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Brooklyn Pride Mission Statement Brooklyn Pride, Inc. strives to increase visibility, acceptance, and inclusion, ensuring equality for the LGBTQIA+ community. We achieve this through Pride and community events that commemorate, educate, promote, and celebrate the spirit of the Stonewall Riots.

Brooklyn Pride 159 20th Street • Brooklyn, NY 11232 PO Box 150508 • Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-928-3320

PARADE PARTICIPANTS as of print time...more to come!

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Ali Forney Center Antique Automobile Association Batala New York

Board of Directors

Brooklyn Hospital Center – Young Leadership

Co Chairs Jamie Farnam & Mickey Heller

Council Brooklyn Public Library

Secretary Tyler Evertsen

Brooklyn United Drumline Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

Members at Large Mohammad Hamad Ariel Sanders

Cheer New York Circle of Voices, Inc. Dignity, New York FDNY

Pride Guide

5th Brooklyn Scouts

Editor: Mickey Heller

1st Unitarian Congregational Society of Brooklyn

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Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club

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Jamie Farnam

Mickey Heller

What an honor to work with a group of people who have the passion to help Brooklyn Pride become an organization that serves all of Brooklyn’s LGBTQIA+ family. I see our volunteers & supporters increasing and helping us to bring new events to new parts of Brooklyn. We are hearing so many great perspectives on how to improve what we do even more. I am humbled to think of how far this organization has come, and how many people it took to get it here. I want to thank Jerry Allred for working with Sonia and Dale to get this organization going 21 years ago. It has not been the same without you around, but we hope you are enjoying your retirement. You deserve it!! This year’s board has been burning their candles at multiple ends to make sure we have a great week of events as well. Ariel, I am so happy to have your energy and enthusiasm as a part of this board. Mohammad, your voice & perspective are immeasurable as a part of our planning. Tyler, thank you for making the music happen. My co-chair Mickey, your dedication and passion for this organization are inspiring. I love working with you in growing Brooklyn Pride. There are some other key folks who have made all of this planning a little easier. First and foremost, Lizzie at the Brooklyn Chamber for your advocacy for the LGBT business committee. Megan and all the folks at BrooklynWorks 159, thank you for your support of a little nonprofit like us. To Kim from Old Stone House, your ability to make anything work, and make it all look effortless is amazing! Eileen, Lori, and Eugene at Borough Hall, thank you for making working with you all such a pleasure. Julie and Brooke, thanks for making this film and for your patience in figuring out logistics for showing it. Floyd and Fredo at the Brooklyn Center, it has been great starting this collaboration and I am excited to see where we can go from here. Lastly to our friends at Queens Pride, HOP/NYC Pride, and Staten Island Pride for all of your support on so many levels. Wishing you all a wonderful Pride season!

Looking at over ten years of involvement with Brooklyn Pride, I have had the honor to work with many incredible people, and establish some wonderful relationships. Now in its 21st year, Brooklyn Pride began as a one-day Parade and Festival near Prospect Park. Today we have Brooklyn Pride Week with events from June 1 – 11. We are also in our 3rd year of “Dine With Pride”, and this year have initiated “Drink With Pride”, at different Brooklyn bars, and “Walk With Pride” every Tuesday evening. There are so many people to thank as we look back. To all of the sponsors and advertisers who have opened their hearts and purses to keep Brooklyn Pride afloat, your continued support enables Brooklyn Pride to continue to grow and expand its service to the community. To all of the volunteers; you know that Pride could not go forward without the time you give. To the board; Jamie…we continue to grow as Co-chairs, and share a vision to continue to strive for excellence. Ariel, your enthusiasm and willingness to ‘do’ has made it a pleasure to have you with us as our newest board member. Thank you Tyler and Mohammad for another year. Continued thanks to our AHF/Out of the Closet Family. Your kindness, generosity and selflessness show why you continue to grow throughout the five boroughs. Mark, Joanna and the 5th Avenue BID, you have opened your doors and made us part of the BID Family. To Sheila (Ginger’s Bar), Mark & Richard (Excelsior), Farid & George (Bogota/Miti Miti), Chris (Chip Shop), Calvin (Bedford Hall/Mo’s/Langston’s), Kim (Old Stone House), Eileen (Borough Hall) and Jerry (78th Pct), your support over the years has provided the foundation to keep us going. To Queens Pride, NYC Pride, S.I. Pride, NERP and InterPride, your guidance, support and generosity have helped us during some scary moments and continue to help us grow. Finally, thank you to Cheer NY who rallies the parade marchers just before we start, the Sirens who lead us along 5th Ave, Lisa, Jackson and the 5th Brooklyn Scouts who follow right behind, you all fill my heart with joy and gratitude. To all of the politicians who have, and continue to show your support,…Thank you. And of course to Oluyai… welcome home! To anyone I might have missed specifically, and to everyone who attends Pride, whether throughout the year or throughout Pride Week, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am humbled and honored to be able to serve this fantastic Brooklyn Pride family! s



