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BROOKWOOD 2015-16 Report of Giving

Lower Schoolers experience traditional customs at the Indian Mela.


“Now 47 years out of Brookwood I still look back on my Brookwood years with fondness and with respect for all they taught me. The academics were demanding enough to push me well beyond what I might have thought possible at the time. The athletics taught teamwork and put an emphasis on competition and sportsmanship while still having fun. Being a teacher and coach, I value all these qualities now." Ned Herter Brookwood Class of 1969


A special message of thanks from the Head of School and Director of Advancement What a difference a year makes! It is such a pleasure to write this message to you as we both enter into our second year at Brookwood. As we reflect on last year, there is much to celebrate. We successfully completed the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) accreditation process, met many of you in your local towns, journeyed Back to our Future with you at the auction and successfully

Laura Caron

executed the Make it Happen in May effort by boosting our current parent participation in the Brookwood Fund from 53% to 74%. Every aspect of the school was highlighted in these accomplishments, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part

In this report, you will read stories of impact about the Farm

of this extraordinary community.

School experience, boat building in Middle School, D-Zign

As we enter into the new school year, we continue to be

Murphy, Director of Finance; Alison Harden, Parents’

impressed and humbled by your commitment to Brookwood.

Association President; and Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter, Chair

You give back to the school every day, and we are a better

of the Advancement Committee. These snapshots all highlight

place because of you. In recognition of your philanthropy and

the instrumental role you play at Brookwood. Your support

volunteerism, we are thrilled to share with you the 2015-2016

is the bedrock of our community, and your donations, in both

Report of Giving that captures the true essence of our

time and treasure, are essential to our school.

Girlz Steep Week class and more, as well as reports from Tom

community here at Brookwood.

One thing that remains constant at Brookwood is our commitment to you and a keen understanding that all good things happen not because of one but because of many. You have demonstrated this with your support over the years and we hope you will take pride in the pages that follow, which commend you and the role you play in making Brookwood the exceptional place it is today. Thank you! With gratitude, Laura Caron

Jennifer Lowrey

Head of School

Director of Advancement

Jennifer Lowrey


Your Generosity at Work


Graduates over 60 years


Programmable robots including one drone


Plastic water bottles saved by using new hydration stations



Minutes of Art and Music per week



Pairs of boots used for science field work

Ounces of honey produced by three beehives

300 Eggs laid by second grade chickens, Cynthia and Mabel


Books in the library



Raised for Technology

At the annual auction, you raised your paddle and the Parents’ Association doubled your impact. Thank you! 3

The Rusis Family


The Rusis family reflects on first-year experiences and supporting the Brookwood community


or the Rusis family—Cynthia and Armins, Lily, 11 years

We ultimately carefully considered four schools on the North

old, Andrew, 15, and Alex, 16—2015-2016 was their first

Shore for Lily. From the moment we visited Brookwood, we

year in the Brookwood community. A middle schooler,

knew it was where we hoped she would go. One of the most

Lily ’19 spent her year in Mr. Holch’s fifth grade class and now

attractive aspects of Brookwood was the pervasiveness

begins life as a Brookwood Upper School student.

of experiential learning. Throughout a rigorous academic curriculum and extraordinary music and performing arts

Following a move from New Jersey, the family settled in Man-

programs, the children were actively participating in learning,

chester and began looking for a school for Lily. Cynthia says it

hands-on in almost every aspect of their education. They

quickly became clear to the entire family that Brookwood was

were deeply engaged and seemed extraordinarily happy. Lily

their school of choice.

walked out of Brookwood after her full-day visit and asked if she could start right away. Brookwood was clearly the

Here Cynthia shares more about their experiences during

school for us.

the past year and how our community is viewed through the lens of a family new to the school. Hearing about Brookwood

What are your feelings and thoughts about Brookwood

from this fresh perspective sheds light on the value and high

after Lily has completed her first year at the school?

standards of the school’s programs, approach to learning, traditions, and people.

Lily was welcomed into the Brookwood community with open arms by students and faculty, and the school has offered

What drew you to Brookwood and why did you choose the

Lily the chance to find her passions and experience the joy

school for your daughter?

of learning. The academic subjects, especially science, were brought to life by her wonderful teachers. From visiting the

When we moved to the Boston area, Brookwood was highly

fifth grade bee hives to participating in the immigration sim-

recommended to us as we researched where to live and send

ulation to violin lessons from an accomplished artist, Lily was

Lily to school. We moved here to be closer to our son who

completely engaged. She was even inspired to form a singing

was attending Proctor Academy in New Hampshire. When we

trio with two classmates, compose music and perform their

asked the Proctor administration which schools in the Boston

original song at School Meeting. Lily’s first year at Brookwood

area they would suggest, Brookwood was strongly recom-

was not only academically extraordinary but also boosted her

mended. They said Brookwood students were well-prepared,

confidence and willingness to try new things. We can’t wait to

mannered, eager to learn and, most importantly, really happy.

see what this year will bring.


What are some of the things you experienced this year that

As a new family to Brookwood what inspires your

you particularly enjoyed or admired about the school, its

philanthropy? Why have you contributed so generously

program, and the community’s culture?

to the community through the Brookwood Fund?

School Meeting is a weekly highlight for our family. When I

Brookwood truly stands out because of its dynamic learning

first attended a School Meeting during the Admissions pro-

environment and its commitment to academic excellence.

cess, I was struck by the opportunity given to the students to

While we are new to Brookwood, we have moved often and

joyfully express themselves and to be heard. My impression

have a lot of private education experience. We recognize

is that the meeting offers a weekly time truly devoted to the

that fees only cover the basics, and schools need financial

students, giving them an open forum to develop valuable

support for exceptional programs. Our contribution is meant

public speaking skills, showcase their academic work and

to help Brookwood continue with its innovative educational

try new things. The school culture comes to life here where


students and faculty sit side by side as equally important to the community, and students encourage and support fellow

What would you say is important about contributing

classmates. There is even the chance for younger children

annually and supporting the Brookwood Fund?

to gradually develop confidence and public speaking skills through brief group presentations and performances.

Supporting Brookwood with any level of contribution is vitally important for several reasons. First of all, donations enable

Impactful life lessons are being taught in this meeting that go

the school to pursue cutting edge educational programs.

far beyond the more traditional classrooms also offered by

Those programs are recognized and celebrated which then

Brookwood. My daughter is very fortunate to participate in

attract new families to the school and potentially grant fund-

this wonderful tradition at Brookwood.

ing as well. Second, strong participation by the community is an important sign that families are happy. Prospective families visiting Brookwood learn of the programs and the support level and see these as positive attributes. Donating to Brookwood enables the school to achieve both of these goals.

“Brookwood was strongly recommended. They said Brookwood students were well-prepared, mannered, eager to learn and, most importantly, really happy.”


Doris Buffett and grandson visit Brookwood, offering perspectives on philanthropy


pril 14, at Brookwood, was an evening for conver-

which a variety of important topics relating to the current

sation and insights on philanthropy from esteemed

state of philanthropy were discussed.

guests Alex Buffett Rozek, President of the Learning

by Giving Foundation, and his grandmother Doris Buffett,

It was fitting that the event took place in the new Lower

sister to investment-guru Warren Buffett. Brookwood School

School Town Square, a beautiful space made possible by the

was proud to partner with the Essex County Community

generosity of the Crate family as part of the Today. Tomor-

Foundation (ECCF) for this event and hosted a group of over

row. Together. Capital Campaign. Showing, once again, the

75 guests.

extraordinary impact philanthropy continues to have on our community.

