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In Touch with the Brookline Community

giving back >>>

Meet Brookline’s Volunteer of the Year!


n April 26, Sarah Pelchar was honored as Brookline’s Volunteer of the Year at the 40th Annual Rose Cologne Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. Continued on p. 5

Lights, Camera, Memories...


airways resident Clara “Pat” Lamade Robison was hesitant as she readied for her visit with Grace Holderman; after all, it had been nearly 70 years since the two had laid eyes on one another. In fact, even then they were mere acquaintances; a Penn State co-ed and a woman 10 years her senior. It was a casual exchange between longtime Fairways volunteer Barbara Burton and a friend that lead to the reunion of the women; a sort of friend-of-a-friend connection, a realization that Robison and Holderman may have known one another many years ago, sharing a history of experiences, people and events. Surely, Barbara thought, they would enjoy taking a trip down memory lane all this time later.

In the early 1940’s, Pat Lamade, a young undergraduate student and member of the Penn State Thespians group, first met Grace when she and her husband Ken moved back to State College after L to R: Holderman, Burton and Robison having worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for several years. Both Penn State graduates and born performers, the Holdermans gave countless hours of their time and talents Continued on p. 3

A bi-annual publication from Brookline senior living and healthcare facilities of State College, PA

welcome >>>


lease pardon the construction! There’s always something happening at Brookline, and this time of the year is no exception! If you’ve visited us recently, you’re probably wondering what all the commotion is about. In addition to all new parking lots and curbing, The Inn soon will be home to a new resident café. In this issue of Brooklines we’ll reveal our volunteer of the year (p.5), introduce you to our featured employee (p.4) and share some one-of-a-kind pottery designs from Fairways resident artist, Delcie Hosterman (p.4). While you’re at it, be sure to read about the unexpected reunion of two local Penn State thespians (cover), discover the benefits of chair yoga (p.6) and check out upcoming events. You can also visit us online at Wishing you and your family a season filled with health, happiness and warm summer memories.

Anissa Rupert Ilie Marketing & Public Relations

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 1, 2012 Brookline will become a 100% tobacco-free community.

Effective December 1, 2012, all Brookline properties will become tobacco free. Beginning on this date, tobacco use of any kind will be prohibited anywhere inside or outside on the premises. Thank you for helping us to make Brookline a better, cleaner and healthier place to live and work.

Coffee, anyone? wLook hat’s The Inn soon will be new


home to a new resident café. Featuring a variety of beverages and gourmet goodies, the café is scheduled to open before fall.

Caring For A Loved One? at Brookline

All sessions are FREE to the public. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Windsong Dining Room at Brookline, 1930 Cliffside Drive, State College 814-235-2000 2

continued from cover


to the Thespians, volunteering to help with productions in any needed capacity. Their history with the group is rich; both were undergrad members of the group—the University’s oldest continual student organization on campus— and Grace was its first female member. To this day, her name is synonymous with local theater and she remains a community treasure.

And so, on a clear afternoon in April, Burton and Robison arrived at the State College home where Grace has lived since returning to Happy Valley. There, with tea and éclairs waiting, Grace welcomed her guests with enthusiasm. As Pat suspected, Grace didn’t immediately recognize the former student, but soon enough, after some initial small talk initiated by Burton, the ladies began chatting, finding lots of common ground. They reminisced about the glory days of theater, professors both had known and discussed other members of the thespians club; those with whom either might still have contact. Grace—who turns 100 this year—is still every bit the entertainer, suddenly breaking out in song, clapping and stomping her feet as she went along. Before long— Pat’s reserve melted—there was no stopping the women’s spirited exchange; and like pieces of a puzzle slowly coming together, years seemed to melt away, the magic of days gone by, returned. In all, the visit lasted just over an hour, but was long enough to bring the past to life and create new memories for both women. As Barbara and Pat prepared to return to The Fairways, the ladies, well knowing that in all likelihood they would not meet again, fell into one another’s arms in a warm farewell embrace. Barbara knew she had done well, as a “friend-of-a-friend” chance meeting ended in a day that no one will soon forget.

Friday, July 20th 1 to 6 pm Windsong Dining Room 1930 Cliffside Drive, State College Get all of your holiday shopping done early and ALL in ONE CONVENIENT LOCATION!

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Benefits Team Brookline in the 2012 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Call Liz at 234-3141 for more information or to become a participating retailer.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012 Pennsylvania Military Museum Boalsburg, PA Registration at 8:30 am; Walk begins at 10 am More info: Liz Plozner Chalfa, 814-234-3141

resident artist >>>

employee focus on >>>

Debbie Gill

Hairdresser for PineCastle, The Inn and Windsong


or more than a decade, Debbie Gill has been making Brookline more beautiful. Debbie, who always has a smile on her face and a warm greeting, is hairdresser for Brookline’s independent living and personal care residents. Several days a week Debbie leaves her small farm in Julian—where she lives with John, her husband of nearly 42 years, a mule named Ruby and several chickens—and makes the trip to Brookline. Debbie’s customers are loyal and look forward to their regular visits at The Inn Beauty Salon; and Debbie, equally as loyal, often visits residents at home and by special appointment in order to accommodate each one’s needs. Debbie says that it’s nice to have fun each day at work, and admits that it can get a little loud when everyone is talking and joking. Windsong resident Mary LaCroix (pictured with Debbie, below) adds that the beauty shop is the “fun place to be,” and is quick to give credit to Debbie for creating such an atmosphere. Never one to stand still, Debbie is always on the go. When not at Brookline, she serves as primary caregiver for her elderly mother, and fills her “off time” by giving piano lessons, playing piano at two different churches, performing in a ladies’ trio choir, directing two adult choirs and one children’s choir, and regularly attending exercise class. Debbie and John have two adult children, Brady and Brandy, and two grandchildren, Kyle and Ashley.


