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Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022



CHAMPIONS BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM Champions is a before and after school care program available to our Brookwood families. Please contact Champions as soon as possible to secure your spot. Space is limited. Champions Family Support | Phone: (800) 246-2154

Students should arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and be picked up after school no later than 3:15 P.M. If a student is being dropped off or picked up, the driver must adhere to the one-way sign at the entrance of the parking lot. Drivers must NEVR go the wrong way in the parking lot as this is unsafe for students and staff. All walkers and car riders will enter through Door #1, The Main Entrance. Thank you for being so cooperative


01 /Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022



What an amazing start to the 2022/2023 school year at Brookwood Middle School.

LaShawn Stewart Principal

Even though our students have been back in school for a couple of days they have done an outstanding job

School Hours

at getting back into the swing of things to make this

Students’ school day is from 8:30 a.m. until 3:10 p.m.

year a successful one. Thank you for your support in starting the year off on a positive note and for preparing your child for all that is in store for them this school year. Thank you to all those parents and students that attended this year’s Open House on Tuesday, August 30th. I hope during this time you had an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, tour the building, and pick up your child’s at home device. If you did not get the opportunity to get the device please continue to check ClassDojo about when we will be hosting another device pick-up day.

Students should not arrive earlier than 8:00 a.m. All walkers and car riders will enter through Door #1, The Main Entrance.

Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022

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It is no secret that being in school every day and on time is an important factor to your child being successful in school. Because of this we want your child to have the opportunity to succeed, so for the month of September we are hoping to achieve a daily attendance rate of 94% or higher. In order for this to happen we need your child in school everyday unless they are sick or there is a family emergency. If your child is going to absent please call the attendance line at 708-757-2110 and leave a message.

Attendance/Absences/Tardies To ensure that our students excel academically, they must attend school daily and be on time.

When students are tardy, they miss valuable

instruction, primarily in reading and language arts. Attendance will be tied into our school’s PBIS expectations in which students will be able to earn rewards and participate in fun activities. When your child has to be absent, please inform the front office. Our absentee number is 708-757-2110.

COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION Our teachers do an excellent job of communicating with families. Here is where you can stay informed proactively: •

School and District Website -

Timberwood News - Weekly school newsletter that will be sent home on Fridays

ClassDojo - It is essential that you sign up for the Principal’s ClassDojo. If you have not already joined, an invitation will be sent to you during the rst week of school. To join, you will need either your phone number or email address.

Aphonecalloranemailisanefcientwaytocommunicatewithyourchildisteacher. Please remember that our teachers are with students throughout the day and will return the call/email as soon as possible. At times, this may be the next school day.

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If a child has any symptoms listed below, they should stay home in the morning or go home if these symptoms first occur at school.

IF MY CHILD IS SICK, WHEN SHOULD I KEEP THEM HOME? Whenachildcanreturntoschoolisbasedonthespecicsymptomtheyhave. •

Fever of 100.4 or higher

New onset of moderate to severe headache

Shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

Abdominal pain from unknown cause

New congestion/runny nose

New loss of sense of taste or smell

Fatigue from unknown cause

Muscle or body aches

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, your child MUST stay home. Please call the school to report your child’s absence (708) 708-757-2110 (Option 1.)

ANTI-BULLY PLEDGE... We make a COMMITMENT to stand against bullying. We will treat others with RESPECT and KINDNESS. We will have the COMPASSION to not be a bully. We will have the COURAGE to not be a bystander. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to help others and to report bullying.

Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022

We are excited to announce that Brookwood School District 167 will provide students with a set of school supplies for school and home again this school year! Therefore, there are [NO] school supplies lists. However, if your child needs additional resources, please get in touch with the school office at 708-758-5252.


POWERSCHOOL All Brookwood teachers use an online grading system called “PowerSchool” that they update every Thursday.

We encourage you to check your child’s progress regularly.Thisprogramiscondential;therefore, you will need an access username and password to see your child’s progress. If you need your username and password, please contact the school ofce at (708) 758-30. A PowerSchool app for your cellular phone makes it easy for parents to stay updated on their child’s progress.

TECHNOLOGY HELPLINE If your child is having any technology problems connecting to their teacher’s Google Classroom, please contact our help desk at (708) 300-3553 or email our help desk Please leave a detailed message with your name, child’s name, phone number, and the issue you are having with the device.

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MISSION STATEMENT Brookwood School District 167, in partnership with parents and the community, will create a learning environment in which all students excel at becoming lifelong learners and decision-makers. WE BELIEVE •

Families shape their children’s motivation, confidence, and academic success by being interested and involved in their overall development.