Rozek, whose Learning by Giving Foundation is a Boston-based non-profit that seeks to advance the next generation’s understanding of philanthropy, spoke about the inspiration and ideas behind the Foundation and the role of philanthropic education in the future. The Foundation, which Rozek founded with his grandmother, funds for-credit, hands-on philanthropy courses at colleges and universities across the country. “Philanthropic studies are just not taught, and yet it’s a fairly significant portion of the GDP,” Rozek told a packed house. “If you said, ‘we want to teach the next generation English,’ you wouldn’t just wing it.” Both Rozek and Buffett expressed concern over the fact that even as charitable giving rises, philanthropy education has not yet been made a priority. The talk, moderated by Sydney Mason who is an ECCF Board member and Wealth Advisor for Goldman Sachs, was followed by a wide-ranging question and answer period during

Alex Buffet Rozek, President of the Learning by Giving Foundation


Middle School Boat Building Project: Today. Tomorrow. Together. Captial Campaign brings innovative, project-based learning to life


t was an exciting day as fourth and fifth graders trekked to

explains Grade 5 teacher Sven Holch.  Hands-on learning,

the Cutler Pond to launch their MacIntosh Canvas Boat on

design thinking, and team building were also important lessons

June 8. The year-long project, and the countless lessons

learned through the project, he adds. “Design thinking and

it taught, saw students collaborating with each other and

project-based learning (PBL) were the focus of a school-wide

working with teachers across disciplines, and was supported

professional development initiative (Amory Parker Chair,

in large part by the Today. Tomorrow. Together. Capital

2012-2014), so we saw an opportunity to directly apply those


concepts and skills.”

The educational mission behind the boat-building project was

Throughout the year, boat-building work was interwoven with

compelling. “Every year we have a theme that we use to weave

Middle School curriculum in many creative and interesting

together our work with current brain research, awareness

ways. “The Social Studies units make numerous ties between

of differing learning styles, social emotional/Responsive

their respective curricula and maritime studies on which the

Classroom work and Brookwood’s Mission in Practice,”

boat literally floats,” Sven says. “Our literature in language arts and geography in social studies have very direct connections to the project. For example, our fifth grade class novel, Heart of a Samurai, by Margi Preus, has an entire glossary in the book dedicated to sailing and whaling terms. In fourth grade, our study of ancient Greece connects ancient shipping routes to our modern merchant marine, and tracking container ships is just a click away. Math, science and classic STEM curricula tie to the project in numerous ways, including but not limited to displacement, angles, scale, joinery, characteristics of water, measurement and more.” The idea of building a Middle School boat was a topic of consideration for the division’s teachers over recent years, but was hindered, for one thing, by lack of a work area. Once third grade moved out of Middle School to its classrooms

Students work on creating the framing of the boat.


in the newly constructed Lower School, breakout space

became available. Funding secured, the teachers knew they could move ahead with this innovative project-based learning initiative all as the result of the Today. Tomorrow. Together.

“I continue to marvel at how we got to this point. Here we are with

Capital Campaign.

a project involving 90 students

Middle School Coordinator Lisa Johnson reflects on what she

getting their hands on tools and

says has been a remarkable learning opportunity. “I continue to marvel at how we got to this point. Here we are with a project involving 90 students getting their hands on tools and helping to make something that successfully floats,” Lisa says.

helping to make something that successfully floats.”

“Whether it was a design challenge that required collaboration, strong communications skills, trial and error, and risk taking; or their log-book reflections on ‘what worked? What didn’t

the comments our students made tying-in this work to their

work? What will I do/what do I need to do to keep moving

everyday classroom work speaks to the connections we look

forward?’; or, just the complete engagement that comes when

for to build a strong learning foundation.”  

one feels both the personal and community responsibility of working together on something that matters. Listening to


Proud Middle School students and their MacIntosh Canvas Boat


D-Zign Girlz: Using design to better the lives of others


hirteen unique classes were featured during Steep

For example, seventh grade students volunteer and work at

Week this May, including one combining service learn-

local North Shore food pantries and first graders partner with

ing with design thinking and 3-D printing. In D-Zign

Gloucester’s Wellspring House, making “Leaving Baskets” for

Girlz, a group of sixth through eighth grade students met

families transitioning to permanent housing.

with people in the Brookwood community, as well as with seniors at Beverly’s Harborlight House, and learned about

Seeing that the lessons they are learning in the classroom can

problems people experienced that could be solved with a

actually make a difference in people’s lives, Annie says, has a

tool or device. The girls then designed and created solutions

profound affect on young students. “Solving authentic prob-

for the challenges with Brookwood’s 3-D printers, all of

lems shows students that they can make a real difference in

which were donated to the School.

their local and global communities. Not many 12-year-olds can say, ‘I spent a week inventing, and real humans are going to use

Grade 6 science teacher Annie Johnson and science teacher

my inventions!’”

Rich Lehrer created and taught the one-week course to a group of enthusiastic Upper School girls. Annie explains the purpose was “to involve the students in authentic designing and 3-D printing of solutions to real world problems for actual

Students spent Monday and Tuesday on campus studying and working on solutions to problems posted in Brookwood’s “Problem Bank,” for which they created, among other devices,

recipients. We also hoped to inspire and empower students to

brackets for boat windows, shoe repairs, “boots” for tables

become change makers and problem solvers in their lives and

in the faculty washroom, replacement board game pieces,


and a clip to hold mirrors in place for an art portrait activity. The girls also met with a Brookwood student who uses a 3-D

Service learning and design thinking are central pillars in

printed prosthetic hand and designed activity-specific clips

Brookwood’s dynamic programming, with grades across the

for him. These clips allow him to do things like swing a wiffle

school working in a variety of local service projects.

ball bat, ride a scooter, and ride his bike more effectively.

“Solving authentic problems shows students that they can make a real difference in their local and global communities.” Annie Johnson, Grade 6 Science Teacher


The group then turned their attention to helping the residents of Harborlight House in Beverly. Annie explains the girls conducted preliminary interviews with four seniors about their interests, their lives, and some of their challenges in order to pinpoint problems that needed solving. Following the conversations, students visited the seniors’ residences and took lots of notes, photographs, and measurements. “We got some great ideas for potentially helpful devices, and the remainder of the day was spent designing such things as an iPad stand, better Bingo chips, a safer coffee cup, a safe bagel slicer, a device to make it easier to turn a key, and a card holder,” Annie adds. After designing and presenting prototypes to the seniors for honest feedback, the team took more measurements and went back to the classroom to make adjustments. The next day students returned to Harborlight House with their

D-Zign Girlz use computer software to create their designs

designs. “Friday, the girls presented their final designs to the seniors! They were thrilled!” Annie says. “More than anything I think the girls felt empowered and the seniors were grateful for the attention. The seniors noted that they never had a group of young folks invest so thoughtfully in their lives,” she continues. “I think the girls were surprised that their new senior friends were so enthusiastic and happy with the results.” In August, Annie and Rich were notified by Harborlight House that the students and Brookwood have been selected as recipients of the Service Partner Award for their work with the seniors. According to Deanna Fay, Community Relations Coordinator, the D-Zign Girlz were chosen because of the, “amazing project they delivered at Harborlight House.” Projects like Steep Week are made possible by gifts to the Brookwood Fund.

Students met with seniors at Harborlight House to discuss problems and explore solutions to daily challenges.

Learn more:


Farm School trip nourishes eighth graders’ spirits By Ray Falconer Grade 8 English Teacher and Grades 4-8 Language Arts Coordinator


he Farm School trip, a two-day experience at the

are kind to one another while working together and lending

start of the school year of working at a real farm in

a hand, whether cooking, doing dishes, building a fence, or

Athol, MA, is a perfect beginning to a deeply reflective

splitting wood. And perhaps most importantly, they are kind

year for eighth graders. At The Farm School, students learn

to themselves by using their bodies outdoors in healthy work,

one rule: “Be Kind.” Then they are asked to reflect on the

eating fresh, wholesome food, and as they labor, enjoying the

difference between active kindness and simply “not being

clear thought and self-connection its rhythms provide.

mean.” It is a simple notion, but one that drives the rest of the experience. Students are given the opportunity to be kind to

Eighth grade is a rich, but challenging year at Brookwood.

animals, whether milking cows, feeding pigs, gathering eggs,

Young adolescence is hard enough, but our students are

or mucking goat stalls. They are kind to the land: weeding

confronted with leaving a community that, in many cases, has

gardens, harvesting vegetables, or turning fresh earth. They

been home for most of their lives. On top of this, at a time

Working outside nourishes the body and the mind.


“At The Farm School, students learn one rule:

‘Be Kind.’ Then they are asked to reflect on the difference between active kindness and simply ‘not being mean.’”

Finding peace and friendship through sharing work

when they feel they are standing on shifting sands, they face the deep anxiety of finding new learning communities. They have to answer questions about who they are and what they believe, and they must apply and risk rejection in order to achieve their aspirations—no easy task at any time of life. The Farm School is a place to be quiet, thoughtful, and happy, and it centers and strengthens our eighth graders each year as they embark on a challenging but exciting year. Farm School is a unique program that distinquishes Brookwood from our peers and is made possible with our annual giving program, the Brookwood Fund.