<<< giving back

Volunteer of the Year Continued from cover

Each Wednesday, Sarah gives her time at The Terrace, where she helps with resident games, snacks and enjoys being creative, making things like decorated place mats for meal time. Sarah came to The Terrace through the volunteer opportunity program at Strawberry Fields. She enjoys going to Curves every day and doing Zumba, as well as visiting Barnes & Noble and reading chapter books.

Brookline recently honored by Department of Health

Sarah Pelchar

<<< worth mentioning


he Fairways at Brookline recently earned a place on the “Patient Safety and Employee Vaccination Honor Roll,” as part of the Pennsylvania Health Care Personnel Influenza Vaccination Campaign —a patient safety and employee health initiative conjunctively implemented by the PA Department of Health; Hospital and Health System Association of PA; PA Immunization Coalition; Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy at the University of Pennsylvania; and the PA Patient Safety Authority. The honor is given to PA hospital-based and long-term care facilities that achieved healthcare personnel influenza vaccination (HCP) rates of 90 percent or better for the 2011-2012 flu season. With 100 percent employee compliance, the Fairways was one of 11 Pennsylvania long-term care facilities recognized. In an official statement, the Department of Health says that, “Influenza vaccination is the single most effective way of preventing influenza infection and reduces the complications of influenza. Because immunity is not guaranteed after vaccination, universal HCP is necessary to maximize the protective impact of this intervention. Preventing influenza in our healthcare workforce reduces absenteeism and improves our ability to respond to the needs of the community and our patients.”


Mount Nittany Dining Room at The Inn 1930 Cliffside Drive, State College For more information, please contact Janie at 814-235-2000 or Anne at 814-234-3141 •

for your health >>>

Maintaining fitness by incorporating basic yoga stretches into your daily routine


oga is a form of exercise that easily adapts to an individual’s fitness level and abilities, making it an ideal activity for older adults. Yoga benefits the body, makes the mind calmer and lifts spirits. 1. Forward Bend – eases tension in upper back and neck. Breathe in and as you bend forward breathe out and let your head and arms hang over your knees. Relax into the position and hold for a few seconds while breathing normally. Breathe in as you slowly come back up to seated position. 2. Spinal Twist – increases circulation and flexibility in the spine. Sit facing forward, place your left hand on the outside of your right knee. Place your right arm over the Back of the chair. Breathe in and breathe out as you twist to the right. Turn your head as well. Push against your right knee to create more leverage. Breathe normally and hold the position. Release slowly and come back to facing forward and repeat on the opposite side. 3. Side Stretch – increases flexibility of the spinal column, improves respiration, and reduces waistline. Sit facing forward with feet slightly apart, breathe in, and raise your arms out to the sides. Breathe out and bend to the left, reaching toward the floor with your left hand and your right hand pointing toward the ceiling. Breathe in come back to starting position. Repeat with your right side. 4. Knee Squeeze – relaxes lower back, improves digestion and respiration. Breathe out completely then breathe in with both hands around the front of your knee pull your knee to your chest, while holding the in breath. Lower your head to your knee hold for a few seconds and release slowly while breathing out. Repeat with your right side. 5. Leg Lifts – strengthen legs and lower back, and improves circulation to your legs and feet. Sit and hold each side of the chair for balance. Breathe out and breathe in as you lift your straightened left leg and flex your foot. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly breathe out while lowering your leg. Repeat the same for your right leg. 6. Sun Pose – improves circulation to your head, massages internal organs, and limbers your spine and hips.

As with any exercise regime, please consult your physician before beginning a program.


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From top: 1-3: Easter at Brookline; 4: visiting with pets; 5: watercolor class; 6: relaxing by the pond; 7: Brookline Adopt-A-Highway Day; 8: Nittany Valley Symphony post-concert reception; 9: Walk to End Alzheimer’s pancake supper fundraiser with special Centre County government guest servers; 10 & 11: celebrating Mother’s Day; 12: Walk to End Alzheimer’s pancake supper fundraiser with special Centre County government guest servers

1900 -1950 Cliffside- Drive State College, PA 16801 814-238-3193 (main phone)

Windsong - Independent Apartment Living 814-238-3193 The Inn - Personal Care Rooms 814-238-3193 PineCastle - Personal Care Suites 814-238-3193 The Fairways - Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation 814-238-3139 The Terrace - Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s / Memory Care 814-234-3141

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Brooklines Spring/Summer 2012  

In touch with the Brookline Community

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