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Brooklyn Pride 2010


Brooklyn Pride Mission Statement

Brooklyn Pride Po Box 150508 Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-928-3320 Connect With Us! Facebook: Twitter: MySpace:

BoAR D oF D I R E C ToR S Executive Officers: Chair Zully Rolan

The mission of Brooklyn Pride, Inc. is to produce Pride and community events that commemorate, educate, promote and celebrate the spirit of the Stonewall Riots. This is a year round endeavor, culminating with an Annual 5K Run, Multicultural Festival; Parade and After-Pride Parties. A significant percentage of the net proceeds from these events are invested to support other organizations and events that celebrate the strength, diversity and reaffirm the value of all LGBT Brooklynites; groups and all others who support the struggle for equal rights. Brooklyn Pride is the premier LGBT community based-service organization in Brooklyn, serving the neighborhood communities, from Bath Beach to Wingate.


Jerry Allred Borough President’s office Todd Berman President, Clearview Festival Productions Ken Freeman President, Park Slope Civic Council Craig Hammerman District Manager Community Board 6 Irene Lo Re Aunt Suzie


Doreen DeJesus

Executive Secretary Nadine Boston

Committe Members: Festival Coordinators Gina osnovich & Robyn ong

Development Coordinators Elizabeth Moctezuma & Julio Castro

Parade Coordinator Mickey Heller

Fundraising Coordinator DonnaGuzzardi

Stage Crew Ron B

Media Coordinator oliver Noble

Security Manager Carmen Rosado

Design & Production Rori Baldari

Kids Space Manager Shannon Casey The Brooklyn Pride Guide is published by Brooklyn Pride, Inc. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertising contents in any manner without the permission of Brooklyn Pride, Inc. is strictly prohibited. Publication in the Newsletter or Guide of the name or photograph of any person or organization is not to be construed as any indication of sexual orientation or opinions of said person or organization. Brooklyn Pride, Inc. shall not be held responsible for any typographical or reproduction errors provided by the advertisers. © 2010 Brooklyn Pride, Inc., Brooklyn, New York Printed by Combo Color Graphics, Inc., Long Island City, NY


MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD Welcome to the 14th annual Brooklyn Pride Celebration. We hope you enjoy the Multicultural Festival, Entertainment, KIDS Space, the Run and Parade.  We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the entertainers, DJ volunteers, FrontRunners NY and our investors for their unwavering support, time, talent and energies to produce this year’s event. The Board of Directors also conveys its gratitude and appreciation  to the residents, businesses, and elected officials, civic and volunteer organizations in Park Slope. We work hard to make you Proud to host our annual event.  Brooklyn’s Annual Pride Celebration commemorates the spirit of the Stonewall riots and Builds a Bridge to

Pride for Brooklynites in their own backyard. We strive to bring together the diverse community of Brooklyn through positive images of our own diverse community.  We celebrate family, youth, and the talent of our community as well as the heart of our activist. As you peruse the pages of this year’s Pride Guide, note the businesses gay or straight owned, friends and sponsors who support our community, often in the face of opposition. Find a way to show your appreciation of their support. Join Brooklyn Pride and other LGBTQ organizations’, clubs or groups working to advance and empower our community. Many are listed in the resource directory in the Guide. Brooklyn Pride 2010


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Brooklyn Pride 2010





Brooklyn Pride 2010

"We cannot tell the precise moment when a friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last one drop that makes it run over. So in a series of kindness there is at last one drop that makes the heart run over."

20 10 GU ID E C oN T EN TS

2010 Grand Marshals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 official After Party Hosts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

on behalf of the Board of Directors of Brooklyn Pride, Inc., we are honored and proud to have you as a Friend. You are a constant source of encouragement, guidance, and unwavering support. You give us the strength, courage, grit and determination to bring Pride to Brooklyn.

Irene & Pat, Aunt Suzie Italian Restaurant

Parade Route, Festival Map & Schedule of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Brooklyn Pride Thanks You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Sponsors, Street Banners, Rainbow Arch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 The Festival Stage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-31 Community Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-34

Mark & Richard, Excelsior Board of Directors & Members of Jersey City Pride

Advertisers Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Board of Directors, General Membership of NERP Sheila & Margarette Gingers Bar Paul Kennedy, Belleville Jerry Allred, office of Brooklyn Borough President Michelle de la Uz Fifth Avenue Committee Inc (FAC) our Families, Partners, Children and Pets Brooklyn Pride 2010


Grand Marshals 2010 Jerry Allred

Jerry Allred is currently the associate director for public events at the Brooklyn Borough President’s office, where he also serves as a liaison to the LGBT community and is actively involved in the establishment of Brooklyn’s very first LGBT center. A native of virginia Beach, virginia, Jerry attended college in North Carolina and managed a retail card and gift shop in Raleigh before being transferred to New York City, where he was promoted to district manager for the company. Eventually he became an independent sales representative selling to “mom and pop” stores as well as larger chains, before turning his livelihood into his own business. It was during this time Jerry joined the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, became a charter member of the group, served as treasurer and was given the nickname of “Treasurella.” He also met his life partner, who passed away due to AIDS twelve years later. In his memory, Jerry decided to start an HIv/AIDS support group at a church in Bay Ridge, where he was a member of the vestry, and volunteered with patients with HIv/AIDS at


Lutheran Medical Center. Looking to expand his advocacy in the LGBT community, Jerry’s next big adventure was being named co-chair of Brooklyn Pride. With a great team and the support of thenSenator Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Pride was organized in eight months and took to the streets of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Pride had 32 fundraisers that year, and Jerry says it was an amazing feeling to be in the very first parade and walk into Brooklyn’s first LGBT festival. The community response was so overwhelming that the Park Department told the organization they needed to move the festival the following year because they had already outgrown their venue. Jerry also helped organize Pride’s annual 5K run, during which Jerry concedes he was far more likely to be a spectator in a golf cart than actually run. Jerry was fortunate to be hired as one of the new staff members when Marty Markowitz took office as Brooklyn Borough President in 2002. Today, Jerry helps organize the office’s popular heritage events among his many other duties. When asked

recently by the borough president to help organize an LGBT center in Brooklyn, Jerry sprang into action. The committee was formed and a board assembled. He served on the founding board of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, has organized fundraising brunches and a men’s retreat, and still helps

out whenever he can. Jerry, who lives in Bay Ridge, believes that we have to give back to our communities and not be just a “taker.” “There are so many nice people out there you meet while volunteering and getting involved,” Jerry says. “Try it—you might like it!”

Hear Me Out by Theresa Magliano I am not this way because you did something wrong, It's not because of hearing some strange song, I'm not to young to know who and what I am, There were no gangs to make me follow them. You choose not to see the good in me, My morals and standards are of quality. I am educated, loyal and have the highest integrity, Again these things you do not see. If your God is in fact a God of love, Then let him judge from up above. I feel no shame, and hold my head up high, I will be blessed to go to heaven when I die. You see down here, the sinners are our fate, Filled with prejudice, anger and to much hate. What I am is neither a fad nor a choice I made, Freedom and rights have been the price I have paid. This is not for just one person to say, it is for all the people in this world that are gay.

