endure pain. I am talking about from the aspect of God’s life. He creates Himself and He is lonely; nothing there in space and no one to talk too. Some scholars say He created the sun; He is not getting any pleasure out of the sun. The sun doesn’t talk to him. He wants something like Himself to share the burden of self with. You say God is independent of that. He is but He is not independent of a desire for something that He can relate too. Otherwise why would He make a man? And He makes the man in His Own Image and after His Own Likeness. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said His first act was too create a woman from Himself and He studied Himself and then from Himself He made a woman; for what purpose? What did He need her for? What did He want her for? I think that is good to know because the law by which she came into existences tells you her nature. He (God) brought her into existence. Hell if I was struggling two (2) trillion years in darkness trying to create myself. I know after that long night of grueling pain and suffering; I want some comfort out of this thing. I want someone to console me. And that is why the Holy Qur’an says, “Woman is the consoler of a man.” You don’t know what that is talking about. This is because very few women know how to consol a man and very few men are worth being consoled because you are not struggling to do a damn thing. If you are not making anything, if you are not doing anything and if you are not creating anything; what the hell do you need a woman for? A woman is created for a purpose ‘brother’ and you don’t deserve a woman when you are a do nothing man. You don’t need a woman if you are a do nothing man. “Where are going? No where! What are you doing? I ain’t nothing! What ambition do you have in life? Well I am going to be here! Me and my baby, we are going to be here!” And you find that this woman just gets sick of you; crying on her shoulder ‘Oh baby please’. Like that fool singing that song ‘Baby please don’t go’. It is sicken, I know that you (women) are sick of men crying on your shoulders, aren’t you? Sister said not me! Then you are sick of crying on another woman’s shoulder then aren’t you? Hell it can’t be two things. Hell if you are playing a man then you can’t make it. Allah (God) didn’t give you that. I am not talking about physically. He did not give you nothing to be a man with! NOTHING you can’t be no man. No he did not give that to you (woman). The idea of Allah (God) is in His own brain. He did not create a woman to be the idea that runs the universe. He created her to reflect His idea not be the guide but take His guide! You damn right I am teaching! He did not create you for that. And it is because you are getting out of your order and out of our place that we have no peace among ourselves. Man is totally out of his place. Woman you are totally out of your place. That is why you are not a happy woman at all. You are not happy because you are not in your role. And the only one that can give us both our roles is God Himself and that is why He says, “Who is the Original Man?” He did not put woman there. He put man there because after the man 39

then comes a woman. He is the owner and the maker. He didn’t say creator in fact He said Maker first then owner. Maker Owner you made it you own it. You don’t make it you don’t own it. You have got to make it then you can declare your power of ownership. If you don’t make it you don’t posses it. He is the maker therefore He is the owner. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made the Nation of Islam. He made it. He owns it. He is boss. Ain’t no boss beside Him. He is the Lord of this and don’t anyone one come to this except they recognize His ownership. He is the Original Man. He is the Maker. He is the Owner. He made me (Farrakhan). He made you. He made us. That is right. Therefore I don’t want to be called by a name that I give myself. What right do you have silly black brother; you just want to name yourself. Who the hell are you to name yourself when you didn’t make yourself. What right do you have to name anyone else? No no no everyone has to get in place. He created a woman for His own cancellation. I love it. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said through her God continued up to this present time. That is a big story. You need to study that! This is because to end that creation and bring in a new one that man that Allah (God) chooses to go through all of that from the very beginning up to now and He functions under that law then He breaks that law and gets out into a new law and order. That man suffers all kinds of suffering to become the Original Man. So close today lecture I hope that you will pardon me I am just fired up. When I get into the spirit of this you know. It makes me sick how we have related to each other and how we have related to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And I am not angry with you I am really angry at self but it just comes out that way. A man who is not part of a work of Allah (God) that demands powerful creative thoughts and energy and suffering to bring something new into existence he really doesn’t deserve a woman. When you are not doing anything you should do it by yourself. And don’t ask a woman to ever come and join you in nothingness because if this woman ever make the mistake of joining you in doing nothing you have got trouble from that day on. This is because she will be on your case in your act because she can’t stand a man that is not going any place and doing nothing. That is her; the nature of God in her. That is what He made her for. And she doesn’t mind consoling Him; she doesn’t mind that because she knew He needed it. I am telling you the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a man of God, a divine man not a low man and not a cheap man. Oh would that you would understand. He was ordered by Allah (God) to do that in His life which would produce trial in your and my life. It would bring the worst and the best and worst out of us by what was in His life. Now I don’t presume to know why God ordered the Messenger to do a, b or c but I can see the result of that order. He obeyed God and now look at us. Why did the nation fall? The nation fell on the 33rd chapter of the Holy Qur’an. The nation fell around the wives of Muhammad. The nation fell on the domestic life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The nation is today being lambasted on the domestic life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad even the domestic life of Master Fard Muhammad. It is the domestic life of the prophets of God that is put in the book for us to study for a reason.


