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From the President’s Desk... 2007-2008 Elected Board Members Nicole Phillips, President Eddie J. Howard, Jr., President-Elect Tyra Wingo, Past President Jami Hall, Secretary Brooklynn Parrott, Treasurer Matthew Robison, 4-Year Public Sector Rep. Ron Lunk, 4-year Public Sector Rep. Keith Cobbs, 2-Year Public Sector Rep. Rickey Walker, Technical College Rep. Stanley Singleton, Private Institutions Rep.

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Dear Convention Colleagues: On behalf of the Georgia College Personnel Association, I extend you a warm and hearty welcome to the Peach state! Ten years ago, when I attended ACPA here in Atlanta, I could not have imagined that someday my career path would lead me here. Suffice it to say, it’s great to be in the state where the convention is being hosted! We are so glad ACPA is here in HotLanta this year! I hope that the information provided in this newsletter will serve to inform you of all the great things we have going on here in Georgia! Founded in 1969, GCPA began with 69 members and received its official charter as a state division of the American College Personnel Association in 1971. The mission of GCPA is to: • Provide services to its members in support of their development and work with students; • Provide professional development opportunities for student affairs professionals of the state of Georgia; • Maintain collaborative relationships with other professional organizations on the state and national level, and; • Work to educate the public at large about new developments and student needs within post-secondary education and promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. This year, GCPA has accomplished so much! We are glad to report that under the leadership of our conference chair, Mrs. Brooklynn Parrott, GCPA completed a phenomenal 39th Annual Conference at the lovely Jekyll Island Club Hotel in February 2008; we’ve also scheduled our 40th Anniversary GCPA Conference in February 2009 at the University of Georgia, the birthplace for the association! Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t express my appreciation for the fact that my esteemed colleague and dear friend, Eddie Howard, will be taking the reigns of President for 2008-2009, and in his usual fashion, taking the association to the next level! If you are a member, visiting, or relocating to Georgia, please be sure to check out our website for all information pertaining to the association! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely, Nicole A. Phillips, President, Georgia College Personnel Association, 2007-2008

Roger B. Winston Outstanding New Professional Award Recipient for 2008 Mrs. Brooklynn Parrott currently serves as the Assistant Director for Greek Life at Kennesaw State University. She earned her MS from Mississippi State University and is active in AFA, SACSA, NACA, and serves GCPA as the 2008 Conference Chair and was recently appointed Treasurer to fulfill an unexpired term.

Brooklynn Parrott Kennesaw State University

Her nominator wrote in part... “The reason I was able to ask her to take on this position had everything to do with what I witnessed as a colleague at Kennesaw State University. In the 2.5 years Mrs. Parrott has been at KSU, she certainly has transformed Greek life to be an entity where students who seek opportunities for community and leadership development, coupled with a sibling bond with their peers, can succeed to their fullest potential. Her presence on campus has also alleviated a lot of inquiries my office has typically had to respond to regarding adequate Greek life for minority students. She is fun, personable, and organized, and has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit. Mrs. Parrott's efforts with the Kennesaw Advisory Board also lead her to be the chosen recipient of the 2007 KSU Advisor of the Year Award from KSU's Student Government. I am most impressed with Mrs. Parrott's way of quickly identifying what needs to be done, and doing her best to advocate for the best interest of all students. Her work ethic is exemplary, especially because she is able to combine creativity and logic to create an event or concept that folks can quickly buy in to, and embrace themselves.”

“People are people, messy and mutable, combining differently with one another from day to day — even hour to hour.” — Elizabeth Moon

GCPA Shadow Experience Mentor/Mentee Program What is the Shadow Experience? The Shadow Experience is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students as well as new and mid-career professionals to shadow a student affairs/higher education administration professional for a typical day. We are seeking interested mentors and mentees who would like to participate in the program. Please note that this is a rolling program with no set start date. GCPA will contact you initially to verify receipt of your interest form and again when a match has become available. As a mentor... GCPA will match you with a mentee. You should contact him/her within two weeks of receiving your mentee information to arrange a meeting time and discuss goals for the day. You will introduce your mentee to your office and daily work surroundings -- allowing him/her to shadow you throughout the day (when appropriate). The purpose of Shadow Day is to help give the mentee a better understanding of your field of work within student affairs. For instance, perhaps a graduate student is interested in career services as a field but has worked exclusively in residence life. The Shadow Experience can provide this student with the information needed to help guide future career decisions. This can be a full-day or half-day mentoring experience. As a mentee... You will select areas within student affairs that you would like to learn more about and GCPA will match you with a mentor. Your mentor will contact you to discuss goals for the day and arrange a meeting date, time and location. For more information on this program, please contact: Matthew K. Robison at 404-413-1570 or

Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs Special Edition on Student Success Call for Manuscripts The 2008 Edition of the Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs, will be a Special Edition with a focus on Student Success. A short year or so after the publication of Learning Reconsidered 2: A Practical Guide to Implementing a Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience, it is time for Georgia student affairs practitioners to consider what we are doing to promote student success on our campuses. It is hoped that, through this Special Edition, the Georgia Journal can identify and highlight best practices for supporting and enhancing student success. Of special interest are programs that demonstrate collaboration among student affairs, academic affairs, and other entities and can demonstrate obtained learning outcomes through assessment techniques. However, consideration will also be given to pilot programs, models to apply theory to practice, strategies being used to identify learning outcomes, and creative ways that institutions are using limited resources. The most important thing is to share ideas about how the colleges and universities in Georgia can help students to be more successful. This can include actual programs, assessment techniques, program development strategies, or other ideas that will be helpful to others. Manuscripts should follow the Author Guidelines for the Georgia Journal and be submitted for receipt by 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 14, 2008.

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April 1, 1929 Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College formed the Atlanta University system and agreed to share facilities. Later, Clark College and Morris Brown would join later, making the complex the largest African-American consortium of higher education

The Sector Representatives for Georgia College Personnel Association, wanted to inform you that your membership in GCPA may lapse at the end of March. Membership was NOT included in this year’s Annual Conference Fee, which means that you may have attended the conference as a member and your membership lapsed soon after.

Get the Vote Out! GCPA Elections are here President-Elect, Secretary, & all Sector Reps are all up for election… so keep your eyes open — nominations will be out March 13 and will run through March 27. Nominees will have until April 4 to submit their acceptance. Elections will be April 7th thru April 18th !!

You should be contacted by your Sector Representative if your membership has lapsed. It is important for you to renew this membership in order to continue to receive the many professional opportunities that GCPA has to offer In order to renew your membership, please go to and click on the Membership button on the right of the page. Checks may be payable to Georgia College Personnel Association. If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact David Johnston at Also, please keep an eye out for information regarding upcoming Workshops and Conferences! Matthew, Ron, Rickey, Keith & Stanley

“You don’t need highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with the desire to better themselves.” — Adam Cooper & Bill Collage

You are invited to these upcoming GCPA events Support Staff Workshop Date: May 20, 2008 Location: Kennesaw State University Contact: Kathy Alday, 770-423-6290

16th Annual New Professional’s Workshop (sponsored in part by GCPA)

Date: Location: Contact:

September 2008 Georgia College & State University Dr. Paul Jahr, 478-445-2091

Career Mapping Workshop Date: November 2008 Location: Augusta State University Contact: Ron Lunk, 706-737-1610

GCPA 40th Annual Conference Date: February 25– 27, 2009 Location: University of Georgia Contact: Mike Fulford, 404-894-5680


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