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“I’m sorry your train is delayed”, the dreaded words feared by any public transport user. And here in the UK it has almost got to the point where people will begrudgingly accept it as a physical part of their journey. That is why we ‘The On Time’ believe something must be done about the state of our public transport system. The Japanese transport system is a shining beacon of what public transport should really be like. In 2006 the average delay was only 0.3 minutes, that’s less time than it takes us to get to the door to get off the train. On the odd chance the train is delayed for more than five minutes the railway company may provide a ‘delay certificate’, and the chances of a train being delayed for an hour are so low that it ends up in the newspapers when it happens. If every train in the UK that was over an hour late was in the newspaper it would make one boring newspaper. But we believe things can change, England can be remembered for something other than drinking tea, bad weather and a terrible football team. We want to create a transport system that will get you were you want to go on time every time. We also believe that the public transport should be better value for money, be that cheaper and better.

These are our party aims: Introduction of new Bullet Train We want to introduce a new bullet train similar to Japan’s Shinkansen that stretches the full length of the UK which will bring all major cities to within touching distance, allowing people to get from Aberdeen to Plymouth, a distance of 827miles, in only 4½ hours. The bullet train only produces around 16% of the CO2 of the equivalent journey by car, making it much friendlier on the environment.

Introduction of underground public transport systems to all major cities We would like to see underground public transport systems like London and Glasgow’s introduced to all major cities so that it is easier to get around in urban areas. These transport systems will also be run on a tight schedule to keep them running on time.

Making it cheaper Why have the best public transport system if no one wants to use it! We want public transport to be available and affordable to everyone, we want it to be cheaper and easier to take the train or bus then it is to get in your car. This should hopefully increase the number of people using public transport which will greatly benefit the environment.

Make public transport cleaner There’s nothing better than a dirty train filled with litter to drive people off using public transport. We want to introduce extra staff to help maintain public transport to a high standard.

Investment into the research of alternative public transport Development has already begun in Japan on a train that is magnetically levitated just above the rails to create a highly efficient form of transport and we feel that more research can be done in finding cheaper and greener forms of transport that can be used in the future.


of young people want a public transport discount card in all areas

83% of young people would use public transport if it was cheaper

Ontime Party Visual Manifesto  

My visual manifesto for my University brief

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