Brooklyn Pride 2010

Brooklyn Pride Parade oUT Brooklyn oUTBrooklyn began in 2009 as a column that appeared periodically in the INBrooklyn section of the Brooklyn Eagle family of newspapers. Essentially the brainchild of writer and editor Gina osnovich, the column grew into a section, the first of its kind in any Brooklyn newspaper. Part lifestyle and travel column, part personal reflection, part calendar, part community paper, oUTBrooklyn is a unique look into LGBT Brooklyn. As the section continues to grow, Gina explores her own story of coming and being out, with a child and partner, both in Brooklyn and Long Island. Interviews and timely stories give the section a powerful presence. A calendar of events ties together the sense of community. “Having the oUTBrooklyn section in the Eagle has been an amazing experience,” says osnovich. “And there is so much more planned. The feedback has been fantastic and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my personal experiences with the our readers.” “Connecting with Brooklyn Pride on this and many other endeavors just seems natural,” she continues.“What a welcoming, brilliant group of people with so many open minds and hearts. It’s an honor for oUTBrooklyn to be chosen as

Brooklyn Pride 2010

A Salute to Past Grand Marshals Grand Marshall. We hope we live up to the honor with years and years of continued partnership to benefit the LGBT community in Brooklyn.” The Brooklyn Eagle family of papers can boast more than 350 years of continuous publication. The group includes the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (founded 1841 and published continuously until 1955), the Brooklyn Daily Bulletin (founded in 1955, as a small successor to the original Brooklyn Daily Eagle), the Brooklyn Heights Press (founded in 1937), the Brooklyn Record (founded 1938) , the Brooklyn Phoenix (founded 1972) and INBrooklyn (founded in 1976 as the Brooklyn Journal of Arts & Urban Affairs) and the Bay Ridge Eagle (founded 2003). It is noteworthy that when parent company Everything Brooklyn Media (EBM) revived the Brooklyn Daily Eagle in 1996, it merged with the Brooklyn Daily Bulletin, which was already part of EBM. Therefore the daily that can trace it’s roots to the original Eagle is officially known as “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle & Daily Bulletin.”. You can find INBrooklyn as a special section in all of EBM’s weekly newspapers, and inside the daily three times per week. Both INBrooklyn and the special section oUTBrooklyn are available online at

We salute you, our past Grand Marshalls, for your contributions, service and dedication to end discrimination and to preserve the civil rights of every citizen in our society.

1997 Jill Harris Dr. Marjorie Hill Chris Rodriguez

2004 Marriage Equality NY Lesbian Herstory Archives

1998 Rev. Zachary G. Jones Debra Silber Carmen vazquez

2005 Katherine Acey Park Slope Geriatric Day Center Clarence Patton

1999 Alan Fleishman Regina Shavers Joo-Hyun Kang 2000 Rosalyne Blumenstein Daisy De Jesus Colin M. Robinson Paul Schindler 2001 Ralph “Chaz” Crowder Dorothy Deringer Terry Maroney Leona Williams 2002 Hon. Marty Markowitz Stonewall veterans Association GoAL – Gay officers Action League FireFLAG – Fire Friends of Lesbians and Gays 2003 Dr. Dan Sendzik Griot Circle Irene Lo Re

2006 Craig Hammerman Ivy Botini Caribbean People International Collective (CPIC) Lambda Independent Democrats (LID) 2007 Christine Quinn Dee Paris Perez NYC Gay Men’s Chorus Rori Baldari 2008 Brooklyn Pride Center The LGBT Center Regina Shavers 2009 District Attornery Charles Hynes Marrige Equality New York


B o A R D o F D I R E C To R S Doreen DeJesus

Mickey Heller Parade Coordinator

Treasurer Being a part of the Board of Directors of Brooklyn Pride, is an honor and a privilege. I have been on the Brooklyn Prideís board since 2007 and continue to learn a lot from my fellow board members. I am very proud to be sitting on a board with individuals who know how to face a challenge head on and get what needs to be done accomplished. As you enjoy the festivities we have planned for everyone, I ask that you keep in mind that Brooklyn Pride works hard year round to not only give the LGBT community Pride Day but

we strive to make a difference in the LGBT community. If you have the heart, the willingness to commit and the time I encourage you to come join us in our work. Here’s wishing you and yours a happy and healthy PRIDE! t

Nadine Boston

Born and raised in the Bronx, moved to Brooklyn 27 years ago. The proud product of the NYC public school system, Mickey took eight years off to try his hand at becoming a ‘star’. He performed in regional and dinner theater throughout the east coast and returned from Florida in 1983. When the ‘star’ did not shine as bright as he had hoped, Mickey went to law school. A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, he has been practicing law for over 19 years. Mickey has been working with Brooklyn Pride for two years and this year he was asked to be coParade Director with Nadine Boston. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of Brooklyn Community Pride Center since its inception, and for the last 4 years could have been seen driving the Borough

President’s float in the parade. “I have so much respect for the Brooklyn Pride Group. They all work so hard and give so much of their time and talents.Thanks go to Zully, Doreen, Nadine, Donna, Robin, Gina, Liz, oliver and Julio. You have all become such great friends as we all traveled this road to Pride together.” “Congratulations and thanks to Jerry Allred! You are a wonderfully deserving person and a great friend.” Happy Pride to all and feel and share the love! t

Executive Secretary Welcome to Brooklyn Pride's 14th Annual Multicultural Festival and Night Parade! I have been on the board as Executive Secretary for the past 3 years and work with a group of people that I've learned so much from along the way and hope to keep learning. Please join us for the 5K Run, Festival, Kid Space, Scavenger Hunt, Stage Entertainment and the Night Parade that's going down 5th Avenue this year. To all


Gina Osnovich & Robyn Ong Festival Coordinators

the Planning Committee and Board Members I thank you so much for your support and this year's theme: Equality! over the Rainbow and Under the Stars. t

This is Robyn and Gina’s second year volunteering with Brooklyn Pride. They have been together for over three years and live on Long Island. Gina is the editor of oUTBrooklyn and a fiction writer, as well. Her Scars Anthology received honorable mentions and accolades from various groups and raised thousands of dollars for the American Red Cross after September 11, 2001. She was named a Brooklyn Woman History Maker in 2002 by the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce. She is still working on her first novel, and plans

to write from home when she finally makes that first million in book sales. Robyn grew up in Forest Hills, Queens, and is a sales associate at Maxwell Plumb Mechanical Corp in Queens. Robyn travels extensively for a column that she and Gina write for oUTBrooklyn. She is working on expanding her family and has every intention of restoring classic cars when Gina makes her first million. t