Ariel Sanders

Co-Chair Jamie Farnam is a Jersey girl transplanted to Brooklyn ten years ago. She currently resides in Park Slope and loves how eclectic the borough’s neighborhoods are. She is a non-profit professional dedicated to LGBTQIA+ causes, and is so excited to have been able to merge these two passions by working with Brooklyn Pride for five years. It has been her tremendous honor to serve as co-chair of the board of Brooklyn Pride, Inc. for its 21st year. She wishes to say a huge Thank You to all of the volunteers and supporting partners. Without these folks pride simply does not happen. A giant XO to Jeana P for all of her love, hard work, and support for Brooklyn Pride. You are the most amazing wife, gardener, and doggie mamma any flower could ask for!!!

This Brooklyn native is super honored to be a part of Brooklyn Pride for a 3rd year in a row, and a board member for the first time. Being raised by her parents to always be warm, friendly and helpful, coupled with strong community service values instilled by the Quaker High School education she received, Ariel could not be more excited to be representing an organization that represents 2 of her biggest loves – Pride and Brooklyn!

Tyler Evertsen Secretary Tyler has led a very adventurous and eclectic life, and the road that has brought him to Brooklyn has been fraught with both highs and lows. However, at this time, as he pursues his Ph.D., teaches at two colleges in New York, and seeks a few precious moments to venture into the community, he is content with contributing his time and energy to keeping Brooklyn Pride a success. The artist formerly known as Tyler Alyxander, he has discharged the heels and dresses and is currently honing his skills in comedy. Only time will tell where the new paths that are presently being tackled will lead.

Mickey Heller Co-Chair Mickey Heller, a Native New Yorker originally from the Bronx, has spent the last 34 years in Brooklyn. A graduate of the HS of Music & Art, Hunter College and Brooklyn Law School, Mickey has been practicing law for over 25 years. A founding board member of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Mickey has been doing volunteer work for a number of non-profit organizations, but says he is proudest of his work with Brooklyn Pride, Inc. He became involved with Brooklyn Pride, Inc. by driving former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz’ parade truck/float. That led to volunteering in 2009 on the parade and 5K Run, and in 2010 he became, and currently serves, as the Parade Coordinator. Mickey became CoChair of Brooklyn Pride in 2012, Chair from 2013-2015 and is thrilled to be working with Jamie Farnam as Co-Chairs in 2016 and again for 2017. Mickey is also proud to serve for the last four years, as the “official” Park Slope Santa for the Fifth Avenue BID. A special shout out to Oluyai for standing by my side and helping me to become a better person.

Mohammad Hammad Mohammad Hammad joined the Board of Brooklyn Pride in February, 2015. He moved to New York in the fall of 2013 to pursue graduate studies in Sociology at The New School. He makes an effort to stay informed and proactive as an organizer on issues of social (in)justice, especially those facing the United States and Middle East, and has served on numerous academic panels. Mohammad is currently an Adjunct Professor at York College in Jamaica, NY and uses that role as a platform to empower students, both intellectually and socially. He currently lives in Downtown Brooklyn and enjoys good local food and long walks, when the weather permits.. s


Grand Marshals cont’d


year, Ron was chosen as the first transgender Grand Marshal of Staten Island Pride and the first transgender MC/Host for the New York City Council LGBT Pride Celebration. She will continue her legacy of service by serving as one of Brooklyn Pride's 2017 Grand Marshals. “I'm so honored to be recognized by Brooklyn Pride, an organization that I love and have been committed to for many years. At the end of the day, it's about serving the Brooklyn community: You're Just “Simply The Best.”

Louvel Louvel is the shape-shifting chanteuse! Reared on Broadway and Rock-n-Roll, this singing queen is as versatile as she is beautiful. If her chops don't light your fire, her sweet demeanor and kooky personality will, certainly, warm your heart!

