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How To Care For Rattan Outdoor Furniture Rattan furniture is an alternative to metal furniture and excellent choice for the outdoors. If you have bought furniture from a rattan garden furniture sale, then you might want to know how to maintain it. Let us look at some quick tips on how to clean and maintain your rattan outdoor furniture so that it provides you with many years of service. Other than an occasional cleaning not much maintenance is required for rattan furniture. The only part of your furniture that you may need to check from time to time is the screws holding the furniture together. • • • • •

Wash the furniture bought from a rattan garden furniture with soapy water and then hose it down. Do not use a stiff brush or household cleaner If you have a cover for the rattan outdoor furniture the cushions can be left outside overnight. However, if there are no covers then take the cushions inside in permanently rainy conditions. There will be some fading with time due to exposure to the elements, but good quality rattan furniture will look good for a long time. Cushions should be hand washed after removing the filling. Use a mild detergent and do not tumble dry. Leave it to dry naturally before replacing the filling. Spillages like red wine should be dealt with immediately using a fabric cleaner.

Always store cushions where there is no direct sunlight. This is because the UV rays of the sun tend to cause some fading. Hence avoid storing the cushions in places like the conservatory where the sunlight is pretty strong. Some fading with time due to sunlight is inevitable.

If your table has a glass top it should be cleaned using a glass cleaner or soapy water.

Avoid moving the table without making sure that the glass is removed first. The table should be held firmly by at least two people. Never move the table when the parasol is in place.

To maintain the furniture, remove the upper part of the parasol overnight or in windy conditions to prevent damage from unexpected strong winds.

Never use the rattan outdoor furniture parasol without a parasol base. Make sure that the parasol is securely held by the screws on the base.

Hand wash the parasol at 30 degrees and do not tumble dry. Place the cover into the frame to dry.

The resin weave outdoor furniture is usually made with aluminum tubing which does not rust. Usually aluminum is light and may not prevent the toppling over of the chairs when there are strong winds. This may cause scratching on the weave.

Always ask children to refrain from picking at the resin weave as this will spoil the look of the furniture.

These are the few things you need to keep in mind to maintain your rattan garden furniture in a good condition for a long time. Maintaining rattan garden furniture is pretty simple and easy.

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