And some call it mud but in that mud there is life and the God is fashioning a man up out of black mud into power; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. So I close saying to you all that God made for us The Original Man. Who is the Original Man? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad! Who is the Jesus, the Christ and the King of paradise? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad! He is the one that we are to pattern our lives after. Where is your proof Brother Farrakhan? Everyone that patterns there life after him we have been successful. Everyone that violates that pattern and start cutting our life after some other pattern we start failing. When Imam W.D. Mohammad became the leader of the nation and presented us with a new model to pattern our life after we started going down, down, down, down, down. Is that not true? You have not gone up, we went down. The moment we started coming back to that pattern tearing up the old pattern and cutting our life back out after the pattern of the life of the honorable Elijah Muhammad; here we go up, up into honor and self respect again. Why, he is the Original Man. He is the one that God loved. He is the pattern now for all of our lives. He is the Christ. “Let this mind be in you then same that is in Christ Jesus.” I don’t want you to just have your mind I want you to have the mind that I loved. I loved this man (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) God is talking! David had a heart after the heart of God. The last man has a heart right after God’s heart. (There is a break in the recording) The Maker, the owner, the cream of the planet, what do you mean? You chose anyone you want to be the best man, God said, ‘His man is the best.’ You can’t disgrace God’s man. We have in our prayers, “He whom Allah befriends is not disgraced.” And the more they try to sling mud on the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the more they can’t get away from referring to him. Even now his rebellious son has to come back and say, ‘my father had the best program. My father did it right. I wish I had followers like my father’s followers.’ Well what are you saying? You wish you were like your father then you would have followers like your father’s followers. Come back home to the Original Man and confess that He is the Maker and He is the Owner and you will be like him (the cream) and start rising to the top. There is so much to say on that I just want to give you a hint and then close it out. Brothers and sisters (a part of the recording is missing) and what it is saying to you is that this Original Man is a proto type or the man and the life that God wants every life on the earth to pattern themselves after. Asiatic black here means not national but universal. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said don’t call me a black nationalist because black is not national. Black is universal. The whole creation came out of blackness. So anything that is black if it is not universal it is not black. So he uses the term ‘black’ here to be synonymous of the universality of his man and his message. The message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has the power to affect every life no only on the earth but every life that is in the universe. That is the power of his message. That message and that man if you take that message and that man as your and my example and try to be like him then you start rising like cream. Every one of you that takes 41

this message and take this man I don’t care what your condition is, you take the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as your example and pattern your life after his teachings and this is what is going to happen. You just start rising up to the top. As cream rises to the top this rising to the top is another way of saying, ‘The resurrection and the ascension of the Black man to his proper and rightful place.’ You can become a God of the Universe. This Original Man is being given that kind of wisdom and power to share it with us. That you and I will no more be the tail, the book says we (what) we will be the head! I thank Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In conclusion I thank Allah for the day that I met him and the day that I re met him. And though I have not seen his face since 1975 really December of 1974 I see him clearer now then I ever saw him while he was among us. And I say this too you his followers , his people: you are the most blessed people to ever walk the earth to have the Original Man of the new dispensation of God to come up out of your ranks. And that you with Him will be the heir of that which the Christian people call The Kingdom of God or The Kingdom of Heaven it is coming to you! Man that is something! So beloved sisters I know your pain is great but I wish that you could look into the pain of a man sometimes and understand the pain that men carry that is not physical. You bear more pain then they do, how come you out live them? You don’t know the pain of these men. They live in so much pain till they never had a day in there life were they have never been without pain. Do you know what it is like to be a man and carry the idea of God in your genetic makeup? You don’t know what that is? To carry the idea of God in your genetic makeup and you are under the rule of the devil (the Caucasian White Man) and he sees that his man if he let him free a new idea will come up out of the Black man so every time he can he crushes the black man! Not you (sisters) him (the Black Man) he let you go because he wants to reflect his world through you (the black woman) but he can never reflect his world through these (the Black man). That is why they (the Black Man) must be killed. That is why the death plan that you see in scripture is against the man and the boys. And as you read your Bible and come all the way up; spare the woman kill the man because the idea of God is in the man. And this man lives in pain because He can’t express himself! He expresses himself in terms of White men and that is killing him. He lives in pain! And he is so full of pain he can’t express it, he don’t know how to talk it but look at his face, it is contorted and twisted. Look at them. You don’t look like these men. The baddest looking women don’t look like this man. He looks like hell. He is in pain!