Mark Nayden Mark is the co-owner, with his husband, Richard Kennedy, of Excelsior, established here in Park Slope in 1999. Re-imagined as well, as re-located in 2015, Excelsior is an extension of everyone's living room. A neighborhood bar, that is proud to be part of the Brooklyn LGBTQ community. Now on two floors, with weekly shows and special events and a private party room available for that special occasion: wedding, anniversary or birthday! In addition, Mark has been a Designer for film, television and live events for thirty years. s

GRAND MARSHALS – 2017 Ron B Ron B is a nationally known transgender actor and activist who sits on two national committees for SAG/AFTRA, executive producer and host of “No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal” on Spectrum Television, celebrity tribute artist, and Official MC of the Brooklyn Pride Parade! Ron is also active in the national LGBT Committee and the national Native Americans Committee as the first openly transgender actor and activist, who continues to work in many major film and television projects (in both male and female roles) and is the longtime host of the Original LGBT Expo produced annually at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Ron is also a celebrity tribute artist who performs as the legendary Tina Turner. Last


Michael Camacho, MPH Michael Camacho has been in the HIV/AIDS field for over 20 years and focused his career primarily on HIV prevention efforts with young gay and bisexual men. He has worked directly with the LGBT community during his employment with Project ACHIEVE, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Montefiore Medical Center. In 2012, Mr. Camacho joined the AIDS Healthcare Foundation as the NYC Regional Director where he played a pivotal role in the establishment of AHF services in the NYC area. Through his leadership AHF has become a vital player with in the NYC HIV community with five healthcare centers, public health services, and the launch of the INSTI 1-minute HIV test in the NYC market. Recently, Mr. Camacho was promoted to the Regional Director of Pharmacy Sales for AHF’s Northern Region which includes NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Ohio. Mr. Camacho and AHF have been a strong supporter and partner of Brooklyn Pride since 2012 when they brought their 18-wheeler Condomnation truck for the parade. This is their second year as the Rainbow Sponsor for the annual event.

Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club The Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club is the oldest, largest women's motorcycle club in New York City. The founding members placed an ad in the Village Voice in 1986 and held the first meeting in a living room over 30 years ago. Four of the five original members rode in NYC's LGBT Pride March for the first time in June of 1986. The following year continues on p.12


Grand Marshals cont’d 25-30 Sirens organized and negotiated with Heritage of Pride to lead the march in 1987, and the club has been doing so ever since. While the NYC Pride March is the pinnacle event for the club every year, most Sirens would tell you that Brooklyn Pride is extra special because of its wonderfully warm family feeling. The Sirens love Brooklyn!!! We are a beautifully diverse group of women by age, race, profession, sexual orientation, motorcycle, riding level, and personal style. We invite any woman motorcyclist who shares the same love and passion for riding, has a strong and honorable character, shares the desire to be part of something bigger than any individual in the group, and understands the bond of sisterhood we hold for the women.We, the Sirens Women's MC of NYC, are focused on empowering the women we ride with and lifting up the community we serve. s


BROOKLYN PRIDE THANKS YOU... Brooklyn Pride offers our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the individuals, groups and organizations that provided us unwavering support and assistance in bringing this year’s pride event to Brooklyn. Without your support, encouragement and belief, Pride 2017 would not have been possible.

• John Solano Front Runners New York PO Box 230087 Ansonia Station New York, NY 10023 Brooklyn, NY 11201 • Det. Jerry Gallante Det. Brian Laffey 78th Pct. Community Affairs Office 65 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 636-6410

• The dedicated volunteers of Brooklyn Pride, Inc. and • Craig Hammerman, District Manger, Community Board #6 250 Baltic Street Brooklyn NY 11201 (718) 643-3027

• Kimberly Maier, Exec. Dir. Kim Fenwick, Docent The Old Stone House Washington Park 336 Third Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Park Slope Civic Council P.O. Box 172, 123 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 783-1723

Borough President Eric L. Adams Eileen Newman, Karen Ford, Rob Yulfo, Eugene Resnick Brooklyn Borough Hall 209 Joralemon Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 802- 3700

• Mark Caserta Executive Director 5th Avenue BID 343 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-551-5545

2017 Cover Logo by Idalisse Sepulveda

• Lawrence A. Timberlake, Jasmine Haynes, Nicole Phillip City of New York Parks and & Recreation Litchfield Villa 95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 965-6993

PLEASE patronize and support the various businesses and organizations that placed ads in this Pride Guide. They support Brooklyn Pride and help us continue to get better every year. There are SO many people to thank, and if we accidently omitted anyone, we apologize greatly, but appreciate all of your support.





Guest, Brigadier General (Ret.) Loree Sutton, MD, Commissioner for Department of Veterans Services.















AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the largest AIDS service organization in the world, currently providing medical care and services to more than 600,000 individuals in 15 states and 36 countries worldwide including the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, the Asia/Pacific region and Eastern Europe. AHF operates the Out of the Closet thrift store chain and acquired the MOMS Pharmacy chain of pharmacies in 2012. In 2013, they rebranded the chain as AHF Pharmacy. In 2013 AHF approached Brooklyn Pride to inform us that they were coming to Brooklyn and wanted to be a part of Brooklyn Pride. They participated with a bang in the 2013 parade bringing the 18 wheeler truck "Condomnation" which was the hit of the parade! In 2014 they brought the one minute rapid HIV test to the Brooklyn Pride Festival, the first in the region to have it. Located at 475 Atlantic Ave., between 3rd Avenue and Nevins Street, AHF operates the Out of the Closet thrift store, AHF Pharmacy, and most recently, the AHF Healthcare Center, providing complete HIV medical care and access to the additional specialists, medications and services needed to be as healthy as possible. In addition to being the host of our Friday night "Open House at Out of the Closet", Brooklyn Pride appreciates all the help and assistance AHF has given over these past years. Brooklyn Pride is also proud to have AHF as our Rainbow Sponsor.; s


Brooklynite Choir

Drink With Pride

The Brooklynite Choir is a 40 person contemporary choir based in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The group has been working together since November 2015 and is all about singing fun, kooky, feel good songs in glorious harmony.The Choir covers well known pop, rock and indie tunes, layering them with rich harmonies and just a touch of irony. We welcome professional singers, total beginners and everyone in between! NO AUDITION! We focus on bringing people together to sing a range of fun and inspiring material, develop vocal and harmony skills, meet new people and basically have a great time through group singing! Why join a choir? Singing in a group is good for you! Singing is commonly listed as a top ten activity for increasing happiness and reducing stress. It's also a cool way to meet new people and blow off steam at the end of a busy day! For more info visit Ed Note: The Brooklynite Choir will be one of our Stage Entertainers this year.

For our 21st year, like most Americans, we celebrated by starting to drink with friends. Drink With Pride is a casual, monthly get together where we have been going to either LGBTQIA+ owned or affirming bars, starting with Halyards in Gowanus back in February. From there we moved to Excelsior in March, Xstasy in April, and Sycamore and Ginger’s in May. For July on, we hope to expand further throughout the borough, with our eye on bars in Crown Heights, Bushwick, and Kensington. Furthermore, we have partnered up and lifted a glass with established queer parties like Eve Productions, Les Drink, and Q Train! So be sure to look for us in your neighborhood throughout the year, and if you haven’t seen us yet, drop us a line so we can all get cozy at your favorite watering hole and get to know each other better while getting the word out there about Brooklyn Pride.



Cheer New York Cheer New York (a.k.a., Cheer NY) is an all-volunteer non-profit adult cheerleading organization by and for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight communities that combines cheers, gymnastics, dance and acrobatic stunts into a professional and exhilarating crowd-pleasing performance. They began as a twelve-member club sport, founded by Andrew Jonas, Felipe Hernandez & Lance Gaylord and Cheer NY has been serving the NY-NJ area since 2002. They inspire hope and encouragement in audiences wherever they perform. Cheer NY is made up of adults from in their 20s, 30s, and 40s whose mission is to support the fight against AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses and conditions by raising money for local charities through their "Cheer for Life" fund.They are a charity, sport, social club, and family all in one! That is why they consider themselves a "Cheer-ity" (Cheerleaders for Charity)!! Cheer New York are the recipients of the 2017 5K Run Community Granty s



Piper Theater Company Now in its 17th year, Piper Theatre Productions returns to present free outdoor summer theater at the Old Stone House in Washington Park, support emerging artists, and offer a summer drama program for over 200 students (ages 7-16) who create full-scale productions during the month of July. Piper is thrilled to present Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a wildly fresh and funny musical--a journey to the heart of FABULOUS! Priscilla and her friends confront homophobia, a comedy of errors, and new ways of looking at the world. Priscilla is fun, fresh and campy with a hit parade of dance floor favorites including “It’s Raining Men,” “I Will Survive,” “Hot Stuff” and “I Love the Nightlife.” Directed by Artistic Director, John P. McEneny. Musical Direction by Mark A. Galinovsky. Choreography by Valerie Wright. Costumes by Maddie Wall. Lighting Design by Cody Richardson. Sound Design by Kumi Ishizawa. Performances Thursdays through Saturdays, 8 pm, July 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22. This summer’s emerging artist production is Theater in Asylum’s original production, The Brontës, Sundays, 8 pm, July 9, 16 and 23. Student productions take place on July 25-28. All Piper’s productions are performed outdoors, free of charge, on the main stage. Bring a blanket or rent a low lawn chair and enjoy drinks and snacks at the concession stand. s


