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5 Tips for Safe Concrete Construction Concrete ​is the most common building material used by construction workers in Ottawa. It can also be quite dangerous if you don’t follow the proper safety precautions. Here are five tips to ensure safe concrete construction on any project site. ➢ PROTECT SKIN FROM CONCRETE CONTACT If concrete touches the skin, it can cause allergic reactions, irritation, and chemical burns thanks to the cement content in concrete. As cement is an alkaline material, it’s possible to suffer third-degree burns from concrete to skin contact. It’s important to get medical attention immediately if skin is affected. To prevent skin damage, wear pants, long-sleeved shirts and alkali resistant gloves. In the event clothing becomes saturated, rinse it quickly with fresh water. Always shower to wash away potential hazards after your work is done. ➢ USE THE RIGHT SAFETY GEAR On any construction site, hard hats and hearing protection are standard personal protective equipment (PPE). Working with fine materials warrants the use of respirators, especially for jobs where concrete and cement dust is present. Safety goggles and glasses will also help protect workers from contaminants and hazardous materials. ➢ PROVIDE AND MAINTAIN A SAFE WORKPLACE PPE might provide protection against common hazards, but it’s the responsibility of the manager to ensure the work site has appropriate safety equipment and first aid kits to ensure that all on-site personnel. This includes emergency shower and eyewash stations in case of chemical burns from alkaline materials such as cements in addition to first aid kits to handle cuts, scrapes, and other common injuries. It’s also necessary to include appropriate signage and keep staff informed about the use and maintenance of safety and emergency equipment.

➢ SAFETY IN ALL SEASONS Concrete is a tricky construction material to work with in high temperatures, such as those found in an Ottawa summer. When temperatures break 25 degrees Celsius, general contractors will need to have a plan in place to address altered setting times and other risks. High ambient temperatures can increase the likelihood of cracking or shrinking. Consider scheduling concrete placement to take advantage of cooler temperatures where possible. ➢ LIFT HEAVY MATERIALS PROPERLY Hardened cement is extremely heavy, even in small quantities. Whenever possible, use mechanical equipment to place concrete. Sometimes you will need to lift concrete when working on an Ottawa site. Unfortunately, people often bend forward when lifting heavy materials, putting a strain on the lower back. Instead, bend your knees to reach and grab the concrete. Keep it close to your body and straighten your legs to lift it up while keeping your back straight. Don’t lift above your shoulders as you might compress the spinal discs in your back. Construction workers​ ​frequently work with concrete and other dangerous materials. Knowing how to handle them properly is the best way to stay safe during concrete construction.

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5 tips for safe concrete construction  
5 tips for safe concrete construction  

Concrete is the most common building material used by construction workers in Ottawa. It can also be quite dangerous if you don’t follow the...