Yes he is ruined. No one loves him. And he doesn’t love himself. He gets a little idea and it is shot down and sometimes you (the Black woman) shoot it down. If he wants to express himself he has to get by you (the Black woman) first. No one knows the Black man’s pain brother. I think that it is about time that somebody says how painful it is to be Black and a man in a White man’s world.


We are more familiar with her pain because it is physical though she has spiritual pains too. And I am not making any excuses for us Black man because we don’t need excuse making because the Original Man came up out of us. So he ends all of our excuses. “You heard what the minister said he said that black man you understand honey he said that black man catches hell and I think I.” Oh shut up! The Honorable Elijah Muhammad ends all excuses because he did his against all the odds. There are woman in this audience that were blessed to be around the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and know him better probably then some of us. And they will tell you if they tell their story that he is a man of matchless integrity carrying the weight of an entire world on his shoulders. And every time we got a chance we jumped on his back adding to the weight. A lonely man, no one to talk too and no body to understand and sometimes his only consolation was to sit at the dinner table and look at us in our foolishness. And he would laugh and he had a beautiful sense of humor. He would laugh sometimes until he cried. But yet under all of that laughter there was great pain. And too think that he is out of that pain now into that stage that the scriptures said, “Glory and Honor is around Him now.” And now we have to come through that pain to get to that position of honor and glory. I say to you brothers and sisters I thank you for being patient to listen to me. And I thank you for going through this with me as I go through it because in teaching these things sometimes they are coming to me just like they are coming to you for the first time. And it comes through me sometimes so till I am looking at it as it goes through me and I am thinking about you sometimes as it is going through and I say ‘oh this is why there is a problem.’ You are not under that type of experience and I don’t expect you too probably understand it but it is a wonderful thing to be used by God to do a divine work. And I think that you and I who share with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the hardest job that ever was giving to a man or people in history ought to thank God for the opportunity to be alive to help raise black people up. So I am looking for your help, I am not looking for no sympathy I am looking for help in this divine work. No man can do it by himself he needs help. And there are men among up (all of you are powerful) but there are men among you that are more powerful that are holding back. Don’t hold back. Come forward and help me in this work. The same with the sisters there are strong women here that want to see black men up and moving and see our nation up and moving; come on and help me in this work. And Allah will bless you and bless us. Let’s get behind the Original Man; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Thank you for listening



The Supreme Wisdom The greeting of Peace to everyone who is attendances today at Mosque Maryam, AsSalaam Alaikum and please know that I am so humbly grateful to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for taking the time in his busy busy day to read over a paper that I presented to him for his approval. And that is the reason that I am here today. I thank Almighty God Allah for coming in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (The Great Mahdi) the finder of the Lost and Found members of an ancient Nation of Islam, member of the ancient Tribe of Shabazz. We thank Him for searching among us to find One to represent him, in His mind, his spirit and his linage to be able to represent that body of wisdom and knowledge that we call “The Supreme Wisdom �. And that One of course is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who is now in the exalted position with his Lord as the exalted Christ. We also thank Him and thank him over and over again that we were given an extension of time in order to come back to the straight path of this great teaching. And that of course is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Sisters and Brothers at this hour it is a little new experience for us but I think it is good to have a morning secession. Our minds are a little brighter and we are able to enjoy each others company.


I only have a few words and I was thinking over my presentation all the time since the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave me this opportunity to begin this process. And basically that you will have a knowledge where I am coming from and especially because we have visitors for the first and you are hearing words that you have probably never heard before. And I want to take my time in laying a base for what I hope will be another opportunity to go into more details. Everything in nature, everything that has been created was created by a motion of movement that we call ‘time’ . And the measurement of that motion or that movement bears its context to everything that has been formed since the beginning of time. So the subject I chose to introduce this subject is journey, a journey into the Mind of God. Now that may seem like very difficult and complex but when we put all of the actual facts together we can prove that God came to us out of the beginning of that movement or motion with an exact and precise movement in time to be able to make himself known at this particular end of our journey.