Brooklyn Pride 2010


Elizabeth Moctezuma

Chair Pride 2010! Equality over the Rainbow Under the Stars! “Celebrate our diversity every day, teach, raise awareness and walk tall but with humility, Equality IS on the horizon.” I extend my appreciation to the residents, businesses, elected officials, and civic organizations of Park Slope, Especially the Park Slope 5th Avenue BID. Without your support Brooklyn Pride could not produce the Annual Festival, Run or Parade. We are in your debt and work hard to make you Proud to host Pride in Brooklyn. The planning for this year’s event has brought together a dedicated number of volunteers, Gina, Robyn, Nadine, Donna, Doreen, Mickey, Elizabeth, Julio and oliver, You guys RoCK!!!! I give thanks to the inventors of Go to Meeting. Is there’s time for one more Conference Call? To Front Runners NY I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This year theme Equality! over the Rainbow Under the Stars

Development Coordinator

should keep us focused that we continue to struggle everyday for our Civil Rights. We are not Second Class Citizens. Finally I urge you to give support to those businesses that support us everyday not just during Pride Month. They need us as much as we need them. Take Notice of the businesses gay or gay friendly, friends and sponsors who support our community through Brooklyn. Find a way to show your appreciation of their support. Work to Build A Bride to Pride for our community. Join Brooklyn Pride and other LGBTQ organizations’ clubs or groups working to advance and empower our community. Happy Pride Brooklyn! t

A Salute to Past Co-Chairs It is with our deepest appreciation that we thank our Founder and past Co-Chairs for all their contributions, vision, leadership and service to Brooklyn Pride and our community over the years.

Founder Dale Gates Co-Chairs Jerry Allred Sonia Galarza Fran Rolan

Brooklyn Pride 2010

Steve Gradman Donna Guzzardi Curt W. Taylor Ira ortiz Jean Ambroise Zully Rolan Millie Ramos

Congratulations Brooklyn Pride, Inc., 14th Years of dedication and commitment to Brooklynís various diversities of families and community. I am proud to have worked with and along side an amazing group of talented folks, throughout the year. As a member of the Planning Committee, volunteering has afforded me the opportunity to network, shake a few trees, joy of laughter, and share my vision of equality for all to embrace. I dedicate this year of service to those who made it possible for everyone of all communities to bring a unity of ìLovEî togetherness. My congratulations to the BoARD of Brooklyn Pride Inc. and the Planning Committee, one more conference call, one more meeting, one more day to EQUALITY. I had a blast!!!!

Thank you to our sponsors, vendors, community leaders, neighbors, friends for all your support. To my friends, family and community have fun and as you visit and enjoy the Festival, Pride Run, KidSpace, Stage Entertainment, the Night Parade, the after parties and gatherings throughout BRooKLYN one time a year it is through the hard work of our volunteers and dedicated members of BRooKLYN PRIDE, INC, that this is possible. Come join us. ìover The RAINBoW, Under the STARS" With LovE AND vISIoN, Elizabeth Moctezuma t

Donna Guzzardi Fundraising Coordinator Congratulations Brooklyn Pride on 14 years of celebrating pride in Brooklyn. As former Chairperson, Executive Secretary and Treasurer I salute the current Board of Directors. We must strive for unity in our community. We have come a long way towards equal rights, but there is still a longer way to go. Everyone must step up and do their part. Get out there and volunteer with Brooklyn Pride, or any other LGBT organiza tion. The more volunteers

there are, the less work there is for everyone. Wishing everyone a safe and happy pride! t 11

Stay S St ay s sexy. exy ex xy y y. Exercise your right to pleasure.

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Brooklyn Pride 2010

PROUD to be a part of «LVP Brooklyn Pride DQGSUHVHQWV«

Part Scavenger Hunt, Part Obstacle Course ʹ All Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Pride Edition A Benefit for Brooklyn Pride, Inc.

Saturday, June 12th and

Sunday, June 27th in conjuction with

Planning cool and cheap events around Brooklyn

To register for these events and for more about Pogo Events, stop by our booth at the PRIDE FESTIVAL, visit us at or call us at 718-344-8962.

Brooklyn Pride 2010


more serious charge of abuse. By misreporting the incident and not acknowledging the relationship, the victim is effectively revictimized. Not surprisingly, few shelters that house women and their children - will accept battered men.

When it Happens to Us: A Look at Domestic Violence in LGBT Relationships Contact: Zipporah Dvash, Public Affairs Long Island College Hospital (718)780-1234 * FoR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Dr. Tucker Woods

(BRooKLYN) – If domestic abuse is defined as one individual seeking to obtain dominance and maintain power and control over another, then it stands to reason that it exists in LGBT relationships, as well. Domestic abuse has been proven to cut across ethnic and socioeconomic lines, as well as levels of education. Why, then, would it not exist in LGBT couples? The scope and depth of the problem, however, is difficult to gauge. Collection of statistical data on domestic violence in the LGBT community has been slow, dating back less than 15 years. True numbers are difficult to obtain, since the additional stressors in a gay relationship have traditionally led to significant underreporting. “Domestic abuse is as prevalent in LGBT couples as in heterosexual couples, perhaps even more so,” says Dr. Tucker Woods, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Long Island College Hospital (LICH) of Brooklyn. “However, fearing a thorough public discussion of domestic violence would increase homophobia, the LGBT community has been reluctant to address the issue.”

Abused women requesting help have to contend with stereotypes, as well. “Women don’t hit” is a deeply ingrained societal myth. Police may suspend belief that one woman can hurt another, or trivialize a serious violent incident as nothing more than a “catfight,” further demeaning the victim. If fear of punishment from police and the judicial system is absent, can abuse actually increase? As in opposite-gender relationships, this is a possibility. “Nevertheless,” adds Dr. Woods adamantly, “abused partners should never assume the situation is irreversible. Look for sources of assistance and use them. Since domestic violence rarely ceases without some type of intervention, every victim of domestic violence needs a support system.” It has often been said that isolating the victim is the abusive partner’s most effective weapon. “At one time, domestic violence was society’s secret,” concludes Dr.Woods. “Yet when a dialogue about the issue became acceptable in medicine and society; medical and social services for the victims followed. It is imperative that the gay community create a similar dialogue so its members can receive the services it needs. No social or health related issue has ever been resolved by silence.” t

There is significant overlap in same-gender and opposite-gender domestic violence. Physical, financial or emotional abuse is perpetrated by one partner against another, demeaning the victim and leaving him/her in a state of fear and uncertainty. Abuse is abuse, whether the perpetrator and the victim are the same or opposite gender. violence does not exclude sexual orientation. However, important distinctions exist. victims may resist coming forward, fearing homophobic attitudes and police who appear to be less than sympathetic when abuser and victim are of the same sex. They are therefore excluded from the valuablepolice-evidence-criminal justice system chain so necessary in obtaining restraining orders, court-mandated therapy or convictions. In LGBT relationships where secrecy is an issue, the partner suffering the abuse may remain silent, fearing exposing the abuse would inevitably brand him/her as gay. Additionally, the abusive partner may threaten to “out” the other, a manipulative tactic not present in opposite-gender couples. Undeniably, men wishing to leave an abusive partner or seeking legal recourse face daunting obstacles. Law enforcement officials, assuming two men in a fight must be evenly matched, tend to be derisive of victims who wish to pursue claims of domestic abuse. Police reports may cite “mutual combat” instead of the 14

Congratulations on 14 successful years of Brooklyn Pride, And congratulations to Grand Marshall Jerry Allred and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Thank you for your contributions to Brooklyn’s LGBT community. Brooklyn Pride 2010

Joseph G. Duffy Funeral Home Proudly Serving LGBT Brooklyn 255 Ninth Street Brooklyn, New York 11215 718-499-8700

Joseph G. Duffy is owned by a subsidiary of Service Corporation International 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston Texas 77019

Brooklyn Pride 2010



Brooklyn Pride 2010

Brooklyn Pride 2010








11217 (718) 636-5259



LGBT adults LGBT adults must must ttake ake E EXTRA XTRA S STEPS TEPS to to ensure ensure a authority uthority over o ver ttheir heir lives, lives, ffamily amily of of c choice, hoi and d assets.

