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HOW WILL I LIVE? When the well of my love is running dry will you stay or take your buckets elsewhere? When my braches are thin from you plucking the fruit of my work, will you plant seeds or leave me bare? When the fire of my passion is getting dim will you relight it or watch it die? When my mind has taken flight, will you cage it or let it fly? Will you take all there is to take from me, until I have nothing more to give. If you do then how will I live? When the roots of my heart are starting to sprout will you pull them or let them grow? When the light of my life begins to flicker, will you blow it out or let it glow? When the glass of my giving is half empty will you profess that it’s half filled? When the house of cards that I built for you falls over will you pick up the pieces and rebuild? When the sponge of my soul has soaked up all it can, will you squeeze it until there is no more to give? If you do then how will I live?

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