Brooklyn Pride’s 21st Annual Pride Week Celebration Schedule “EQUALITY. NO EXCEPTIONS!” June 5th – 10th, 2017 SUNDAY JUNE 4th • 12:00 pm Queens Pride Parade Starting Line - 37th Avenue & 89th Street – Jackson Heights VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help Brooklyn Pride carry the huge rainbow flag and march with us! Meet at starting line at 11:00am! MONDAY JUNE 5th 11:00am - Flag Raising Ceremony - Brooklyn Borough Hall - 209 Joralemon Street Guest: Loree Sutton, MD, Commissioner, NYC Dept. Veterans Services Join us as we raise the Pride Flag above Borough Hall 7:30pm – “WOMAN ON FIRE” BAM ROSE CINEMA-Ticketed Event - 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Documentary of Brooke Guinan, FDNY’s 1st Transgender Firefighter TUESDAY JUNE 6th 6:00pm – 9:00pm Borough President Honors Co-sponsored by Borough President Eric L. Adams Borough Pres. Eric Adams honors the local LGBTQ community followed by reception in the Rotunda. Wear your dancing shoes! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7TH 7:30pm – Interfaith Service All Saints Episcopal Church 286 7th Ave (7th Street) All faiths welcome 7:00pm – 9:00pm Open House Sponsored by Brooklyn Community Pride Center 4 Metro Tech Center (Willoughby & Gold Streets) THURSDAY, JUNE 8TH 5K Run – Packet Pickup 4:00pm – 8:00pm Out of the Closet 465 Atlantic Avenue • Runners get your Pre-Race Packets 6:30PM - Brooklyn Pride Comedy Show Halyards – 406 3rd Avenue (at 6th Street) Produced by Lois Thompson – Come get your LAUGH on! FRIDAY, JUNE 9TH Out of the Closet 475 Atlantic Avenue (Nevins & 3rd Avenue) 5K Run – Packet Pickup 4:00pm – 8:00pm - Runners get your Pre-Race Packets • Make sure you get your run shirt, bib & goodie bag! 6:30pm – 9:30pm OPEN HOUSE Learn about AHF/Out of the Closet Thrift Shop. Music, Food, Drink, Shopping, Surprises 8:00PM – Family Movie Night – “HAPPY FEET” Co-Sponsored by NYS. Senator Jesse Hamilton Old Stone House – 336 3rd Street (bet 5th & 4th Avenues) Bring your blankets, chairs and snacks and sit under the stars for this outdoor movie night 24


Saturday, June 10th

Multicultural Festival/Stage Entertainment (Noon – 5:00 PM) NOW EXTENDED! 5th Avenue from 1st to 9th Streets. The 2017 TWILIGHT PRIDE PARADE (7:30 PM Start) 5th Avenue - From Lincoln Place to 9th Street


Facebook: Brooklyn Pride, Inc. 25

PRIDE DAY Saturday, June 10th, 2017 Pride 5K Run - 10:00am – Check-in & Registration (if not sold out) begins at 8:00 AM Prospect Park Loop – Enter at 15th Street Bartel Pritchard Circle Run over the beautiful rolling hills of Prospect Park for the LGBTQ+ community & friends in a festive and inclusive environment. Multicultural Festival / Stage Entertainment (Noon – 5:00 PM) NOW EXTENDED! 5th Avenue from 1st to 9th Streets A cross-section of the borough’s business, community and city-wide organizations are boarded by 2 stages of entertainment. TWO Stages of local, national and international talent Family Fun Zone (11:00 PM – 5:00 PM) Old Stone House / J.J. Byrne Park, 5th Ave. between 3rd & 4th Streets Fun family activities, music, face painting, arts & crafts and more! Twilight Pride Parade (7:30 PM Start) 5th Avenue - From Lincoln Place to 9th Street. – MCs: Louvel & Mark Nayden Grand Marshals: Ron B, Michael Camacho, and Sirens Motorcycle Club NYC Join the fun with the ONLY “Twilight Parade in the Northeast; a celebration of our Pride and Heritage

Brooklyn Pride Board of Directors 26







Many thanks to our Dine With Pride Hosts CHIP SHOP – 129 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-855-7775 • BOGOTA LATIN BISTRO 141 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-230-3805 • WHEATED 905 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218 718-240-2813 • MITI MITI 136 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-230-3760 • BEDFORD HALL 1177 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 347-461-9854 • MO’S FT. GREENE 80 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-797-2849

SIDECAR 560 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-369-0077 MANY THANKS TO OUR DRINK WITH PRIDE BARS HALYARDS 406 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-532-8787 EXCELSIOR 563 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-788-2710 XSTASY BAR AND LOUNGE 758 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232 718-499-2348 SYCAMORE BAR & FLOWERSHOP 1118 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, NY 347-240-4840 GINGER’S BAR 363 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-788-0924