What is the most precious commodity that we have? That is a question and my answer to that is thought. Can you find another precious commodity more important then thought? It is what binds us to the nature of the laws out of which we are created. But what is it to examine the thought or the thinking of God? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote in Our Saviour Has Arrived and I think this is a good place to begin on page 122 through page 123. He says that the coming of Master Fard Muhammad comes to make all things New . And He said that this is like the creation of us in the beginning. The God who created us had no material to use to begin a creation. He had only himself. Therefore out of darkness and the thoughtless and invisible, he brought out the visible vision and thought and idea. Now we come to the next part of that, he made a brain which had the power to cover the sphere of our thinking and to produce from that thought what Image or vision that the brain cells could conceive. Now I am going to ask you another question. Do we have that same potential? Alright we are related to God in the area of our ability to think and to use our thoughts to materialize our vision. Is that true? Ok! Now these things at that time, we are talking about the beginning when the first motion was made. This was all new. There was no plan or universe except His. This is our father (The Black Man) the maker. The wisdom, idea and way of thinking of Master Fard Muhammad (To Whom Praises are Due Forever) is superior to any way of believing today. Is this saying that Master Fard Muhammad is the originator of the universe that we are in? Or does it say that He has a superior way of believing today, Which means that His thought was so powerful in his thinking of God and going into the mind and the thinking of the First God that He broke through the veil of darkness in the beginning of space and He now has the idea and the thought of re-creating (listen carefully) an entire New Universe, an


entire New World. And you and I have the same potential to be able to materialize and bring into existences something all together new. So we are the people who were given this first revelation startling revelation of God presences in man and in woman and in you. It is hard for us to believe that God would chose such a people who had deviated so much that we are called in the scriptures ‘the rebellious children of Israel’. Not the Jewish Nation that we are familiar with but we are like a parallel to what we see or read in the scriptures about the rebellious house of Israel. So in my presentation I want to follow my mind and my thinking until your mind and your thinking will go into the mind and the thinking of God Himself. Does that sound a little complicated? How does he do this? He goes to the root of all things as our original father did in the beginning when He built the universe out of nothing. He is as one sitting (listen to this) out in space with no material of space to make something all together new. He goes after the root in making this New World of people. How does He do it? He makes a New Mind for us and a new way of thinking. He teaches Us a different education, one that We have never had before. So we can through out in a way the old textbooks that have been trying to understand the nature of life. The Biology, and science (I don’t mean that we throw it away) it is useful in the right and proper application. But first the idea is to clear our minds of everything that has to do with this world. And in clearing the mind of everything that has to do with this world you will then have to rely upon your own thinking, your own mind to bring into reality what is inside of you. He gives us an education on the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Gods and not of prophets but of the Gods of the prophets of the past. He builds our minds according to way Gods think and not the way or the thinking of servants or the prophets of God. The prophets of the past were inspired and there inspiration was true but it is limited when God himself takes over the rule of his kingdom. Most Christian believers put that personification in Jesus or in the Christ or in the Messiah .And it is written in the scripture that he would come (is that true) at the end of what world? Satan’s world, he would come and he would set up His new kingdom but he would come under a disguise. He would come like a thief in the night and that is the way that Master Fard Muhammad came in the early 1930’s. He came under a disguise and he held back his identity because we would not be able to understand until He raised up One from among us (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad ) to teach us into this profound knowledge . So we call this body of knowledge “The Lessons ” as the “Supreme Wisdom ”. This means as I use this analogy, it is like a wheel within a wheel of a vision that takes us back I use this prophet as an example because this prophet is Ezekiel are you familiar with Ezekiel? And one of the signs that Ezekiel came with in revealing Himself as the Son of Man which is mentioned about 90 plus times in this particular chapter Son of Man go to the rebellious house of Israel. Son of Man I want you to prophesize against Jerusalem. I want you to prophesize against Terre and all of though ancient cities of Palestine. And this 46

was during the period when the children of Israel were exiled and taken into bondage in Babylon. So he is one of those prophets that was risen up during that particular period of time. I think most of you are familiar with the vision of Ezekiel in which he was by a particular river called the river of Shabar and when he was at that river the heavens opened and Ezekiel was able to see like a whirlwind coming out of the north. This dazzling bright appearance of a sign of God that was the strengthen him in his mission during out the whole course of his teaching and warning to the rebellious house of Israel who were held captive in Babylon. Now what is very interesting as you read the 1st chapter down to the 26th verse. It describes clearly that the appearance of this wheel contain a firmament and firmament is something that is solid or mass or material. And that is firmament was over the heads of these Cherubim or these four living creatures that all had interestingly enough symbols of a beast or cattle or ox and eagle or a bird and a lion but they all had the appearance of the face of a man. And up under there wings if you believe angels fly with wings, that was symbolic but up under there wings were also the appearance of their hands. Then it says that his thrown was made of a terrible crystal and I have always tried to figure out what this terrible crystal. Now the crystal here and terrible crystal turns out to be sapphire stone. And if you see the sapphire stone it is very dark hued the majority of the sapphire, right? And it reflects light in the form of like fire, right? Now the metallic appearance of what we call today in the research and common UFO scientist they describe shimmering metallic type of structure to these silver disks, right? Alright I want to prove to you something. That if we see or think into nothingness your mind and your thought will automatically pick up photographically a picture, is that true? You hardly can think a thought without seeing light, is that true? Now above the firmament that was over theirs heads referring to the angels was the likeness of a thrown like the appearance of a sapphire stone. And upon the likeness of the thrown was the likeness of the appearance of a man above upon it. So everywhere we look cross sectioning Bible whether it is Ezekiel, Isaiah or any of the old prophets and even if we open the Holy Qur’an we will find evidence that God in his true appearance in power and in glory can be no other than a man that can identify with other men and other women. You can not imagine even when you think of an angel, do you see a spook? Your idea of an angel takes on what, a physical form. And if you think of even God you think of man named the Christ or the Messiah coming at the end of the world. We are looking for the appearance of a man. We cannot make the glory of God in anything other than a man. What we call the spirit is contained in the mind. And it is the light that goes on in your mind to give you life to travel on your journey through your thoughts. The average thought we are taught in the “Supreme Wisdom Lessons � travels at 24 billion miles per second. So why are we given those dimensions and those measurements, It is because we too have to go back in our thinking because we can remember everything that has ever happened in our lives. But as we grow older what happened is the rust starts accumulating 47