We c We can an h help. elp.

t Individual IInd ndiv iviidual dual Life Life fe Planning Planning t Corporate Corporate & Group Group Presentations Presentatio P resentatio ons ns

t Ad Advocacy A dv d vo ocacy cacy for fo fo orr C Caregivers Careg aregiv ive ers rs Contact C ontact u uss tto o sstart tart p planning lanning


718.809.0313 7 18.809.0313 ma m ary@gaylifeplanning.c a ry@gay ylife feplanning.c com om

Get G et eempowered mpowered | Take Take Action Action | Be Be P Proud roud aand nd Protected Protected w Brooklyn Pride 2010



Brooklyn Pride 2010

NYC Council LGBT Update May 14, 2010 Dear New Yorker, Recently several major developments have occurred in the prosecution of two hate crime murder cases, including one here in our City. This past  Wednesday in Puerto Rico, the killer of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado chose to plead guilty instead of facing trial.  The crime - in which 19-year-old Jorge Steven was killed and mutilated simply because he was gay and transgender shocked us all.  The judge immediately sentenced Juan José Martínez Matos to 99 years in prison, the maximum penalty allowed under Puerto Rican law.  In January I traveled to Puerto Rico with a delegation of elected officials to speak out against hate violence on the island.    While there's nothing we can do to bring Jorge Steven back, hopefully his family and  friends  can finally begin the process of moving forward now that justice has been served.  Meanwhile, here in New York City, the trial of Jose Sucuzhanay's killers has - so far - not turned out as we had hoped.  In December of 2008, Hakim Scott and Keith Phoenix viciously beat Jose Sucuzhanay to death while calling him derogatory names.  They did this because Jose was Hispanic and because they thought he was gay.   Last week Hakim Scott was con-

victed of manslaughter and attempted assault charges, but he was acquitted of first degree murder. He was also not convicted of a hate crime. Like many New Yorkers, I was outraged by this sentence and believe the jury got it wrong.  I organized a press conference in the wake of this verdict.  The Gay City News article about our response can be read here. And finally, this past Tuesday the judged declared a mistrial in the case of Jose's other killer, Keith Pheonix. The jury couldn't reach a conclusion despite the strong evidence and eyewitness accounts.  This means that a new trial will take place, and I'm hopeful that this will result in the appropriate sentence.  A NY1 report about the mistrial can be viewed here. I want to thank the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force and the Brooklyn District Attorney's office for their hard work on the Sucuzhanay case. I also want to commend the Sucuzhanay and the Lopez Mercado families on their strength and fortitude during this difficult time in their lives.  Despite these setbacks, we must continue to speak out and be strong in our fight against hate.   Thank you. Sincerely, Christine C. Quinn Speaker New York City Council t




Personal and heartfelt

commitment ceremonies incorporating the Spiritual beliefs of both partners

908-362-6360 Rev. Isle Polonko

Brooklyn Pride 2010



Night Parade Route

14th Annual Brooklyn Pride

Multicultural Festival Saturday, June 12th, 2010 Prospect Park at Bartel-Pritchard Circle (F train to 15th Street/Prospect Park) For more information, to volunteer, to march or perform, call the Brooklyn Pride Hotline, 718-928-3320 ext.3 All events are free & open to everyone!

• Pride Fun Run: A fun charity, sporting event held each year in a festive, healthy and inclusive environment. This year, 50% of the proceeds will go to benefit Ali Forney Center, which houses homeless LGBT youth in Brooklyn. • Registration at 8 a.m. • Run begins at 9 a.m. • Multi-cultural Festival: It’s more than your usual street fair. Sure, you can walk up and down Prospect Park West and visit our fantastic vendors. Stay for all-day entertainment on the main stage inside the Park. • Street fair from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Entertainment begins at 1 p.m. • Kids Space: activities, projects and crafts. 12 to 4 p.m. • Scavenger Hunt: Brooklyn Pride 2010 in conjunction with PoGo Events presents: The Amazing Brooklyn Race: Brooklyn Pride Edition - Part Scavenger Hunt, Part obstacle Course and ALL BRooKLYN! A series of gay-themed clues leads you and your team around Brooklyn hunting for items as well as performing physical and mental challenges. The race involves a gay-themed photo scavenger hunt, a “detour” and a "roadblock". Entry fee is $35 per participant in which $10 of every ticket will be donated to Brooklyn Pride, Inc. Form your own team or sign up individually.This is an AMAZING way to celebrate Brooklyn Pride! • Night Pride Parade kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Come cheer on the amazing floats and marchers as they make their way up our new route: Fifth Avenue, from 14th Street to Union Street. Stick around afterwards to patronize the many gay owned and gay friendly businesses along Fifth Avenue that are hosting after pride events! • After-Parties: Why limit yourself with one event when you can hop from Ginger’s or Excelsior on Fifth Avenue, to Metropolitan or Sugarland in Williamsburg, all of which will be hosting events after the parade! Don’t plan on getting home early!


Brooklyn Pride 2010

Brooklyn Pride Thanks You‌ Brooklyn Pride offers our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the individuals, groups and organizations that provided us unwavering support and assistance in bringing this yearís pride event to Brooklyn. Without your support, encouragement and belief Pride 2010 would not have been possible. The dedicated volunteers of Brooklyn Pride, Inc. The Residents and Businesses of Park Slope

one Police Plaza New York, NY 10038 (646) 235-1133

Craig Hammerman, District Manger Community Board #6 260 Baltic Street Brooklyn NY 11201 (718) 643-3027

Po Jerry Gallante 78th Pct. Community Affairs office 65 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 636-6410

Kenneth Freeman, President The Park Slope Civic Council 357 Ninth Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 783-1723

Jerry Allred, office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Brooklyn Borough Hall 209 Joralemon Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Irene Lo Re President, Park Slope /5th Avenue Merchants Association 172 Fifth Avenue, Box 124 Brooklyn, NY 11217 Michelle de la Uz Executive Director Fifth Avenue Committee, Inc 621 Degraw Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 237-2017 Eric Thompson, Dept. of Transportation Special Events, Banner Unit 40 Worth Street, Room 1215 New York, NY 10013 (212) 788-2109 Lynda & Jasmine and The Prospect Park Alliance NYC Parks & Recreation 95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 965-8974 Nancy J. Melissas, City of New York Parks and & Recreation Litchfield villa 95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 965-6993 Sergeant Tracey Servello, LGBT Liaison Unit office of the Chief of Community Affairs Bureau

Brooklyn Pride 2010

Todd Berman, Clearview Festival Productions Rob Ashe 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 415 New York, NY 10011 (646) 230-0713 Dori Sheilds, Casswood Insurance Agency, LTD Five Halfmoon Executive Park Clifton Park, NY 12065 (516) 373-8700 Matt Pintchik & Dale Garcia & The Park Slope volunteer Ambulance Corp 453 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 398-4500

Volunteer Opportunities Is this the Job for You? volunteer opportunities with Brooklyn Pride can be just for fun, or they can look good on your resume.


