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Power Monitor Meter Power monitor meter is basically used to measure the energy consumption of a household, business or an individual appliance. Now a days there are many products on the market which are used for electricity consumption and save money. The tougher question is which one will work the best for you.

Type of Power Monitor Meter It can be of two types:

power consumption meters and power quality meters.

1) Power Consumption meter:- These types of meters measures the quality of energy flowing through a system. They are mainly used to identify energy consumption trends, performance of equipment and verifying energy bills.

2) Power quality meters:- It monitors the quality and quantity of meters. Voltage dips, harmonics and transients are the variety of power quality meters.

Brooks Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers for any type powers systems. They offer variety of power monitor system in different series. They are known for the highest standards in customer service, quality and on-time delivery in all over the New Jersey.

Services 1) Brooks Power Systems provide single phase current reading as well as 3-phase current readings on 3-phase units. 2) The Unit can monitor and displays Current draw in Amps (RMS), Voltage in Volts (RMS), Total Power in Watts and Power Factor.

Address:- 2 Marlen Drive, Hamilton, N.J. 08691 Email Address: Phone: 800-523-1551 Website:

Power monitor meter  

Brooks Power system provides power monitor meter with multiple functionality and in different series. It will display a single phase current...

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