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200 for passing go, and £200million to pay off that debt you gathered going round the board. Don’t worry our Billionaire owners will cover the go? When did the beautiful game become fantasy football for Mr Monopoly?


anchester City reveals loss of £194.9million in 2010-11, the biggest in English football history. And yet you can’t really be surprised when they have spent more than £460million on players since their billion dollar owners took over in 2008, and now three years later Manchester City are on course to win the Premier League, and if they don’t... well another £100million will be spent every season till they do! Is this really fair? How do

the rest of the teams even stand a chance when they are faced with some billionaires dream team with a financial structure that defies all logic?


ootball has turned into a question of who has the most money, with Chelsea and Manchester City currently running away with the lead in the Premiership. How do teams who play the game properly ever hope to break into the top 5 and a place in Europe when their entire team could be bought instantly without even scratching the surface of the billionaires bank balance. And when teams try to spend to keep up with the league around them they face the very strong risk of going bankrupt and dropping out of the league, fly to close to the sun and you will get burned! As was the case with Leeds

United and Portsmouth, and where are they now? Floating around the Championship, back at square one trying desperately to get back into the Premiership.


ut England is not the only country with this problem, the Spanish league has been dominated by the wealthy Barcelona and Real Madrid for a long time, their league is even more unfair as the television rights are not split evenly between each team, as Barcelona and Real Madrid claim that they deserve a bigger percentage as they pull in more viewers, resulting in the gap getting ever wider between teams.


ll this creates a glass ceiling around the lower teams stopping them from reaching the top of ladder and achieving their full potential. On the rare occasions a team does manage to break its way through this barrier they will be quickly knocked back down when the next chance for money to be splashed comes around. Try keeping hold of your best players when a dream team has a billionaire’s blank check.


t is understandable that with the ever rising rewards for playing top flight football, that the sport would end up turning into a business. With television rights and tournament payouts getting ever higher there’s money to be made, but when a billionaire gets

bored of playing fantasy football and wants to try it out for real, it starts to take the beautiful game away from the working class. Today you can no longer watch Premier League games on terrestrial television, and season tickets for Manchester United have already risen well over ÂŁ1000.


ut there is a way to change this. FIFA have enounced their new ‘Fair Play’ rule that will come into effect in the near future that means that all teams will have to balance their income and their costs over 3 years in order to be allowed into European competitions, the glass ceiling may now be cracking, but we feel that this is not enough! We want the FIFA and the FA to break this glass ceiling once and for all by making sure all teams balance their income

and costs over 3 years in order to participate in any football competitions. Also television rights should be split evenly between all teams to put them all on an even playing field. We also want a cap on season ticket costs to stop bigger teams financing there lavish spend by upping ticket costs. This should hopefully mean that billionaires will be unable to excessively aid their team without creating more income somewhere else.


o longer will there be a get out jail free card for teams financed by billionaires, if you want a hotel on May fair you will have to pay for it with real monopoly money that you’ve earned playing the game, none of that billionaire’s cash will be accepted here!

Division Manifesto  
Division Manifesto  

Division manifesto aims to break the glass ceiling of football to create a level playing field for all teams. Don't let football become a m...