ENTERTAINMENT STAGES Damion Anthony Damion Anthony is Pop Reggae Artist born In Kingston Jamaica but raised in nyc. Studied at thee Amas Musical theatre Academy & the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Damion is no stranger to the stage. As a new artist this year he opened up for other artists such as Ayo Jay, Corey Gunz, Peter Gunz,Will Traxx,Was A Special Guest artist @ Club Republic Hosted by Love & HipHop NY's Sky Landish just to name a few.

up singing camp songs in the open air of Northern Ontario. Relatable lyrics, memorable melodies, and a thoughtful balance between folk and soulful pop can be heard on her EP Everywhere We’ve Been and her single "Lasting Mark." Her shows are a staple of Rockwood Music Hall and her favorite day of the year is Brooklyn Pride! Kristen Ford Kristen Ford is a one woman looping band. Each show is a unique experience, as this singersongwriter plays drums, guitar, and layers harmonies and melodic parts on top of each other in real time, using effects pedals. One part woman, one part machine, this looping artist loves live performance and her touring has brought her to 48 states and 6 countries, sharing the stage with such artists as Betty Who, Melissa Ferrick and Billy Gilman. Her latest record "Travel Songs" was released on The Nation of Love Records.

Robert Ball Neo-Soul singer Robert Ball is a “gifted solo artist… with talent, amazing tenor and smooth effortless falsetto” (Noteable Magazine) who has performed his catalogue of original music and pop classics to thousands of fans across the world. He is ‘a rising star’ ( whose impressive career includes major shows in London, Toronto, Dubai, Sydney, and Shanghai, with a musical style inspired by industry greatts such as Luther Vandross, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jon Legend. In 2011, he released his debut EP ‘Robert L A Ball Live’ which garnered significant online radio play in Toronto, New York, Germany and the UK. Fresh off a busy press tour in support of his newly released single ‘You’, Robert is gearing up for the release of his sophomore EP launching in the spring of 2017. Eve Black First appearance on the Brooklyn Pride Stage and is thrilled to be a part. Many thanks to Brooklyn Pride and all supporters.

Merle G [Naked on the floor] is not just a state of being, it is the title of Merle G’s new highly anticipated single released November 2016, just 5 months after the release of his single titled [God Bless Orlando], an LGBTQ anthem which addresses the deadly shooting at Pulse night club. Merle G will be making appearances in cities all around North America this year, with shows booked in Miami, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and more. While making pit stops at many gay pride festivals, Merle G will also be performing in Europe, South America and Africa later this year.

Sarah Factor Born and raised in Toronto and now based in Brooklyn, Sarah Factor is a queer singer-songwriter influenced by the musical storytelling of Joni Mitchell and growing

Brett Gleason Brett Gleason creates intimate, piano-based folk rock that twists and turns but effortlessly stays in your head to burrow into your heart. His new


ENTERTAINMENT STAGES album 'Manifest' addresses the great themes of life such as love & loss with the grateful but hesitant approach of the newly recovered. A Brooklyn-based solo artist from Long Island, Brett is also a contributing blogger on HuffPost's 'Queer Voices' and is returning to Brooklyn Pride for the 3rd time.

students nationwide. It’s easy to see why outlets like Popdust, NKD Magazine and ManEDGED flock to showcase his unique look and sound. Matt Martin Matt Martin, also known as OnlyMattMartin, through avenues of social media and press his success has landed him with nominations for the Annual Mashable Award, New York Socialite of the Year Award, Shorty Award and People's Choice Awards. Matt has been seen on the off-broadway hit "My Big Gay Italian Wedding", "The Real Housewives of New York City", "The Curious Cook", "The Gina Show", "The NotSoSoccerMom Show", "Anderson Cooper", "Broadway Sings for Pride", and numerous others. Former talk host and executive producer of "In or Out: #PunIntended" Matt brought you the inside scoop on celebrities and what was happening in entertainment news.

Ray Issac Australian Singer-Songwriter and DJ, RAY ISAAC, brings his intoxicating lyrics and insanely energetic performance style to Brooklyn. His Edgy Brand of Pop Music Sounds like dropping a shot of Ed Sheeran into a David Guetta Jagerbomb.He has co-written and released music with Bob Sinclar (Number 1 on the US Billboard Dance Charts and Italy Pop charts) and many more. Get Ready to hear your favourite Top 40 hits & more. Subscribe to for info. Shirley U. Jest Shirley U. Jest is a Broadway queen originally from Ohio with a background in music education. She is the winner of New York's Next Top Drag Queen 2016, a GLAM award nominated performer for Breakthrough Artist, and a finalist for the local Lady Liberty competition. She is the writer and producer of her theatrical cabaret The Other Girl: Ain't She Sweet. Her apartment in Harlem is above average.

