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Reckless Carnage: An Anthology of Horror by Chantel Bowman

BEWARE!!! A Collection of horror short stories that will surely terrify you to the bone.

Table of Contents All Turned Upside Down by Ross 1 A Roza By Any Other Name by John 17 I Am Nightmare by Jennifer 65 If You Tell A Story Enough Times, It’ll Come True by Stuart 85 The Myth And The Snow by Chris Robertson............ page 91 What Lies Within by Brooklyn 105

Descriptions to die for.... “All Turned Upside Down,” is a terrifyingly plot twist when Adam, a nice young man takes Evelyn out on the town only will it be their first date or their last? “A Roza By Any Other Name,” is a dark twist on never inviting strangers in, no matter how tempting it may be. “I Am Nightmare,” is a very interesting take on the perspective of the entity itself. Follow the life of a ghost who loves to haunt anyone he sees fit. “If You Tell A Story Enough Times, It’ll Come True,” is about a group of friends who’s car broke down and the only choice they have is to go to an old abandoned house. Will their fear get the best of them or will they get the best of their fear? “The Myth And The Snow,” takes place when a bad snowfall has started and the only thing a group of friends can think of to do is tell ghost stories, one that may actually come true. “What Lies Within,” is about journalism students doing a project on an old abandoned insane asylum, it’s all fun and games until their worst nightmares become reality..

About the author: Chantel Bowman Ms. Bowman is a senior at Western Kentucky Univesity and is a lifelong resident of Bowling Green, KY. She loves to edit, proofred, and revise. Since May of 2013, she has been the editorial intern for Itoh Press. She has also edited for Zephyrus, WKU’s student publication of creative pieces. Reckless Carnage is her first published work, and there will be very much more to come. She wants to work for Random House in her future and at the rate she is going at, she will be there in no time.