on the rusty locks they call it of our brain cells. So we can’t think past the last minute, if someone were to say what did you think the last minute you would have a very difficult time trying to tell us what that last thought was. So as long as we can think we can be redeemed. But if you are out of your mind it will be very hard to redeem you because the majority or the most important part of the redemption of you is yourself. “As A Man Thinketh So Is He ”. I am not going to go to much deeper in Ezekiel because I have a limited period of time. But the reason I bring Ezekiel vision in is because when Master Fard Muhammad came in the likeness and appearances of a man. He pointed to the heavens and he described to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and taught him the measurements and every detail of this craft that is called the Mother’s plane and the Mother’s ship. I am bring this up into the modern time in a moment but when He came in 1930 He also acknowledge the discovery of a planet, a new planet that was discovered by the scientist in March of that year. They acknowledged or announced it; the discovery of Pluto. Planet Pluto is the ninth planet out from the Sun. So if Pluto represents in the Greek mythology as the god of the underworld (that is what they call it). The Honorable Elijah Muhammad uses the word “A Little fool” Pluto was like a little fool. So if the planet Pluto is ninth place out from the sun and that ends the circle of the solar system with our sun and its nine planets. And if we are able to calculate our thoughts which we are given in the Supreme Wisdom a time travel if I can put it that way. Time travel on this way (left to right) how many seconds will it take to travel to the far away planet Pluto? And it gives ten seconds (how many trips can you make in ten seconds) to the far away planet Pluto? So what was the idea of Master Fard Muhammad putting all of these kinds of measurements and calculations in the body of material that we call “The Supreme Wisdom”? Why is it that each new convert or each new member of the Nation of Islam must begin with the recital of ten questions and answers called “The Student Enrollment”? This means that we have been or like initiates entering into a new school of thought. And this new school of thought is not just coming from anybody or an Imam visiting us from the East or a theologian coming from any part of the world. That is why were secluded and still are secluded. And most people really don’t understand the aims and the purpose of our being so isolated and within this special arrangement of studies. It was to expand our minds like you read in star trek (right). Star trek says, “That to go where no man has ever gone before.” But unless he takes the lead in telling us where no man has gone before, we won’t accept it so easily. We have to wait till he keeps probing the space and keeps finding these new objects constantly coming out of this dark womb of space before we will say oh did you read what the white man said today? Did you read what this scientist discovered? And if we go back into this body of material that we are to be studying within our classes (M.G.T. /F.O.I) we will find all of the modern scientific investigations right there. Even to the exploding of the Atom . Even to Quantum


mechanics and quantum physics. The exploding apart of Atom and finding the tiniest little quark or whatever they design as being part and parcel of the atom it’s self. So how do we understand now that have reached this point of my presentation, what the mind and the thought of God is. If you have a mind and you have a thought can you align that mind and that thought to the mind and the thinking of God? The Honorable Minister Farrakhan released to us a study guide called “The Rising Above Emotion Into The Thinking Of God.” And He explores how the brain works. And if we look at our body (The Nine Systems of our Body) then tenth system of that body that makes everything work is where? Ok it is right here (points to the head or brain) it is right here in our minds. And the mind is the control center like a computer. You can imagine how the computer works it has a little brain and it has at matrix. And I know that most everyone saw that movie called “The Matrix” and it was like a computer game where go into a program that was designed not by God but was designed by an enemy to God to trap the individual who enters into the matrix; say which one do you want? Do you want to go here with the blue pill or do you want to go here with the red pill? And so if you take the blue pill what happens? It is an unreal reality and you are programmed to follow that unreal mind of the architect of the blue pill. The architect of the blue pill is Satan. And the red pill when you see as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said and I am going to stretch your minds and imaginations one step further. The Master pointed out to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad during his teaching of three and a half years. He pointed to the heavens again and He pointed out two stars; a red star and a blue star . And He said that the red star represents the original design and people of civilization that would never be destroyed. The blue star represents an unreal world or a world that is contrary to the nature of the original man and people. So if you can imagine what is taking place in our world today; we have one chaos after another chaos after another chaos. Is that right? And no one knows what this chaos will ultimately come to. Well it is the end of one world and a bumpy ride that we have been on for 6,000 years. And that bumpy road is about ready to go all the way down into the pit. And a new world order is rising up to take its place. I mentioned in the beginning quote from a philosopher Manley P. Hall actually and he made this statement that everything that is structured has a number, color, and has a pattern; a pattern in which all things are formed that are formed. So that means that each one of us is designed with a mathematical inclination in the way that we think. This left brain right brain or hemisphere is really only information that has come through with the study of the brain over the last 20 years. And now what they are trying to say is that what we want is the left brain and the right brain to work as coordinates. So you don’t think because I am musical and I have imagination and I am creative that you cover up this side of the brain and only the right side is working; that would be 49

