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“You can’t reach the top before you start climbing from the bottom” Ari Suardiyanti

David Brooks I am a Graphic Designer currently studying Visual Communication at Birmingham City University. I have created this to display the best work I have come up with so far in my design career. All work featured in this magazine has been created, designed and edited by me. Enjoy!

This is one powerful quote, it is my greatest become the leave my mark upon the world.

This is my foundation course final major project. I had to try to sell and unsellable object. This final poster was printed at A1 for the final show.

Be it good or bad once you’ve designed something you’ve just bought something new to the world...that is unless you’ve used copy and paste.

When Unbranded magazine gave me the brief ‘Old and New’ I came up with these designs which really show the development of music, in an advertisement style.

Money and football, that’s one potent mix. This is my attempt at a technique I’d seen used a few times before, with an outcome that I think works rather well.

This design piece came as a byproduct of my Unsellables foundation project, although it didnt fit in to well the design on its own has a certain charm to it.

Long quote designs The brief for the second edition of Unbranded magazine was quote design. I decided to do one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite films, Pulp Fiction. Four stories intertwined into a tail of violence and redemption, Jules’ bible quote

is one of the most memorable moments in this film, and when asked to make a quote design I was compelled to do this one. I knew it would be a challenge with the size of the quote but that just made it all the more fun to design. This passage that Jules quotes from the bible is mostly made up by

Quentin Tarantino and Samuel Jackson although it is based on an actual passage. After completing this design and realising how well it has worked and how striking the design looks I decided to make more designs using the same style for similar lenght quotes.

This long quote is from the film Rocky Balboa.

This long quote is from the film Avatar.


Quentin Tarantino re-design This is my Quentin Tarantino movie poster series. I re-designed some of his most famous films in a new interesting style in an attempt to get the hang of using Illustrator.

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino



Don’t look back This was my final major project for A level. It is strange to see how much my work has changed over 2 years.

First Brief At Birmingham City University Are first brief at Birmingham City University was to create an A5 flyer to be displayed in Uni for an Event that was happening in Birmingham, as a big Killers fan I decided to do Brandon Flowers live tour that was going to play in the O2 academy in Birmingham. I feel that this is one of my favourite designs I have ever done.

After getting a poster of movie characters done by Paul Stone I decided to have a go at drawing, these are some of my better outcomes.

Death by info. Ever wondered what the distribution of eye colour neither have ‘eye’...get it? Yeh that was pretty bad. But it does make a nice design.

Death Note is one of my favourite series’ ever, and I always thought it would make a great book. So when I was given the brief to re-design/design a book cover my decision was obvious.

Shepard Fairey Style This is my Shepard Fairey design series. One piece of truely inspirational design won an election...well maybe, but what we can agree on is that Shepard Fairey’s Obama election poster is a great piece of design and I’ve attempted to recreate it using other famous faces.

It feels good when you design something great intentionally, its even feels even better when you design something great accidentally, I was just messing around when I came up with this and I love it.

I found the boxing ring image whilst googling, and loved its mysteriousness and new I had to design something with it, and what better quote then one by one of the best boxers Muhammad Ali.

Banks’s Pump Clip Live Brief Design a pump clip for banks’s new cask ale called 2012. (Left)- My final two designs for the pump clip (Below)- Alternative solutions create during the process









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