Watch this year’s slideshow:

Students work with farm animals and practice kindness through daily chores.


Brookwood’s rich program of global initiatives


rookwood’s Lower School is rich with inspiring global initiatives such as the spring 2016 visit of exchange educator Victor Gakwaya, Head of APAPEC-IREBERO

Primary School in Kigali, Rwanda. While Victor spent the majority of his two-week visit in Lower School, he also engaged with teachers and their classes in Middle and Upper Schools. Throughout his stay, Victor worked in each Lower School classroom. "A highlight of each day was when he shared his reflections of the day with the teachers. His astute observations and obvious understanding of educational practices allowed the reflective sessions to be helpful to all of us," according to Nancy Evans, Head of Lower School. Another important and exciting global connection and exploration happened in the Fall of 2015. For an entire morning the Crate Family Town Square was turned into an interactive Indian Marketplace that exposed and connected children to the

Teachers Sarah Dawe (left) and Jen Cunningham

diverse culture of India. The bustling “Mela” had opportunities for the children to barter with Rupees, bake chapati, write Hindi characters, wear Bindi and henna designs and soak in the sensory richness of culture in various parts of India. The Marketplace was a collaborative project of teachers Jen Cunningham Butler (Grade 3) and Sarah Dawe (Grade 1), who traveled to India together in 2015. Their experiences inspired the Mela and helped students, in the environment of supported risk-taking for which Brookwood is known, appreciate and respect the unfamiliar. Jen and Sarah’s trip was partially funded by a grant from Students experience a variety of traditional foods including spiced popcorn.


the Parents’ Association. The organization annually awards

“Our Faculty Grant helped make our trip possible and allowed us to learn about a rich, vivid culture so different from our own."

several Faculty Grants to teachers taking trips during which

“Our Faculty Grant helped make our trip possible and allowed

they will gather information about and absorb the character

us to learn about a rich, vivid culture so different from our

of other cultures. The teachers then share these rich cultural

own. It was exciting to see the endless number of things we

experiences with their students back in their Brookwood

could bring back to share with our students. That was the


inspiration of the Mela,” says Sarah.

Watch the Indian Mela slideshow created by Ms. Dawe:


2015-16 Statement of Giving Once again, thanks to the generosity of the Brookwood community, the School had another successful year financially. Brookwood was able to balance its revenues and expenses while delivering an exceptional education to its students through careful monitoring of its financial resources. The operating fund had total revenues of $12,018,781 and expenses of $11,675,230 delivering a surplus for the 2015-16 school year. The majority of revenues come from tuition, as is the case with most independent schools. In fact, 79% of all revenues were tuition dollars. The school would not be able to provide the richness of its program without the gener-

“Brookwood appreciates your loyalty and commitment to your children’s education. Your generosity to Brookwood allows the School to provide the quality education that is Brookwood School. Thank you for your continued support.”

osity of our community. The Brookwood Fund and Parents’ Association support of the operating fund were 6% of total revenues and were key in the ability to deliver our program to our students.

The majority of expenses were for the salaries and benefits of employees, who are a very important part of Brookwood. 71% of all expenses were related to people. The tools our faculty use to deliver the education made up 10% of all expenses. With the surplus for the year, the School was able to improve the financial base from which it operates. Brookwood appreciates your loyalty and commitment to your children’s education. Your generosity to Brookwood allows the School to provide the quality education that it is known for. Thank you for your continued support. With gratitude, Tom Murphy, Director of Finance and Operations Tom Murphy


Brookwood School Operating Fund Statement of Activities Revenues, 2015-16

80+6+410 72+9+46

2015-16 Operating Fund Revenues

• • • •

Net Tuition


Annual Fund and Parents’ Association


Endowment and Interest Income


Other Revenue


Total Revenues


Expenses, 2015-16

Net Tuition Brookwood Fund and Parents’ Association

Endowment and Interest Income Other Revenue

79% 6% 5% 10%

2015-16 Operating Fund Expenses

Salaries and Benefits


Instructional Expenses


Physical Plant


Food Service




Total Expenses


Total Revenues Less Expenses


• • • • •

Salaries & Benefits


Instructional Expenses


Physical Plant


Food Service





A Message from the Parents’ Association


he Brookwood

grant recipients at our PA meetings, enlightening our parent

Parents’ Associa-

community on how teachers’ experiences in Spain, India and

tion was thrilled

Israel directly impacted our children’s curriculum.

to welcome Laura Caron

PA President Alison Harden

as Head of School this

Our Give Back to Our Future fundraiser transformed the

year. We kept all of our

Crate Family Town Square and Liston Commons, and trans-

events consistent with years prior, allowing Laura to get

ported us from the ’50s to the ’80s. The event was a huge

a strong sense of our community. Our dedicated parent

success bringing in $160,000 after expenses. The energy

volunteers continued the longstanding tradition of providing

and enthusiasm during the LIVE auction was contagious.

essential support to Brookwood through volunteering and

The money brought in that evening and through our Silent

fundraising. Our programming, meetings, and events, helped

and Online components allowed the PA to continue to

us meet our goal of fostering communication, connection,

support Brookwood’s incredible program. Thanks to Andy

and community among parents.

Luman, our amazing in-house auctioneer, for another fabulous night and to party co-chairs ArriAnna Harvey and

We brought back some tried and true events this year. We

Sarah Brady for creating such a memorable evening. We

kicked things off with the All School Picnic and reconnected

tested out a new online bidding platform this year with 501

after Winter break at Brookwood on Ice. Attendance at both

Auctions, and Keesa Sung, Sarika Patel and Kristen Vinson

events was great and provided opportunities for families

did an excellent job introducing it to our community. These

to get together. The parent driven committees brought in

and many other generous and creative Brookwood parents,

some fabulous Cultural Enrichment programs as well as

faculty, and staff contributed to the success of the auction.

inspirational speakers. We showcased three of our faculty

Thank you to everyone!

“We are so fortunate to have so many parents willing to volunteer their time to enrich our children’s experience. It truly does make a difference. We know that your time is valuable and we are grateful for any time that you can give back to our community.” 18

Finally, I wish to thank my fellow PA Officers—ArriAnna Harvey, Jessica Lenci, Debra Shuman, Sarah Joor and Keesa Sung—for their support. It was an honor working with such a dedicated group of women. We are so fortunate to have so many parents willing to volunteer their time to enrich our children’s experience. It truly does make a difference. We know that your time is valuable and we are grateful for any time that you can give back to our community. We hope that you find a moment to attend a meeting, a community event, a cultural enrichment performance, or a guest speaker as time permits. This is your Parents’ Association and we look forward to welcoming you in the coming year! Gratefully yours, Alison Harden Parents’ Association President

Parents enjoy the Back to the Future themed Spring Fundraiser.

Visit Brookwood PA:

(from left) : Jessica Lenci, Arrianna Harvey, Alison Harden, Keesa Sung, Sarah Joor and Debra Shuman.


Thank You

Brookwood Volunteers!

