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Small Business Franchise Opportunities- Create Recession Proof Income

The United States of America and the rest of the world are now experiencing a financial crisis. Many banks are folding up one by one and big companies start to face bankruptcy. Even potential entrepreneurs and investors are waiting but not optimistic about the recovery of the economy. During this time of recession, it is good news that there are a small business franchise opportunities you can run or invest in. Proven Profitable Franchise Businesses Requiring Low Investments Home-based services. Home-based services are one of the most successful and proven small business franchise opportunities. Whenever the markets go down, home-based services go up. That is a fact! The best feature of any home-based service is mobility. Mobility is the reason why home-based small business franchises demand low investments and overhead costs. A good example of a home-based service is ATM franchises. You can start off your own ATM franchise business with only $50,000. Business Consultancy. Business consultancy is another successful franchise business model. People are always eager to take their business into the next level and they need business consultancy for their valuable inputs, making business consultants highly in demand. This type of small business franchise starts from $50,000 to $100,000. Vending Distribution. Vending distribution is also known as a recession-proof business model because of it very low start-up cost and high profit ratio. People of all walks of life, from the less fortunate to the well-endowed, are making money with this business opportunity because it is easy to own and run. A good example of this type of small business franchise opportunity is investment companies. With only an initial investment of $10,000, people can earn great profits as high as $150,000 ever year. Moreover, this type of small business franchise only requires 15 to 20 hours of your week, an exciting hourly rate for your efforts! With the advent of these small business franchise opportunities such as ATM businesses, you do not have an excuse that the economy is bad or the markets are going down. These franchises are cheap and are highly recommended.

If you are going to purchase any of the above proven profitable franchise businesses, do your research before you make any commitments. This is your chance to own an interesting franchise business and gain a lot of profit. The best part of these franchise business opportunities is you do not have to develop products and services that you think are original, but have already been done before. Are you looking for own an ATM? Then ACFN Franchised is one of the leading low cost ATM franchisee providers with proven business model and track record. To know more please visit

Finding ATM Franchise Business on Sale For your Profit  
Finding ATM Franchise Business on Sale For your Profit  

Franchise opportunities can be a very profitable business. For instance, an ATM franchise business is a lucrative source of income for peopl...