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BILL JACKLIN RA The lightness of being

BILL JACKLIN RA Born in London in 1943, Bill Jacklin studied graphics at Walthamstow School of Art, London (1960-61) before working as a graphic designer at Studio Seven in Holborn (1961-62). In 1962 he returned to Walthamstow to study painting and subsequently went on to the Royal College of Art from 1964 to 1967. Between 1967 and 1975, Jacklin taught at Chelsea School of Art, Hornsey and Royal College of Art and at schools in Kent and Surrey. Initially concerned with abstraction, his work moved to figuration in the mid 1970s, when it became preoccupied with the effects of light and movement. Jacklin was awarded an Arts Council Bursary in 1975, the year that marked his first two solo exhibitions at the Upper Gallery and at Nigel Greenwood in London. His work continued to be exhibited in one-man shows throughout the seventies in London and later in the eighties in London and New York with Marlborough Fine Art and Marlborough Gallery, respectively. He also participated in numerous group exhibitions internationally from the early seventies. Jacklin has undertaken many commissions, notably from the Bank of England, the Ivy Restaurant, De Beers and most recently from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for the North Terminal of Washington National Airport. Moving to New York in 1985, Bill Jacklin has concentrated on painting 'Urban Portraits' of 'the city' in all its guises; from large scale canvases of crowds in flux to intimate moments in Seurat-like etchings. He was elected a Royal Academician in 1991 and in 1993 was Official Artist-inResidence for the British Council in Hong Kong. Jacklin presently lives and works in New York.

When you thought something was impossible… by Angela Yarwood Through numerous RA summer shows and gallery visits I have come to know and love Bill Jacklin’s work, with it’s subtlety and suggestion and amazing use of light and shade, without being constrained by the media which he employs. With Bill living in New York, I had assumed that having a show of his at The Brook could never happen. However, over the last 5 years and several conversations with Marlborough Graphics, who represent Bill across the globe we have worked to not only get Bill’s work to the gallery but also Bill himself – all the way from the US! Devon feels like an awfully long way to come but when we asked Bill to capture a few thoughts on paper about his visit, he gave us the following…

‘As a child living in London during the 50s it was a great treat to be able to leave the city to the countryside. One year my sister and I were invited by neighbours to visit Dorset and Devon. I still have memories of feeling the morning dew on my face and the farmhouse smells enveloping me which was so different to a war torn London with it's endless fog. I learnt to swim that summer, largely by being swept too far out to sea by its undercurrents and having to somewhat manically dog paddle my way back to shore. I guess that’s a metaphor of some sort.’ Bill Jacklin | April 2011

EXHIBITION The lightness of being

22 May - 14 June 2011

Chiesa II, 2003 Monoprint 1/1 Size (WxH) 60 x 73cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14537

Verso il Cimertero IV, 2003 Monoprint 1/1 Size (WxH) 76 x 90cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3600 Ref. No 14538

Man with Dog, New York City, 2002 Etching /30 Size (WxH) 54 x 64cm Framed Price: ÂŁ840 Ref. No 14563

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Skaters II, 1998 Etching 1/35 Size (WxH) 42 x 49cm Framed Price: ÂŁ660 Ref. No 14532

Wollman Rink I, 2010 Ink Jet Print 701/35 Size (WxH) 66 x 69cm Framed Price: ÂŁ1680 Ref. No 14530

Skaters I, 1998 Etching 14/35 Size (WxH) 50 x 56cm Framed Price: ÂŁ720 Ref. No 14531

Double Horse, 2001 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 55 x 51cm Framed Price: ÂŁ1800 Ref. No 14544

Into the Sea V, 2007 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 69 x 55cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14547

Literature Walk, Central Park V, 2001 Painting Size (WxH) 81 x 97cm Framed Price: ÂŁ33600 Ref. No 14557

TO ORDER PHONE 01395 443003

Girl with a Dog, NYC III, 2001 Monoprint 1/1 Size (WxH) 55 x 64cm Framed Price: ÂŁ1800 Ref. No 14542

Snowy Night VI, 2008 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 57 x 68cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14549

Tempest III, 2008 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 71 x 62cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14545

Into The Sea II, 2008 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 66 x 57cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14546

Towards Battersea Bridge I, 2006 Etching & Aquatint 15/35 Size (WxH) 98 x 84cm Framed Price: ÂŁ1680 Ref. No 14533

The Beach I, 2009 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 57 x 69cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14555

The Beach II, 2009 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 66 x 59cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14550

Into the Sea at Night II, 2009 Digital Print 1/1 Size (WxH) 66 x 56cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14553

Lake VI, 2008 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 69 x 54cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14548

The Black Umbrella IX Monoprint 1/1 Size (WxH) 65 x 82cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3400 SOLD Ref. No 14562

Lucky Strike, Grand Central, 2008 Etching 35/35 Size (WxH) 95 x 83cm Framed Price: ÂŁ1680 Ref. No 14534

Swimmer V, 2006 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 66 x 52cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14536

Front cover | Crossing the Street I, 2008 Monotype 1/1 Size (WxH) 57 x 68cm Framed Price: ÂŁ3360 Ref. No 14554


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Bill Jacklin Catalogue  

Catalogue of available limited edition and original prints by Bill Jacklin.