Nia & Ness Nia & Ness are a dancerpoet performance art duo based in Brooklyn. The duo has performed at venues in NY, NJ and PA, sharing their work that aims at a deeper understanding of their co-reality through intense investigation of their individual identities. They have been highlighted in local newspapers; recognized by the Brooklyn-based art group, THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE, as one of their top 5 artists of 2016; and been featured in a 2017 BRIC TV segment.

JLiNE Electropop artist JLiNE’s new album, Episode1, has been hailed as a “piece of pop perfection” by We Run the Underground. It explores the highs and lows of love and experiments with various musical genres. As an activist, his anti-bullying campaign #istandwithjline has been seen by over 1 million

Nwoye Born in a generation of rebels and dance hall misfits, Nwoye is the sheer definition of an artist of the people with his unique dance style and electrifying stage presence. With first and second singles


ENTERTAINMENT STAGES SWIMMING POOL and STRAWBERRY AVENUE creating a buzz and strong enough to allow him to go on a nationwide tour to promote his EP across the country. Winning his first talent show at 13 and releasing his first single at age 21, he has sought out to revolutionize the way people think of LGBT individuals through music, dance and artistic visuals. “The goal is not to be FAMOUS but the leave the world a little better than when I got here.”

We focus on bringing people together to sing fun tunes, develop vocal and harmony skills, meet new people and basically have a great time through group singing! Emergency Tiara Emergency Tiara is not just an artist, Emergency Tiara is an entire kingdom, where all people can come to feel inspired and special at a moments notice. Whether through music, fashion, traveling, relaxing, or even the gym; ET will provide you with an experience that will make you feel like royalty. When you to take a break from your daily stresses place your tiara on your head and listen to the sounds of Emergency Tiara.

Salvo & Hugo Driving Spanish rumba rhythms mixed with spicy Latin grooves create the soundscape for “Salvo & Hugo.” Inspired by world fusion -- drawing from Flamenco, Spanish/Classical, Latin and Bossa Nova, the band plays a mix of original and remixed songs. Salvo and Hugo celebrate Brooklyn pride with songs from their recent debut album, “About Time,” presenting body moving rhythms and transporting melodies.

Pedro Vazquez Pedro Vazquez (known as Pvaz) moved from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Orlando FL when he was 10 years old. There he joined choir throughout his middle and high school years. As a singer, he performed regularly at events in Florida. Entertaining and inspiring many young LGBTQ individuals with his positive energy and confidence as a gay professional. Pedro then moved to NY in 2006 to expand his music and photography career. Since moving to NY he developed his career as a celebrity photographer and continues to perform at events, displaying a positive image about the gay and Latino community through his unique talents.

Trance Smith Trance Smith is an actor/singer/model who starred and wrote NAKED WHITE ROSES. The film was an official selection of 2009 HBO/NY International Latino Film Festival, BAAD Blaktino Performance Series, San Francisco Latino Film Festival and 2010 Homo Harlem Film Series. Trance has also released music videos: CAN'T STOP and SUBMIT. His new single, SMOKE AND MIRRORS coming Summer 2017.


The Brooklynite Choir The Brooklynite Choir is a 40 person contemporary choir based in Gowanus, Brooklyn and is open to anyone over the age of 18 who just loves to sing! The group welcomes professional singers, total beginners and everyone in between!

photo: Jules Rico


To find directory on line go to: 38


Woman on Fire

Front Runners New York

In February 2015, the Village Voice heralded the arrival of “New York’s Bravest” – Brooke Guinan, the first openly transgender firefighter in New York City. As a third- generation firefighter, Brooke has a passion for heroism that runs in her blood. Her father George is a respected lieutenant and 9/11 survivor with a 35year legacy in the FDNY. People always asked Brooke if she would follow in her father’s footsteps. But when Brooke transitions from male to female in her father’s workplace, it poses not only a challenge to a macho profession, but also to the customs of the people she cares about the most – her traditional family. Meanwhile, Brooke’s boyfriend of two years, Jim, struggles with to come out to his family. A wise-cracking Air Force veteran, Jim still hasn’t told his mother that Brooke is a transwoman. Brooke and Jim realize that having the life they want means being vulnerable in the face of judgment. As we watch the couple buy a house together and consider marriage, we reconsider what it means to be man and woman, gay and straight, traditional and nontraditional. A heartfelt portrait of change in the American family and workplace, Woman on Fire is a testament to love, courage, and loyalty. Woman on Fire will be shown Monday Evening at BAM Cinema at 7:30pm