Class Ambassadors Pre-Kindergarten Carley Cook Christina LaRock

Grade 2 Cari Donovan Katesy Townsend

Kindergarten Leanne Colannino Danielle Teichgraeber

Grade 3 Kristen Cotter Carol Pruellage

Grade 1 Jen Groeber Sarika Patel

Grade 4 Melissa Dane Kelly Kane

The 2015-16 Class Ambassadors


Grade 5 Agnes Amasa Michelle Fox Meg Stickney

Grade 7 Emily Coyne Leane Coppola DelGaizo Ola Russell

Grade 6 Kelly Haas Heidi Rubin

Grade 8 Trisha Castraberti Faith Emerson Elisabeth Massey Angela LeBlanc Murdock

2015-16 Parents’ Association Officers

Auction Chairs Party Co-Chairs Sarah Brady ArriAnna Harvey

President Alison Harden

Donations and Sponsorships Alison Harden

Vice Presidents ArriAnna Harvey Jessica Lenci Keesa Sung

Online Auction Sarika Patel Keesa Sung Kristen Vinson

Treasurer Debra Shuman Secretary Sarah Joor

Class Treasures Sarah Joor Jean Skaane

2015-2016 Board of Trustees Chair Nancy Crate Vice-Chairs Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter Stratton Lloyd Rebecca Riff Treasurer Chat Reynders Secretary Laura Cabot Carrigan Head of School Laura Caron

Committee Chairs


Admissions Sarah Brady Jenny Perkin

Faculty Grants Elisabeth Massey Michelle Morris

Mailing Jen Camp Kristen Vinson

Art Ingrid Johnson

Faculty Wish List Lizanne Barone Cristie Carter Ekta Patel

Nominating Cristie Carter

Book Fair, Holiday Amy Henderson Susan Pincus Book Fair, Students Audrey Hanlon Nicole Twomey Cultural Enrichment Jacquie Loughery Carey Shugrue

Health & Wellness Allison Gustavson Jean Skaane

School Store Carol Darbyshire Alison Edelstein Lisa Galante

Library, Birthday Books Helen Brown Gwen Dumont ’81

SHOP to Support Brookwood Anna Maria Giugliano Kelly Kane

Library, Volunteers Page Fleming Nancy Murphy Amy Uroskie

Sustainability Helen Brown Ekta Patel Jean Skaane

Stuart Abelson Bob Broudo Erich Buddenhagen Walter Doyle Meg du Four Steven Edelstein Paul George John Godfrey Alison Harden Andrew Heiskell Amy Murphy Dowd Brian Patrican Jenny Perkin Amy Remondi Sara Rial Mark Ross Elizabeth Ruhl Stephen Wunker Greice Zaffari


A Message from the Advancement Committee Chair


his will be my third and final year as Advancement Com-

truly transformative, and we are grateful to all the families

mittee Chair, and I am so grateful for all of the ways in

who made it a success.

which you help strengthen our school. As we look to

close the Today. Tomorrow. Together. Capital Campaign, the

The Brookwood Fund is at the heart of our successful fundrais-

Advancement Committee will focus on growing the Brookwood

ing efforts and the impact is seen daily. This past year the cur-

Fund and building our volunteer base. Both of which will set the

rent parent community participated in Make It Happen In May,

foundation for all of our future fundraising success.

a three-week challenge to increase annual fund participation. Because of the tremendous partnership from our parents last

The Today. Tomorrow. Together. Capital Campaign has pro-

year, we were able to grow current parent participation from

vided the school with new facilities that continue to have an

53% to 74%, an overwhelming success for Brookwood.

enormous impact on every division in the school and on families in and outside of our community. For example, last year

In an effort to really build upon our annual fund and set the

we hosted two 4 to 14 Speakers Series: Parenting Elemen-

foundation for future fundraising and campaign success, we

tary School Kids where we welcomed speakers Dr. Madeline

felt that more people had to be involved in the process. For

Levine who wrote the New York Times bestseller, Teach Your

2016-2017, we are pleased to bring on six new members to our

Children Well, and Dr. Jennifer Bryan, renowned lecturer and

Advancement Committee, outside of the Board, in roles where

author who spoke about stereotypes and gender identity. We

they will be responsible for representing our three Divisions

also partnered with The Essex County Community Foun-

(Lower, Middle and Upper School), alumni outreach and grand-

dation in their first-ever donor education series where we

parent connectivity. We believe that with this dynamic group of

heard from Alex Buffett Rozek, President of the Learning by

volunteers, we will have an enormous impact building a stronger

Giving Foundation and his grandmother Doris Buffett, Warren

community, bringing us closer together and at the same time,

Buffett’s sister. In April, we bid high and danced hard to ’50s

supporting the financial health and sustainability of the school.

and ’80s music at the Parents’ Association Auction, Give Back to Our Future. Our new facilities, the Patrican Family Servery

I have truly enjoyed my time as Advancement Committee Chair

and the Crate Family Town Square, go beyond helping our

and as I watch my youngest child, Bimba, graduate, I know I am

children and their teachers learn in new and innovative ways,

leaving a strong legacy of support behind.

they provide a platform for everyone to use and enjoy. The school’s new spaces have benefited from enormous exposure

With heartfelt thanks,

in Northshore Magazine, which gave readers a window into

Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter,

the magical world of Brookwood. This Campaign has been

Board of Trustees Vice Chair


Brookwood Fund Leadership Gifts Brookwood offers its most sincere gratitude to the following individuals whose gifts add richness to the life of the school. Leadership giving provides 85 percent of the annual funds raised; significantly impacting all areas of school life. These contributions provide the foundation from which the school continues to grow and affords the very best to our students. Thank you to those who support Brookwood with these leadership gifts. This year leadership gifts include direct gifts to the Brookwood Fund as well as sponsorships and/or any donations greater than the fair market value of auction item. If your name is not listed, please consider joining your peers before June 30, 2017, so your support for today’s students will be recognized next year.

Great Blue Heron $25,000 and up

Jen and Erich* Buddenhagen Tara and Brian* Patrican

Silver Heron $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous Stuart Abelson* Sam and Tracey Byrne Cathe Chiaramonte Ty and Annmarie Cobb Nancy Crate* Alison and Steven* Edelstein Trent and Stratton* Lloyd John and Michelle Morris Joe and Allison Mueller Amy Murphy Dowd* and Peter Dowd Michael and Randa Pehl Jenny* and Chris Perkin Cindy and Mark* Ross Bob and Ashley Scott Greice Zaffari* and Edward Flammia

Black Crowned Heron $7,500-$9,999

Erin and Andrew* Heiskell Claudia and Chat* Reynders Gerard and Gail Sullivan Carter and Kristen Vinson

Green Heron $5,000-$7,499

Anonymous (2) Edward and Mary Budd Brook ’83 and Melissa Dane Jay and Nancy Dawson Jon and Vicki DeSimone

Meg* and Mark du Four Elizabeth and John* Godfrey The Holland Family Harold Leach and Mela Lew Tony Ranaldi Amy* and Christopher Remondi John and Dorothy Remondi Rebecca* and Dan Riff Doug and Dana Robie Cliff and Sue Rucker Armins and Cynthia Rusis Ralph and Wendy Smith James and Julia Stephens Stanley Szwartz and Jacqueline Washburn

Heron $3,000-$4,999

Timothy and Sarah Brady Laura* and Christopher Carrigan Cotter-Holland Family Darrell Crate Tom ’89 and Kate Dodge James and Kerlin Eardley Helen and Paul* George Barry and Maria Hobey Jeffrey and Traci Masterson Michael and Holly Schmidt Timothy and Kelly Smith Robert Warren and Stefanie Fogel

Great Egret $1,500-$2,999

Anonymous (2) Paul and Anne Bolno John and Tanya Bos Maida and Bob* Broudo Laura Caron and Neil Alsip George and Judith Carter

Scott ’86 and Cristie Carter John and Julie Corcoran David and Emily Coyne Bradley Crate David and Porter de Sieyes Malcolm de Sieyes ’97 Joe and Patty Demeo DeOrio Family Tom and Midge DeSimone Lee Essex Doyle and Walter Doyle* Chris and Faith Emerson Cori Cather and Ray Falconer Krishna Gaddipati and Sarah Wheeler-Gaddipati Kevin and Laura Gillis Jan and Kelly Haas William Hall and Jennifer Dumas Ian and Ashby Hatch Marty and Christine Jarmoc Jeff and Kelly Kane Kersten Lanes Victor and Laura Livingstone Ed and Jacquie Loughery Kevin and Lisa Lucey Daniel and Karen Orband Mahesh and Smita Patel Akshay ’86 and Sarika Patel Jonathan and Gillian Pearlson Spencer ’71 and Elizabeth Purinton Gary and Jennifer Santo Steven and Rachel Selby Ed and Jane Shotwell Dan and Carey Shugrue Steve and Susan Sieker John and Pollyann Statom Jared and Amy Tardy Jessica Wattman and Stephen Wunker* *Trustee