Plan & staff events Merchandising Corporate Sponsorship Grant writing obtain raffle prizes


Work on our newsletter & Pride Guide Write press releases Produce graphic art for flyers, posters Develop media contacts Maintain our web page Ad sales



Phone tree (expenses reimbursed) Staff BP table at events Recruit & place volunteers Lick-n-Stick bulk mailings (refreshments!) Distribute newsletters Update Mailing List

This is the biggest event of our year. There is plenty of work to do in the coming months to ensure a happy event. And there are unlimited ways to contribute on the date of the festival and night parade. We need you!


2 0 1 0 S P oN S oR S

S TRE ET B AN N ERS Park Slope 5th Avenue Bid Bogota Latin Bistro El Pollito Mexicano Maria’s Bistro Mexicano Los Pollitos III Gingers Brenton Realty Excelsior

Fuze Sugarland Metropolitan Ambicionz Aunt Suzie Belleville OUTBrooklyn American Cancer Society

PARADE PARTIC IPAN TS as of June 2, 2010 Audre Lorde Project Babeland Brooklyn Borough President Christine Quinn & the NYC Council Councilwoman Letitia James Dykes on Bicycles Fire Department of New York FDNY/EMS Gay Men of African Descent

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Lesbian Herstory Archives Metropolitan Community Church of New York Metropolitan/ Sugarland New York Bear Den Park Slope United Methodist Church Red Hook Initiative


Sirens Motorcycle Club

Grand Marshal Jerry Allred

Stonewall Democrats NYC

Grand Marshal OUTBrooklyn

US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke

Hetrick Martin Institute


Brooklyn Pride 2010

Brooklyn Pride 2010


F E S T I V A L Stage Host: Ron B 2010 Entertainment: (subject to change)

amber RoseMarie Billboard hit maker, amberRose Marie on Catz Entertainment returns to

AmberRose Ariel Aparicio Billy Goffi Blueberry High Heels Elizabeth Whitney India M Lala Liza Label

Brooklyn Pride as co-host with an encore performance, bringing her self-penned hit Shorty Roc songs “Destiny” and “Wanna Be A DJ” along with her high The Lesbian Love energy dancers to peroctagon formher own hits and new songs that will be featured on THEESatisfaction her upcoming album and Las This is Y vegas big stage appearance. amberRose Marie blasted Toi Toi Toi onto the scene as a BMI Twilight of the Idle songwriter and Catz recording artist when her debut sinvanessa valtre gle, Destiny jumped up the Billboard Charts for 11 weeks, and on the DJ Times Chart for 5 months. Wanna BE A DJ her follow up single, also a Billboard hit remained on the charts for 12 weeks, and DJ Times for 6 months. The New York Times/, and DJs as reported by About Dance tastemaker Ron Slomowicz named the Grammy submitted songs, “Destiny” and “Wanna BE A DJ” in the USA Top 200 dance songs of 2008 and 2009. A New York native, amberRose Marie music is heard in 22 countries to include the USA in trendy retail stores such as H&M, Mandee, Abercrombie & Fitch and old Navy, where she helped the Brooklyn downtown location

London Bridgez



reopen its doors recently with a LIvE instore performance. Always one to lend her talents for charity, amberRose Marie's charities include GLBT causes, womens, military and Youth. amberRose Marie is a LIFEbeat Hearts and voices, and recently she helped to lead the Mercer County Community College LGBTF Club (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered and Friends) in the recent “National Day of Silence” bringing awareness to the injustice experienced on their campus. Her support of the local LGBTF Club gained high media viability shinging a light of the great efforts of the club which ultimately resulted in the club being voted as “club of the year” on their campus and causing the students to receive recognition from their Mayor and County Supervisor. With a glowing personality as big as her incomparable voice, amberRose Marie is a headlining talent of The original GLBT Expo, and national Pride Festivals in addition to big stage performances at Trump Taj Mahal, Resorts Casino, The Billboard Dance Music Summit, and Winter Music Conference to name a few. opening spots have included for Brett Michaels, Martha Wash, France Joli and more. As a nightclub Diva (who else could get us to spell her name with a small “a” two “r’s”, second “R” caps and three firsts names) her performances have included Twist (South Beach, Miami), Gypsy (Las vegas),and everywhere in between with her music on dance floors in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and Japan. With her first MGM Grand performance on tap before years end, amberRose Marie states, "I love seeing the smiles of my people enjoying the music, which is a great communicator. People know if you are bringin‘ them what they want to hear and if you are for real, I just keep it simple and my music allows the listener to escape to happy times…it‘s all about the music, and I am thrilled to be back in Brooklyn in celebration of Brooklyn Pride.“ With an upcoming duet scheduled with R&B crooner, Ben E. King BMI singer/songwriter amberRose Marie’s upcoming album will feature a selection of self-penned original songs and remakes, remixed and funked up of her favorite dance songs to include Madonna's "Music", Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It“, and “Put A Little Love In Your Heart“ a song found in the Stonewall jukebox in 1969, expect to see these songs LIvE and more on Saturday. amberRose Marie music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy and elsewhere. visit her online at or on or on facebook at

Brooklyn Pride 2010

F E S T I V A L Ariel Aparico Ariel Aparicio knows rock and roll. With a sound and musical style that has been compared to David Bowie, The Stooges and The Strokes, he grabs a hold of this knowledge plus a host of life experiences and hoists them violently and unapologetically onto his recordings for all to hear. Ariel’s most recent work, released in early 2009 exclusively on iTunes, is a version of the Psychedelic Furs ‘80s classic “Pretty in Pink.” Not only has the response been overwhelming, but the master himself, Richard Butler (lead singer of The Furs) chimed in ‐ “I loved the version. Well done!” The song’s music video debuted on MTv Logo’s New Now Next Pop Lab in Feb.'09 and then went on to spend 18 weeks in the top ten on The Click List‐ a most requested video program. In addition to being a musical success, the song was also used as a charitable catalyst; during the month of April, ’09, Ariel teamed up with the Greater New York City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen For The Cure ® to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer through a ‘Think Pink: Download For A Cause’ campaign. on the heels of the buzz surrounding “Pretty in Pink,” Ariel teamed up with the super remix team Pocketknife, to produce a brand new house remix version of the song. The colorful dance floor number, replete with a killer synth/piano combo, also has a visually stunning music video to accompany it, which had its world premiere on Logo's New Now Next video show. Finishing off 2009, Ariel's original "Pretty in Pink" video scooped the #3 spot on Logo's The Click List "Best of '09". Currently, Ariel resides in Brooklyn with his husband and life partner of 15 years, and their 3‐year‐old.