rather chaotic. And the left side is supposed to be to logical number, and mathematics and all of that right? Well don’t you know if we think with the proper thought then we can do all of that; isn’t that true? We are creative and you have to use the whole brain in order to think through darkness into light. I am going to read you a quote from a book called ‘The Minds Unknown Power”. And it speaks about the enterprise speeds away into darkness and a somber voice speaks begins this introduction in to space the final frontier. But the final frontier has not even been chartered yet and that frontier is within you, our minds, our brains and our thinking. And only three little pounds or three and a half pounds of gray and white matter is the weight of this brain. What a marvelous that we have to think through and solve any problem that we need to solve. But why are we scattered, the enemy did such a good job in keeping us back from our true self that is so difficult to bring us back together whole again. So we are fragmented, divided and we have our youth today running absolutely on rampage of destruction because their separated from the loving parents and the peers and the family has been just totally devastated. This is not any different then what he did with us during slavery. We were separated; our children sometimes were taken by one slave master; the mothers and fathers were taken to another plantation and so getting back together today is the HARDEST JOB THAT ANY LEADER, ANY TEACHER HAS TO BRING US BACK TOGETHER IN UNITY. The human brain can store more information then all of the libraries in the world. And one final quote we are talking about this universe is that everything we know of the universe and everything we know from subatomic particles to distant galaxies. And everything we feel from love for our children to fear enemy nations is experienced and modeled in our brains. Without the brains nothing (listen to this) not quarks, not black holes, nor love or hatred would exist for us. So it is all in our minds. So going back to the quotes of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in our Saviour Has Arrived this is exactly he said and science is proving everyday that the teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are exact and precise and that is what the body of our “Supreme Wisdom” when you enter and you enter this school; you immediately throw off the old way of thinking until the new idea and the creativity begin to rise and in your mind and the shackles and the dross and the locks that are on our brains will gradually fall away. And we will become the People of God and the Elect of God and the New World Rulers that will rule with a high civilization (Freedom, Justice, and Equality) for all. And this is why our Saviour comes to us in the beginning and has been with us during this whole journey to make our minds and our thinking line up with the mind and the thinking of Almighty God. I thank you for your time and I hope that you have taken this journey with me and that if you have question if we can entertain I will leave that to my son. This was only a little peak into where we are going. And when you become a member of The Nation of Islam you are committed and dedicated to learning the Wisdom of God, the Knowledge of God and the Knowledge of Yourself. Thank you for being so attentive. I didn’t shake you up 50

with an emotional firebomb today but I wanted us to kind of relax and take it easy and really really begin to think think because you’re God is in you. You’re God resides in you and this marvelous mind, this marvelous capacity of the brain stores everything from the beginning of Time. And it is been known that even the babies as he develops the brain cells, he is connected to a whole world of newness of energy that connects him that he the baby can remember everything since the beginning of time. So that means when that baby comes into the world it is up to the mother and the father to prepare that mind and to put it in the right environment so that the light of God will shine forth. So I thank you again for listening and I hope that we will meet again soon for more details on the Supreme Wisdom Lessons of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And why it is so important for our people to come back to life again to come back to yourself, restore yourself. That is the purpose of these teaching. Thank you so much for your attention. And if you have questions I will let my son at the end of the lecture request that of you. Alright thank you so much. And those of you here for the first time can I see your hands? May Allah continue to enlighten us and bring us what we need to survive in this end of the world that is very quickly going out to make preparation for your new work in the world of Islam?