Front Runners New York (FRNY), named for Patricia Nell Warren's novel The Front Runner, published in 1974, is New York City’s LGBT running club.The club was founded in 1979 and has grown to over 700 members annually. FRNY’s mission is to create a social running community focused on health and fitness that is welcoming to all LGBT New Yorkers. They offer a robust, inclusive membership experience that includes professionallycoached running workouts, multisport training, social events, and more. For our Brooklyn Front Runners, each Tuesday, FRNY Brooklyn meets at the 3rd Street and Prospect Park West entrance in front of the Panther statues at 7PM for a loop of Prospect Park; the run starts by 7:15PM. Each week, a different member selects a restaurant in the area for our post-run dinner, which is a great way to socialize and meet some great Front Runners. If you cannot run, you can meet the group at the week’s restaurant. Brooklyn Pride has joined up with the Tuesday Night Brooklyn FRNY group and has started “Walk With Pride”. While the Front Runners run the loop, we have started walking briskly between 1.5 and 2 miles, meeting up with the runners at the end of their loop and accompanying them for dinner. So whether you run or walk, come join us on Tuesday evenings and get started. You can join us walking or join Front Runners run the loop. Either way its a great group of people. Hope to see you in the Park! s



COMEDY SHOW LINE UP Pat Brown Pat Brown is a well-regarded stand-up performer and comedy writer. She finds humor in the small--the routine of her daily life and the big-the complexities of human behavior and joking about both with clever insightfulness. She performs all over the US including the Apollo Theatre, and has made appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, Comedy Central's Laffapalooza and Three Can Play That Game with Vivica A. Fox. She recently released her debut stand-up comedy album SEX TAPE, a revealing look inside the world of a comic who deftly comments on race, sexuality and New York’s overabundance of parades with a razor wit.

places such as The Friars Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Caroline's, Greenwich Village Comedy Club and more, and a fixture in the traveling show, “The Broads of Broadway”, she is well known in the comedy world. Over a decade into the business and Joanne has never been more on top of her game. She consistently delivers a unique “stream of consciousness” style of humor full of random thoughts and quirky observations that keep audiences either rolling in the aisles or on the edges of their seats, anxious to hear what she has to say next. To find out where she is next, go to and follow the stream. Frank Liotti Frank Liotti is a stand-up comic living in New York City. He just completed filming a pilot for LOGO, titled "Everyone's a Little Gay." In addition, was seen headlining at Caroline's on Broadway, and performs stand-up comedy across America. His sardonic wit and unique stream of consciousness style have won him praise around the country. A graduate of Yale School of Drama as well as SUNY Purchase, he landed the cover of The New York Times Arts and Leisure section for the production of Cats Talk Back — a mockumentary of life as a cast member within the Broadway hit Cats — which was the winner of "Best Overall Production" in the 2003 NYC Fringe Festival. It was also performed at Yale Cabaret, Williamstown Theatre Festival, and revived in The Fringe's 2011's "Best Of" series. He also appears in the 2012 film BearCity2.

Whitney Clark Whitney Chanel Clark is an up and coming comic from the Highbridge Section of The Bronx. She performs all around the city. Her act is confessional, entertaining and enlightening. She is well on here way to becoming a fixture on the comedy scene. Tarik Daniels Tarik Daniels, a native of Oakland, California, has performed at Gotham Comedy Club for Homocomicus and the legendary Stonewall Inn. He has also been featured in Gays: The Web Series! And is a phenomenal wedding MC.

Lois Thompson For the last five years Lois has been producing and hosting Blacklight Comedy Show at the world famous Brooklyn Moon Cafe. A founding member of Comic Diversity, she has produced and performed at New York Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club,Stand Up NY and Caroline’s to name a few. Most recently she was featured at the Brooklyn Museum’s Comedy Marathon:

Joanne Filan Growing up in New Jersey (but refusing to die there), Joanne Filan has made her way around the comedy club scene and around the comedy country. Performing at well-known




Fierce, Funny, & Feminist in celebration of Women’s History Month. Lois lives in Bedstuy, Brooklyn with her partner of 11 years and their dog, Gynipp. When Lois is not making folks roll in the aisles, she is a top-producing Associate Real Estate Broker. Jes Tom Jes Tom (they/them) is a weird queer stand up comic, gleefully providing the nonbinary queer Asian American radical cyborg perspective that everyone never knew they wanted. Jes has performed at colleges and conferences spanning the frigid American northeast, and in all five boroughs of New York at venues such as Joe's Pub, Brooklyn Museum, and the Atrium at Lincoln Center. Twitter: @jestom • IG: @jesthekid s

photo: Sarah Symmonds







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