Thank You Brookwood Community! The philanthropic support of Brookwood alumni, parents, employees and friends allowed the school to enhance faculty support, provide more student financial aid, and offer program support that otherwise would not be possible. The broad base of support signals a strong future and belief in the leadership of the school. Brookwood gifts this year, and every year, make a tangible difference in the everyday life of the school. Led by Brookwood Fund chair, Erich Buddenhagen, P19, P20, P23, the Brookwood Fund achieved $618,781 for 2015-2016. Anonymous (15) Jack and Kip Abbott Katharine Abbott Kathryn Abelson Mark and Annalee Abelson Stuart Abelson* Maureen and Peter Abramson Ara Aftandilian and Terri Carabillo Shayda Ahi and Michael McGee Katie Alexander Paul and Katie Allen John and Catherine Alsip Joseph and Mary Altieri Agnes Amasa Henry and Debbie Ames Richard and Linda Anderton John Appleton Christopher and Elizabeth Armstrong Robert and Hope Bachelder ’73 Lauren Baker Will Barker D.A. and Lizanne Barone James Barrett Eileen Barrett-Maihos Alfred and Danielle Barzykowski Lori Bassinger Tom Bassinger CJ Bell Joe and Claire Berardino Duncan Berkeley and Amy Sullivan Berkeley Scott and Julie Bernier Maile Black Paul and Anne Bolno John and Tanya Bos James and Adella Brady Timothy and Sarah Brady


Maida and Bob* Broudo Bob Brown Frank and Helen Brown Elizabeth and Hugh Buchan Edward and Mary Budd Jen and Erich* Buddenhagen Will and Linda Buddenhagen Lindsay Budzinski Kayla Burke Steven and Irena Burke Jen Cunningham Butler and Dan Butler Sam and Tracey Byrne Joshua Cabral Mike and Jen Camp Monika Carbochova Deborah Curran and Paula Cardarelli Walter Carl and Meredith Cohen Tory Carlson and Jon Cohen Joel and Judy Caron Laura Caron and Neil Alsip Laura* and Christopher Carrigan George and Judith Carter Scott ’86 and Cristie Carter Steven and Patricia Castraberti Mike Catapano and Katherine Potter Douglas Chan and Martha Tassinari Jeffie Chapin Cathe Chiaramonte Brian and Roberta Chirco Jack and Annette Christian Rick Chute Tony Chute The Ciampitti Family Geoffrey Coan and Kristen Roper Coan Ty and Annmarie Cobb Kevin and Leanne Colannino

Matt and Honey Collins Jamie Colwell Ashley Contilli John and Merry Conway Carley Cook John and Julie Corcoran Bill and Kathleen Cotter Eliza ’95 and Peter Cowan David and Emily Coyne Bradley Crate Nancy Crate* Jesse and Holly Cunningham ’64 Bill and Betsy Curtis Chuck Curtis David Dai and Jing Zhou Brook ’83 and Melissa Dane Sarah Dawe Jay and Nancy Dawson David and Porter de Sieyes Frank and Louisa Deland Joe and Patty Demeo Joe Deminski DeOrio Family Jon and Vicki DeSimone Tom and Midge DeSimone Kacey and Joe Desmond George Dhionis Marianne and Evan Diamond Jonathan and Bonnie Dietz Joe and Miranda DiFranco Joseph and Marie DiFranco Anna Maria and Frank D’Ippolito Karen and Rich Dobson Tom ’89 and Kate Dodge Marty and Patty Doggett Doran and Susan Donovan

Ernie and Cari Donovan Megan Donovan Tom and Mary Ellen Dooley Jim Dooling and Sally Milliken Patricia Doucette Gillis and John Gillis Lee Essex Doyle and Walter Doyle* Bob Dranka Alicia and Mark Drury Meg* and Mark du Four Gwyneth Fairweather Dumont ’81 Jason Dumont James and Kerlin Eardley Ralph and Eileen Edelstein Alison and Steven* Edelstein Alex Edwards Jane Edwards Chris Elliott Chris and Faith Emerson Sam and Linda Emerson Robert and Mimi Emmons Bobbie Erdman Peter and Jan Eschauzier Nancy and Andrew Evans Cori Cather and Ray Falconer David Fei and Mariko Nagashima David Feick and Nedia deSouza Paul and Susan Feick Gavin and Catherine Fenn-Smith Elayne and Doug Fodeman Bill and Beth Foisy Paul and Martha Forte Charles and Michelle Fox Martha and Gregg Fox Michael and Melissa Freni Ed and Deb Friedlander Peter and Wendy Frisch Kate Fuge Krishna Gaddipati and Sarah Wheeler-Gaddipati James and Lisa Galante Paul and Lynne Galis Michael Galuski Deborah and Charles Gantt Jack and Sue Gardner Qingyuan Ge and Lixin Chen Helen and Paul* George

74% Brookwood Current Parent Participation National Association of Independent School median for current parent participation is 75%. Thank you Brookwood parents! This past year current parents participated in Make It Happen In May, a three week challenge to increase annual fund participation and moved the mark during this period from 39% to 71% getting us one step closer to our peers and the NAIS mean. The impact of the Brookwood Fund is seen daily. All in the Brookwood parent community are asked to participate and all students and teachers benefit. The Brookwood Fund is a top priority. Give annually, impact daily. Grade 8

Class of 2016


Grade 7

Class of 2017


Grade 6

Class of 2018


Grade 5

Class of 2019


Grade 4

Class of 2020


Grade 3

Class of 2021


Grade 2

Class of 2022


Grade 1

Class of 2023



Class of 2024



Class of 2025


Congratulations to PreK, Kindergarten, and 3rd grade for 100% parent participation!



The Brookwood Fund was comprised of leadership gifts of $1,500+

Michael and Jessica Geraty Sheila and Ron Geraty Chris and Charlotte Gibson George and Beth Gibson Susan and Leonard Gilardi Kevin and Laura Gillis Steven Giugliano Elizabeth and John* Godfrey Josh and Erica Goldstein Tad and Edith Goltra Anthony and Lynn Goodchild Edward and Carolyn Goodman Vicki Graboys Alan and Irene Graff Jeffrey and Cynthia Graff Monica and Rich Grant Jody Gray Roberta Groeber Jon and Kim Guerster Mark ’90 and Allison Gustavson Jan and Kelly Haas William Hall and Jennifer Dumas Linda and Rick Haltmaier Kristie Hambrecht David and Audrey Hanlon Andy Hanneman and Katesy Townsend Heidi ’86 and Trevor Hanson Elvira Harden Alison* and John Harden Amanda Harrison


Justin ’91 and ArriAnna Harvey Ian and Ashby Hatch Pam and Larry Hawes Rachel Alexander Healey Erin and Andrew* Heiskell Dan and Kellie Hemme Ray and Karyn Hendrickson Thilo and Lucy Henkes David ’68 and Lauren Herter Erin Herzeelle ’95 Vernon Herzeelle and Wendy Kallas Elizabeth and Bill Highgas Donald and Deborah Hiltz Sarah and Sven Holch Cotter-Holland Family Terry Holland The Holland Family Nelson and Susanne Hooe Katya Hottenstein Tom and Caroline Hovey Suzanne Howard Chris and Kim Hutchinson Robin Jackson Cynthia Janisch Marty and Christine Jarmoc Kathleen Jasaitis Anne Jennings

Students enjoy time outside.

Annie Johnson Lauri Johnson Lisa Johnson Tim Johnson and Jen Groeber Casey Jones and Kendra Boccelli Bill and Sarah Joor Jeff and Kelly Kane Dan Karthas Fred and Susie Kasten Donna and Michael Kecyk Becky Keller Dionne and Jeff Kelly Suzanne Kelsey and Ken Siegert Michael and Fiona Kerr Missy Kinch Michael and Shannon Kirk Douglas and Susan Kline Joe and Polly Knowles Tony and Marjorie Koles Elise and Noah Koretz Mysha and Adam Kuhlmann George Lanes Kersten Lanes Carrie Lang J.D. and Christina LaRock Jack and Cecilia LaRock John and Corky Lavieri