Billy Goffin Billy currently makes his living as a singer/guitarist/pianist in several bars in NYC, as well as bartender and real estate agent. He has directed several musicals for the theater, including Godspell 12 times. (“12 times, Mrs. Buehler…12 times”) He’s recorded 13 Brooklyn Pride 2010


CDs with his choir in NJ. At present he is developing both his own musical and his first solo CD…exciting! He lives in Hamilton Heights with Misty and Shadow, his two cats. He has a lot of friends who dearly love him, but keep him on a short stick nonetheless. Much love to all who support him, and you all know who you are.

Blueberry High Heels Not since violet Beauregard chewed Wonka’s Three Course Meal gum, have blueberries made this big a splash. “A female Bob D y l a n ” . . .” P u n k y cool”...”Rebel with some claws”...all describe the dynamic female-fronted rock & roll trio Blueberry High Heels. An NYC band with a glam attitude, Blueberry High Heels has dug up post-punk NYC rock & roll and brought it back to life with their unique mix of energetic vocals, expressive melodies and infectious, hard driving groove. They are fronted by downtown glam rocker Didi Delicious who brings her incendiary, effervescent and often frenzied blues/rock vocal style to a straight up NYC rock and roll band. The result is music that is a uniquely blues-based sound wrapped in a straight ahead rock groove filled with infectious poppy guitar and seasoned with vocal hooks that leave you wanting to press play again and again. Greg provides the no-nonsense drumming with a nod towards classic rock and pre-new wave NYC punk styles. Dylan plays guitar with a natural, fluid, and expressive style. Together they sing songs inspired by their own proto-glamorous lives in the hard-knock gritty city. Songs about life, love, loss, beauty, death and rising above it all.

Elizabeth Whitney Elizabeth Whitney should have been cast as the original Wonder Girl, but didn't have an agent at the time, and somehow, Debra Winger got the part. So she honed her amazonian skills and got busy making her own performance 27

F E S T I V A L work on gender and popular culture. Along the way she delivered singing telegrams in Florida and North Dakota, crooned jazz standards in Southern France, taught yoga to seven year olds in Utah, danced for dollars in South Carolina, and sang solo in the church choir in Alabama. After completing graduate work in performance studies, she became academic-ish, and now she writes, teaches, and tours her performance work to schools, galleries, and performance and theatre festivals all over the place. She is affiliated with The Dramatists Guild, The Fund for Women Artists, The International Center for Women Playwrights, The National Communication Association, and Performance Studies International.

India M Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY India M started singing at the age of 5 and a year later, she was already formally training her young pipes with a vocal coach. At 14, India M had joined her first band as a singer and was quickly gaining attention and recognition in the industry. With her determination and perseverance, two years later they were asked to open for B.T. Express in virginia Beach. India M has toured the US, performed at many venues and events including Brooklyn Pride 2008, “out Music”, “The Fresh Fruit Play House”, “The Root Hill”, “S.P.I.T.”, “Nuyorican Café” and has also performed with singer Lovari at the LGBT Expo 2009. Additionally, India M managed the stage for the 2009 Fresh Fruit Festival Awards and she is CEo of Just Me Productions Entertainment. A multifaceted entertainer, India M is currently working on “From the Soul,” a compilation of all her songs, scheduled to be released in late 2011. She is also producing "My Mother’s Wishes," an R&B/Gospel album of covers which she dedicated to her mother and will feature some very special voices which will be revealed in the near future. Simultaneously, she is working on two books and preparing several shows.



Whether on stage, in the studio, or behind the scenes, India M has proven to be a true artist and hard-working entertainer whose unconditional love for music will continue to take her to new heights. For more on India M, visit

LALA After having various experiences with several music genres, LALA became very versatile but her love is still Pop. The range of learning and musical challenges is never enough for her. LALA joined a Chinese singing talent contest put on by a major Chinese Tv network station, FAIRCHILD Tv, in Canada. LALA competed and sang in Mandarin and Cantonese. Because she is westernized and did not speak Cantonese or Mandarin well, LALA worked very hard learning the songs phonetically and won second place in the contest. The contest had national radio, television, and print media coverage, and LALA was immediately recognized and became popular in the Chinese community across Canada. She continued to develop her relationship with Fairchild Television. very shortly after the contest, LALA entered DAvID FoSTER’S MAKE A WISH FoUNDATIoN TALENT SEARCH and was one of the 10 finalist in the vancouver region. She sang for DAvID FoSTER, SUE FoSTER, CLAY AIKEN, and BABYFACE. LALA was greatly inspired by this experience. on Jan 2, 2009, LALA kicked off the New Year by performing the National Anthem at NJ NETS first game of the year at IZoD Centre in New Jersey - broadcast on FoX SPoRTS, YESHD, and BLooMBERG RADIo. Her songs are also played on various SATELILLITE RADIo STATIoNS, CoLLEGE RADIo, oNLINE RADIo, MIXTAPES AND CLUBS throughout the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Her R&B single, “This Is Why I Fell” received a great response from over 400 DJs and Radio hosts via Digiwaxx Media LLC. In March and April 2009, LALA’s songs are in rotation on ITUNES RADIo JAMZ HITS 1FM. vibrant with the diverse scenes and audiences in New York, LALA performed at various LGBT venues, events, and Pride festivals last year throughout New York and New Jersey where she received a great response. This experience made LALA turn more towards Dance music. She began working with various dance producers and Djs and landed a single “I Brooklyn Pride 2010

F E S T I V A L Will Never Forget You” on BPM and oUTQ Sirius XM radio. It is currently still in rotation. With this immediate buzz, LALA and ManiaCalm production, have been offered various deals by labels which are currently in discussion. LALA also produced her first music video of her single, “This Is Why I Fell” including the appearance of leading figures in the LGBT community.