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Date Mr. W.F. Muhammad C/o Mr. Elijah Muhammad 9415 South Damen Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60620


Dear Saviour Allah, Our Deliverer, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to whom praises are due forever. I bear witness that there is no God but Thee and that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is Thy Servant and Apostle. I desire to reclaim my Own. I desire a name from Thee. Please give me my Original name. My slave name is as follows: Name (Mr. Mrs. or Miss)

“What Is A Father?�

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. The One God to Whom all praises is due; The Lord of the worlds who came to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad ; The Great Mahdi. We thank him for His coming and for His search and raising up among us a Divine Leader Teacher and Guide His Messenger to us; the Messiah; the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I greet all of you in the greeting words of


you my dear wonderful brothers and sisters with the greeting words of peace:

As-Salaam Alaikum. To minister Ishmael Muhammad; to all of the Laboring staff of Mosque Maryam; to all of our visitors and friends. To the members of the F.O. I. and the M.G.T. class; I am very very honored to be before you on this Father’s Day. Before I say what I came to say I would like to personally thank the laborers for their hard work and for the F.O.I. and their great work in the sale and distribution of the Final Call Newspaper. We have one of the finest newspapers of any group of black people anywhere to be found on the earth. And I am deeply grateful and indebted to the F.O.I. for their dedicate service. They are not paper boys but they are great men. They are not persons without aim and purpose but they are little messengers of the Messenger bring the divine message of Islam and the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to our people. And in that effort they are providing an economic base that allows us independent education and to build schools and to buy farms and soon industry (factories) that will give employment opportunities to our people. So every time you see one of these great young men or older men with that newspaper in their hand get a newspaper in your hands. Today is called by the Europeans Father’s Day; it is a day set aside to honor men who are fathers. To be a father is really to be something or someone very great. To have had a father; a true father is to have had someone very very special in your life. And too have missed having a good father is to have missed something very special in your life. Most of us as men can not boast that we have had a good father. We can only boast that someone who is a male human being planted a seed in our mothers that resulted in life for us. No matter how good or bad a father maybe we must always honor our fathers because without our fathers and without our mothers we could not enjoy the blessing of life. God does not permit any of us to be judges of our parents. I am going to say that again. God does not permit any of us to be judges of our parents. When you become mature you have a yardstick by which you measure your parents. And sometimes you will measure your parents and they may not measure up to the yardstick that they applied to you or that you now apply to them. And as you get stronger and your parents get weaker because of age there is a tendency on the part of the children to upgrade their fathers and their mothers to rebuke them and sometimes even be unkind but Allah God warns all of us through the teaching of Bible and the Holy Qur’an and even in all of our traditions as an African people that we must honor our mothers and our fathers. God in the bible in giving a law to the children of Israel who were to go on top to rule in the name of God; one of the commandments that He gave was that you must honor your mother and your father; for what reason? That your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives to you.


Now here is a people that was landless and enslaved and oppressed but God coming to end their oppression and begin their journey toward freedom of their that He would establish them in. He commanded them; “Honor your mother and your father that your days may be long in the land which God has given you.” If your days will be long by your mother and honoring your father then when you dishonor your parents this is a shortness of your days. Something has gone wrong in society and this world. The Holy Qur’an says specifically of the mother that a child should not even make an obnoxious sound when your parents is chastising you or rebuking you or exhort sometimes a child will suck their teeth or make a sound ‘um.’ The Holy Qur’an says don’t even do that or even think about raising your voice and talking back but you are to not even make an ugly sound. Why God do you say that? It says, “And lower your wing out of humility.” Your wing represents your growth into power as a woman and a man. You grow in knowledge or you have a college degree or you grow in strength. You are stronger then your mother or your father so there is always a tendency to show off your new found intelligence or power. ‘Well don’t tell me for you see in my class.” Oh hold up; how did you get to class? Whatever we have we did not come into the world with it someone helped us to get it. So we must remember our parents with honor and respect and the Holy Qur’an says, “Lower your wing.” Don’t show off your power! Lower your wing out of humility and remember she (meaning you mother) cared for you when you were young. When you could not do anything for yourself God provided someone to do something for us and that is why were here today. Well my father I don’t even know the man! I don’t know mine either. I only have the faintest picture in my mind of the top of his head but I never remember his face; but that does not stop me from paying honor to him since the seed of that man is the base of my existence. Now some of us as men naturally when you reach puberty and the sperm becomes active and the desire for sexual expression is stimulated we might get into a situation that causes us to become fathers. We did not ask for it; we were not out looking to be a father. We were out looking for a good time with some young lady. Well she may not have been asking to be a mother; she was also giving vent to the natural course of human development sexual expression but out of that she became pregnant and became a potential mother as we became potential fathers. Now having a child doesn’t make the female a mother and being the source of life for any child coming into the world does not make us fathers. To be a mother and to be a father has to do with a growth into a certain kind and quality of knowledge that allows us to do something that allows us to get the title “mother” and do something to allow us to have the title “father”. Now my dear brothers; since this is Fathers Day I would like to concentrate on the men but he can’t be a father without you (women) and you (women) can’t be a mother without him. So it is good that we are both sitting here today because all of us have a father somewhere living or dead; we had a father. We want to look at this now since we are alive and we have already produced children that we do not know what to do with or we may be