Buck and Nat Lawton Harold Leach and Mela Lew Chris LeBlanc and Jenny Hobbs Nicole and Rich Lehrer Bill and Christine Lemos Lin and Mark Lempert Jessica and Kent Lenci Amy Leverone Suzy and Andrew Light Sandy Light Martha and Stephen Liquori Barbara Liston David Livesey Victor and Laura Livingstone Trent and Stratton* Lloyd Roger and Jessie Lobo Kate Lombard Ed and Jacquie Loughery Joan Lovejoy Jennifer and Jason Lowrey Kevin and Lisa Lucey Erin and Andrew Luman Larry Luman Bernard and Connie Lynch Karen and Tom Mackey Nancy Macmillan Charlie and Helen Markos Cathy and Mike Marrero Mark and Elisabeth Massey David and Diane Master The Mathey Family Robert and Irene McBride Daniel and Mary McCarthy Bronwyn and Tim McCarty Jack and Kay McKallagat Jim and Susan McKenna Matt and Nina McKinnon ’85 Merritt Miller Catherine Mitchell Michael Moonves and Baba Davenport Michael and Melissa Moore Mayumi and Daniel Morash Jim and Kris Moroney John and Michelle Morris Kacey and Ted Morris Anne-Lise and Sherman Morss

Fred and Perk Moseley Rick ’67 and Chessye Moseley Joe and Allison Mueller Al and Angela Murdock Lindsay and Ian Murphy Nancy and Tom Murphy Amy Murphy Dowd* and Peter Dowd Michelle Mustone Nelson-Johnson Family Joan Nesbit John and Jane Nickodemus Ted ’74 and Kim Ober Joseph and Joanne O’Brien Ray and Deb O’Brien Jana and Henry Oettinger Daniel and Karen Orband Gerard and Suzanne Papin John and Libby Parker Kelly Parks Stephen and Lea Parson Akshay ’86 and Sarika Patel Mahesh and Smita Patel Tara and Brian* Patrican John and Trish Patti


Number of Leadership Donors at or above $1,500


Current Parent Participation

Stephen ’88 and Aimee Peabody Jonathan and Gillian Pearlson Michael and Randa Pehl Jenny* and Chris Perkin Sarah Perkins Brett Perryman Steve and Susan Pincus John and Dianne Pingree Jane and John Pirie Geoff and Nicole Plante ’93 Arlynn and Enrique Polletta Will and Elizabeth Prickett John and Carol Pruellage Richard and Joanne Purinton Spencer ’71 and Elizabeth Purinton Jacquelyn Rae Tony Ranaldi Alison Randall Cannon Tom and Cindy Redinger Amy* and Christopher Remondi John and Dorothy Remondi Charlton and Nonie Reynders Claudia and Chat* Reynders Sarah Rial* David and Lisa Rich Lenny Richardson Rebecca* and Dan Riff Judy Riff Lanse and Heather Robb Walter and Anne Robb Lesley Robbins ’96 Duane and Jennifer Roberts Doug and Dana Robie Richard and Ann Robie Ruth Robins Randy and Jen Robitaille Arthur and Elen Rogers Harry and Sue Rohrer Nicole Rosmarin ’05 David Rosolowski and Jennifer Howe Cindy and Mark* Ross Marc and Heidi Rubin Cliff and Sue Rucker Elizabeth Ruhl* Armins and Cynthia Rusis Lily Rusis ’19



New NewDonors Donors

Mark and Ola Russell Scott and Terra Samuels Gary and Jennifer Santo Eileen Savage-Creedon Kenneth and Jennifer Schaefer Kurt and Joan Schaefer Jim and Meg Schmidt Michael and Holly Schmidt Eileen and Bill Schneider William and Isabel Schoenberg Bob and Ashley Scott Steven and Rachel Selby Bruce and Ellen Shain Richard Shapiro Steve and Eileen Shapiro Hugh and Mary Waters Shepley Peter and Sarah Sherwood ’73 Bill and Hatsy Shields John and Gail Shields Karen and Bill Shorr Ed and Jane Shotwell Dan and Carey Shugrue Jonathan and Debra Shuman Steve and Susan Sieker Joshua Simmons Paul and Tracy Simpson David and Julie Smail ’82 Moira and Jerry Smith Ralph and Wendy Smith Timothy and Kelly Smith Brian and Patricia Sommers Connie Sopic Sasha Sopic and Nicole Casellini


Rosalie Sorenson Oliver Spalding Tom ’84 and Betsy Spang John and Pollyann Statom William and Blair Steck Steegstra Family Arthur Steinert ’84 and Suzanne Pinto James and Julia Stephens Kathy Stewart and John Purcell The Stickney Family Neal and Lorry Stillman Carolyn Stirm Gerard and Gail Sullivan Emily Sullivan Joe and Carol-Ann Sullivan Thomas and Samantha Sutro John and Evangeline Sutter David and Amy Swiniarski Stanley Szwartz and Jacqueline Washburn Amy Tangorra Jared and Amy Tardy The Taron Family John and Dorothy Teichgraeber Tobin and Danielle Teichgraeber Deb and Ricard Telep Leigh Thayer Jere Thomson Richard and Peggy Thorndike Chris Tighe Susan Titus Paul Tofuri Kimberly Tolpa James and Jane Trudeau Kirsten Trumbull Chris and Nicole Twomey Tom and Lois Valeo Tom ’89 and Sarah Valeo Francois Vigneault and Catherine Marcotte Carter and Kristen Vinson Weija Wang Kevin and Kate Ward Robert Warren and Stefanie Fogel Chris and Susie Weld Lindsay and Celena Welenc Christine and Mike Wellington Annabel and Ben Wildrick

Susan and Jeff Wilfahrt Peter Gamage and Linda Wilson-Gamage Elizabeth Monroe and Michael Wise Loren and Sally Wood Mary Anne Wood Carrie and Tom Woodruff Fraley Wright B.B. and Tim Wright Jessica Wattman and Stephen Wunker* Greice Zaffari* and Edward Flammia Justin Zappia Bill Zarakas and Susan Ricker

100% Board of Trustees Participation and Brookwood Employee Participation

Alumni Donors by Class CLASS OF ’64 Holly Eisemann Cunningham Chuck Shufeldt CLASS OF ’65 Gale Brewer Steve Brown Skip Clarke Esther Darling Mulroy Wendy Shattuck

CLASS OF ’74 Ted Ober CLASS OF ’75 Anonymous Lila Colburn Hunnewell CLASS OF ’76 Steve Arnason Michele Martin Prince

CLASS OF ’67 Rick Moseley

CLASS OF ’77 Amelia Mix Poggi

CLASS OF ’68 David Herter Carrie Minot Bell

CLASS OF ’78 Patrick Campbell Joanna Phippen

CLASS OF ’69 Ned Herter Pip Shepley

CLASS OF ’80 Robb Barnard

CLASS OF ’70 Libby Moseley Edwards Amelia Chilcott Fawcett Paul Rogers CLASS OF ’71 Anonymous Rob Metcalf Spencer Purinton Rick Wykoff CLASS OF ’72 Noni Pratt Sarah French Wilkins Heidi Winslow CLASS OF ’73 Hope Amory Bachelder Sarah White Sherwood

CLASS OF ’81 Ben Armstrong Gwyneth Fairweather Dumont Michael Singer CLASS OF ’82 Julie Clifford Smail CLASS OF ’83 Brook Dane CLASS OF ’84 Tom Spang Arthur Steinert CLASS OF ’85 Nina Donovan McKinnon Meg Papin Stickney

CLASS OF ’86 Scott Carter Heidi Paskowski Hanson Akshay Patel

CLASS OF ’96 Emily Dana Bottomley Katherine Brown Lesley Robbins

CLASS OF ’87 Susan Gallant-Behan Scott Koles

CLASS OF ’97 Malcolm de Sieyes Gavin McGrath Will Peterman Jessica Ross Stratton

CLASS OF ’88 Tom Appleton Rufus Gifford Stephen Peabody CLASS OF ’89 Tom Dodge Becky Seamans Egea Amil Shah Tom Valeo

CLASS OF ’98 Jeff Avallon Caitlin Connolly Eppes CLASS OF ’99 Landis Jaques Coutzoukis Kyle Grant Jackie Ross

CLASS OF ’90 Mark Gustavson CLASS OF ’91 Charles Esdaile Sheff Faulkner Justin Harvey CLASS OF ’93 Greg Carroll Nicole Suggs Plante CLASS OF ’94 David Robbins CLASS OF ’95 Eliza Brown Cowan Erin Herzeelle


Brookwood Alumni Class with the highest participation


increase in total donor counts from FY15


Thank you, young alumni! Because of the generosity from the young alumni community, Brookwood finished in 4th place in the February Challenge, a month-long competition between Brookwood and 12 other independent schools. In just four short weeks, the Brookwood Fund received 89 gifts from graduates who are members of the classes of 1995-2015. Alumni participation across all class years increased in fiscal year 2015-2016. Thank you for the tremendous support from our alumni community. We look forward to keeping the momentum going.