The Lesbian Love Octagon Following sold-out performances during the summer of 2009 at WoW Café Theatre and Dixon Place, THE LESBIAN LovE oCTAGoN returns this summer performing excerpts from the show at various events in New York City. The traveling 15-minute medley from the show will provide audiences with a taste of its Sapphic songs. Bill Russell, Tony nominated librettist of Side Show, says about THE LESBIAN LovE oCTAGoN “Anyone who thinks lesbians don't have a sense of humor should see this show. Great songs, great performances, great fun!” Set in the late 90s on the Lower East Side of New York City, THE LESBIAN LovE oCTAGoN follows the journey of Sue, a less than butch dyke with a broken heart, as she tries to cope with losing her girlfriend to her ex-girlfriend. When Sue’s friends (a bevy of ex-girlfriends and ex-girlfriends' exgirlfriends) come rushing to her aide, they incite a tempest of lust and betrayal as they try to convince Sue that the answer to happiness exists in polyamory, protests and pomade. A riotous look at a righteous time in lesbian history, THE LESBIAN LovE oCTAGoN is a musical for anyone who has ever loved wimmin's bookstores, tofu or cats. Details about performance locations and times are available on the website

Liza Label Liza’s musical endeavors began in 1983. In the eighties breakdancing had become a huge Lower East Side where they would hold breakdancing competitions. The deejays would battle alongside the dancers for hours on end seeing who could Brooklyn Pride 2010


outperform each other with their mixing or “scratching”. This led to a lifelong pursuit of the perfect “mix” and audience with the appreciation of music found, and founded, on those streets in Alphabet City. While attaining her Bachelor of Science at the University of Tampa, she was again overwhelmed by her need for music and an audience. There she introduced the art of mixing and New York style house music infusing it with some of the more traditional top 40’s music. She gained instant recognition and was soon playing clubs all over the bay area. It was an educational experience for both her and the audience. Liza decided to move back to home to New York to develop roots and founded her own private investigations firm where she is still president. Recently, she decided to return to her true love, music. Liza just returned from spinning at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, She has had a residency spot at Shescape one of the most recognized and longest running women’s parties in New York. She has a party called “My house” at Cattyshack, She has been a regular on Thursday nights at Spa, ohm, Twirl, Henrietta Hudson’s, Aria, Metronome, Delft Lounge, Eugenes, Stonewall, and Chueca, and in Rio De Janeiro, at Le Girl, San Francisco Gaypride Main Stage, and Splash pool party. She has spun with Legendary DJ’s like, Junior vasquez, Jackie Christie, Susan Morabito, Johnny Dynell, Nita and Derrick Foxx. She has spun the music for the Bacardi float Gaypride, Grace Magazine and was a resident DJ for H&M Stores in Manhattan. Liza has produced artists such as, Thea Austin, “Broken Wings” Charted at #8 on the Billboard Charts and Joi Cardwells’ “Freedom” which was just charted #7. She wrote the tracks and released both albums on the Liza Label “Rainsong”, Written and produced by Liza, The Artist is Don Philip #28 with a bullet. “Strut”, featuring Kevin Aviance, #13 on the Billboard Chart, Joi Cardwell’s, “Believe in us” # 4 on the Billboard Charts, “Heather Leigh West’s, Drop a house”, Pepper Masahy, Gala, and Ian Benardo (American Idol).

London Bridgez The writer and performer London Bridgez pushes the expectations of spoken word. "London" is her name. "Bridgez" represents what she does. She builds creative bridges between spoken word and music. Her stage performance is interactive truly building a bridge between her words, the music and the audience. London is a self pro29

F E S T I V A L claimed a Afro Punk Poet & Soul Word Artist. Artist London made her spoken word debut with her first single “Crushing You” produced by Daniel “oph Kiltah” Watson from Deskbangahz production is a story of a secret crush told with a smooth blend of r&b vocals, London’s hypnotic lyrics and a sultry instrumental. London has performed her spoken word on the radio airwaves in Boston, New Hampshire, Chicago, and Nashville & Canada.

Ron B Celebrity Impersonator Ron B whom is well known for her impersonation of the Legendary Diva Ms. Tina Turner, has become somewhat of a legend herself making guest appearances and performing throughout the tri-state area as well as consistently being called upon to host the prestigious original GLBT Expo which is held every year at the Jacob Javitz Center, to making guest appearances for Legendary Stonewall Inn. Ron B takes task to heart and strives to be a positive role model for all GLBT brothers and sisters. As an acclaimed actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild, he has recently been appointed to the National LGBT Committee for the Guild. Ron B continues to strive to make sure that we are represented in the media as positive role models, from Angels in America for HBo to Anger Management, to his current television project Rubicon. Ron B feels that hard work and perseverance are the rewards that are given to you for believing in yourself and never giving up.

THEESatisfaction THEE Stasia and Catherine Satisfaction's spaceship landed in the heart of Seattle, Washington in June 2008. Refugees from theplanet Mars, they escaped the green Martians in



search of freedom. From their hideout in Seattle, they began to see similar forms of oppression also happening on planet Earth, and discovered that by fusing psychedelic-space-rap-jazz they could decode –and break –the system. The pair has released two Earth-interpreted mixtapes since 2008; That’s Weird and Snow Motion. Both projects were translated, written, composed and produced by THEE Stasia and Catherine Satisfaction. The couple has been spotted holding massive groove sessions at Seattle venues including Neumos, Nectar Lounge, Showbox, Chop Suey, Comet Tavern and The Crocodile, and transported crowds to outer space from the CMJ festival (NY), Dolce Lounge (NJ), and Pomona University (CA). THEESatisfaction has been blessed to share stages, messages and vibrations with Little Dragon, Peter Hadar, The Clipse, Thee Emergency, Laura Piece Kelly, Gabriel Teodros, Macklemore, The Physics, Slick Rick, Champagne Champagne, DJ Twilight Tone, DJ Topspin, and many more.

THIS IS Y THIS IS Y They are the hot new Pop /Dance group from Brooklyn, NY that’s going to be big. Which is ironic since nobody in the group is over 5’ 2” tall. THIS IS Y, is vinik, Queaba & Alejea, three very talented, creative , and positive, siblings who write and perform their own music. vinik is the oldest brother, who performs lead vocal and keyboards for the group. Queaba raps, sings background & plays guitar. Alejea is the youngest who sings lead & background vocals. Their songs from the funky “Hot Dog” to the motivational “I’m a Rising Star” are especially positive and fun, which both kids and parents will love. The tracks are fresh, hip, and complete with wholesome lyrics. ... David Gale & Ken Pomarico produced and directed their music video "A Kiss" for Feral Music.

Brooklyn Pride 2010

F E S T I V A L Toi Toi Toi Toi Toi Toi are four androgynous sirens who blend the theatrics of '80s metal with post riot grrl attitude. At times raunchy and ironic, these Brooklyn bad-asses make rock opera that much queerer. The band’s guitar-heavy shows feature punk beats, slow jams and, if you’re lucky, gold outfits and mustaches. Toi Toi Toi mix heavy-metal intensity with outright camp, crafting songs about freegans in the winter and a girl’s need for good vibrations.


mailing list like a hot potato so that it won't make them gay. With lyrics that are both fun and thought provoking and musical influences from classic rock, blues, folk, and ska, Twilight of the Idle are at the forefront of the transgender performance community. They consist of pianist, songwriter, and singer Ricky Riot, guitarist, songwriter, and singer Juliana Brown, bassist Emily Wright, drummer Lindsay Haughton and Rude Mechanical orchestra's trombonist Lily Paulina.

