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The Brophy Literary & Arts Magazine and The Wrangler are proud to present

BLANGLER “OH MY GOD I FOUND THE BANKSY,” a photograph by Anonymous ’11

In all seriousness, the real BLAM is coming out TOMORROW and it might be kind of cool. Freshmen, present this copy of BLANGLER to the lunch ladies to receive a coupon that’s good for one copy of BLAM, free of charge!

Putting the “creative” in creativeity.

EDITOR’S NOTE The Wrangler recently sat down with the BLAM editorial staff to conduct a scholarly interview. Soon enough, we realized how dysfunctional the club is. Managing Editor Mack Flint ‘13 was inarticulate (possibly sexist), there weren’t enough contests , and they only received three national titles with the 2012 edition, which is honestly pretty sad. We at The Wrangler have decided to grace the school with our own artistic publication. I present to you a better - and more good - Blangler.

So I Meta Post-Structuralist By Noah “Buddy” Getzme ’15

This poem A blind soul in the velvet black is artsy because there is no rhyme scheme or general structure for that matter its all a metaphor comma, apostrophes and periods are pretty lame this line is indented

“Soap,” a photographic sculpture subinterpretation by Art Smith ’16. ARTIST NOTE: See bottom of adjacent page (page 3)

ARTIST NOTE (for “Soap”): My mother and my father, and likely you, see soap and a mirror. But a more trained eye picks up the subtle nuances; the panopticon of hegemonic counterculture that permeates every crevice of our torn sociocultural politosphere. Reiteration of the dominant paradigms accepted by artistic aesthetical norms begs for a post-feminist interpretation of ontological paradigms, a deconstruction of the instable gender figure that this bar of soap so purely reflects. To put it simply, this is a critique of both capitalism and materialism, the root cause of societal Otherization. Taken on an iPhone 5.


A collaboration of The Wrangler and the Brophy Literary & Arts Magazine (BLAM)