CLASS OF ’00 Peter Herzeelle Jason Sport CLASS OF ’01 Lauren Connolly Nick Moseley Jamie Wheeler CLASS OF ’02 Te Bennett Ali Cotreau Zach Cotreau CLASS OF ’03 Jenny Avallon Peter Collins Colin DiGuiseppe Tommy Durkin Hattie Kerr Alex McLain Chessye Moseley CLASS OF ’04 Sam Cohen David Doggett Taylor Halsted Kathryn Herter Liza Richardson


CLASS OF ’05 Tyler Marrero Stephanie Moroney Nicole Rosmarin Caroline Scott CLASS OF ’06 Rosie Berardino Amelia Cohen Jake Cotreau Ari Fodeman Julia Kennelly Cait Toomey CLASS OF ’07 Lauren Fodeman Ali Grenier Trev Marrero Olivia Moseley Taylor Pirie Elizabeth Stankus CLASS OF ’08 Anonymous Julia Healey Catharine Pirie Luke Wellington

CLASS OF ’09 Anonymous Seth Cohen Stephen Fehnel Jack Gantt Mei Li Johnson Katrina Morris Jordan Pace Sam Shorr Ben Trudeau Josie Wexler CLASS OF ’10 Cassady Bates Coulter Chute Alexandra Curran-Cardarelli Katya Jagolta Drew Pirie Lucy Purinton Tucker Quinlan Liza Scott Hannah Wellington CLASS OF ’11 Jake Chase Jody Desmond Emma Fehnel Antonia Leggett Louis Markos Michaela Morris Sarah Murphy Charlotte Reynders Clare Reynders Hannah Riordan CLASS OF ’12 Stephen Friend Dan Gantt Jack Gustafson Heather Mewkill Bennett Michaels Olivia Michaels

CLASS OF ‘13 Sebastian Carpenter Hannah Carrigan Helen Chase John Clark Alex Emerson Olivia Flowers Hannah Gustafson Shea Kelly Lili Bao Lan Mitchell Anna Morris Andrew Murdock Robyn Pirie Noel Siegert Lia Swiniarski Annabella Twomey Mae Viccica CLASS OF ’14 Boulo Achor Tori Cargill Mattheus Carpenter Lucy Desmond Alexandra Fehnel Jamie Forte Chris Friend Prestin LeBlanc Michaela Murdock James Riordan Emma Vitale Emma Wellington CLASS OF ’15 Marietta Atkins Austin Begien Kevin Clark Emma Crate Mackenzie Hatch Abigail Holland Clare Kelly Troy Marrero Jack Murphy Katie O’Brien Julia Siegert Andrew Swiniarski Eliza Twomey

Young Alumni Societies (Graduates of the last decade) Egret: Young Alumni ($100 - $1,499) Marietta Atkins ’15 Rosie Berardino ’06 Tori Cargill ’14 Jake Cotreau ’06 Olivia Flowers ’13 Jack Gustafson ’12 Hannah Gustafson ’13 Abigail Holland ’15

Louis Markos ’11 Lili Bao Lan Mitchell ’13 Andrew Murdock ’13 Michaela Murdock ’14 Jordan Pace ’09 Lucy Purinton ’10 Tucker Quinlan ’10 Charlotte Reynders ’11

Clare Reynders ’11 Hannah Riordan ’11 James Riordan ’14 Sam Shorr ’09 Annabella Twomey ’13 Eliza Twomey ’15 Emma Vitale ’14

Cupola: Young Alumni ($15 - $99) Anonymous (2) Boulo Achor ’14 Austin Begien ’15 Hannah Carrigan ’13 Helen Chase ’13 Jake Chase ’11 Coulter Chute ’10 John Clark ’13 Kevin Clark ’15 Amelia Cohen ’06 Seth Cohen ’09 Emma Crate ’15 Alexandra CurranCardarelli ’10 Jody Desmond ’11 Lucy Desmond ’14 Alex Emerson ’13 Alexandra Fehnel ’14 Emma Fehnel ’11 Stephen Fehnel ’09

Ari Fodeman ’06 Lauren Fodeman ’07 Jamie Forte ’14 Chris Friend ’14 Stephen Friend ’12 Dan Gantt ’12 Jack Gantt ’09 Ali Grenier ’07 Mackenzie Hatch ’15 Julia Healey ’08 Katya Jagolta ’10 Mei Li Johnson ’09 Julia Kennelly ’06 Prestin LeBlanc ’14 Antonia Leggett ’11 Trev Marrero ’07 Troy Marrero ’15 Heather Mewkill ’12 Bennett Michaels ’12 Olivia Michaels ’12

Anna Morris ’13 Katrina Morris ’09 Michaela Morris ’11 Jack Murphy ’15 Sarah Murphy ’11 Katie O’Brien ’15 Catharine Pirie ’08 Drew Pirie ’10 Taylor Pirie ’07 Robyn Pirie ’13 Liza Scott ’10 Julia Siegert ’15 Noel Siegert ’13 Elizabeth Stankus ’07 Andrew Swiniarski ’15 Lia Swiniarski ’13 Cait Toomey ’06 Ben Trudeau ’09 Mae Viccica ’13 Josie Wexler ’09

Foundations, Organizations, Vendors, Matching Gift Companies Apple Lane Foundation Arch W. Shaw Foundation Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Bank of New York Mellon The Benevity Community Impact Fund BlackRock Matching Gift Program The Boston Foundation The Francis P. Chiaramonte Family Foundation Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP Cummings Properties, LLC Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation EBSCO Essex County Community Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund GMO & Co. Inc. Google Hartford Foundation for Public Giving The Helen Clay Frick Foundation Hurdle Hill Foundation Ipswich Bay Glass Company JustGive Kenwood Foundation Lenoir Charitable Trust Liminality Partners, LLC The Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC Matching Gifts Program Millipore Corporation Novo Nordisk, Inc. Parents' Independent School Network, Inc. Pfizer Matching Grants Schwab Charitable Fund State Street Foundation, Inc. The Tamarack Foundation Truist Verizon Foundation Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation Welch & Forbes LLC


PreK students use their classroom “idea area� to create, design, and discover.


Employees hit 100% participation in the Brookwood Fund


ongratulations to co-chairs Grade 5 teacher Sven

Moreover they communicated to our colleagues the impor-

Holch and Physical Plant Director Rick Chute along

tance of annually giving, in any amount.”

with the entire faculty and staff at Brookwood

for achieving 100% employee participation in this year’s

The Brookwood Fund, our school’s annual giving program,

Brookwood Fund. The numbers signal the support this group

is at the heart of the school’s fundraising efforts, impacting

has for the school and its mission.

classrooms, the stage, athletic fields and beyond. It touches each and every student and faculty member in a profound

“People were very generous and really stepped up whenever

way. Participation is a marker to the internal and exter-

Rick and I reached out,” says Sven. “I’m so proud of this com-

nal communities that the Brookwood family is strong and

munity and the contribution it made to Brookwood and what

believes in this wonderful school.

we all work towards every day.” With its remarkable achievement of 100% participation, “Sven and Rick were great, truly hard-working co-chairs,”

faculty and staff truly demonstrated that strength and belief.

says Bronwyn McCarty, Director of the Brookwood Fund.

Congratulations, and thank you. Your gifts truly make a differ-

“They worked on the task and really pursued the 100% goal.

ence in the daily life of our school.

Faculty participate in a Cultural Enrichment School Meeting performance.