getting ready to get sexually involved or already involved and might soon become a father and don’t know what to do to really be one. Now the world “Father” if I threw a ball far and you threw it far’ –ther or further; what did you do? You threw your ball past the point where my ball landed. So you threw your ball further or far’ –ther. Now when a man becomes a father he is producing life to go beyond the point where his life may stop. You can’t be a father with her. She in her natural state is a mercy from God to you and me. I am going to say that again; she in her natural state is a mercy from God to you and me! Why? Why is she a mercy? And when you don’t treat mercy right it demands punishment. When you go before the judge and you know you are guilty. You are not asking for justice but you are pleading for mercy. And when you get mercy; mercy is underserved kindness. You know you don’t deserve it but somehow you receive it; so you aught to show more gratefulness for mercy then gratitude for justice. Now how are you sisters a mercy to the man that you are married to or a mercy to the man that you have given birth to a child for? You and I are called finite beings; finite means we have a time to come in and we have a time to go out. So Ecclesiastes the preacher in the bible says; “There is a time and a purpose for everything that is done under heavens.” There is a time to be born and there is a time to die. So everyone sitting in front of me know that you got here; so you are born. What are you headed for? You are headed for death; sooner or later. As a young person you are not concerned with death; I understand for I was once like that too. I was young. I want to talk about death and life in terms of male and female relations for just a moment; when you are born into the world death and life work together. You are not walking without death; death is walking right beside you. When a mother gives birth to the child; death is right there. When the child comes through the birth canal it is either going to live or it is going to die. If it is does not take in the first breath of life it is called stillborn. Death walked with that life. Now God gives the infant a mother hopefully a father. You are to keep death away from a new life that is not aware that death walks right beside it waiting for an opportunity to come in and claim it. And if you are careless with the new life; not watchful over the new life then death will take the new life away. Now as a young brother; you that are sitting in front of me; you sisters when you leave your house you feel you are going to come back; don’t you? You get in a car; you and your buddies smoking reefers or snorting cocaine or drinking liquor; “Come on baby let go for a ride. Crank it up it says a 160 on the dash board.” You don’t know death is sitting in the front seat with you. You don’t understand that death is riding with you. So when you drink the alcohol or smoke the reefer which is impairing your ability to see, smell, taste, hear and feeling accurately and adequately then you are inferring with your own ability to maintain and sustain life. So death gets just a little closer but you don’t see death. You don’t feel death or hear death but it is right there. So you are going on down the highway and you decided to crank it up and one misjudgment you run off the road and you run into something and 56

several die. How come you were not aware that death was waiting for a chance to get to you? Because as a young person you think more of living and not much of dying but the older ones; you start reaching 50 and hitting 60 you feel something breathing on the back of your neck. When you start losing some of your powers; you look up and say; “What is this at my neck?” It is death! But then you say I must put some distance between me and this thing here. But it is right over your shoulder; don’t make the wrong move or get to tried or sleep to long or don’t eat the wrong food because I (death) am coming for you. And your job is to keep death away from you as long as you can but if you get careless. And whether you are careless or not death in the Qur’an it says; “It will over take you.” That means it is chasing you from the time you are born; it is running after you. And you have to keep some distance; you have to stay in shape (doc) but after a while you are going to get tried and death will be right there looking. “I got you!” And that is it. But there she is that is your mercy; undeserved kindness. God said; “Look I know that you have to go but you have to go because you are not perfect. You got to go because your body is made from the earth and it is not infinite it is finite; you got to go but before you go look over here (woman) I have provided mercy for you. Since I have cause ever thing that exist to be evolving toward perfection; you have to go to make way for that which is better then yourself.” So here is mercy come fall in love with mercy and hold mercy in her tenderness in your arms. Embrace mercy with love then give to mercy a seed and let mercy die to give birth to you that you can be called “Father” because through her mercy; her beautiful and sacred womb; she has projected us into the future. And it is not that you did not project yourself into the future too because when you project the seed of a man into the future you are apart of that as you were in the beginning. There is no man without a woman and there is no woman without a man. So from the very beginning when we embrace and we generate life; life started marching toward ultimate perfection; generations come and generations go but the earth abides forever so say the scripture. So through your mother and through the women you are extended time. Now when you are careful as a father you are preparing a better future.