All students are uni excellence.

In the importance of staff development opportunities based on best practices and educational research.

In educating our children in a safe and nurturing environment with access to state-of-the-art technology.

The school system should teach students to think critically enabling them to become contributing citi ens in our global society.

In continuous improvement in all aspects of the school system to foster a culture of excellence, Accountability, and integrity.

In responsible stewardship of financial and physical resources.

ue and should be challenged to the highest level of academic and artistic

IV SION STATEMENT Our overall vision is to improve the achievement of all students, regardless of race, socio-economic status, gender, or ability levels (disabilities). We share the accountability of student achievement throughout the school. We believe in using research-based practices to achieve our goals. We promote school and community involvement because we believe that these partnerships help us meet the needs of all of our students.




Providing our staff with professional development

Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022





Teach students how to use self-awareness

Use a more standards-based approach to measure

and interpersonal skills to maintain positive

student growth and progress.




Provide students with more opportunities to improve their mental and physical health.



Work collaboratively with parents to increase parent involvement within our school community.



Implement restorative justice practices.

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What is ClassDojo? PLEASE JOIN OUR CLASSDOJO’S AND STAY INFORMED! It is important that you sign up for the Principal’s Class Dojo. I post important information such as if a bus is running late, important reminders regarding picture day, graduation information and other important topics. PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY! ClassDojo is actively used in 90% of U.S. K-8 schools. ClassDojo is a free app that helps build amazing classroom and school communities. Teachers give feedback to students for any skill, like “Working Hard” and “Being Curious.” From the mobile app, parents view their child’s feedback, and can message directly with teachers and school leaders. Please join my ClassDojo so you can stay informed on what is happening at Brookwood Middle School. If you would like to join, please accept the invitation that we emailed to you or texted you, or contact the school at (708) 758-5350, email, All you will need to provide is your cell phone number or email address. GET INVOLVED AND STAY INFORMED!

Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022

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A PARENT’S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO MIDDLE SCHOL By: Dan Scott Last week we talked about the ways your middle schooler is changing. As a first time Middle-School parent, with all of the changes and not-so-stellar characteristics, I started thinking to myself, “How will we ever get through this?” During our parent orientation at our kid’s school a couple of weeks ago, the counselor assured us that it is possible to survive the middle school years if you will do three (3) things...



Many parents want to be their kids’ BFF—doing whatever it takes not to disrupt the magic that happens when everyone is happy. But at this stage in the game, our role is more like that of coach than friend. You’re not done parenting yet, this child is not ready to be launched into the world as an adult, so you have to continue to work at parenting during this stage knowing that the goal of friendship lies just ahead. They need a parent, and thatis a function only you can fulll. And yes, while they won’t always be happy with you—or happy in general during their tween/teen years— it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Parents are the most important thing in a child’s life.


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Because of their hormones, they can and will showcase the full range of emotions in a matter of hours—sometimes minutes! During those moments of insanity, they will say things that might hurt you. They will roll their eyes, huff, sigh, or completely blow youoff.WARNING:thatisnotthetimetopickaght.Youcanitarguewithunbalanced people, your children included. The chances are that they don’t really mean it. Pushing boundaries is now one of the primary activities on the middle school child job description. And it’s not that we shouldn’t enforce those boundaries, it’s just that we need to do so with grace and truth. Grace. Lots and lots of grace.


Brookwood Middle School Newsletter / Issue 002 / September 2022

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Be intentional about getting your middle schooler connected to the right people. They can’t navigate this time on their own. They need people in their lives who are not you. They love you, but they will not tell you everything. In their eyes, you’re no longer objective. Connect your kid to a trusted adult such as a coach, play director, dance teacher, or church small group leader. Because they won’t ask you every question that pops intotheirhead,widenthecircleand nd otheradults whowould say whatyou say. Most of all, we can simply offer our kids safe places to land. Sometimes they just need space to clear their heads. They need us constantly reminding them they have value and that we love them in spite of the crazy. Middle school isn’t easy, but with a little planning, preparation, and parenting you will help your children thrive throughout these important years.


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BROOKWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL Save the Date September 6th & 7th NWEA Testing September 16th Progress Reports Sent Home September 19th Fall Pictures September 21st Early Dismissal @ 11:30 am. September 30th Early Dismissal @ 2:00 p.m.

VISITORS If you need to come into the school for any reason, for safety reasons, you will be required to wear a mask, and you will need to have a current Driver’s License that will be checked in our Raptor Security System. Raptor® provides a line of sight as to who is always in our school. The system provides




and for

all visitors, volunteers, and contractors that have signed in/out




This is important for safety reasons.