Total Giving to Campaign as of September 1, 2016 $500,000 + Anonymous Tara and Brian* Patrican

$250,000 - $499,999 Stuart Abelson* Sam and Tracey Byrne Darrell Crate Elizabeth and John* Godfrey

$100,000 - $249,999 Jen and Erich* Buddenhagen Cathe Chiaramonte The Francis P. Chiaramonte Family Foundation Margot Connell Nancy Crate*

Brook ’83 and Melissa Dane Caleb C. & Julia W. Dula Educational & Charitable Foundation Tom and Monica Healey Ibrahim El Hefni Technical Training Foundation The Perkin Fund Jenny* and Chris Perkin Cindy and Mark* Ross Cliff and Sue Rucker Bob and Ashley Scott Jurrien Timmer Paul and Suzanne Wright

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous (4) Neale and Louisa Attenborough Dorothy Chiaramonte Jon and Vicki DeSimone Amy* Murphy Dowd and Peter Dowd Lee Essex Doyle and Walter Doyle* Meg* and Mark du Four Jack and Sue Gardner Goldman Sachs & Co. Guerster Family Hall Family Dermot and Mary Ellen Healey Heiskell Family Amy* and Christopher Remondi Claudia and Chat* Reynders Doug and Dana Robie Tom and Meredith Sobol Gil and Sally Steward

$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous (3) Mark and Annalee Abelson Laura* and Christopher Carrigan Jerry and Laurence Chase Richard Clark and Thomas Murphy


Andrew and Dyane Cotreau Steve and Anne Dodge Murray and Jane Dwight Alison and Steven* Edelstein Essex County Community Foundation Bob and Sarah Gould Ian and Ashby Hatch Victor and Laura Livingstone John and Michelle Morris Fred and Perk Moseley Tom and Cindy Redinger Rebecca* and Dan Riff Stephens/Lloyd Family Jack and Jodie Stevenson Carter and Kristen Vinson

$15,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (3) James S. and Sally F. Hill Foundation Tom and Kim Litle Rick ’67 and Chessye Moseley Jeff and Leslie Murphy Brett Perryman Pat and Molly Ryan Chris and Nicole Twomey Kevin and Kate Ward Robert Warren and Stefanie Fogel

$5,000 - $14,999 Anonymous Fanny ’70 and Hubert de Lacvivier Tom and Midge DeSimone George and Christine Dhionis Tom and Jen Eddy Paul and Martha Forte Jay and Kate Horgen Tom and Liz Kelsey Ted and Margot Mehm Pete and Patricia Michaels

Nancy and Tom Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Phillips, III John and Dianne Pingree Gary and Jennifer Santo Ed and Jane Shotwell Ralph and Wendy Smith Stanley Szwartz and Jacqueline Washburn Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation Ernst and Gail von Metzsch Will and Laura Wrightson

$1,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Keith and Debbie Ablow Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund J.J. and Jackie Bell George and Judith Carter Jay and Jennifer Cornforth Jay and Nancy Dawson Chris and Faith Emerson Alyse and Bill Gause Joe and Paulette Grimaldi Dan and Kellie Hemme Marty and Christine Jarmoc Casey Jones and Kendra Boccelli Suzanne Kelsey and Ken Siegert Joe and Polly Knowles Harold Leach and Mela Lew Mads and Lisa Lillelund Joan Lovejoy Catherine and Michael Marrero Lindsay and Ian Murphy Ted ’74 and Kim Ober Old Mutual Asset Management Charitable Foundation Michael Pippins and Karla Rossetti Pippins ’81 Will and Elizabeth Prickett John and Dorothy Remondi Lanse and Heather Robb A. H. Robertson Bruce and Ellen Shain Steve and Eileen Shapiro Lawrence and Frances Smith Rosalie Sorenson

Up to $1,499 Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Abate Katharine Abbott Tony Aieta and Cynthia Janisch John Appleton Thomas ’88 and Monique Appleton John and Elizabeth Atkins Jeff Avallon ’98 Bank of New York Mellon Gladstone and Andrea Bennett Gretchen K. Berg ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Berg James and Adella Brady Timothy and Sarah Brady Ms. Martha Brown Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown Barbara S. Buchanan Will and Linda Buddenhagen Bob and Helen Burns Jim and Shannon Cabot Thomas and Josephine Caliguire Monika Carbochova Deborah Curran and Paula Cardarelli Scott ’86 and Cristie Carter Ty and Annmarie Cobb Brian and Michele Cohen Tory Carlson and Jon Cohen Jim and Stephanie Cole Dr. and Mrs. John Conway Chris and Bonnie Covington Don Curiale and Arthur Finkelstein Chuck and Alison Curtis Sarah Dawe Frank and Louisa Deland Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dietz Marie and Joseph DiFranco, Sr. Michael and Barbara DiGuiseppe Doran and Susan Donovan Mr. and Mrs. John F. Doorly, Jr. Nancy E. Dudley Gwyneth Fairweather Dumont ’81 Bill and Christine Dwyer Ralph and Eileen Edelstein Alexandria Edwards

Sam and Linda Emerson Nancy and Andrew Evans Howard and Dorothy Fairweather Cori Cather and Ray Falconer Courtney D. Fawcett ’81 Elayne and Doug Fodeman Jamie Forte ’14 The Fox Household Nicole Gakidis and Victoria Cargill ’14 Susan Gallant-Behan ’87 James and Linda Gallo Sheila and Ron Geraty Joanie Gerster and Fred Trezise GMO & Co., Inc. Josh and Erica Goldstein Miranda Gooding Penelope Gould ’13 Phoebe Gould ’11 Sophie Gould ’07 Alan and Irene Graff Jeffrey and Cynthia Graff Jody Gray The Gustavson Family Kristie Hambrecht David and Audrey Hanlon Jennifer Hodgdon Sarah and Sven Holch Nelson and Susanne Hooe Tom and Caroline Hovey George Howard and Marci Johnson-Howard


Middle Schoolers work on the boat.

Robin Jackson Tim Johnson and Jen Groeber Ann Johnson Doug and Cristine Jones Dionne and Jeff Kelly Michael and Fiona Kerr Elizabeth C. King The King Family Scott ’87 and Jeanne Koles Buck and Nat Lawton Nat Le Stage ’86 Mark and Jeannie Leibovitz Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Lennon Richard and Barbara LeStage Martha and Stephen Liquori Amy L. Liston Barbara Liston Tim and Joan Litle Winston Lopez ’04 and Emra Zuna The Lowrey Family Bernard and Connie Lynch Roderick and Karen MacNeil


Mr. and Mrs. Warren Marcus Charlie and Helen Markos Louis Markos ’11 Arthur and Carol Maslow The Mathey Family Joyce G. McCarthy Laurie and Ginny McCoy Dr. Edmund and Mrs. Patricia McGrath Catherine Mitchell George and Renee Moniz Michael A. Moonves Benjamin B. Morrill Thomas and Diane Mulkern Katie Healey Mullen ’98 Nelson-Johnson Family Joan Nesbit Network For Good Pete and Winnie Nordell Bill and Gay O’Connor Billy O’Donnell ’09 Frank and Wendy O’Neill Gerry and Suzie Papin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Parson Will ’97 and Lindsey Peterman Enrico and Denise Petrillo Dr. Abraham Philip and Ms. Ivy George Vanessa Quick Jacquelyn Rae Amy Rein David ’67 and Sybil Richardson Peter ’69 and Wendy Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Robie, Jr. Randy and Jen Robitaille Mike and Janet Rogers Robin and Marcia Rogers Derek G. Ryan ’68 Saint-Gobain Corporation Scott and Terra Samuels Hugh and Mary Waters Shepley Tom and Lyn Shields Leslee Shlopak Steve and Susan Sieker Robert and Noelle Sullivan Frank and Betty Stern Joe and Carol-Ann Sullivan John and Evangeline Sutter Tobin and Danielle Teichgraeber The Triple T Foundation Susan Titus The Welch / Abate Family Jonathan and Janice Wexler Michael Whouley and Sally Kerans Preston and Constance Williams Peter Gamage and Linda Wilson-Gamage Steve and Heidi Winslow ’72 The Wise / Monroe Household Mr. and Mrs. R. Norman Wood Loren and Sally Wood B.B. and Tim Wright Mark L. Wynne-Wilson ’69 Bill Zarakas and Susan Ricker Patricia Zonnenberg Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list of donors. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions and kindly notify the Advancement Office at 978.525.6272.

Thank you for your generosity. Giving: Facebook: Brookwood School Manchester Connect: Jennifer Lowrey 978.525.6223 Mail: Brookwood School One Brookwood Road Manchester, MA 01944

If you don’t see your name or your name is listed incorrectly, please contact the Advancement Office.

Brookwood School One Brookwood Road Manchester, MA 01944


Brookwood School 2015-16 Report of Giving  
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