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Your music reflects your attitude and how you live your life. So does your guitar. Walden is an expression of the choices you make, choices that matter and make a difference. Playing a Walden says that you want more than just a great instrument. You also want a guitar that is built in a responsible and ethical way. Why choose Walden Guitars? It comes down to the details. How it was made. Who made it. Where the materials came from. Features and specifications you don't notice immediately because they are just right. The way your guitar looks and sounds — how it effortlessly responds to your touch — like a great guitar should. Responsibility. We do not outsource our manufacturing and our guitar shop is the only one in Asia with a certified 100% Pure Chain-of-Custody. Walden Guitars is also a member of The Forest Trust (TFT) and is committed to developing legal sourcing for all our materials. Through our partnership with TFT and by building guitars from certified woods, Walden supports the management of the world’s forests. Beauty is in the details you see. High-grade soundboards, Mahogany necks, and Indian Rosewood bridges and fingerboards guarantee rich, dynamic sounding guitars that improve the more you play. All bodies and necks are fully bound and incorporate the understated elegance of tasteful trim designs. Quality is in the details you don't see. Walden Natura and SupraNatura line guitars are coated with Nitrocellulose lacquer which opens up more and more as it cures and hardens, allowing your already great sounding guitar to sound better and better. Madera and Concorda line guitars feature a Polyester/Polyurethane high gloss finish, offering another great choice for Walden players. We build with traditional Lutherie woods and allow them to cure, dry and stabilize before transforming them into a Walden guitar in a humidity controlled environment. Inside each steel string instrument we incorporate a scalloped-X sprucebraced soundboard, bolt-on neck, and a 2-way adjustable truss rod. Fine instruments are a lifetime investment and our guitars will make this musical journey with you. In the following pages you will discover the Walden Madera, SupraNatura, Natura, Standard, and Concorda lines of guitars. We trust these pictures and descriptions will inspire you to go and play a Walden guitar because the sound of a great guitar is something that is beyond words. We hope you will allow Walden Guitars the opportunity to appeal to your heart and touch your soul.


2011 Walden Guitars Catalog  
2011 Walden Guitars Catalog  

My music reflects my life, so does my guitar. Walden. My Choices Matter.