Twilight of The Idle Twilight of the Idle have their audiences laughing, dancing, thinking, nodding their heads vehemently in agreement, singing along and occasionally giving dirty looks and dropping the

Brooklyn Pride 2010


CoMMUNITY RESoURCES COLLEGE ORGANIZATIONS Gay & Lesbian Alliance of Brooklyn College 718-951-4234 Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Alliance of Kingsborough Community College GLBs at Pratt 718-636-3422 LEGALS (Brooklyn Law School Lesbian & Gay Alliance for Law Students)

Greek Gay & Lesbian Association 212-255-6860 Las Buenas Amigas Lesbianas Latinas en NY 212-614-2948 Latino Gay Men of New York

U-MEN Entertainment 718-346-3589

Latinos & Latinas de Ambiente — NY (LLANY) 212-614-2945

Women of Color Group of Brooklyn’s Women’s Martial Arts 718-788-1775

Lavender & Green Alliance 718-436-5756


Women’s Center of Brooklyn College 718-951-5777

Lesbian & Gay Natural History Group of NY 718-965-0013


Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps 800 222-2786

The Audre Lorde Project 718-596-0342 Bi Perspective-NY Area Bisexual Network 212-459-4784 Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) 718-832-0018 The Brooklyn Historical Society 718-222-4111 Caribbean Lesbian & Gay Alliance The Gay & Lesbian Arab Society 212-620-7310 Gay Asian Pacific Islander Men of NY 212-802-RICE (7423) Gays & Lesbians of Bushwick Empowered (GLOBE) 718-418-7690 Gays & Lesbians of Williamsburg (GLOW) 718-782-3105


Sirens Motorcycle Club 212-749-6177 Twenty Something 212-620-7310

Lesbian Herstory Education Foundation Lesbian Herstory Archives 718-768-3953 The Lesbian, Gay, Bisextual, Transgender Community Center 212-620 7310 Men of All Colors Together–NY (MACT/NY) 212-330-7678 People of Color in Crisis, Inc. 718-230-0770 South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association (SALGA) 212-358-5132 Shades of Lavender 718-783-0883 Sing Out! Brooklyn 718-783-0883 Sistahs in Search of Truth, Alliance, Harmony (SISTAH) 212-479-7886

NYC Office of Labor Relations Domestic Partner Health Benefits 212-306-7736 NYC Domestic Partner Registry Gay & Lesbian Health Office 212-442-6944 HEALTH / COUNSELING / SUPPORT SERVICES The Answer is Loving Counseling Center 718-998-2305 Black Women's Health Project The Bright Back Center, NSA Chiropractic 718-832-1830 Brooklyn’s Women Anti-Rape Exchange 718-330-0310 Brooklyn Aids Task Force 718-622-2910 Callen-Lorde Health Center 212-271-7200 CCM 718-230-5100 Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) 718-788-1775

Brooklyn Pride 2010

CoMMUNITY RESoURCES Gay & Lesbian National Hotline 800-THE-GLNH (843-4564 212-989-0999 Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) 212-807-6655 (Hotline) God’s Love We Deliver 212-294-8100 IAPI-International AIDS Prevention Initiative (AIDS Memorial Quilt) 212-226-2292 Lesbian Cancer Support Group 212-673-7699 LG Immigration Rights Task Force 212-714-2904 Life Force Women Fighting Aids 718-797-0937 PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) Queens: 718-271-6663 NYC: 212-463-0629 Park Slope Center for Mental Health 718-788-2461 Park Slope Safe Homes Project 718-788-6947 Rainbow Heights Club 718-852-2584 Brooklyn Rainbows 718-499-1132 Dr. Siegel & Dr. Levy, Podiatrists 78-788-2290 Touch Community Dinners, Inc 718-518-2806 Village Center for Care at Red Hook 718-596-8144

Brooklyn Pride 2010

LEGAL SERVICES South Brooklyn Legal Services HIv Project 718-237-5500 MEDIA Dyke TV 718-230-4770 Gay City News Gay Wired GO NYC HX Magazine Metrosource Magazine NEXT Magazine The NY Blade POLITICAL / ACTIVISM ACT-UP New York 212-966-4873 American Civil Liberties Union Lesbian & Gay Rights Project 212-549-2627 Amnesty International USA — Amnesty Members for Lesbian & Gay Concerns 212-807-8400

Lambda Independent Democrats (LID) 718-361-3322 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund 212-809-8585 Log Cabin Republicans of New York 212-886-1893 Marriage Equality of New York 212-627-0305 New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project (AVP) 212-714-1141 STONEWALL Veterans Association 212-627-1969 PROFESSIONAL Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) 212-NY1-GoAL (212-691-4625) GLBT Vets NY (Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Veterans of Greater New York) Gay, Lesbian & Straight Educators Network 212-749-6866 Globe of Bell Atlantic 800-232-0069 ext. 6887 Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press

Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) Out Professionals 212-462-9255 www.outprofessionals,org GLBT Political Coalition New York Cyberqueers (NYCQ) 212-889-4262 718-522-6553


CoMMUNITY RESoURCES Outmusic 212-330-9197

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Lutherans Concerned 718-768-0528 Metropolitan Community Church 212-629-7440 Park Slope United Methodist Church 718-768-3093 Radical Faeries 212-679-2729

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design services Ambicionz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rori Baldari . . . . . . . . . . . . . dignitaries Marty Markowitz, Bkln Boro Pres . . . . . . . . . . entertainment The 39 Steps . . . . . . . . . . . . Love, Loss and What I Wore . . Stomp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gazillion Bubble Show . . . . food 200 5th . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aunt Suzie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Belleville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Benchmark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FUZE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Los Pollitos III . . . . . . . . . . . El Pollito Mexicano . . . . . . . Maria’s Bistro Mexicano . . . Mee Thai . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

life planning services Mary Blanchett Assoc. . . . . . funeral services Duffy Funeral Home . . . . . . media INBrooklyn . . . . . . . . . . . . . politicians Letitia James Brad Lander . . . . . . . . . . . . . products Toys in Babeland . . . . . . . . . psychotherapeutic services Brian Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . religious organizations Union Temple . . . . . . . . . . . .

Brooklyn Pride 2010

Brooklyn B rooklyn C Community ommunity Pride Pride Center Center invites you to

dance @

cafĂŠ afĂŠ

30 Lafayette Avenue in downtown brooklyn

june e 12 10 1 0 pm pm - 4 am am

jjoin oi n u us s ffor or o our ur ""we're we're coming ng g out out"" d dance ance p party arty after tthe he b ride p arade. tthe he o nly p lace iin n ttown own w here r tthe he after bkk p pride parade. only place where sugar iis s sw eeter a nd tthe he p eo ple a re h otter. a benefit benefit tto o give give sugar sweeter and people are hotter. bro ookllyn's llgbt gbt co mmunity a p lace tto o ca ome. brooklyn's community place callll h home.

$15 rrsvp $15 svp iin n advance advance b by y thursday, t ursday, june th june 10 10 $ 25 a e door door $25 att th the

rs svp to to b rsvp Brooklyn Pride 2010


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2010 Pride Guide  
2010 Pride Guide  

Brooklyn Pride's 2010 Pride Guide.